Another one in the offing  

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There is no provision of legal strike in India (unlike America;both being a democratic).

Supreme Court says, "the right to strike or right to declare lock out may be controlled or restricted by appropriate industrial legislation and the validity of such legislation would have to be tested not with reference to the criteria laid down in clause (4) of article 19 but by totally different considerations."

which in general term means "there is a guaranteed fundamental right to form association or Labour unions but there is no fundamental right to go on strike."

Air India is on strike. NDTV terms it 'From Maharaja to Royal Mess", after reading numerous articles spread, having heard the debates and having understood what I could decipher, I support the strike by Air India Employees.

A strike which has been called a 'blackmail'. Salary hike is not their prime concern (statement for those who are judgmental).

Expose of the mismanagement of State owned, largest and the oldest airline is on the cards. After 2G, CWG, Sukna land scam, Adarsh scam another one is on offing.

Captain Rishabh Kapoor (General Secretary of ICPA) could not have done it better. I support him.

P.S. If this is called a blackmail then Anna Hazare's strike was one too. (I am not demeaning Anna's call for justice a blackmail; Hello, it's a metaphor)

My Rants  

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1) Arundhati made a fool of herself

So Arundhati is in a soup, a big soup; she might face arrest or might not. Whoa! And what a fool she made of herself. I feel there was no need for what she said, no matter if it directly conveyed what the people of Kashmir have been voicing amongst themselves and to the world (read India) for ages. That’s her defense; huh! Everyone has something to say about her speech. Guha is taking his revenge; Pagal Patrakar of Faking News is not behind too. But why I find her comments are unnecessary is because there is no need; there is no need to repeat. Who are you? A voice of Kashmir? Since when? You cite Shopian episode; that happened more than a year ago. Why not then? You cite recent stone throwing; what about ancient bomb throwing by our own Indian Army?

I liked her booker winning book. I still feel she rightly deserved the booker but that would not make me bias. This is what I have for her: You are sham Ms. Roy, a hypocrite of definitely the uppermost order and you must have been now in jail had you made the same speech in some other country. Democracy calls for freedom of speech but not for untimely of it. Go rot.

2) Abhishek Bachchan gets beatings (twice) within a week

Ad maker Prahlad Kakkar at recently held MAMI, Mumbai Film Festival took potshot at Small B; he said in as many words, “He has 17 flops to his name and still going strong, should enter Guinness Book of World Records.” Haha. That was not we all did not know but mentioning it at a film festival was quite something. Abhishek recapped the episode by stating Prahlad should instead be a standup comedian.

Prahlad did make a point there. Abhishek, Shahid, Sonam, Neil, Asin, Imran, Ranbir, they are all bad actors in my opinion. Yet, there they are; at top, making crores for nothing. What atypical did Kakkar speak. He quoted figures. 17 flops. I can quote gazillion similar figures wherein an aspiring actor gave one flop and he was written off just because he/she was noone’s someone. Take Randeep Hooda for instance.

Then the Bollywood’s maverick filmmaker Anurag Kashyap unleashed his venoms.I would not have known this had not my good blog friend Varun shared this article with me. I had missed it. But I guess Varun knows I am always ears for such gossips and controversies. To continue, in as many words Anurag Kashyap said, “if John is bad actor, so is Abhishek.” LMAO. Abhishek must have buried his head in the lap of Aishwarya hearing this. How could he be compared to John (despite Dostana between them)? “Who is John, I’m Big B’s Small B; how can they put me in same bracket with John, he doesn’t even have a B in his name? Boo Hoo, Why Aish Why?” he must have howled that in her already wet lap.

3) Dolly, Go Lightly

Dolly entered Bigg Boss and all hell broke loose. Target: All female contestants of the house. Shwetha – Butchered; Sara – Defeated. Come on Veena and Aanchal. Here I am. Who is Seema Parihar? She might have been the bandit outside I’m the one here.

However, though scripted it is few things can surely be not. Shwetha and Sara were like sugar-coated-acid from beginning. It was all there to see except for the boys of the house who are as dumb as Rakhi’s not-sub-conscious-mind. There comes Dolly and puts everything straight. Khali’s heart melts. Rahul Bhatt takes her side and voila you have two asli mard on your side what else you need. Take on the sissy’s one by one.

Hail Dolly and though I had objections to outside house hostility being discussed in the house, I know you are right; the reason people do not believe you is that your tone is high. It is generally presumed that people with high tone are often wrong but you are not. So, continue the good work (reduce the tone a bit please) and clean the house of scumbags and for hell’s sake my dolly, go lightly on them.

3 Salman Bhakts Aur Ek Jung  

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Disclaimer: This is not a review of Dabangg. These are mere my remarks and observations on Salman Khan and Dabangg and a story before that.

Tom and Jerry of Blogosphere (Vimmuuu and Smita); now I don’t know who is Tom and who is Jerry. But that’s what they are. Anyways, to continue, Tom and Jerry of Blogosphere; Vimmuuu and Smita have often expressed their love, devotion and fondness of Salman Khan. I instead have been a silent fan. Until last year; Wanted happened and I was all over praising him and also criticizing others. London Dreams came and it was same story. I was all over. Despite flaws I enjoyed it. However, Veer disappointed me. Smita then said ‘it’s not that bad’ and Vimmuuu lovvved it. And by that comment the only point they wanted to make was that they are true Salman fan and a loyalist unlike me. Deep down we all knew how horrible Veer was. They will not accept it though; nope not even today.

So, the war started amongst us. And it took a bizarre and wacky turn before the release of Dabangg.

All happened over the text messages we exchanged. No talks, only SMS-es. Read on.

Smita: Are you guys watching Dabangg first day first show (FDFS)?

Vee: Of course, what silly question? And not just that. I am watching again in the afternoon and then on Saturday; 3 times in 2 days.

Vimmuuu: I won’t be able to catch FDFS. Probably will go for the evening show.

Smita: I am helpless. I cannot go (sad smiley). Lucky you Vee and Vimmuuu Poor you.
Vee is watching FDFS and the show after that and you call yourself Salman fan. Haha.

Vee: Is that right Vimmuuu? Buhahahaha. Poor you.

A day after that:

Vimmuuu: All work aside, I am watching 10 o Clock show. I am a fan and can’t let any stupid work symbolize that I am not the truest fan. Buhahaha to you too Vee.

Vee: I hope your alarm doesn’t go off. Your bike gets punctured and you break your knee while entering cinema hall.

Vimmuuu: I will still watch with broken knee. Nothing now will NOT make me see it FDFS.

A day after that

Vee: Let me see if there is a premiere show on Thursday. Muhahahaha.

Vimmuuu: As if that did not strike me. HeeHaw HeeHaw, I already checked.

There weren’t any Premiere show in Bangalore (Vee) or Chennai (Vimmuuu) and even if there was one in Mumbai (Smita), she anyways could not watch the movie as her baby is small. Poor she.

A Day before the release.

Vimmuuu: I am not watching the 10 o Clock show.

Vee (overjoyed): HeeHaw. HeeHaw. Poor you. My condolences.

Vimmuuu’s immediate reply: Instead, I am going for 9:30 Show. Bhaand me jaaye 300 Rs. I booked for 9:30 and now I will get to see Salman 30 mins before you Vee. HeeHaw HeeHaw.

Vee (disappointed now): Poda. Get lost !

Meanwhile Smita sends text to me.

Smita: That bugger is watching 9:30 show, 30 mins before your show. Bugger he is. He wasted 300 Rs.

Vee: Yeah, he did text me that. He was of course dying to tell me that. I don’t have any 9:30 show here. Let him watch. That doesn’t prove he is bigger fan.

Smita sends sms to Vimmuuu.

Smita: Some people are plain jobless.

Vimmuuus reply: and some are plain jealous.

Smita: Some are real buggers !

Vimmuuu didn’t bother to reply. He was busy hee hawing for the whole day !!!

The D-day; as in Dabangg Day :

Smita curses Vimmuuu through her sms at 9.05 :

It will be pouring heavily. Your bike will run out of gas. There will be no power in the theatre.

Vimmuuu after reaching the theatre retaliate:

Made it to the theatre even though it was drizzling. Hee Haww !! The bang; Da-bangg !!!

So, he did watch the show half an hour before me. But I watched shows back to back. And Smita all this while have been trying to make her presence felt in the battle by texting us the reviews. Her point was that despite having a month old baby she was doing all things possible to keep herself updated. Lol. Reading reviews on your mobile, reading Salman’s crazy tweets won’t make her a true blue fan which she thinks she is. And just because Vimmuuu watched the show before me doesn’t make him too a real bhakt of Salman. I know it’s me and the case rested. But that bugger still watched it half an hour before me! Hmmppphh !!!

Story apart, it’s quite impossible to quantify the loyalty of anyone to other person, be it someone from real life or a celebrity. The story above doesn’t make any sense but it makes me if not the biggest ever fan, it does make me one at least amongst we three. Muhahaha, Buhahaha, HeeHaw HeeHaw to both of you.

Coming to movie, it was an awesome entertainer. Salman for sure has silenced his critics. As Vimmuuu rightly pointed out, Salman has now fan following not just in B and C centers as often said by the critics but in A centers as well. Multiplex Junta is no more shy of whistling and hooting.

For a surprise to Smita, Vimmuuu recorded Salman’s entry and his first dialogue in his mobile. There are cheers, whistles, hoots when Salman appears on screen. Mind it, it was a cinema hall in Chennai where you cannot see this thing happening for any Hindi movie forget any Bollywood actor. When it comes to Tamilians they are very passionate in their choices. Be it films or politics; it’s hard to please them but once done, you can be rest assured of their devotion.

Salman's Entry in Dabangg | Musicians Available

Times have changed. People have embraced him. He did not go out there to make a point. He and his fan knew it. Now, rest all know it too. As Pritish Nandy wrote in a blog before the release: Common man doesn’t like Sanjay Singhania or Surinder Sahni. He wants Chulbul Pandey to entertain him. He doesn’t want to see a business man on screen. He wants a hero and that hero is Chulbul Pandey aka Salman Khan. Hudd Hudd Dabangg, Dabangg.

5 Must Watch Biographical Films  

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Disclaimer: These are not my all time 5 must watch biographies. Out of the movies which I saw last month, almost half of them were based on true stories and these are the 5 that I rate high. Interestingly, if I choose my all time 5 favorites in Biographical Film category, only one from this would make it. Wanna guess which one? Come on, guess.

Modigliani – Rating 4.5/5

Amedeo Modigliani (called Modi by friends) was an unconventional painter. He was an Italian artist and rival of famous Pablo Picasso. Modi was not the conformist which was looked down by all, yet Picasso admitted him as the greatest ever and in a scene he refers to him as god. Modi had poverty stricken adult life and the movie mostly showcases last few years of his life before he died of tubercular meningitis at the age of 36.

Anyone who is admirer of Howard Roark of The Fountainhead would be able to correlate Modi’s life and artistic mind with that of Rand’s unconventional protagonist. So, Picasso was Peter Keating. Modi believed that the true creativity comes from disorder and was a follower of Nietzsche’s philosophy. An alcoholic and drug addict Modi had an illegitimate child from Jeanne. He was jew and she, a catholic. She gave up on him when he could not get his acts straight and went and posed for Picasso. Down in poverty and trying to win his wife back he entered the Paris’s annual art competition. Picasso followed suit. The movie thus takes an emotional and poignant turn.

Modi’s role is played by Andy Garcia (of Ocean’s series fame).

In the Name of the Father – Rating 4.5/5

Gerry (Daniel Day-Lewis) is a petty thief and troublemaker in Belfast (Ireland). His father Giuseppe (Pete Postlethwaite) sends him off to London where his aunt lives. Gerry along with his friend instead land up in jail. After visiting his aunt, Gerry and his friend Paul get to meet some local druggists and after a romp with them they find themselves on street with no place to spend night. They go to park outside the Guildford Pub and there is a blast that very moment in the pub wherein 5 people got killed and several injured. British Police implicates Gerry and Paul in the Bombing which was purportedly done by IRA (Irish Republic Army). The duo claim innocence; however British are hell bent on calling them members of IRA. Two other friends of the duo are arrested and are made to sign confession under severe threat. All four accused named ‘Guildford Four’ by the media are given life imprisonment. The ordeal doesn’t end there. Gerry’s father and his aunt are arrested as well in false case of helping the supposed murderers.

Gerry inside the prison has given up all hopes of clearing his and his father’s name. But his father continues to fight for their innocence with the help of Lawyer Gareth (Emma Thompson); but to no avail. He falls sick and eventually dies. Gerry now joins hands with Gareth and picks up from where his father had left. 15 years of captivity based on falsehood sees light of hope when the actual IRA bomber confesses to the crime and British Police is shamed for charging the Guildford Four purely on flimsy grounds.

Initially not so in good terms with his father, Gerry fought hard to clear his father’s name. The father-son relationship angle is sure to touch hearts.

Flash of Genius – Rating 4.5/5

Bob Kearns life came to a beating halt when his invention ‘windshield wiper’ that he had presented to Ford Motor Company was termed as “the invention by Ford’s Engineers and Bob was just imagining it”. What followed was a lawsuit by Bob against the giant motor maker Ford.

Bob was an engineering professor, married to another teacher Phyllis and had 6 children to support. Once on an outing with the family in his ford car, he realized how bad the visibility goes due to badly manufactured windshield wipers those days. Bob came up with the idea of making wipers that could blink like an eye so that once they wipe the shield; the visibility would not be affected. Ford loved the idea and asked him to make one piece which could be sent to Washington DC for approval. Excitedly, Bob along with his young sons worked on the piece for three months and presented it to Ford and waited. 18 months later, he was told that Ford doesn’t want his ‘windshield wiper’ any more. Bob was heartbroken but what made him lose his cool when he saw his own wiper being used in the cars made by Ford on the opening night of famous ‘Mustang’.

He filed the lawsuit. He was offered 1 Million by Ford to take case back. He did not budge. Ford offered him 4 Millions. He still did not budge and continued his research. Meanwhile, he suffered nervous breakdown, his wife divorced him taking all 6 children with her. His friend of 25 years and colleague too fringed one of his patents. He had lost everything.

Ford increased the offer. He agreed on one condition that Ford releases statement accepting the fact ‘wiper’ was his invention. Ford did not do so. He continued the case. His children were grown by the time the case came up for hearing. His elder son and elder daughter started assisting him in the fight. After a bitter fight and some name calling, Jury did find that Ford had infringed his patent and asked Ford to give him 10 Million Dollars. Chrysler followed and offered another 18 Millions. Ford did accept they had infringed but it was not deliberate.

China Cry – Rating 4/5

China Cry is a true story of a Chinese woman Nora Lam who was abandoned at birth and later adopted by a rich family. Family had to leave their home in Shanghai during war with Japan. After the war ended, she was enrolled in a Missionary where she got inclined to Christianity which became her menace that forced her to flee from China and take refuge in Hong Kong for a while before making United States her permanent home.

The movie is about how she miraculously survived execution when taken as prisoner for following Christianity by the China’s communist party and how she was made to write each and every detail of her childhood; any incident which could have led her to Christianity. She was tortured and kicked in stomach when pregnant. Her determination to fight back and give her child a free environment covers the later part of the movie.

Invincible – Rating 3.5/5

Vince Papale was a part time teacher and a die-hard Eagles fan. Philadelphia Eagles play American Football. Vince had season tickets for all Eagles game. He dreamt of playing for the team. But he felt he was too old for it after turning 30. Luck runs out of his life after his wife leaves him not before naming him ‘good for nothing’. He is fired from job because of pay cut. He becomes bartender and occasionally plays football with friend.

Eagles are losing all the matches, yet Vince is firm in his belief for his favorite tem that they will come back to top. When Eagles announce that they will have walk-in sort of arrangement to get new blood in the team Vince too decides to give it a short after much coaxing by friends. He is not only the fastest given his age, he is better equipped with knowhow of the game. He makes in to the team which came as a moment of bafflement but also happiness for his friends and colleagues at bar.
Invincible is a neat, simple story of a man who rose from poverty to enjoy three year stint in the Eagles team and also as captain for special team.

These biographical films are not just usual true stories which are made into film. They all have something in common. The element of injustice they suffered and their fight for their rights and freedom.

Just couple of things I would like to add in the end. Go watch Hindi Film ‘Udaan’ if you have not yet seen. And Dabangg is going to be Salman’s one of the biggest hits. Haha… Adios. So Long.

What Next, Big B?  

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I would not blame myself for it. It’s the times and the way things are being picked out nowadays. My last post ‘Who Cares’ was misconstrued by majority. I wasn’t whining about the receding readership by itself. I was talking more on how the essence of reviews on movies, music and books (or whatever) has been flattened by the likes of few micro-blogging sites. That’s it.

Coming to that, it really amazes me how desperate are these celebrities and how more desperate are commoners to chase them and read about their equally desperate, cooked up-hunky dory tales. I was one of them. For a week. Followed 6-7 of them and removed when nothing substantial was in offing. Better sense prevailed and I am out.

Heard Aamir Khan is joining on 1st July. He would surely be keeping an eye on Sachin and SRK. After all he is Mr. Perfectionist. Doesn’t want anything in a smaller amount. Sorry, but can’t forget him for feeding me bull craps like Ghajini and 3 Idiots. Behati Hawa Sa my foot.

Reminds me of how our Hindi Film Industry is crammed with such deception and pretense. Mr. Perfectionist got in a spat over ‘who-makes-song-famous’ with Javed Akhtar. I totally laughed when he raised the point it’s the Hero (or Heroine) in the song. It’s not even arguable. Someone said who knew Rahul Roy and Anu Agarwal, yet songs of Aashiqui were like anthem in early 90s. Point. Javed reiterated "No one knew you Mr. Khan, You got famous with Papa Kehate Hain and not other way". Well said. Khan walked off. Good for him. Shall I go into works of certain Mr. Rehman and present my case.

He is the biggest manipulator of all. Why? Because he is big? Because every Christmas is a tomfooling-money making period of the year for him? How can anyone forget the ‘Fanna’ release fiasco in Gujarat? Wasn’t he present everywhere out crying democracy-democracy? Where the hell was he when Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Black Friday’ was banned and not released in theater? Hrithik too mouthed the democracy shenanigans that time, but where were they when Rahul Dholakia’s ‘Parzania’ was banned (again in Gujarat)? Does democracy hold good only for these powerful, money-spinning people?

Hrithik in an interview used the old Bollywood trick of holding someone else responsible for the debacle of their product. According to him Kites was way ahead for Indian audiences. Whoa? Hello? Even if I agree to your point; didn’t you father-son duo make two versions? One specifically for Indians and other for Firangs? So, going by that you knew what would cater to us? Well, sorry Roshans, you suck.

Who the hell are these people who can decide for us what would suit or cater to us? It is blasphemy to start with. I remember how he spoke of Barbara Mori being the chosen one out of 70 or 80 odd females auditioned and how he was awe-struck when he saw her pictures. Can I tell him how blind he is? Ms. Mori doesn’t look a bit sexy from any angle. Our TV Actresses would fare better in sexiness. Why Barbara? Doesn’t his wife look like a malnourished mule from certain angles? So shall I blame his senses for that? So who are they to blame our sense of judging a film? This is not 90s Roshan. Wake Up.

Continuing the blame is the patriarch of the so-referred First Family of industry. Big B himself. He blamed the editor for poor portrayal of Abhishek. What was he thinking? We all know his son is Nalayak, Nikamma. Barring Couple of roles in decade old career, he has not achieved much. So, why blame editor? Big B is known for his even bigger mouth and for retracting words now and then through his infamous blog. But this was not needed. Not at all. How many times have we seen Dharmendra holding anyone responsible for the failure of his children and he has lot of failures at home. That is class. Did Hema Malini or Rajesh Khanna or Vinod Khanna or Shatrughan Sinha ever choiced to such stuff? And they are equally big like Big B. The whole family is one big nautanki.

What next Big B? Blaming climate for Bahurani’s poor dress at next Cannes?

Who Cares  

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Love shuts the world they say. I agree, not entirely though. My negligible presence on Blog and other internet sites by my friend were attributed to I being in relationship. I do not agree to this by any means.

I enjoy writing and love doing it elaborately. The moment I watch a cinema I would be penning it down already in mind only to reproduce it later on paper. Whilst reading a book, I am by then giving it shape of coverage to present it later in form of writing for my friends or readers either recommending or refuting it. I hear music and I want to describe it in its purest essence.

No More.

No one reads you completely and moreover no one has time for you. Micro-Blogging and one line reviews (Twitter and Buzz) are in fashion. Why just a review, if you had a black shit instead of natural one it’s there for the whole world to acknowledge or deny on your favorite site. So, who cares what you really felt about a movie or a book or a nice rendition or for that matter a restaurant or any service.

Celebrities are voicing whatever they can cyclically. And competing for the maximum number of followers with their PSEUDO take on anything. So, who cares what I felt. I hope you got the gist or the whole of it.

Attention seeking celebs are now clicks away who are vehemently expressing their innate thoughts; which I can for sure say has changed the way things were taken upon.

The sad spot is people have been blinded with all of it. So, who cares what I have to say of anyone or anything. Weren’t us, critics of them heard err read with interest so that better things prevailed.

Products were detailed, analyzed, discussed and dissected in much more constructive and practical way than in these times and age. So, it doesn’t matter for anyone what I voice as that won’t be taken as critically as it used to (thanks to creators of the products).

This above rambling might be taken as a cribbing. Beware, it is not. Few of us still yearn to say much more than our daily breakfast and evening mishaps but where are the audiences?

Few would still listen but that would not give a kick. As I earlier said, No one reads you completely and moreover no one has time for you.

So, there won’t be any movie or book or music reviews from my end; As to be fucking brutally honest, No one cares.

And by the way, there won’t be any MovieManiax Awards this year. Sorry to all (actually couple of them) who were indeed looking forward to it. I did last year for inner-satisfaction but no more. It doesn't matter whether deserving ones got award or not. I will award them in my mind (by myself); I already did actually.

P.S. I would still like (Though doubt totally) to come back here once in a while to blabber on personal stuff but sadly not on any product or service; no matter how much I enjoyed or was reluctant upon trying. No more.

An Attitude  

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As I write this, I am at a stage in life where I find myself in love again.

I believe different people have different take on love and for me it is an attitude. I call love an attitude as I have been into it once earlier, out of it, now all over it again.

Now that would not be palatable to few. I have always been truthful to myself when it comes to love. Having said it, I have also made the person aware of it from the onset of the same. What probably was not justifiable was that I expected them to love me back from the moment I confronted it myself. Not justifiable because I never tried to put me into their shoes. I love you so please you better love me too. Now when I think of it, I realize how irrational I had been in prior comparable circumstances.

Candidly, I do not intend to delve into it as it is at a juncture where nothing can be said or analyzed. Yet, I am more than glad all those contemplations are past now. Right now I am in love. And it has not been confronted with any of aforementioned communicable vernaculars. I hope not in future as well.

P.S. Few calls and SMSes from friends and reader made me come up with this Post Script. There is nothing wrong between the lovers and definitely both are happy about being in love. Above could be taken as rambling of an observant mind basicaly skewing at the past. Present is beautiful.

Me & You  

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I became single all over again; not recently, 5 and half years ago. I thanked my stars then. I got into a relationship at an impressionable age (I was 17) which went for 5 years and ended amicably without any bad blood (I am still friends with the person). Now, that entire math gives away my age; yeah I am 28 but that’s not important. The significant stuff is after all these years of shying away from it I am back to square one. Yes, I am in love and I am happy like never before. Heard it right, more than I was in my last. Of course Ex is one of my readers and I have already conveyed the same. Ex is happy for me as well.

Things were different then. We both were at the epoch wherein career played a role and won hands down. Career demanded us to be in long distance and none of us budged from our stance. Career prevailed and we parted harmoniously.

So, I was saying I was single all over again and I was on a hunt after one year of mourning the death of prior relation. I took it a lot better than my peers and friends but hormones did drive me crazy at times. And needless to say, I was ruthless in my quest. Now, ruthless doesn’t mean I was engaging in mindless fuck. Ruthless means I was getting prepositioned the way a 23 years would had. Smart, good looking, gift of gab, intelligent, someone who could hold a conversation with a sculpture and was available enticed whomever I met. My friends were hell bent on hooking me up with random obtainable opportunities. But I was in a different state of mind. I shunned them all. I politely and sometime not so civilly turned away and that construed them to believe I was not just ruthless but I was deeming myself as the next big thing after David Beckham. None of which was true.

I unlike another people of my age started my pursuit with a relationship and not some good fun filled fucks and relation later. So, one night stands and random kissing & feeling did not appeal much. I did not discourage those who were all for it. It is all situational but I was not cut out for it. That made me a snob of some decree. I was ok with that.

They say it is easy to impress a man than to the fairer sex, I beg to differ. They say all men need is an opening and rest is immaterial. I beg to differ again. Few of us are looking for more than an opening. So, now I am going to say what clicked this time. We met in a party.

My friend who is also colleague fancied the most gorgeous person walking into the party. I was busy ordering drink so could not set my eyes on this supposedly most gorgeous person walking in. When I returned, my this friend (also single) was all praises for this creature who had supposedly increased the hotness factor of the ambience. I asked him to show me this hotness but his attempt to locate the person was futile. So we all ignored it and indulged ourselves in another round of drinks and dance only to realize my friends whining once again about this hottest factor. I lost it, shouted at him to go and speak to the hotness right away. This made him a bheegi-billi of the elevated order and that made me to dare him to do so more. He wasn’t up for it so I took a bet which he agreed to.

I brushed my hair whilst walking towards the so-called hottest zone of the club. Upon spotting, I Smiled, introduced myself and asked for a dance. I was all ears for a polite or impolite no. I of course in a ‘NO’ would have said that I approached you for a friend of mine. But my offer was accepted and the rest is history. That dance and the conversation which followed swept me away off my feet. A clichéd one but that’s what happened. I had not touched or danced with a more beautiful person before. It was all bliss. I did convey my approach was for a friend of mine and not me. That was received with the cutest smile and was answered, “I knew, I have been following all of you and your gang’s moves. My eyes were set on you and glad you came along.” My heart surely skipped a beat or two then. For sure.

It is three months now since I set my eyes upon this gorgeous person. I find it absurd when someone can actually have this sight of how sexy they are and held that against. And this is the case of my partner. Being so incredibly sexy and unassuming about it at the same time is something not everyone is good at. My incessant overtures on the same are received by even more flattering remarks on me which I in turn receive with unassuming nature.

I often wonder would lover be a bashful repartee to my overtures. Or will let loose so that I can take a good care and communicate how much I love without quantifying it.

P.S. The write up is for you babe and so the title.

The Avant Garde Bloggies Awards 2009 – Kick Off  

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Avant Garde Bloggies Awards was conceived in 2008 by Visceral Observations. Duly supported in organizing and conducting by fellow Bloggers, the awards last year was huge success. Especially for me it was double treat as I was nominated in 2 categories and I won both hands down (Modesty Sucks... Haha). However, this year I am not nominating any of my posts as I am part of the organizing committee and in all probability a Judge too; hopefully.

For uninitiated as well as those who are aware of it, I request you to read the post on this year’s Avant Garde Bloggies Awards by Visceral Observations. PLEASE CLICK HERE. Avant Garde Bloggies Awards aim to recognize the best posts from your blog. It is an award competition where your entries are voted and judged by fellow, expert bloggers. It is a competition to recognize your blog. And as always, it’s meant to be fun and healthy.

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By the first look of it and Reviews  

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By the first look of it and sincerely by the first of it;

Paa looks foolhardy. With all the feasible offense to the makers and the performers, Paa comes across as an intended attempt of lifting in the name of novelty (Ya, I too dreamt eons ago I will revisit Cinema Paradiso). With Small B playing father of Big B on screen (hard to digest) and Vidya Balan as mother (that was perfectly chosen; she looks that), Paa is the story of Auro who is suffering from some disease which is tough to pronounce (no, I will not google).

Blame Aamir for it. His dyslexia ridden TZP hit right chords, his 15 minutes of memory in Ghajini melted many hearts and since then, everyone wants to suffer from one or the other unpronounceable disease. Watch out for Hrithik in Sanjay Leela’s Guzaarish. By the way, Imran had his heart on his right side of the chest in forgettable LUCK.

3 Idiots is an idiotic one. 3 mushtandaas (no built, vast paunches and huge upper frame) pose as 20-something college goers while in real they are double the age. Who cares they say? Audience is an idiot any which ways.

Just started listening to the songs of it and trust me on this, nothing great about it. All Izz Well is idiocy at its prime, by the lyrics of it and more importantly the shot. Once again, no built, vast paunches and huge ugly upper frame.

De Dana Dan is amalgamation of Singh is King and Hera Pheri. All the casts of this movie along with the director should be banned with immediate effect.

Aao Wish Karein to me is like ‘Aao Piss Karein’. And I am in no mood to be pissed more, especially this year. Thank you Aftab (producer and actor in this) but truthfully No Thanks.

Kurban seems dull in its portrayal. Saifeena (Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor for uninitiated) look couple in some kind of mourning and grief. Maybe the film is about that. Whatever. Vivek in his new style is not shown much in promos. And he is not complaining. After all, no one apart from RGV cares for him.

Songs are nice (I have already spoken about it…HERE).

Tum Mile will be a sleeper average if not sleeper hit; mark my words. No box office records breaking but a decent opening and even more respectable following will make it recover the money. By the way, did I tell I have always enjoyed watching Emran (nothing to do with his kisses; I can do better and bitter). I always find him in character (haha) and totally into it whatever he does. His Awarapan took me by surprise. Way to go Emu.

P.S. I hope I eat my own words as I do not wish to see the efforts they have put go in vain. :):)

Reviews of;

Ajab Prem Ki Ghajab Kahani – 3/5 Santoshi’s 2nd attempt at comedy after immortal Andaz Apna Apna is just about ok. A huge hangover of AAA is what APKGK gives the impression of sans Paresh and co. However, I won’t write this off so effortlessly. The movie works for its characters and their witty one liners that comes in offing. I have never enjoyed watching Ranbir so far. All his previous offerings made me think ‘what’s the fuss’ and finally he delivered. Whether it was his tribute to his famous grand-pa at few places in comic scenes or an attempt to shake and move head n booty like his uncle; he was extremely fine at it. Supporting casts remind you of Hrishikesh’s era. Smita Jaykar and Darshan Zariwala as parents of loser-in-life Ranbir are charming what with few scenes written just for them. Songs play quite an important part and are well placed. The only grieving factor for me was utterly delicious but equally putdownable Katrina.

Katrina no matter what all good things people say about her is an extremely annoying to me. No doubt she looks good and her pairing with Ranbir is like ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’. Two supremely good looking ones together of course will raise eyebrows and many other things. But, I am very disappointed with her. She fucking cannot speak good Hindi despite some 3 odd years here. It is of utmost important to me someone who works in Hindi movies should speak, if not good a decent Hindi and it’s been far too long she learnt it. I do not understand why directors cover that by making her a Christian or some of that sort so that she doesn’t need to utter more Hindi. Bull Crap.

Jail – 1/5 Madhur’s tryst with reality falls flat this time. We have seen and enjoyed his rendezvous with Bar girls, Social butterflies, Corporate honchos, but his take on Jail is far from impressing. Falsely accused in a drug case Neil, a sales guy goes to Jail and doesn’t get bail in all repeated hearings. Few scenes and nonsense later, case is reopened and with same evidences & same witnesses the case is solved. Wow. What’s with the agenda here, Madhur? Tell us beforehand it is just one off a story and not fucking reality and we will give you some credit but not in the name of your shouting ‘Jail shown never before’ shit. As a friend told, Ek Haseena Thi was healthier.

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