An Attitude  

Posted by Vee

As I write this, I am at a stage in life where I find myself in love again.

I believe different people have different take on love and for me it is an attitude. I call love an attitude as I have been into it once earlier, out of it, now all over it again.

Now that would not be palatable to few. I have always been truthful to myself when it comes to love. Having said it, I have also made the person aware of it from the onset of the same. What probably was not justifiable was that I expected them to love me back from the moment I confronted it myself. Not justifiable because I never tried to put me into their shoes. I love you so please you better love me too. Now when I think of it, I realize how irrational I had been in prior comparable circumstances.

Candidly, I do not intend to delve into it as it is at a juncture where nothing can be said or analyzed. Yet, I am more than glad all those contemplations are past now. Right now I am in love. And it has not been confronted with any of aforementioned communicable vernaculars. I hope not in future as well.

P.S. Few calls and SMSes from friends and reader made me come up with this Post Script. There is nothing wrong between the lovers and definitely both are happy about being in love. Above could be taken as rambling of an observant mind basicaly skewing at the past. Present is beautiful.

Me & You  

Posted by Vee

I became single all over again; not recently, 5 and half years ago. I thanked my stars then. I got into a relationship at an impressionable age (I was 17) which went for 5 years and ended amicably without any bad blood (I am still friends with the person). Now, that entire math gives away my age; yeah I am 28 but that’s not important. The significant stuff is after all these years of shying away from it I am back to square one. Yes, I am in love and I am happy like never before. Heard it right, more than I was in my last. Of course Ex is one of my readers and I have already conveyed the same. Ex is happy for me as well.

Things were different then. We both were at the epoch wherein career played a role and won hands down. Career demanded us to be in long distance and none of us budged from our stance. Career prevailed and we parted harmoniously.

So, I was saying I was single all over again and I was on a hunt after one year of mourning the death of prior relation. I took it a lot better than my peers and friends but hormones did drive me crazy at times. And needless to say, I was ruthless in my quest. Now, ruthless doesn’t mean I was engaging in mindless fuck. Ruthless means I was getting prepositioned the way a 23 years would had. Smart, good looking, gift of gab, intelligent, someone who could hold a conversation with a sculpture and was available enticed whomever I met. My friends were hell bent on hooking me up with random obtainable opportunities. But I was in a different state of mind. I shunned them all. I politely and sometime not so civilly turned away and that construed them to believe I was not just ruthless but I was deeming myself as the next big thing after David Beckham. None of which was true.

I unlike another people of my age started my pursuit with a relationship and not some good fun filled fucks and relation later. So, one night stands and random kissing & feeling did not appeal much. I did not discourage those who were all for it. It is all situational but I was not cut out for it. That made me a snob of some decree. I was ok with that.

They say it is easy to impress a man than to the fairer sex, I beg to differ. They say all men need is an opening and rest is immaterial. I beg to differ again. Few of us are looking for more than an opening. So, now I am going to say what clicked this time. We met in a party.

My friend who is also colleague fancied the most gorgeous person walking into the party. I was busy ordering drink so could not set my eyes on this supposedly most gorgeous person walking in. When I returned, my this friend (also single) was all praises for this creature who had supposedly increased the hotness factor of the ambience. I asked him to show me this hotness but his attempt to locate the person was futile. So we all ignored it and indulged ourselves in another round of drinks and dance only to realize my friends whining once again about this hottest factor. I lost it, shouted at him to go and speak to the hotness right away. This made him a bheegi-billi of the elevated order and that made me to dare him to do so more. He wasn’t up for it so I took a bet which he agreed to.

I brushed my hair whilst walking towards the so-called hottest zone of the club. Upon spotting, I Smiled, introduced myself and asked for a dance. I was all ears for a polite or impolite no. I of course in a ‘NO’ would have said that I approached you for a friend of mine. But my offer was accepted and the rest is history. That dance and the conversation which followed swept me away off my feet. A clichéd one but that’s what happened. I had not touched or danced with a more beautiful person before. It was all bliss. I did convey my approach was for a friend of mine and not me. That was received with the cutest smile and was answered, “I knew, I have been following all of you and your gang’s moves. My eyes were set on you and glad you came along.” My heart surely skipped a beat or two then. For sure.

It is three months now since I set my eyes upon this gorgeous person. I find it absurd when someone can actually have this sight of how sexy they are and held that against. And this is the case of my partner. Being so incredibly sexy and unassuming about it at the same time is something not everyone is good at. My incessant overtures on the same are received by even more flattering remarks on me which I in turn receive with unassuming nature.

I often wonder would lover be a bashful repartee to my overtures. Or will let loose so that I can take a good care and communicate how much I love without quantifying it.

P.S. The write up is for you babe and so the title.

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