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Posted by Vee

As I write this, I am at a stage in life where I find myself in love again.

I believe different people have different take on love and for me it is an attitude. I call love an attitude as I have been into it once earlier, out of it, now all over it again.

Now that would not be palatable to few. I have always been truthful to myself when it comes to love. Having said it, I have also made the person aware of it from the onset of the same. What probably was not justifiable was that I expected them to love me back from the moment I confronted it myself. Not justifiable because I never tried to put me into their shoes. I love you so please you better love me too. Now when I think of it, I realize how irrational I had been in prior comparable circumstances.

Candidly, I do not intend to delve into it as it is at a juncture where nothing can be said or analyzed. Yet, I am more than glad all those contemplations are past now. Right now I am in love. And it has not been confronted with any of aforementioned communicable vernaculars. I hope not in future as well.

P.S. Few calls and SMSes from friends and reader made me come up with this Post Script. There is nothing wrong between the lovers and definitely both are happy about being in love. Above could be taken as rambling of an observant mind basicaly skewing at the past. Present is beautiful.

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8 Pointless but Viscous Comments.

What? Can you please also write as to what does this really mean? Who is it for?

I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes
The love that's all around me
And so the feeling grows

-- Love is all around me, Wet Wet Wet, 1967


Now whats this bro ? Does it mean you are not happy in love now ? Or is it one of those trial write ups ??


No mushy dedication post on 14 Feb? That means you're not in love :P

Me likes :D

Happy for you BIg B.

hugs and cheers

Hi. I end up at your blog every now and then, and it always brings a smile to my face.
Congratulations on having found someone.

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