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Love shuts the world they say. I agree, not entirely though. My negligible presence on Blog and other internet sites by my friend were attributed to I being in relationship. I do not agree to this by any means.

I enjoy writing and love doing it elaborately. The moment I watch a cinema I would be penning it down already in mind only to reproduce it later on paper. Whilst reading a book, I am by then giving it shape of coverage to present it later in form of writing for my friends or readers either recommending or refuting it. I hear music and I want to describe it in its purest essence.

No More.

No one reads you completely and moreover no one has time for you. Micro-Blogging and one line reviews (Twitter and Buzz) are in fashion. Why just a review, if you had a black shit instead of natural one it’s there for the whole world to acknowledge or deny on your favorite site. So, who cares what you really felt about a movie or a book or a nice rendition or for that matter a restaurant or any service.

Celebrities are voicing whatever they can cyclically. And competing for the maximum number of followers with their PSEUDO take on anything. So, who cares what I felt. I hope you got the gist or the whole of it.

Attention seeking celebs are now clicks away who are vehemently expressing their innate thoughts; which I can for sure say has changed the way things were taken upon.

The sad spot is people have been blinded with all of it. So, who cares what I have to say of anyone or anything. Weren’t us, critics of them heard err read with interest so that better things prevailed.

Products were detailed, analyzed, discussed and dissected in much more constructive and practical way than in these times and age. So, it doesn’t matter for anyone what I voice as that won’t be taken as critically as it used to (thanks to creators of the products).

This above rambling might be taken as a cribbing. Beware, it is not. Few of us still yearn to say much more than our daily breakfast and evening mishaps but where are the audiences?

Few would still listen but that would not give a kick. As I earlier said, No one reads you completely and moreover no one has time for you.

So, there won’t be any movie or book or music reviews from my end; As to be fucking brutally honest, No one cares.

And by the way, there won’t be any MovieManiax Awards this year. Sorry to all (actually couple of them) who were indeed looking forward to it. I did last year for inner-satisfaction but no more. It doesn't matter whether deserving ones got award or not. I will award them in my mind (by myself); I already did actually.

P.S. I would still like (Though doubt totally) to come back here once in a while to blabber on personal stuff but sadly not on any product or service; no matter how much I enjoyed or was reluctant upon trying. No more.

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