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Love shuts the world they say. I agree, not entirely though. My negligible presence on Blog and other internet sites by my friend were attributed to I being in relationship. I do not agree to this by any means.

I enjoy writing and love doing it elaborately. The moment I watch a cinema I would be penning it down already in mind only to reproduce it later on paper. Whilst reading a book, I am by then giving it shape of coverage to present it later in form of writing for my friends or readers either recommending or refuting it. I hear music and I want to describe it in its purest essence.

No More.

No one reads you completely and moreover no one has time for you. Micro-Blogging and one line reviews (Twitter and Buzz) are in fashion. Why just a review, if you had a black shit instead of natural one it’s there for the whole world to acknowledge or deny on your favorite site. So, who cares what you really felt about a movie or a book or a nice rendition or for that matter a restaurant or any service.

Celebrities are voicing whatever they can cyclically. And competing for the maximum number of followers with their PSEUDO take on anything. So, who cares what I felt. I hope you got the gist or the whole of it.

Attention seeking celebs are now clicks away who are vehemently expressing their innate thoughts; which I can for sure say has changed the way things were taken upon.

The sad spot is people have been blinded with all of it. So, who cares what I have to say of anyone or anything. Weren’t us, critics of them heard err read with interest so that better things prevailed.

Products were detailed, analyzed, discussed and dissected in much more constructive and practical way than in these times and age. So, it doesn’t matter for anyone what I voice as that won’t be taken as critically as it used to (thanks to creators of the products).

This above rambling might be taken as a cribbing. Beware, it is not. Few of us still yearn to say much more than our daily breakfast and evening mishaps but where are the audiences?

Few would still listen but that would not give a kick. As I earlier said, No one reads you completely and moreover no one has time for you.

So, there won’t be any movie or book or music reviews from my end; As to be fucking brutally honest, No one cares.

And by the way, there won’t be any MovieManiax Awards this year. Sorry to all (actually couple of them) who were indeed looking forward to it. I did last year for inner-satisfaction but no more. It doesn't matter whether deserving ones got award or not. I will award them in my mind (by myself); I already did actually.

P.S. I would still like (Though doubt totally) to come back here once in a while to blabber on personal stuff but sadly not on any product or service; no matter how much I enjoyed or was reluctant upon trying. No more.

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I guess Writing was meant to be a thing we do for ourselves...When did the others come into picture.

It doesn't matters to me if people read me or not...I do it cause I like to.

Anyways your choice Big B.

take care
have missed you.

I have always felt that for someone who is passionate about writing the number of readers doesn't matter and for those who say they write for themselves but still say the quality & quantity of readers has diminished, well I feel they have run out of excuses for NOT WRITING!!!

Anyway, your blog you might as well delete it WHO CARES???

Ah. I still love the blogging world. I remember reading Tarun Adarsh's review of Road, the movie. The bugger was too frightened to say anything about it. That is because his words get mauled by indie bloggers who have nothing to lose by expressing their opinion.

I still love blog hopping and coming across some well maintained blogs.

Like Smita says, writing is an act in isolation, when we write it is because we HAVE to, not because we wish for an audience.

Of course we wish for an audience, it is later, when we require validation for our work of art. Like I told you earlier, that is why a senior artist like Rekha burst into tears when she was so openly praised by Khyyam on stage.

But there is difference between spontaneous praise of a veteren and gasping praise of a starstruck fan who will say good things to you no matter what. That is what made Rekha cry.

Gosh this is turning into a post.

One last thing if really "who cares" why even put this post???

Why do you need to justify your not posting anything?? No body cares so shouldn't you!!!

I am with you, Vee. We are all humans after all. We need interaction and appreciation. If someone says they are writing for themselves, why don't they do it in a diary. Why make a public blog and make it accessible to all? Obviously, we want people to read, appreciate, respond, interact, criticise... Whatever!
So, if you are actually frustrated about it all, I don't blame you. But again, maybe we need not tAke it all too seriously! Upto you :) I have stopped writing cos I am bored and I accept it he he.


Wow Vee, What's up! C'mmon now, don't be so cynical. I agree it won't be any fun writing if there was no audience but you do have an audience. Maybe not in the 1000s but still. And at the end of the day, it is fun having an opinion, and writing it, no matter how ridiculous it might be.

And again, once in a while, there will be a post which will get a lot of readers!!!

Never mind, just have fun in whatever u do.


Fully agree with you my friend.
These days the only audience that I have got includes my wife who is always with me - no matter what.
My mom who is available on fone (calls are free between reliance network)
A couple of friends on yahoo/msn messenger.
A couple of colleagues who sit right across me.
I know even they dont like me talking too much but they cant help as i am the boss and they have to listen to me - no matter what :)

Yes, right like you - I too miss the audience.
My inclination to write has gone down the drain even when I have so much to say about so many things.... but where is the audience?

Keep penning.
Even if i dont comment - i atleast read the whole thing always.
Specially from you.
Sorry for not being present in any of your award ceremonies as they made no sense to me.

Luv n lots of it


Strange, isn't it? Each of us tend to hv something or the other bothering us in cyberspace, (moreso in blogs, writing sites) but still can't snap ties completely?

well I m here! Even after there are 200 unread posts, I do not mark them unread and read each one n comment on each. So I dare to say I care :)
But yes this is also true that twitter killed the blogging star :)

:-) As always a gud one . However Who cares if you have to say Y u didnt write for a while .
A true reflection of true you bro...

I second, third, and fourth smita. On both her comments.

Oxyyy boyyy, there are people who love what you write. you should atleast continue for them.

Ok, let me put this in a language that you would understand...imagine all Abhay deols indie movies flopping one after the other with no audience (except for you). Even with the greatest of indie directors, somehow his movies dont work ! and then one fine day, he says he is going to quit acting in such movies and would start acting like Vivek Oberoi in all those for good for nothing commercial movies ????? this is something like that ! You still have your audience Oxy booyy, however you write ! :D

Good to see an update and hope to see more, often!


Your decision to make, but all I can say is that you will be missed by a lot of people!

Quirky Indian

hey been on ur blog for the first time..m yet to hk out ur reviews n other such posts which u mentioned u wrote....

But u wont write them again?? y? even if u dont write, who cares..??? so y not write n be Happy 4 urself..

A blog 4 me is really a place 4 expressing ur thots...however weird or simple they maybe..

Though I m a very recent blogger...Just enjoy every phase of this virtual existence of urs, is wat I wud like to say... :)

Very true..cant agree with you any less. I am sick n put off from such [many] celebrities on twitter.

Whatever man.. its a phase, you'll be back... I know you love writing too much to give it up forever... If you are wise, you'll know... never say never.

When I write, I expect people to read. It's that sudden excitement I get when I imagine my blogs being read that urges me to write. So if I see my readership is dwindling, it is a disappointment for me. I guess bloggers nowadays should not only do the writing, but also have to come up with something creatively different every now and then to hold the attention of the readers.

I believe what you are going through is a phase as I too thought of staying away from blogging, but for different reason. Anyway, as you can see from the comments above, there are quite number of people for whom your voice matters.

as i see it ... u got audience here

hope that changes something

all the best

Fantastic! Liked the way you have written about celebs and their means of hogging attention all the time :)

Over all a great post :)


Being someone whos done numerous "quits" and "comebacks", i must admit -- blogging can never be "for someone else"; it has to be for you...and only for you. That others come and read it, is their choice. When you have avid followers, people evidently like you; but the lack of it doesn't mean they hate you.

It's good to have followers on blogs because only then dialogues happen, views are shared. Dialogues make us think more, write more. But the absence of followers shouldn't make you fizz out that spark in you!

For those who've been telling you your online presence has decreased because of being in a relationship, so be it! People assume things the way they want to see it. Why lower yourselves to reach their level; help them climb to yours!

Oxyyyy...quite evident that at least 20 people do care! Now even if none of us did, continue writing, but only when you feel like it! :)


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my first time here. very sad i wont get to read more of you.

I won't be gone for long for sure. I will be back.

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