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I would not blame myself for it. It’s the times and the way things are being picked out nowadays. My last post ‘Who Cares’ was misconstrued by majority. I wasn’t whining about the receding readership by itself. I was talking more on how the essence of reviews on movies, music and books (or whatever) has been flattened by the likes of few micro-blogging sites. That’s it.

Coming to that, it really amazes me how desperate are these celebrities and how more desperate are commoners to chase them and read about their equally desperate, cooked up-hunky dory tales. I was one of them. For a week. Followed 6-7 of them and removed when nothing substantial was in offing. Better sense prevailed and I am out.

Heard Aamir Khan is joining on 1st July. He would surely be keeping an eye on Sachin and SRK. After all he is Mr. Perfectionist. Doesn’t want anything in a smaller amount. Sorry, but can’t forget him for feeding me bull craps like Ghajini and 3 Idiots. Behati Hawa Sa my foot.

Reminds me of how our Hindi Film Industry is crammed with such deception and pretense. Mr. Perfectionist got in a spat over ‘who-makes-song-famous’ with Javed Akhtar. I totally laughed when he raised the point it’s the Hero (or Heroine) in the song. It’s not even arguable. Someone said who knew Rahul Roy and Anu Agarwal, yet songs of Aashiqui were like anthem in early 90s. Point. Javed reiterated "No one knew you Mr. Khan, You got famous with Papa Kehate Hain and not other way". Well said. Khan walked off. Good for him. Shall I go into works of certain Mr. Rehman and present my case.

He is the biggest manipulator of all. Why? Because he is big? Because every Christmas is a tomfooling-money making period of the year for him? How can anyone forget the ‘Fanna’ release fiasco in Gujarat? Wasn’t he present everywhere out crying democracy-democracy? Where the hell was he when Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Black Friday’ was banned and not released in theater? Hrithik too mouthed the democracy shenanigans that time, but where were they when Rahul Dholakia’s ‘Parzania’ was banned (again in Gujarat)? Does democracy hold good only for these powerful, money-spinning people?

Hrithik in an interview used the old Bollywood trick of holding someone else responsible for the debacle of their product. According to him Kites was way ahead for Indian audiences. Whoa? Hello? Even if I agree to your point; didn’t you father-son duo make two versions? One specifically for Indians and other for Firangs? So, going by that you knew what would cater to us? Well, sorry Roshans, you suck.

Who the hell are these people who can decide for us what would suit or cater to us? It is blasphemy to start with. I remember how he spoke of Barbara Mori being the chosen one out of 70 or 80 odd females auditioned and how he was awe-struck when he saw her pictures. Can I tell him how blind he is? Ms. Mori doesn’t look a bit sexy from any angle. Our TV Actresses would fare better in sexiness. Why Barbara? Doesn’t his wife look like a malnourished mule from certain angles? So shall I blame his senses for that? So who are they to blame our sense of judging a film? This is not 90s Roshan. Wake Up.

Continuing the blame is the patriarch of the so-referred First Family of industry. Big B himself. He blamed the editor for poor portrayal of Abhishek. What was he thinking? We all know his son is Nalayak, Nikamma. Barring Couple of roles in decade old career, he has not achieved much. So, why blame editor? Big B is known for his even bigger mouth and for retracting words now and then through his infamous blog. But this was not needed. Not at all. How many times have we seen Dharmendra holding anyone responsible for the failure of his children and he has lot of failures at home. That is class. Did Hema Malini or Rajesh Khanna or Vinod Khanna or Shatrughan Sinha ever choiced to such stuff? And they are equally big like Big B. The whole family is one big nautanki.

What next Big B? Blaming climate for Bahurani’s poor dress at next Cannes?

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16 Pointless but Viscous Comments.

U bet, it is all one big nautanky aimed at getting some publicity!

I was chuckling all the way!!! I haven't agreed so much with a post in a long time :D

With all his movie hitting bulls eye Amir Khan has started believing he is God! Imagine him joining twitter and releasing a well thought tweet every dec just like his movies ;) (not my idea read this in Mumbai mirror :D) And u know what? When Fanaa was banned in Gujarat nobody protested against the ban! Guj ki public was with the govt in favor of the ban! I was there at that time.

Kites was sabotaged :D hahahaha though I did not agree with Mumbai Mirror publishing the climax of Kites 2 weeks on before the release but then I also feel no good movie can sink if it is really good!!!

Have u seen Kites a trailors on Colors? All I remember of Barbara are teeths :D

Bacchan family! Less said the better :D

Pssst every time I read something out of your key board I think, "he writes so so so well" so please bring on more :)

:))) The angry young man speaketh! :)
Twitter, if nothing else, surely gives masala for the media. I mean look at its powers. IPL hila diya. Minister had to resign. And now these celebrities with foot-in-mouth! :))) I just recently joined twitter but more than celebrities, I am enjoying the banter of a certain group there.
As for blame game. Ye to hona hi tha. If the audience is silly to believe them, then well they will continue this nautanki.
Good to see you back in blogging.
P.s. You remind me of the angry young Amitabh of 70s :)


Vee is back... and How!

Glad to know that love didn't make you soft.

And finally, I've found one more soul who didn't think 3 Idiots was amazing!

And I really didn't know about this debate between Aamir and Javed. Really strange, coz. I guess then Aamir's songs from Mann should've been super hit as well... :P Yeah, as you said, can't really argue.

And I guess, the editor should've just edited AB Jr. out of the movie. That would've been great.

Good to see you back dude!


Welcome back. I second what Rakesh says - good to see someone who agrees that Ghajini and 3 Idiots were crappy movies. And the fact that Mori just wasn't all that hot.


Quirky Indian

@Smita, Thankoo. I know junta too prtoested. Must have got 100 rs and one chicken biryani from govt like it happens during elections... ;)

@WIAN, If not twitter, it would have been somethin else.

Angry Young Man...? Why not, aren't we fed shit. This is my way to vent out the shittiness. :)

@Rakesh, Dhanyavad Bhrata Shri (Raajneeti effect)... Lol

Actually Mann songs were hit. ;) Anyways got ur point.

Edited AB Jr..? I AM WITH YOU. Btw, read somewhere Ajay Devgn wud have nailed that role. Naaa I say.

@Quirky, Thanks Sir. I plan to stick this time. Haha. I don't believe I said that.

Anyways, I felt last good genuine from heart acting Aamir did was Sarfarosh. Lagaan, DCH and TZP were good too, nothing extraordinaire. But Sarfarosh was way above.

@Rakesh Bhai and Quirky,

I have this uncanny feeling which tells me u both are quite similar in lot of aspects. Your comments, thoughts, and stuff like that give that impression to me. Just a hunch.


You never know, (And even I might not know) I might be suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder... and maybe Quirky is my avataar...

Or Quirky is the real me and I'm the avataar!!! Wait, Is that right to say? I'm writing right now so I've to be real. But...

Badhiya likha hai :) Ekdum barbaad movie hai na Raavan and Kites? Havent seen either yet. How did u find Rajneeti?

Oxyyy Boyyy, glad to see you back here ! You seriously meant that in your who cares post ?? But I dont think you ever mentioned about movies, or music for that matter. Did you ? Hmmm...

I had little respect for Aamir after watching TZP. But the news on his verbal fight with Javed made me lose whatever I had for him. He proved that he is a dumb jerk. Im one of those who didnt enjoy the most of 3 idiots. Such an illogical movie it was ! Manipulator is the right word. He is into twitter and stuffs because his Peepli Live is about to release.

Kites, the less the said, the better. When was the last time the Roshans made a good movie in the first place? Too much of unnecessary hype. These days, the makers spend more money, time and effort in promoting their movies. If only they could use this to develop a good script ! The promotions are actually becoming a big turn off, Amitabh in his french beard and white hair wearing school uniform with water bottles and tie, posing snaps with school children for promoting Paa !!! The things that the makers expect from a shameless old man in the name of promotion !!! :D :D

and that Bachchans is one big crazy family !!! son praising dad in twitter, dad defending sons movie and all this in public ! :D :D

Oxy boyy, please keep writing. It was a pleasure commenting here after a long time ! :D

Though I haven't seen '3 Idiots', you are the first person to say it is crap. In my opinion, 'Kites' was not way ahead for Indian audience, it was just too boring. I started yawning ten minutes after the movie started. But then, I thought Barbara Mori was beautiful. She has nice lips and I loved her smile. The question of whether she is sexy or not, that I have to leave to you straight fellas! :D I thought Hrithik's shirtless scenes would compensate for the bucks I wasted for this movie, but he didn't turn me on one bit. He should have maintained the physique he had for Dhoom 2, not overdo it. Haven't seen 'Raavan' either, but heard Junior B has done acting less and growling more. Must have been tough for the editor to make him look human at least. I had always thought Big B is overated. But being in Mumbai, I can't voice that loud. People will think I'm talking crazy. :P

P.S. Glad to know you haven't quit blogging entirely. Hope to read about your new love life, some people (me!) are ready to lap anything up regarding love (which is why I'm dying to see 'I hate luv storys')

i liked the initial part of 3 idiots .. when things were plain fun ... but with the romantic twist and the heroine's sis's pregnancy, it really got crazy !

high time a lot of ppl learnt to accept their failures as their own making !

but arr isn't as bad as the others.

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