Another one in the offing  

Posted by Vee

There is no provision of legal strike in India (unlike America;both being a democratic).

Supreme Court says, "the right to strike or right to declare lock out may be controlled or restricted by appropriate industrial legislation and the validity of such legislation would have to be tested not with reference to the criteria laid down in clause (4) of article 19 but by totally different considerations."

which in general term means "there is a guaranteed fundamental right to form association or Labour unions but there is no fundamental right to go on strike."

Air India is on strike. NDTV terms it 'From Maharaja to Royal Mess", after reading numerous articles spread, having heard the debates and having understood what I could decipher, I support the strike by Air India Employees.

A strike which has been called a 'blackmail'. Salary hike is not their prime concern (statement for those who are judgmental).

Expose of the mismanagement of State owned, largest and the oldest airline is on the cards. After 2G, CWG, Sukna land scam, Adarsh scam another one is on offing.

Captain Rishabh Kapoor (General Secretary of ICPA) could not have done it better. I support him.

P.S. If this is called a blackmail then Anna Hazare's strike was one too. (I am not demeaning Anna's call for justice a blackmail; Hello, it's a metaphor)

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