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1) Arundhati made a fool of herself

So Arundhati is in a soup, a big soup; she might face arrest or might not. Whoa! And what a fool she made of herself. I feel there was no need for what she said, no matter if it directly conveyed what the people of Kashmir have been voicing amongst themselves and to the world (read India) for ages. That’s her defense; huh! Everyone has something to say about her speech. Guha is taking his revenge; Pagal Patrakar of Faking News is not behind too. But why I find her comments are unnecessary is because there is no need; there is no need to repeat. Who are you? A voice of Kashmir? Since when? You cite Shopian episode; that happened more than a year ago. Why not then? You cite recent stone throwing; what about ancient bomb throwing by our own Indian Army?

I liked her booker winning book. I still feel she rightly deserved the booker but that would not make me bias. This is what I have for her: You are sham Ms. Roy, a hypocrite of definitely the uppermost order and you must have been now in jail had you made the same speech in some other country. Democracy calls for freedom of speech but not for untimely of it. Go rot.

2) Abhishek Bachchan gets beatings (twice) within a week

Ad maker Prahlad Kakkar at recently held MAMI, Mumbai Film Festival took potshot at Small B; he said in as many words, “He has 17 flops to his name and still going strong, should enter Guinness Book of World Records.” Haha. That was not we all did not know but mentioning it at a film festival was quite something. Abhishek recapped the episode by stating Prahlad should instead be a standup comedian.

Prahlad did make a point there. Abhishek, Shahid, Sonam, Neil, Asin, Imran, Ranbir, they are all bad actors in my opinion. Yet, there they are; at top, making crores for nothing. What atypical did Kakkar speak. He quoted figures. 17 flops. I can quote gazillion similar figures wherein an aspiring actor gave one flop and he was written off just because he/she was noone’s someone. Take Randeep Hooda for instance.

Then the Bollywood’s maverick filmmaker Anurag Kashyap unleashed his venoms.I would not have known this had not my good blog friend Varun shared this article with me. I had missed it. But I guess Varun knows I am always ears for such gossips and controversies. To continue, in as many words Anurag Kashyap said, “if John is bad actor, so is Abhishek.” LMAO. Abhishek must have buried his head in the lap of Aishwarya hearing this. How could he be compared to John (despite Dostana between them)? “Who is John, I’m Big B’s Small B; how can they put me in same bracket with John, he doesn’t even have a B in his name? Boo Hoo, Why Aish Why?” he must have howled that in her already wet lap.

3) Dolly, Go Lightly

Dolly entered Bigg Boss and all hell broke loose. Target: All female contestants of the house. Shwetha – Butchered; Sara – Defeated. Come on Veena and Aanchal. Here I am. Who is Seema Parihar? She might have been the bandit outside I’m the one here.

However, though scripted it is few things can surely be not. Shwetha and Sara were like sugar-coated-acid from beginning. It was all there to see except for the boys of the house who are as dumb as Rakhi’s not-sub-conscious-mind. There comes Dolly and puts everything straight. Khali’s heart melts. Rahul Bhatt takes her side and voila you have two asli mard on your side what else you need. Take on the sissy’s one by one.

Hail Dolly and though I had objections to outside house hostility being discussed in the house, I know you are right; the reason people do not believe you is that your tone is high. It is generally presumed that people with high tone are often wrong but you are not. So, continue the good work (reduce the tone a bit please) and clean the house of scumbags and for hell’s sake my dolly, go lightly on them.

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