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By the first look of it and sincerely by the first of it;

Paa looks foolhardy. With all the feasible offense to the makers and the performers, Paa comes across as an intended attempt of lifting in the name of novelty (Ya, I too dreamt eons ago I will revisit Cinema Paradiso). With Small B playing father of Big B on screen (hard to digest) and Vidya Balan as mother (that was perfectly chosen; she looks that), Paa is the story of Auro who is suffering from some disease which is tough to pronounce (no, I will not google).

Blame Aamir for it. His dyslexia ridden TZP hit right chords, his 15 minutes of memory in Ghajini melted many hearts and since then, everyone wants to suffer from one or the other unpronounceable disease. Watch out for Hrithik in Sanjay Leela’s Guzaarish. By the way, Imran had his heart on his right side of the chest in forgettable LUCK.

3 Idiots is an idiotic one. 3 mushtandaas (no built, vast paunches and huge upper frame) pose as 20-something college goers while in real they are double the age. Who cares they say? Audience is an idiot any which ways.

Just started listening to the songs of it and trust me on this, nothing great about it. All Izz Well is idiocy at its prime, by the lyrics of it and more importantly the shot. Once again, no built, vast paunches and huge ugly upper frame.

De Dana Dan is amalgamation of Singh is King and Hera Pheri. All the casts of this movie along with the director should be banned with immediate effect.

Aao Wish Karein to me is like ‘Aao Piss Karein’. And I am in no mood to be pissed more, especially this year. Thank you Aftab (producer and actor in this) but truthfully No Thanks.

Kurban seems dull in its portrayal. Saifeena (Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor for uninitiated) look couple in some kind of mourning and grief. Maybe the film is about that. Whatever. Vivek in his new style is not shown much in promos. And he is not complaining. After all, no one apart from RGV cares for him.

Songs are nice (I have already spoken about it…HERE).

Tum Mile will be a sleeper average if not sleeper hit; mark my words. No box office records breaking but a decent opening and even more respectable following will make it recover the money. By the way, did I tell I have always enjoyed watching Emran (nothing to do with his kisses; I can do better and bitter). I always find him in character (haha) and totally into it whatever he does. His Awarapan took me by surprise. Way to go Emu.

P.S. I hope I eat my own words as I do not wish to see the efforts they have put go in vain. :):)

Reviews of;

Ajab Prem Ki Ghajab Kahani – 3/5 Santoshi’s 2nd attempt at comedy after immortal Andaz Apna Apna is just about ok. A huge hangover of AAA is what APKGK gives the impression of sans Paresh and co. However, I won’t write this off so effortlessly. The movie works for its characters and their witty one liners that comes in offing. I have never enjoyed watching Ranbir so far. All his previous offerings made me think ‘what’s the fuss’ and finally he delivered. Whether it was his tribute to his famous grand-pa at few places in comic scenes or an attempt to shake and move head n booty like his uncle; he was extremely fine at it. Supporting casts remind you of Hrishikesh’s era. Smita Jaykar and Darshan Zariwala as parents of loser-in-life Ranbir are charming what with few scenes written just for them. Songs play quite an important part and are well placed. The only grieving factor for me was utterly delicious but equally putdownable Katrina.

Katrina no matter what all good things people say about her is an extremely annoying to me. No doubt she looks good and her pairing with Ranbir is like ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’. Two supremely good looking ones together of course will raise eyebrows and many other things. But, I am very disappointed with her. She fucking cannot speak good Hindi despite some 3 odd years here. It is of utmost important to me someone who works in Hindi movies should speak, if not good a decent Hindi and it’s been far too long she learnt it. I do not understand why directors cover that by making her a Christian or some of that sort so that she doesn’t need to utter more Hindi. Bull Crap.

Jail – 1/5 Madhur’s tryst with reality falls flat this time. We have seen and enjoyed his rendezvous with Bar girls, Social butterflies, Corporate honchos, but his take on Jail is far from impressing. Falsely accused in a drug case Neil, a sales guy goes to Jail and doesn’t get bail in all repeated hearings. Few scenes and nonsense later, case is reopened and with same evidences & same witnesses the case is solved. Wow. What’s with the agenda here, Madhur? Tell us beforehand it is just one off a story and not fucking reality and we will give you some credit but not in the name of your shouting ‘Jail shown never before’ shit. As a friend told, Ek Haseena Thi was healthier.

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34 Pointless but Viscous Comments.

I watched JAIL the other day. What an idiotic film. Neil's expressions were extremely awkward. I couldn't make out if he was crying/laughing/or whatever. Plus the screenplay..drags on and on and reaches such a pathetic climax. This could have been made into a short film. Also why didn't the police investigate Neil's phone calls and the CCTV footages when the case started? Are they so damn foolish? What do these filmmakers think man!!!?

Paa - inspired by Francis Ford Copolla's Jack. The disease is progeria. I was really expecting something original from R Balki after Cheeni Kum. Sad, sad.

3 Idiots - Promos are okay..nothing great. I don't know why the film's gathering so much hype. I mean, 5 Point Someone isn't a great novel, is it? Must be Aamir Khan and Hirani.

De Dana Dan - Ban the songs please! I wonder what's happened to Pritam's song library..his PC download manager must have crashed or something.

Aao Wish Karein - Who cares. Aftab is trying to can see that in the promos.

Kurbaan - Not sure what to expect from this one.

Tum Mile - I try to avoid Emraan Hashmi films..LOL @ your doing better and bitter! HAHAHA!

Will watch Ajab tomorrow.


Jail was YUCK. Neil was Yuckest. U r right about his laughter/cry... and that too close-ups... what torture....

Ya, I knew of disease (in Paa).. I was just trying to ignore it. What's with everyone coming with diseases now. No more stories left with hale and hearty humans or wot?

3 Idiots is gaining hype cuz of Aamir and not even Hirani I guess. What bull shit.

May be Pritam is done copying all other languages this year so he gave one nonsense 'Paisa Paisa'.... Eeewwww... who would even like that once.????

What's wrong with Emran yaar? At least he is better than Tushars, Zayeds, Fardeens and Aftabs of our industry.... Isn't it?

Looking for your take on Ajab.... Enjoy...

I was laughing throughout the post Boyyy !! Well written !!!

Paa looks stupid ! Dont know what AB Sr is trying to prove ! For all you know, he might act as a just born next ! I am sure the critics would be bashing the movie, and then our AB sr would go about defending the movie and his son through his boring blog !!!

Regarding 3 idiots, I read from somewhere that the college life in the movie is just a small part. Its about the two of them going in search for the third (who goes missing) and these college stories appear in the movie as a part of their nostalgia. You cant help it, can you? But I am sure Rajkumar and Aamir would do a good job together ! and I had never liked the songs of Munnabhai and so no hopes on this too !

Aao Piss Karein was tooo good !! I dont understand, no one goes to watch Aftabs movies, who will go to watch a movie that he has produced. First of all, where did this loser get so much of money to produce a movie !! :D :D :D :D

I second you on Tum Mile, I think it will be an average grosser like the recent Bhatt movies ! and you like Emraaan ??? Ewwww....

Might watch APKGK soon. Wont go for Jail; I knew it would be a dud ! Btw Bhandarkars next movie - Zoo, Planetarium, Tea stall !!

Crazy Bhandarkar !!! :D :D :D


Jail: Pathetic
APKGK: have his one moments otherwise is an utterly boring one, only songs saved the grace.
Paa: AB is looking a bit DARAWANA :), BALKI why are you trying to be RGV
3 idiots: arre iske bhi song aa gaye kya?? (work is killing me these days)
DDD: songs are total noise pollution i downloaded, listened on FF mode and deleted immideatly ;P

APK oops AWK: lol at aao piss kare :P not even bothered to watch its promos
Kurbaan: it may be a silent killer. music is good but lack punch
TUM MILE: Cant say about this one but it will be an avg hit cos of hashmi's fan following

BTW how is KLUELESS 5 going on???

How many times do i tell you Katrina is supposed to look good & she does. Expecting anything more from her beyond that is sin! :D :D :D will be back later with a proper comment ;)

after reading this post i think i will only watch "Ajab prem ki gajab kahani"

i would have watched it for "Tu jaane Na " only...

and bhai keep me updating on the nice songs that you hear...

tc ...
see ya on 26th nov


Kya bhai, release ke pehle hi class le li???

I'm optimistic especially about 3 idiots - The premise actually sounds funny and I doubt if Aamir Khan can disappoint? I've enjoyed every single of his movies since a long long time now.

And I think i'll watch APKGK...

@Vimmuuu, Lol man. ur comment was quite LOLable. U r right; critics are going to have field day bashing Big/Small B, Balki n Balan.... I stopped reading his and Aamir's blog long ago. Utter bull shit.

Well, even if 3 idiots is what u talk of, and if they are playing college kids in flashback, its them playin na.. .40s ke uncles. for flashback they cud have taken younger ones ... why not?

Do not underestimate Aftab when it comes to money... there are lot ways to make money once u r visible in the circuit n r known...;)

I like Emran

Lol @ Madhur's future offerings.. who knows he might.. that crazy fella.

@Bhupesh, Hahaha... AB Darawana... Haha... good one... RGV ki toh nikal

3 Idiots ke gaane kal hi aaye.

Of course Hashmi has got a certain following. And music is nice.

Klueless 5 ho gaya. Ranked 93rd this time. So, I am happy. :)

@Smita, If so is the case then she should just be taken for dance numbers. Why give dialogues to her? And if you r giving then better she learn to speak decent hindi (if not extremely good).

@Vicky, Tu Jaane is well executed. Nice one to hear as well. Atif is as usual superb.

Ya, update toh kar hi deta hun na Blog me. Anyways, of late I liked London Dreams and APKGK ke gaane.

See you on 26th.. Tchau.

@Rakesh Bhai,

Hehe... par ye bhi toh kaha maine ki 'I hope I eat my own words' ;)

Is it? U also enjoyed Mann, Mela and Mangal Pandey... U r one brave man.

I know bhai. I thought you are so into reviews , you must already know what songs are going to be hit in future. :)

Vidya Balan as mother (that was perfectly chosen; she looks that)

Completely true!

I agree, Paa seems to be made on the basis of TZP's success etc.

Jail sucked big time. Haven't seen Ajab yet, and will probably wait for the DVD. I can't stand Katrina either.

3 Idiots looks idiotic! De Dana Dan looks even worse.

And yes, Kurbaan is dull. It will be another one of those pseudo meaningful movies with some message.

So what do we do for entertainment now? TV News channels?

Bura waqt hain.


Quirky Indian

Love Is All Around (From 'Four Weddings And AKlueless 5 ho gaya. Ranked 93rd this time. So, I am happy. :)


Itni jaldi

Waise this time even i tried and reached upto level 22 tabhi Boss aagay aur uski band baj gai

Great going Sir ji

Arey long time meaning 3 to 4 years. I guess, ever since Mangal Pandey, I've enjoyed all his movies. Yes I enjoyed Mangal Pandey and then Fanaa and RDB, TZP

Ok Ghajini was the only one I didn't enjoy!

Mann and Mela ??? I guess Mann is the most irritating movie of all time including its songs.

Mela was so ridiculous that at times it was funny, and it had sexy demure twinkle ;)

@[V], Lol.... I can try.

@Quirky, Another thing about Paa: He is 13 years old who is supposed to be suffering from some disease. But mind it, his brain is that of 13 year old. And no matter you age fast or slow, no 13 year old dances/or makes faces like that. He is not mentally challenged. He just ages fast. So, why not behave and act like a 13 year old. That's the problem with our makers. They either show child as super-mature person or make them utter dumb.

Bahut bura wakt hai aur TV ka toh mat puchho. Camera Man Santosh ke saath Mai Deepak Chaurasiya; Aaj Tak... Nahi aur nahi.


@Bhupesh, Shukriya. I took off on 5th and 6th for Klueless 5 and 6th/7th was Sat n Sun so jaldi ho gaya. Ranking improved from Klueless 4 (127th) so of course khush.. .:)

@Rakesh Bhai, if you liked Mangalp Pandey, cool. I appreciate that. I did not, and neither Fanaa. Anyways, pasand na-pasand keeps varying so no need to argue on that. I just said 'By the 1st look of it' ... ;)

Oh, u found Twinkle sexy? Cool, me too. Not many say nice things about her. :)

I liked AB's dance in it found it cute!!! hehe rest I'll judge after watching it :P

3 Idiots, though I agree with ur logic but I won't write it off & u were expecting the music to be good?? All I 'll say is u expect too much :P

De Dana whatever...uh!!why u even write about such movies??

And aao piss karien was awesome :D Do u know Hakla Khan has given a voice over for the movie??? :D :D

Kurban, I hate Saifeena..songs are ok though!!

I found APKGK good for one time watch. Ranbir is a treat to watch & Kats is a treat to look at :D that's it :D

And u bugger u write so well but u hardly write!!!!

@ Vimmuuu

lol @ "Zoo, Planetarium, Tea stall" though I want to add one more name to this list but because I now u can very well guess it :D :D :D

@Smita, you find that dance cute? On a 13 year old? Read what I said to Quirky above.

Well they over-promise so what's wrong in me over expecting.... Muhaha

I write on movie like De Dana cuz such movies eventually make u laugh real hard n I mean real real hard. Remember Dil Bole Hadippa. It was total ROFL material...

I know Hakla Khan has given voice over. Double Piss. Pheeew.

No opinion on Saif but I love Kareena, yet I wont praise movie just cuz I love her. let's wait and watch. This was just 'By 1st look'. I hope I am wrong.

Well, yeah finally I liked Ranbir ; idiotic at places he was but still. Kats Hmmm...tired of seeing her everywhere.

Lol@ last...

This was a well-written, scathing post. Just my type.

I had MISFORTUNE of watching Jail with a friend. Only saving grace of movie was my company. Within 10 minutes, with those poorly done 'naked' shots of Neil N Mukesh, I knew here is a bad movie. And who watches a movie with concentration without talking ever, started talking to my friend if only to pass the time. Bad experience, I have just run out of my luck in movies.

Azab I havn't watched but considering that everyone on twitter raves abt Ranbir and not movie, movie is bad. Will wait for DVD.

Its agreed that those three guys in Three Idiots dont look 20 somethings, yet movie looks promising. I am waiting for it.

Paa, agreed, looks silly. And Undigestable. Who knows.

Rest are not even worth talking about.

This was a well-written, scathing post. Just my type.

I had MISFORTUNE of watching Jail with a friend. Only saving grace of movie was my company. Within 10 minutes, with those poorly done 'naked' shots of Neil N Mukesh, I knew here is a bad movie. And who watches a movie with concentration without talking ever, started talking to my friend if only to pass the time. Bad experience, I have just run out of my luck in movies.

Azab I havn't watched but considering that everyone on twitter raves abt Ranbir and not movie, movie is bad. Will wait for DVD.

Its agreed that those three guys in Three Idiots dont look 20 somethings, yet movie looks promising. I am waiting for it.

Paa, agreed, looks silly. And Undigestable. Who knows.

Rest are not even worth talking about.

I liked th interpretations and for adams I could not understand what a snooty like Katrina is stiil doing in Bollywood? The wood cannot speak two simple words of hindi and acts as if her accent is the most precious thing on the silver screen? I too do not like her. She used to look sweet once but these days her age started showing. Hee hee what a thing bashing an Indian heroineJ

Pa too looks like a visible cliché on screen…may be a competition to mallika’ costume hisss drama.
3 idiots looks like a film about 3 ppl who wants to make the idiots of audiences. What a bad casting sirji or should I say were the makers decided the cast a decade back but could not manage dates uptill now?

well written... just to say i was laughing while reading the reviews of some movies...
paa movie looks horrible to me...cant deal with more diseases and stuff...
kurbaan songs are good... i will get DVD and watch it if possible... other movies will be shown in TV and cant think of wasting time on them :)

coming to released movies... just planning to watch ajab prem ki...

@Poonam, Why u chose Jail over APKGK? No, I am not making any opinion here... ur choice.. I am just trying to understand and gauge human mind... For me it was back to back and anyone could have been 1st or vice versa...

Aamir creates a lot of hype before the release and plays with people's mind. That's why Ghajini was hit and for sure 3 idiots will be liked by junta.. I meant he doesnt look convincing as 20-something... and so is AB out of place in Paa.

@Ekta, For adams even I have no clue of who on earth Katrina is and what's her deal in life.. She seems to walk across the movie sets and appear in every damn shit with same set of clothes, with peculiar adaas n nakhras and strange bhaasha. Kahan se aayee hai? wahin bhej do...

@Sweetie, Thank You. if you are not much into watching as soon as it's released, wait for the DVDs or may be ignore the DVDs as well. Lol.

Vee.. i might ignore watching the movies just after release...but not DVDs. i have a hobby of collecting good movies and dare not miss one :)

yaar kuch dekhne sunne ko mann hi nahi karta.

samajh me nahi aata time pass kaise karen

You have been tagged !!!

No, don't read too much into my psyche. I watched Jail show since that was only one available at the time we decided to watch. And did not find any friend willing to watch Azab...

Saifeena!! good one :) I too don't like katrina..its been 3 yrs and its just her looks that are getting her movies.


Crazy, as always! :D

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