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Disclaimer: This is not a review of Dabangg. These are mere my remarks and observations on Salman Khan and Dabangg and a story before that.

Tom and Jerry of Blogosphere (Vimmuuu and Smita); now I don’t know who is Tom and who is Jerry. But that’s what they are. Anyways, to continue, Tom and Jerry of Blogosphere; Vimmuuu and Smita have often expressed their love, devotion and fondness of Salman Khan. I instead have been a silent fan. Until last year; Wanted happened and I was all over praising him and also criticizing others. London Dreams came and it was same story. I was all over. Despite flaws I enjoyed it. However, Veer disappointed me. Smita then said ‘it’s not that bad’ and Vimmuuu lovvved it. And by that comment the only point they wanted to make was that they are true Salman fan and a loyalist unlike me. Deep down we all knew how horrible Veer was. They will not accept it though; nope not even today.

So, the war started amongst us. And it took a bizarre and wacky turn before the release of Dabangg.

All happened over the text messages we exchanged. No talks, only SMS-es. Read on.

Smita: Are you guys watching Dabangg first day first show (FDFS)?

Vee: Of course, what silly question? And not just that. I am watching again in the afternoon and then on Saturday; 3 times in 2 days.

Vimmuuu: I won’t be able to catch FDFS. Probably will go for the evening show.

Smita: I am helpless. I cannot go (sad smiley). Lucky you Vee and Vimmuuu Poor you.
Vee is watching FDFS and the show after that and you call yourself Salman fan. Haha.

Vee: Is that right Vimmuuu? Buhahahaha. Poor you.

A day after that:

Vimmuuu: All work aside, I am watching 10 o Clock show. I am a fan and can’t let any stupid work symbolize that I am not the truest fan. Buhahaha to you too Vee.

Vee: I hope your alarm doesn’t go off. Your bike gets punctured and you break your knee while entering cinema hall.

Vimmuuu: I will still watch with broken knee. Nothing now will NOT make me see it FDFS.

A day after that

Vee: Let me see if there is a premiere show on Thursday. Muhahahaha.

Vimmuuu: As if that did not strike me. HeeHaw HeeHaw, I already checked.

There weren’t any Premiere show in Bangalore (Vee) or Chennai (Vimmuuu) and even if there was one in Mumbai (Smita), she anyways could not watch the movie as her baby is small. Poor she.

A Day before the release.

Vimmuuu: I am not watching the 10 o Clock show.

Vee (overjoyed): HeeHaw. HeeHaw. Poor you. My condolences.

Vimmuuu’s immediate reply: Instead, I am going for 9:30 Show. Bhaand me jaaye 300 Rs. I booked for 9:30 and now I will get to see Salman 30 mins before you Vee. HeeHaw HeeHaw.

Vee (disappointed now): Poda. Get lost !

Meanwhile Smita sends text to me.

Smita: That bugger is watching 9:30 show, 30 mins before your show. Bugger he is. He wasted 300 Rs.

Vee: Yeah, he did text me that. He was of course dying to tell me that. I don’t have any 9:30 show here. Let him watch. That doesn’t prove he is bigger fan.

Smita sends sms to Vimmuuu.

Smita: Some people are plain jobless.

Vimmuuus reply: and some are plain jealous.

Smita: Some are real buggers !

Vimmuuu didn’t bother to reply. He was busy hee hawing for the whole day !!!

The D-day; as in Dabangg Day :

Smita curses Vimmuuu through her sms at 9.05 :

It will be pouring heavily. Your bike will run out of gas. There will be no power in the theatre.

Vimmuuu after reaching the theatre retaliate:

Made it to the theatre even though it was drizzling. Hee Haww !! The bang; Da-bangg !!!

So, he did watch the show half an hour before me. But I watched shows back to back. And Smita all this while have been trying to make her presence felt in the battle by texting us the reviews. Her point was that despite having a month old baby she was doing all things possible to keep herself updated. Lol. Reading reviews on your mobile, reading Salman’s crazy tweets won’t make her a true blue fan which she thinks she is. And just because Vimmuuu watched the show before me doesn’t make him too a real bhakt of Salman. I know it’s me and the case rested. But that bugger still watched it half an hour before me! Hmmppphh !!!

Story apart, it’s quite impossible to quantify the loyalty of anyone to other person, be it someone from real life or a celebrity. The story above doesn’t make any sense but it makes me if not the biggest ever fan, it does make me one at least amongst we three. Muhahaha, Buhahaha, HeeHaw HeeHaw to both of you.

Coming to movie, it was an awesome entertainer. Salman for sure has silenced his critics. As Vimmuuu rightly pointed out, Salman has now fan following not just in B and C centers as often said by the critics but in A centers as well. Multiplex Junta is no more shy of whistling and hooting.

For a surprise to Smita, Vimmuuu recorded Salman’s entry and his first dialogue in his mobile. There are cheers, whistles, hoots when Salman appears on screen. Mind it, it was a cinema hall in Chennai where you cannot see this thing happening for any Hindi movie forget any Bollywood actor. When it comes to Tamilians they are very passionate in their choices. Be it films or politics; it’s hard to please them but once done, you can be rest assured of their devotion.

Salman's Entry in Dabangg | Musicians Available

Times have changed. People have embraced him. He did not go out there to make a point. He and his fan knew it. Now, rest all know it too. As Pritish Nandy wrote in a blog before the release: Common man doesn’t like Sanjay Singhania or Surinder Sahni. He wants Chulbul Pandey to entertain him. He doesn’t want to see a business man on screen. He wants a hero and that hero is Chulbul Pandey aka Salman Khan. Hudd Hudd Dabangg, Dabangg.

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58 Pointless but Viscous Comments.

Of course he is the cunning cat.

Of course Veer isn't that bad a movie huh!

Of course i'm the bigger fan here :p to kya hua ki main yeh movie abhi nahin dekh pa rahi hoon. Meri prem kahani to itni purani hai ki yeh sab tests aren't for me plus i don't need to prove my love for sallu ;)

Vaise i can't believe that the bugger has recorded that for me he he he you guys are just awesome (sometimes) :p but seriously the response there is outstanding and as have been saying am very happy for apna sallu. He deserves this.

Pssst! I feel that there is a controversy against my sweetheart bole to the 26/11 statement & i feel it is the jealous hakla behind it.

Hushhhhh stop fighting you three.
Let me be the judge.
The one who gets a Sallu tattoo done first, will be declared a true blue tattoo fan, ok!
Ready steady go :p :p :p
And seriously, poor guy is caught in an unnecessary controversy. But the best part is MNS supporting him, ha ha ha!

Haha, Just came back from 5th time watch. Feeling hungry. Khaana Khaa ke aata hun aadhe ghante me.

@Smita, Veer isn't a bad movie??? Come on, u did confess, Come clean now.

to kya hua ki main yeh movie abhi nahin dekh pa rahi hoon...... hahahaha hohohoho.....

Of course we are awesome, btw not for u...for him.ok... zada jhaad pe mat chad jaana.

Apna Sallu? Aaila.... Bhaand me jao..... Mera hai sirf mera...

@Smita, You r right. Timing toh yahi keh rahi hai ki saala hakla hi hai, chalo maaf kar dete hain hakle ko. Kuchh toh bacha nahi ukse paas.. ..... U knw what they say.. Khisyaani Billi Khambhaa Noche..

@WIAN, EK aap hi Samajhdaar ho yahan... I mean, Competition ko sahi judge karne wali... Agar baat tattoo ki hai toh chalo wo bhi sahi. 2 already hai, will get done 3rd also now. Salman ke liye wo bhi.

Aisa chal raha tha? I havent watched yet, scared off by being stampeded down by the crowds :) Crazy ones who will throw away 300rs ticket to get another one half an hour earlier.

Gulp! Thats one too many Salman fans here!

I had written my comment on Buzz. I'll paste the same thing here as well :)

Awesome!! I watched the first day first show too and loved it. Couldn't make it to the 10.00 am show though. I watched the 11.00 am one. And conversation between you three is always interesting. Maza aa gaya :)

So much for Salman you three are two much :-P

watching 5 - 6 times doesnt prove that you are the biggest fan; that only shows how jobless can one get ! :D :D :D :D and btw, wheres the proof that you even went for the movie ?? I recorded the audience reaction; what did you do ?? Buhahahahhahahaha!!! Iam the biggest fan. and you know why ??? Cuz, I got so inspired by Chulbul that I sang and recorded the title version of Dabangg on Sunday !!! shall upload it when Dabangg 2 releases !! Buhahahahhahahaha !!! and Heeehaawwww !!! :D :D :D


Awesome post.. loved the last para of the post :D I am a sallu fan myself. I will be watching it very soon this week.. Came here from Vimmuu's :D

OMG !!! So much between 3 cities for one movie !!! ROFL !!! :)

Came here from V-lokam !!! :)

How can u watch that movie for 5 times ???? My God, are u watching it for all the fans who missed watching it ??? ;)

But fun sms conversation...


Seriously cant believe that 3 people are soo jobless..and the topfloor of their brains are sooo 'stuff' less..i mean vimmuuu i can understand..but has he rubbbed it n to u guys?! sigh!! : :P salman!!!!


I liked the blog name to start with. From what all I gathered so far (both from the tweets by Smita, this post and the comments above me) it is a war amongst killer fans of an actor who are hell bent to display they are the his biggest fans.

A tale of three cities is an interesting take. That was one smart move to actually record an audio clip to prove your point (well now we know one more thing in the endless list of things vimmuuu can do ;) )

You guys rock in humor :)

Keep up the good work :D :D

went to V lokam and then came here!!

Sheesh, so much for Sallu
Sheeesh, so much for a movie
Sheeeeshhh, all this across 3 cities!!

hehehe.. good fun!! :D

*walks away with a note to self* need to watch the movie

@Ava, Kya kare, kabhi kabhaar toh aisi movie aati hai. Indeed crazy.

@V Rakesh, yeah man. r u not? shame shame.

@Varun, now I know even u r his fan. Join the club.

@Prats, or rather three much... ;)

@Vimmuuu Boy, Dude just cuz u recorded doesn't mean u r biggest fan. U know what I did... I called Smita whenever there were whistles and hoots. Wasn't that a nice gesture on my part... Of course it is. And that shows ki... forget it.. tum nahi samjhoge Rahul (DDLJ style me).

@evanescentthoughts, Great, do watch it. Thanks for coming.

@UmaS, Hehe. Good point. Did not think that way but now that you mentioned it... hmm could be.. I am watching in behalf of all Sallu fans.

@verbivorehere, 'taking that as a compliment.' If being salman fan calls for that then yes. :) And no rubbing wubbing happened...:)

@dialoguewithyou, liked your username to start with... ;) wah wah. He might have proved the point as a surprise element to Smita. What I did calls for the final seal on this debate. I called Smita directly as she is unable to watch. I am the biggest fan and case rested.

@Aarti, Sheeesh So less it was for Salman. Wish we could do much more. :) Thanks for the visit.


Oru koppum manassilaayilla (didnt understand a thing!)...but understood that Vimmuuu is a fraud!!! Hee haw! :D


Btw, good to have you back...i missed your two previous posts :D so, lemme go read that ;)


Blog Maathe did that Vimmu do black magic on you too? *shock* From your comments i had thought you are a sensible person just like me. 5 times??? I won't even watch my own husband dancing (coz he is the worst dancer I have seen) more than 2 times *poor guy unfortunately he will have to do with only one fan in this lifetime*

Hmmm I think I will take all your advice and at least watch this movie. seems like it's a brainless entertainer just like our vimmu's bathroom saga's hee...haw...

Ps: Is my sweetheart Johnny Depp or Randeep Hooda there in the movie? *blush*


Oh Goodness! I never realised that there were bigger Salman fans than Smita :) I thought she was the undisputed queen :) But clearly she has competition :) Having said that I am sure that neither Vee nor Vimmmuuuu would have stood a chance if Smita was able to go out and watch the movie :)


He he! Came over here after reading Vimmu's post :-) btw, I like the Sallu Tattoo idea in the comments here. so who's first among you three? :-)

Came here from vimmu's blog.

After reading positive comments about salman i wanted to watch this movie....


LOL!! Goodness gracious me, that was some passionate sms-exchanges by die hard Sallu fans!! So who IS the greater fan of the three of you??

I loved the promos of the movie from the first go! And now after reading your review, I'm even more determined to watch the movie!

much joke came. spl thanks for the audio clip. bravo chennai. bring the house down hudd dabangg dabangg!!!

@Alphabet, Good. U understood that he is fraud. Thats what I was trying to convey. Thanks.

@crackedchronicles, LOL..sensible that's why I saw 5 times. if i had not been sensible, I would have ignored it. ;)

No dear, No Johnny or Huda.. but it has baap all all hunks: Salman Khan.

@wordsndreamz, Hmm, cant say but she would not have seen multiple times like me... Haha... m sure of that.

@writerzblock, Of course it would be me. Wanna bet.. .;)

@Varunavi, Do watch. You wont regret.

@deepsspeakingup , of course it's me. No doubt on that. Btw, it wasn't a review but if it still makes you go for it then i am glad. thanks.

@Magik, Hudd Hudd Dabangg Saale. Jhappi.


err you are the first blogger to add a DEAR before replying to me...sobs...sobs! Just for that alone I will vouch that you are the biggest Salman fan among the other two nuts :)

hahah....awesome!!! talk about die-hard loyalty....

Well atleast you are honest enough to admit Veer was horrible! ;-)

Anyway may this undying devotion continue...or even increase...as the days go by....
and we get to hear about all the fist-fights u get into, to reach the FDFS of every Salman movie!! hahah

@crackedchronicles, Ah! If that was the criteria I would have hunt you down much earlier for that 'vouch'. Better late than neber....Thanks... Sigh sigh. Thanks Dear...;)

@Ashwathy, Wow, that sounds like some prayer... Amen..

Srk Rules!!!!!! Buhahahaha!!!

Wait till Ra.one releases! Srk's gonna kick dabbangs butt!!

@Rakesh, Of course Sir if you believe so. I, though deny it. Ra.one? Keep your diapers ready .. Buhahahaha....

Guys Guys!!! Stop fighting!!!

Firstly I would thank you both for very sweetly recording that clip & for calling me when Sallu entered the screen (respectively) BUT does that prove you guys are Sallu's biggest fans? Nah! That only proves that you guys are very sweet frenz and may be my biggest fans ;-)

2ndly Vimmu, u say u r the biggest fan? huh! You haven't even seen MPK and u claim to be the biggest fan? huh! Jao pehle woh movie meri tarah anginat times dekho tab kucch bolo!

And vee u urself say that u became his fan after may be patthar ke phool so u r also out! You know why?

Because I fell for this guy when I saw him in Biwi Ho to Aisi and Maine Pyar Kiya ke baad to humari Prem Kahani Amar ho gayi!!! And since then I have been with Salman in his good times & bad times and that makes me his BIGGEST FAN!! :D

Crackedchorincles Lady who wud wants to see his/ her spouse dancing 5 times good or bad dancer immaterial :D???

@Smita, Thanks accepted. U owe us.

Now coming to the time when we became fan, first of all do not forget u r elder to us. So Going by the logic of that, u started liking him before us. Buhahahaha

And I had clearly said I liked him in MPK and thats as good as being a fan. I still get goose bumps seeing him do that 'Dil Deewana' dance. Wonder a guy speaking like that. I don't care...:)

And I can bet u have not even watched all his movies...Bigger Buhahahaha...

@ Smita : Seeing his MPK doesnt make you a bigger fan than any of us !!! If you had gone to watch Dabangg even in that present state, I wouldve agreed !!! :D :D :D This is just the story of sour grapes !! :D :D :D

and I second Vee, you are as old as the hills; its natural for you to have seen him first !! :D :D :D We are glad that you arent a Guru Dutt fan !!! :D :D :D

Tcch! Tcch! Guys guys guys. MPK came in 1989 and by that time all three of us were born so history or how old either of us is immaterial :p so blah! To that arguement. And vee who says i haven't seen all his movies (barring dabangg)? And vimmuuu u are saying that? You? Remember it was you who said 'hey don't leave the baby and go'. Huh! Am the biggest fan of salman khan because I AM SAYING SO. Period!

i liked salman in chandramukhi & karan arjun though :P

@Rakesh, oh so darling was he in that. Didn't you like him in Chaand Ka Tukda? Now that you mentioned Karan Arjun, I remember how he ate the other khan.. sigh.. how adorable was that....U r funny...

oops my bad..yeah it was chaand ka tukda!! hehe wht a silly name na...

anyway... atleast in Karan arjun srk n salman were like bros ..no fighting n all.. :(

baaahhh i wasn't wrong after all!!!
:D :D :D
I guess u missed tht movie then!!
Hahaha!! So wht does tht make me?
The Anti-fan who saw a movie tht even his greatest fan hasn't seen?


This comment has been removed by the author.

Wow!I couldn't help chuckling through this post!!! :D So Vimmuu and Smita have a jodidaar in you? I hope I will be watching THE BANG( as you funny guys call it) soon!!!

Vimmuuu caught that audio on his mobile-hehe! That was cool!

@Rakesh, U shud read my comment carefully. I said oh so darling was he in that, that meant for Chandramukhi only which means I have seen the movie, And then I added another movie name 'Chaand Ka Tukda' and asked whether u liked him in chaand ka tukdaa? I mentioned Chaand ka tukdaa cuz Chandramukhi and Chaand ka tukdaa both came almost around same time and had Sir Devi opposite him in both.


@Indy, Well yeah. As another friend calls us '3 Dabangg Idiots. Thanks.

Big B

humne bhi 3 baar dekhi 3-days straight.

maybe 4th time too hehe

kamaal ker diya pandey ji ne ;D

@Kiddo, Kamla aisa nahi. Matlab samajhiye ki pura hila ke rakh diya hai...

I love the jeans background of ur blog:)


What is this??? The question is 'Who kept the Salman moustache'??? he he...

Rakesh (Dubai) I've to add this, too many Rakesh's around ;-)

@Sharda, Thank you.

@Rakesh Bhai, If that is the case then I will for sure win amongst we three... imagine Smita in Salman-Type Mush...Buhahahhahaa

And overall, yes you have kept the mush but U need to trim it a bit i mean trim a lot... if you do that I give the Khitaab to u...abhi ke abhi...

Abbey oye! mere haath aayi to pati ko laga doongi, bete ko laga dungi aur kuch nahin to Sallu ka postre la ke usko laga doongi! huh!


All I can say is that the conversation between the three of you was more entertaining than the film! Salman still rocks, though.

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