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The wait was over this morning. If we address the prior versions of Devdas as classics, then Dev.D is no lesser. In fact, I would call it a modern classic. I am yet to recover and put my thoughts coherently to write a detailed review. As of now, I would just say it’s an excellent cinema, with exceptional music and first class performances by all three leads. It’s a mind fuck journey with no cliché, anonymity and self indulgence. Ten on ten to this or in our terms 5 stars.

‘Paanch’ never saw the daylight. ‘Black Friday’ which is a cult classic in DVD circuit was out on DVDs long before its theatrical release. ‘Gulaal’ has been in making for 7 years now. And we all know what happened to ‘No Smoking’; the movie was brutally raped. I and many of my friends loved the movie though and have had countless mindless discussions on it. Anyways, a flop is a flop. Anurag Kashyap was given unimaginable names after No Smoking. He was jinxed as director. He was asked to stick to screenplay and dialogue writing. The man in his own words took chance with Dev.D and he made the movie that will go down in history as a classic. Take A Bow Anurag.

P.S. The review will soon follow.

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18 Pointless but Viscous Comments.

Ok waiting for a spoiler filled review :P :P Hey we didnt have any post from you on Rakhi's Bday!!

aite...are u also starting the placeholder system here??..lolz na kidding..too much of a slippery slope for us to go there :)

Oxy boy, Im with you on this. Words like awesome, outstanding, etc. would be belittle the movie. Waiting for your review.

@Reema, Hehe, why not!!!
Well, for Rakhi I would say, things have gone a bit personal to talk of her in public forum.. U know wot I mean na?

@Angel, As u think.. Why so? Tell me

@Vimmuuu, Thanks for being there boi, U r correct, no words can sum up this classic. I am into the review already... Trust me, to be honest I am taking my own time to write this cuz I believe in this. Btw, I am watching it again tomorrow. Booked tickets. :) Thanks again.

coz this serves for us a placeholder...we wait till you post a review...thts why! :)

bhai ,
me just reached back,,
waiting for the review.
make it fast.
want to watch it jaldi jaldi

rakhi thing gone personal to be discussed here I have fainted. Do i know you? As far as dev d is concerned. My aerobics trainer told me that yesterday she had gone for a three hour torture bole to dev. D :D i am sure am not watching it. Good for you that you liked it and good for me that you are in haze till now. Less torture for me;-)


Please tell me the mention about "No Smoking" was not at all related to any possible comparison with Dev.D. I was hoping, just hoping that this one doesn't even go there. The movie wasn't brutally raped. It raped ME and My sensibilities. Remember the scene in LBC where Anurag is thinking aloud - I think that was a reference to this piece of shit.

Please tell me DevD is nothing like No Smoking. Keh do yeh jhooth hai

hehe am with Smita on this one. Everyone has a different taste. i am glad you liked it. I surely look forward to your review. And whats this about rakhi ;-)

Reading your review, I just booked a ticket for the 1st show.

Thanks and keep blogging!!

I just now saw your comment that you are watching it again. Is the movie so complex or First time main it went over your head kya? Ah! Now i know that's you haven't written the review. Kiddo have boost before you go for the next show or may be start having chyawanprash instead of your regular intakes ;)

@Angel, Ah, Like that. Wokay, done deal.

@V-Bhai, Thik hai bhai. Done.

@Smita: Tell you aerobics teacher to go to Himalayas and jump from there.. Hehe..Kidding.. I know each to his own.. Btw, I am gonna give you all the possible gyaan on this.. u just wait..and abt Rakhi, No Comments

@WIAN, Hmm, achha ji, bana lo gang.. par mai bhi manane waala nahi. Will be doing that soon. And abt Rakhi, My mouth is sealed.

@Rakesh, Buddy, No, It is not. 'No Smoking' was a completely different stuff altogether. A self-indulgent take by Anurag and that's why I said this is not that.

Be assured. Keh diya ki ye jhooth hai.

@Biju, Thanks!!! appreciated.

@Smita, To be honest, I am watching it second time cuz I loved the movie and I feel that if I go for repeat watch of any movie which I love, I get to know it a lot better. Well, I also agree that I saw 'No Smoking' again cuz I did not understand it first time. And later liked it. But in Dev.D case, I am watching it second time out of love for it. Simple. Give me Abhay any number of times...:)

Itne gambheer kyun ho mere bhai? Aur give you abhay any no of time???May God bless you kiddo!!!


My eyes really popped out when I saw a 5/5 rating in TOI! Its a must watch it seems.

@Amit, Yups it is a must watch and I too was shocked seeing 5 by Nikhat. Times are changing buddy. Do check out my review as well.

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