And The Winner Is...  

Posted by Vee

Reema. Wooyay. Applause, Claps, Trumpets, Gun-Shots, Red Carpet.

The answer is: It's the flower of Guava (or Amrood in Hindi) tree.

So, the floor is now yours Reema for the next 'Riddle Me This'.

P.S. After Dev.D, Anurag is ready with his next offering 'Gulaal'. Click here to watch the trailer. Oh Gosh!!! What A Trailer. Jack and Jill went up the hill, To fetch a pail of BHOSADI-KA! (I will clarify later that I am not saying 'what a trailer' for that phrase in particular). Watch it to believe what Anurag is made of. 13th March, there I wait for you.

P.S.1 - Read Shobhaa's this entry and my comment there (4th comment). Don't I make sense there? Isn't she losing it completely these days, Brains I mean!!!

P.S.2 - My 'twin brother' is celebrating his 28th Birth-Day today. And I am damn excited about it. So, no more rant and it's fucking party time.

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I am really surprised!

Reema was clueless in her first few attempts : white flower, spaceball flower!

But later she hit the bull's-eye! Never underestimate the power of human determination!

Hats off also to you for maintaining the suspense! You admired also everyone (including me)to make people complacent!

Even if one had searched "guava flower" on Google images taking the cue from Reema, the first few images make it quite clear!

Bravo Reema!

P.S.: Send her some amrood with the torch!:)

you mean it was a real flower? oh gosh, i thought it was naqli

good thing i didnt win the tag.. am too lazy to search for a unique kinda pic..


Yappyy! Birthday to your bro!!!

When is the birthday of the other twin ????

:D :D :D :D :D :D

Congrats toReema and Happy Birthday to you !! :-))

Wish you and your bro the happiest bday ever !!!

Congraatttss Reema !! Hmmppphhh :D

and yes, Gulaal it is ! Watched the trailor during the screening of Dev D. It certainly looks exciting, I didnt like the posters though. Movies about student politics have rarely come out in Bollywood, I remember only Haasil now ! March 13, huh? I am there !

Whoa! Happy birthday to you buddy:D

what was i thinkin...loz


bhaiya ko bhi HAppy B'day keh dena bhai ji


Aha! Gotcha, you fruit lovers! :D

Hehehe...thanks!! :D
People all u needed to do was go to Dev's profile>his web page which is his flickr stream and search for the pic :)

@Vimal and Amit Horrible guesses.

@Vikas, Never under-estimate Reema!!!

Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I did that to keep the spirits high!!!

P.S. Amrood with the torch...haha

@Ava, Oh Yes it was real, even I didn't know. Dev gave me that.

And thanks so much for wishes!!!

@Smita, Thanks and I did mention twin bro's b'day is today. I forgot mine though. I will ask my parents and will let u know.

@E-I-S-I, Thanks Buddy!!!

@Vimmuuu, Thanks Boy!!! and thanks on behalf of him as well.

U bet man. The trailer is so freaking interesting!!! Political angle from Anurag would be something to look out for!!! I am there too. On 13th of now..

@Shayari, Thanks So Much!!!

V-Bhai, What were u thinking, probably Vodka with Thums Up!!

Haan Bol Diya Usko and I had a shot tumhare naam ka!!

@Nikhil, U gotcha wrong, hehe... I had to just put up an image for which a friend helped.. Fruits I don remember when I had last, may be Reema likes them...:):)

@Reema, Aah!! Do not discourage poor boys!! Anyways the floor is all yours now.. Congrats once again.

uh-oh! am late to wish you! Have a wonderful year ahead bud!

@BB, Thanks so much...:)

flower of a guava? Gosh, never knew such a thing existed even though we had a guava tree in our garden when I was a little girl ;)
Good one! and Hope you had a blast on ur spl day

@WIAN, Ditto!!! Even I had no clue. And I too had Guava tree in aangan along with Jackfruit, Mango and what not. I asked a friend to give me an image and he gave this.

Oh Yes, Absolute fun I had this time. Rawwkkiiing ekdum.

I missed reading your last post.

@Reema: Good strategy! Follow the ant and you will find the hidden sweets :P

And wish you both brothers a belated happy birthday! Us, sister too celebrated it on 10th and 11th Feb ;)

And guys Yuva too had snatches of student politics, why leave that out of discussion when you are at it.

Right Poonam, And it was well made movie.. got flopped though.. Doesn't matter.. I loved it and own the DVD.. hope u liked it too..

Oye Hoye.. So u both r Aquarian.. Interesting.... Many Belated Wishes to both of u.. :)

Hahaha... I read the riddle post before this and made a fool of myself answering it :)

Congratulations Reema!!

Serves me right for not being regular :D

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