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It was nothing less than a Nonsensical Attyachaar seeing the Star Screen Awards. Ashutosh-Sajid feud, Akshay’s sacrifice reeked of two-facedness and in due course the secret which almost everyone knew was out in open. That year after year the awards go to a good number of unworthy ones, that they are already decided in the closed bed-rooms of people with power, money and high libido, long before the premiere show sometimes. Few deserving ones do get nominated (percentage would be negligible) to bring about a balance (all pretense) but the deserving ones never win. Filmfare Awards are the Oscars of India they say, (much above the National Awards) that I guess has reached a ludicrous stage.

It was after the Star Screen Awards and getting acquainted with the nominations of upcoming Filmfare Awards that I decided to come up with my own version of Awards. Why not? I might be a small fly and my appreciation might not be acknowledged in open by people whose movies, performances and contribution to the cinema I enjoyed in the year gone by. But that doesn’t dissuade me. Is it worth? For me, yes, it is. Do not we talk of changing the structure when we see the immoral events around us and do not few of us stand up and indeed bring in the change? So, that’s what I am doing.

The idea was put off by few in all possible ways, in a roundabout way to right on my face calling it useless. What is the purpose? I would be lying if I say not for a moment I was discouraged. However, after initial hiccups, here I am to announce the launch of Bloggers edition of awards.

Yes, it is by us and it will be for the best. Let’s welcome and honor the best. I would need support from fellow Bloggers in making this a success.

I approached few of the fellow Bloggers. To my surprise, they all readily agreed. Well, not exactly :). Reema, Poonam and Vimmuuu are helping finalize the categories and nominations. Nikhil is roped in for anything and everything related to promotion. Smita is supervising the overall job and is strictly kept out of ‘Categories and Nominations’ decisions for obvious reasons. After all who wants to see Salman being nominated in all the categories? And finally, this would not have been possible without a friend who pushed me to go for it, a friend who requests to be anonymous. I wish I could say ‘as of now’. I hope he changes his mind. He is the brains behind the name given to the awards (with our feedback) and he designed the poster for the awards. And soon he will be done with the award badge.

Work on Poster, Badge, Categories, Nominations is in progress and will be released soon. Keep watching this space for more.

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42 Pointless but Viscous Comments.

Oooh will there be a sleeper category?...lolz


Hmmm, but who's the jury?

I guess everyone is biased, you, me, everyone towards their favourite actors, directors etc. and so is Filmfare...

But tis great for some personal satisfaction :)

Do we get to vote?

My best wishes! No time for some months now so can't contribute directly. 'high libido' was a good phrase and very aptly used!

It is a very praise worthy endeavour! Chirag Chamoli also may be of great help.You may involve Indiblogger and other forums too (they ve also announced blogger awards; do nominate yourself and your friends or be a judge there).

With time, introduce more categories like books etc.

P.S.: You look like Manoj Vajpayee in the pic! Or are you using his pic?!


Manoj Vajpayee! Lol... How do you take it Vee? As a compliment?

I am seriously disappointed. I know I wasn't very encouraging when you had tossed the idea to me but that doesn't mean I am not with you. And the way you have added my name it looks like you did it on an after thought just to appease me and add to it you are publically saying that I am biased. I am seriously disappointed and Am in two thoughts of being a part of this.

I'd say well done. Though I agree with Rakesh that we are all bound to be biased to our favourites, but nevertheless, blogosphere needs it movie awards too...after all we are the ones who pay to watch the shows and decide if it appealed to our senses. All the best... :) Let me know if there's voting options for us. :P

@Angel, U will not be troubled babes... just come when the voting starts.

@Rakesh, Jury will be the people on and off blogs. We bloggers will after lot of discussion and scrutiny will give the nominations to the junta and any one on internet can vote for it.. we will keep it open for all and will promote it so that many are aware.

Yes, to an extent we are all biased, but here we are appreciating just the good cinema and not following the trend of choosing only those that raked in huge moolah (like Sik, Rab Ne.. ).

Yes, everyone gets to vote.

@Vikas, Thanks... No issues. just spread the word once the nominations are out..

I will check out the names you mentioned. Meanwhile you also can pass it onto people you know... bloggers, non-bloggers everyone will be allowed to vote.

P.S. Manoj Bajpayee??? It's my pic and I was expecting some comments but definitely not Manoj...

@Rakesh, In no way it's a compliment..

@Smita, Yes u r kinda biased... U might joke about Salman being nominated but deep inside you want him to be nominated in all categories.. If things go your way, you might nominate him for Best Playback Singer-Female as well. So, u decide now..

@Smriti, Yes the voting will be open for all. Do participate once they are out. I will keep you updated.

Huh! Since our friendship goes long way and since you are such a sweet kiddo am ready to overlook everything. I mean nothing is bigger than dosti. But on one condition :D the one which i laid out yesterday. Aur kuch nahin to life time achievement de dete hain.

@Smita, on one condition, that after the Life Time Achievement award, he does us a favor and takes sanyas from Bollywood. Totally. Compltely.

If only i had that much control over him. Sigh!

Yeah, do this! Best of luck!

Keep Blogging!


Hey C'mmon Salman isn't that bad...

But pls. don't only nominate Wednesday, Mumbai Meri Jaan and Aamir for all the categories. I mean, fine, I like those movies but pls. also consider the block buster ones, Few of them at least deserve a nomination or do you have other thoughts?

Neways, will look forward to the nominations :)

Great Idea! Make it 50% voting and 50% jury's decision. You can count me in for any help you might need.

@Smita, If only!!!

@Biju, Thanks Man!!! Do participate when the nominations are out.

@Rakesh, trust me that it will be according to the category. If a blockbuster deserves to be there, it will be there but to give a subtle hint, none of the blockbusters of last year actually deserve to be in the Best Film category at least.

@Varun, We have not thought of that yet. We'll decide. And I was thinking of roping you in beginning itself but spared you as you have been quite busy and did not wish to give you another headache. Anyways, will surely ask you if we need something.

You can rope me in now :). Anything for Bollywood, Katrina, Kareena and Rakhi Sawant ;)

@varun you said kareena and rakhi? *faints& gets up* can't believe you too???

Iam thrilled already !!!

Smita : Salman has already received an award. why more?

@Varun, Done.. sending you the list straightaway!!! Btw, Pls take off Katrina from the list. Kareena and Rakhi are nuff for me.. Letting you and Salman with Katz.

@Smita, Yea Varun too. :)

@Vimmuuu, Boy! We all are. I am toh even dreaming about it sometimes.

jaisa ki maine bola.. great.. any help i can provide.. bol dena.

great idea! i am eager to see whom you are nominating :-)
why dont you have WORST categories called BOXER awards where we can box them for boring us lol

it looks like a forum now

gr8 idea .. hope it becomes more popular


Well, I found Rakesh's request to you very interesting. He seems to know you well. But then your reply is also predictable to me. :)

I think WIAN's idea of giving worst awards is also good. You should ahve a whale of time doing it. :p

@Ava, Of course..

@WIAN, Awesome.. interesting.. thnx for suggestion.. I guess that could be done.. :)

@Einstein, Yups.. Thnx..

@Vishwam, we hope too..

@Poonam, Yes, he made a point and I made a point. We know each other very very well. Hum log kumbh ke mele ke bichhade huye bhai hai..

WIAN's idea is good.. lets discuss it.

GAur farmayiye =

WIAN's idea is good.. equivalent to the Raspberry Awards. We can call it kalakhatta awards.

@Ava, done nicely.

and yes, we can have awards for bad ones as well.

i like i like :)

srry bro me too busy these days..will catch ya as soon i get free

@V, Mere Bhai: Koi gal nahi munna. Aaraam se.. Apna wo blog bhi shuru karna hai..


Vee, My brother from another mother... lol...

Blockbusters last year? hmmm... I guess, though I hate SRK, but still, Rab ne would be the closest to being a nomination...

And ya, I thought, Rock on was a deserving blockbuster.

@Rakesh Bhaiya, My Brother from another Mother... aptly said.. ke nahi? Hehehe..

SIK is totally unacceptable. Rab Ne is considered and it would be the decision of 7 people not mine alone bro.

And yes, Rock On was definitely a deserving one amongst the blockbusters. Definitely!!!


Yeah, I said, I hate SRK not SIK. SIK is obviously unacceptable, no questions about that and to rub salt into our sensibilities, Akki even gets a popular choice award.

For the Just Seen, I just keep adding a picture gadget everytime I see a new movie and place it just above the last picture and give the title Just Seen... And yes, I remove the Just Seen... title from the previous picture. Very simple.

Uber cool idea, Oxy :) All the very best!

May the best man win!!


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Yay!! Long live crappy Bollywood cinema! :D

@Rakesh, Hmm done deal. Thanks.

@Shayari, Lets hope for the best.

@Articles Of India, I am extremely held up this stuff right now. Will check soon.

@Nikhil, Yay!!! Long Live!!! Hehehe..


I tagged you here-

Great idea this one!All the best!:)


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