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Ranbir Kapoor walked out straight from the sets of Bachna Aae Haseeno and landed at the shoot of WUS and yeah, wearing the same boxer shorts. He made toast there and did his best to crack the egg in this one and yeah, wearing the same boxer shorts. Even the designs were same. Ekdum ditto.

As the yaawwny, done-to-death-gazillion-times story goes, Siddhart Mehra (Ranbir Kapoor) is a rich-spoilt-brat surviving on his father’s credit card and friend’s nonsensical advices. Son insults everyone, respects no one. Father asks him to get lost. Son lands up at few-days-old friend (of all people) Aisha Bannerjee (Konkona Sen Sharma). Friend treats him as bachcha. Develops a liking-turned-love to him only after she realizes her ever disheveled but dishy boss Kabir (Rahul Khanna) is more interested in Jazz than her unpublished/unread article ‘New Girl in The City’ which she keeps adding to his ‘attention’ list. Boss likes it one fine day and publishes it. Bachcha who by now has gone back to his father reads the article and gets enlightened that its him she is talking of in that article. Comes running, finds her exactly at the place he guessed (of course the monsoon had to hit that very day as he had promised he would show her how good mumbai rains can be). Hugs and lived ‘possibly’ ever after.

And there are flaws written all over it.

Wake Up Sid by its subject and its portrayal convey an awakening of some sort but I do not see any awakening of any sort in entirety. As someone told, you leave home uttering I-do-not-want-your-money and you land up at your girl-friend’s place. Wow! And girl-friend who is possibly earning nothing astronomical deck up her house like she suddenly inherited a lot of wealth. The boy meets girl at a party where he is shooting stuff around. Clue that he will do something possibly related with the camera later. He finds her sitting all alone, writing a diary in a party full of loud music and chaos. Clicks some snaps of her and she shies away. How enchanting. Now where I have seen similar stuff already. Of course, they start talking and go out for a walk. It is absolutely unconvincing that he would walk out of the place just because it’s her first day in Mumbai and there is lot to be seen. He also did not get the idea of sleeping around as she cheekily clears her stand. Not done. Nahi hota aisa yaar.

Dad bribes him with a Porsche for a month of work. Last day of the month he chucks it and goes house hunting with her just-a-friend. So, he spends all his time with new found friend on mail/phone/terrace. And by the way, all this while all his other friends whom director showcased so brilliantly in the beginning as close-knit are ignored. They will be found later in the 2nd half for nothing great but to make him realize few more things which his new found friend was already at it.

Results. Fail. Fight with a friend. Leaving home. Moving with new found friend. Self-respect. Ego. But no, Sid boy cannot make egg and is usually hungry, so goes to a nice café to have a nice lunch and doles out his papa’s credit card. Still? Whatever happened to Nahi-chahiye-aapka-paisa. What an awakening?

Comes roomie for the rescue. ‘Why don’t you click?’ 'No, not me, click other stuff. I will still shy away.' Boom goes the boy and clicks n clocks. Gets internship followed by featured photo. First pay cheque. Shows dad. Father is proud. Aah, like I did not see all this coming all this while. What an idea!

Father calls back home. Bachcha decides to go. But alas, the roomie is already in likings with him, if not love yet. But sooner than later. She doesn’t enjoy brooding boss’s jazz outings and prefer bread-chai-beach with the bachcha. Of course, it is love. Too late. Boy reads her article. That’s me, that’s me she is in love with. Like I did not see this happening as well. What the hell. She tore off all her work till date and he helps her re-writing it. So, of course he had read it. But is feigning surprise reading the dame darn article at the end.

The problem with Wake Up Sid is, it is way too much predictable and tries to bring in lot of things at one go. Why are people accepting it’s ok if it’s predictable. Why? Why not with other mindless craps then? Girls find Ranbir way too much hot and is ready to compromise with his immature act. Boys find Konkona naturally beautiful and her acting skills are praised upon. That’s farce. Ranbir is young and just 3 films old. Arrey, how does the number of films matter. I won’t actually blame him for this. He was actually very natural. Seems he was living his real life. Son of Stars Rishi and Neetu had everything on platter and that’s what Sid’s character is all about. But what about Konkona? Why is she getting trapped into these roles. She is gifted, no doubt about it. But, Dil Kabaddi, Luck by Chance and now WUS. All has her playing characters of the same kind (almost). Rahul Khanna, ditto. Dil Kabaddi, Love Aaj Kal and now WUS. Pathetic loser. And this one goes one step beyond. He is not even looking good; something which goes in his favor. Sleepwalking as someone told.

Anupam and Supriya are just about ok. Anyone could have filled in and not got equally noticed. Friends appear and disappear only to reappear again in a lousy script. Script looks borrowed-from and some scenes intentionally are forced into. Like the one when he goes to click the neighbor’s son. That was done to make him realize that he is missing his mom and should go and meet her. Konkona blatantly says no family and friends to him in first meet but is calling her mom back in Kolkota when heartbroken.

Things do seem dazzling and hopeful in moments here and there especially a few between Sid and Aisha. But that’s all. Music was an average one to listen to which gets a point less when heard along the storyline. Too many references, way too many cliched stuff and predictability beyond imagination. 2/5.

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Skipped most of the review as I want to watch it because of Ranbir :D

But yes as I had told you the wayward lazy boy character has been immortalized by Hrithik in Lakshya and everything similar to it looks like a copy to me :d

Dad bribes him with a Porsche for a month of work.

I will be happy with Yamaha R15!!!!

Movie dekhi nahin aur na hi dekhne ka mood hai :)

Liked the music but not for very long...

Now i am waiting for Blue, lets see kitti bakwaas hoti hai wo as it reminds me of Fools Gold

It was by chance that I ended up watching the movie! And I liked it!

And yeah - I wish I had a father like his!

Bhai, have you seen this movie

Girl lives in US but is very homely and controlled by Indian Father who’s stuck up in Indianism even years after leaving India. Girl is engaged to be married to Dad’s Indian Friend’s son. But she takes a holiday and then what? Wham – Obviously, she meets guy and falls in love. But she’s to be married soon. Her Dad angered, takes her to India immediately and what? Obviously Boy follows and tries to woo her and woo her family. What happens in the end? Obviously, again – You know what. Damn predictable you say – But this was DDLJ. It wasn’t about ‘What Happens Next’. It was about How! And that’s where the magic is Vee.

Oversimplification of a non-plot sounds ridiculous but actually when you see it, the presentation is on a different plane altogether. Anyways, the appeal of this movie was never in the story. It was in the characters and the feel.

What has happened to your 'feelings' bhai? Seems like you've become numb. Kya hua hai?

Oxyyy boyy....I couldnt have put it in a better way !!! I second each word in this Boyy !!!!

I mean, from the title itself we know what the movie is all about !!! But where is the damn awakening ??? He gets thrown out of home, no money and no job, but where is that damn struggle in life?? The only struggle he does in the entire movie is to make andaas and keep the room clean !! :D :D :D It simply shows that life is indeed a bed of roses; you just have to move in with your girl friend when your dad kicks you out. and about predictability, it was written through out. The moment he said that "Mumbai Heat has some of the best photographs" , it was evident he is going to end up there ! and whats with Rahul Khanna?, the moment I see him on screen, I know whats going to happen with his character ! Bloody loser !!!

Its one of those trying-to-be-an-off beat-movie, something which is really irritating to watch, konkanas presence is one of them. Atleast they couldve stressed a lill bit on the older woman-young boy relationship. and her realisation that she is in love with Ranbir when Rahul says "there is a bachcha in you" is one of the worst thing I have ever seen on screen !!! :D :D :D

Btw, the only scene I liked was the confrontation between Anupam and Ranbir that makes him go out of the house, and I guess thats probably because of the way it was shot, hand held!


Skipped most of review (Naah, I read it each word but don't like admitting it.). Trust all vain guys to like mindless action and logic -less story of Wanted than a subtle, nice, touching story (no story, whatever).

And Vimmuu boy, life doesn't always need to be struggle and so loud and over-the-top melodramatic. That is exactly what I liked best about it. Now is the time to read spoilers in my review on the blog.

I could relate to the movie, but I guess its not your fault. Men ARE from Mars. And Lord please forgive them for they know know what they are doing. ;)

Ignore last comment, there were errors.

Skipped most of review (Naah, I read it each word but don't like admitting it.). Trust all vain guys to like mindless action and logic -less story (not to mention forced, cliche humor) of Wanted than a subtle, nice, touching story (no story, whatever) of Wake Up Sid.It had so many great moments,

And Vimmuu boy, life doesn't always need to be struggle and so loud and over-the-top melodramatic. That is exactly what I liked best about it. Now is the time to read those spoilers in my review on the blog. You will see what I liked.

I could relate to the movie, but I guess its not your fault. Men ARE from Mars. And Lord please forgive them for they know not what they are doing. ;)

@ Poonam : LOL !! what does it have to do with my sex !! :D :D :D I dont get it !!! But with this comment of yours, I understand that Men are from mars and women are from some distant planet, not even Venus !!! :D :D :D

and I cant believe you compared this movie with Wanted !! Of all movies 'wanted'??? hehehehe. Well, atleast Wanted never had any false pretentions; right from the beginning you know its a masala movie !!!

So a 'mixed review' movie. Haven't seen it yet, but I think I'll stay away.

Watch De Niro's directorial debut, "A Bronx Tale", if you haven't already. It's a great 'awakening' film that deals with more complex issues.


Quirky Indian

@Smita, As you wish. It does remind you of Lakshya but the similarity ends at the beginning.

@Bhupesh, Agree. Music shuru shuru me ok laga par ab nahi suna jaata.

Blue ka I seriously can't predict but somewhere I feel it's gonna be dud. But you never know.

@Rakesh, Lol. If you liked it, then no issues. Each to his own hota hai.

@Rakesh Bhai, Yes have seen that movie and multiple times. I wish you had not compared it. May be you did not compare and just gave an example. That was a whole diff deal then. It was packaged the way nothing we had seen like that before and that was 1995. From mid 80s till mid 90s, our movies were the crappiest ever and DDLJ was a welcome change. But WUS is nothing new, nothing great and absolutely nothing I felt for the characters. What do you expect me to feel for Sid. I felt more for Supriya (his mom) than him. I do not care if Konkona is shit scared of being alone in new city. These two things were projected more than the other intricacies of being born with silver spoon and being alone in new city. There is no struggle per se for which this is touted as something refreshing and sweet.

I have my feelings in right place, for right amount and for right occasion bhai. I am not numb.:)

@Vimmuuu boy, I second everything you say. I remember telling you that it's 'fab' cuz I said that out of irritation. Lolz u believed it.

Hmmm, I am ok with the fact if they did not venture much into older woman-younger boy relation. I wasn't expecting a rocket science from a debutant but definitely not a khichadi of many movies. Cut-paste, thass all it seemed.

@Poonam, That is irrational point you have made there. Why do you have to mention 'Wanted' there? I do not get it. Just because WUS was released within the weeks of Wanted? Is that so?

I haven't compared this movie with any other. I do have mentioned that it's khichadi (copy-paste) of many other movies but even then I haven't taken the names of any movie. So, unnecessarily bring Wanted in?

What do you mean by vain guys who like mindless action? I can name at least 3 females who loved Wanted and did not feel much for WUS. That's illogical for me to say it but you started it. What a movie has got to do with gender?

It might have great moments (per you), per me I felt nothing. I did not feel for the leads, never. I do not find the moments shared between them as great one. Simple. They were just plain per me.

@Quirky, Isn't that the case with majority of movies made in our country. Many I know did like CC2C and Kambakht Ishq. I have no issues with that. I did not.

No, I haven't yet. I will soon. Thanks.

Oh, I compared it with Wanted since that I know you liked. :P Since it was recent it came to mind. Simple.

And I mentioned gender because mostly the complainants of movie Wake Up Sid have been men.
But of course, its not the whole picture since there are few sensitive guys like Rakesh who loved the movie. So yes, I acknowledge stereotype can't work all the time (though they work a lot of times :P)

And I still maintain Vimmu boy and Oxy boy as vain guys unless you both admit you left your hearts out while watching the movie. And guys, I thought you appreciate humor, though this time I agree it was at your expense. :D

No hard feelings, N**ch.

No Bhai, I didn't compare it with DDLJ. What I was trying to say is that writing any movie in bullet points makes it sound horrendous.

I guess, our choices are similar to a large extent. But I'm more sensitive than you :P he he...

@Poonam, I'm sensitive maybe coz. I've turned Father now :) Vimmu and Vee are just Bachas... No, Boys you see :)

No offense guys, all in good humour. Btw, this is what I love, confrontations :)

oh Great Vee.

You wont believe it.
I was feeling so out of place watching this shitt!!
I rather played with naina after first 20 minutes in the theatre as i knew that this aint my cup of coffee.

I am glad that I found you to be in Sync with what i felt of the movie.

I loved every word of your review and cud gel with it too.

Keep Rocking.

sorry skipped your post in fear of spoilers :)

@Poonam, I don't live my any parts out while watching any movie (despite few critics asking to do so). Once again, ur comment reeks of enjoyment based on personal gratification and not movie per se. So, I will ignore. You liked. fine. I did not. fine. Samjhi?

And as per being sensitive (or not), I believe a movie is too frivolous a criteria to judge it.

@Poonam, sorry that was 'Leave' and not 'Live' in the comment above.

@Rakesh Bhai, Thik hai. Agar aapko aur dusro ko aisa lagta hai, toh mujhe koi dikkat nahi.

But yeah, by large, our choices match quite a lot. Offense? haha, None taken bro.

@Rohit, I know. I wasn't thinking it to be a class apart as Ayaan is a debutant, but he has borrowed so much from so many diff places plus first half especially looks/feels like a typical K-Jo movie...

@Reema, Koi na, Maaf kiya...;)


I agree I liked Wake Up Sid and you didn't. You liked Wanted, I didn't.

There is a REASON, buddy even if you close your eyes to it. Reason is (read sophisticated) sensibilities. :P

And I never claimed I don't enjoy personal gratification (who doesn't?) and its part of reason why I watch movies.

See I don't hate you for liking that bakwaas Wanted, I am just a wee bit disappointed that you didn't like Wake Up Sid. :-/ And I always like to think of you and your judgments highly. Actually V highly indeed.

and Poda.

well , re our countless comments over facebook/sms over this flick. I agree its predictable and kiddish. But I found it really sweet.

Somehow the Sid seemed kinda cross between my son and my nephew. I have often felt like Mrs. Mehra. There are times when I see streaks of kiddishness me in like Konkana (when she is bored with her boss and craves the company of Sid)

So .. I liked the movie.

seriously sepaking.. i thot the movie was just like "LAKSHYA" .. there he goes on to be a soldier.. here he goes on to be a photographer..
there's always a "rahul khanna" for a "konkona sen".. but in the end they r never together lol.

me too 2/5... not tht gr8 dint much like the music too..

@Poonam, chal chal, I acknowledge... Thik hai?

@Ava, That's what I have been saying. If you see it in pieces here n there it clicks.

@DiDo, Hahaha... that was quite a close one...

like your style of writing. Though one of the movies i was made to watch literally hands and legs tied to the chair. I managed to get out of it within the first 45 mins. Saying its in too under a statement.

@Samsara, Thank you.

I have a question.. Why Anti-Nirvana? Just curious

have to say.. you write the best reviews.Though i didn't like kameenay as much a you did ;D
but Big B is always right !

tc n hugs bro

Wake up Sid and the entire story is so typical bollywod. After couple of good n sensible movies, i guess some crazy n stupid movie had to do the needful or else how will such heroes survive?
Honestly this movie dint interest me at all coz of Ranbir...He is such a turn off!

But overall I will rate ur review 3.5 /5...which is good :P

@Vicky, Hehe.. Lol.. U always say nicest things of me...:)

@Valerine, I guess u r the female I know who thinks 'Ranbir is turn off'. Seriously.

And first time someone rated my review... Hahaha...thnx anyways.

Well Vee you are most welcome :)

well like Ava, I could connect with the mom in Supriya. The way we expect from our kids and pamper them. Maybe that's why I liked the movie :) And as for questioning, there are so many questions that can be asked even of TZP.
But to each his own! so lets live and let live ;)

@Valerine, Thnx again..

@WIAN, Hehe, I know... Each to his/her own... let live.. :)


Sounds like same old...

I wonder why Konkona Sen is doing movies such as this. Loved her in Mr and Mrs Iyer.

Oh well...I think I know why I don't even bother with Bollywood and most Hollywood movies nowadays...too bloody predictable.

Give me independent movies any day!

Predictable, yes. This one only works to some extent because of Ranbir Kapoor. Production design and background score were excellent. But like you've said..the sets were too flamboyant. I gave it a generous 3 on 5.


Came here via Rakesh's 'blog sum more' :)

Read most of the review (skipped where I feared spoilers) and most of the comments - I think I am going to watch it. (I know everybody else has already seen it)...


Great to read your review. You've captured my feelings exactly!

I was reluctant to watch the movie becos am not too much of a fan of Ranbir Kapoor. But lots of friends said good things about the movie so last weekend with nothing much to do decided to watch it.

Ah, so boring first half. Second half was better, it had its moments. But I felt that till the very end Sid was only half-awake.

Okay, he starts realising value of mum and dad and maybe finds that photography is something he truly enjoys. But will that pay for his exorbitant bills? Of course not, dad's money will most probably. Look how easily he goes back home!

And the relationship between Aisha and Sid ... more younger brother and older sister than anything else. Where was the chemistry? Atleast they showed that Aisha started fancying him. But what about Sid - he didn't "wake up" to his feelings about her too convincingly enough.

Somehow seemed like Saif Ali Khan-Amrita Singh relationship. And that didn't end happily ever after...

Iktara song was highlight of the movie for me.


Psych Babbler, I wondered too. Not any more.

Well, I crib them but I watch them and will always. Give me movies (any) anytime, I will live. I criticize, do not get judgmental. A gem (as perceived by me) do come out of nowhere at times.

Bhargav, I surely see signs of great achievements in that comment. I wish you do wonders (what I could not yet). All The Luck.

Indian Home Maker, Thanks for coming (by which ever means), Let me warn you, I am known for spoilers. So, you might/should avoid me.

Anonymous (Rekha), You echo my thoughts. Also, another female who chucks Ranbir,

His realization and 'the wake up' process was not there, to add to it the so-called chemistry (nicely interpreted by you as bro-sis affair). Lol.

Iktara ruled. And they all cashed and still cashing on that.

it was ok..fer one watch. Not spectacular nor irritating!

Anyways why are u and Vimmu callin each other "boy"?

"Dude" is out?


I totally agree with what you have written...and especially the part about Konkana. She is doing roles which are all like each other plus she is not getting any younger so it is a real torture to watch that face on the big screen :).
Ranbir was OK...but the film was essentially so boring that I left it midway.

@Mystique, Good for you. I won't recco it even for one watch.

Well, we are boys still... ;)

@Pranatii, Yups. That face is same and the expression remains same movies after movies.

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