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A quick take on few movies I watched last week and the music I have been listening to:


Blue – 1/5 – I saw some people literally molesting few fishes and embracing few others. Then I saw few others in minimal possible clothing with super duper gadgets trying to find some Khazana (loosely wealth), and rest of them were showing off their sticker piercing( which means not original) and stunts on all kinds of wheelers. A dud.

All The Best – 1/5 – And then few others were seen roaming in rainbow dresses cracking jokes (supposedly) and guess what, one of them had walked in straight out of the sets of Blue mixing everything with everyone; including the script.

Mr. and Mrs. Khanna – 1/5 – Those who were left out of Diwali celebrations were chucked on the airport. To be brutally honest, I caught this one on downloaded version (much to my dismay), but felt ‘serves you right.’

Pithamagan (Tamil) – 4/5 – Came this superbly executed piece that quenched the thirst of the weeks. Vikram (National Award Winner for this) could be more riveting than Sethu I never had imagined. Suriya, Sangeeta and Laila held their waters likewise. An exceptionally well made movie. Heard Hindi one is in offing with Sanjay Dutt doing Vikram’s role. Bakwaas. Sanju can’t (for sure) do that saala.

Arundhati (Telugu) – 4/5 – Sonu Sood can be so engaging, kabhi socha na tha. He burns the screen with his dual portrayal of rich-rapist turned ruthless-aghori (saints who practice dark arts). Giving fuel to it is Anushka Shetty in the title role. She is beautiful, appealing yet strong and hard enough to take on the hardships. A well done job graphically, I wonder how this one will turn out to be in Hindi with Deepika doing Arundhati and Amitabh in Sonu Sood’s role. Trust me, an absolute misfit. Hindi makers, please retain Anushka and Sonu. A gem of a movie.


Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani – 3.5/5 – Main Tera Dhadkan Teri by KK, Sunidhi and Hard Kaur is already a hit and is being highlighted as the main song. But Aa Jao Meri Tamanna by Javed Ali, Tera Hone Laga Hun By Atif and Alisha and Tu Jaane Na by Atif are the songs that will be surely loved by all. Prem Ki Naiyya by Neeraj Shridhar is a peppy one, but it reminds me of his earlier songs from Bhul Bhulaiya and Love Aaj Kal. Neeraj gets the same style of songs and he sings in the same monotonous style. Overall, a nice one. Cannot be ignored.

Kurbaan – 3/5 – Dua, Shukran Allah, Ali Maula, Rasiya and Kurbaan Hua are the 5 songs that make up this album. All seem situational. Would be liked more after seeing them in movie. Wonder why Sonu doesn’t sing much for the movies these days. His Shukran Allah with Shreya and Salim is the best of the lot.

London Dream – 4/5 – An album which reminds me of Rock On. Though songs have the feel of Rock On, they are (if not more) equally good. Barso Yaaron got into controversy for its Hanuman Chalisa lines; that is sorted and the lines remain. Abhijeet Ghosal’s Jashn Hai Jeet Ka is on the lines of Sindbad The Sailor from Rock On (per me). Title song Khaanbadosh is an upbeat number which talks of dreams. Lovely composition. Shankar’s Mann Ko Ati Bhavey and Feroz’s Tapkey Masti have been composed keeping Salman in mind I believe. Overall, a marvelous one.

Radio – 2.5/5 – Like it or chuck it as per your interest lies. 12 songs, I would go with 5 (less than half), but overall, not so bad.

Tum Mile – 2.5/5 – Bhatt (Vishesh Films) ka hai toh achha hi hoga is the believe. By that trend, slightly disappointing.

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Oh! :-O this blog still has its 'new post' option active?


APKGK is a peppy album and the best one was Tu jaane na, Atif did a brilliant job. And how bout By GId :P And Shehnai music in it.

London Dreams indeed has touches of Rock on, but still it works (for me specially Khanabadosh)

Tum Mile needs repetetive hearing to grow on you, especially the Rock version of title trac and Dil ibadat one.

Well I havent seen the all 3 duds of this diwali but yes watched PAranormal Activity (Downloaded one) and that was a creepy one.

And you can also try Away we go :)

BTW what happend to that MAHA POST on indian film industry

Waiting for that


Fortunately, I didn't watch a single of the three Diwali Dhamakas. :)

Instead, I've been watching all the old movies that I've missed:
Pulp Fiction
There Will be Blood

Loved OldBoy and Pulp Fiction but TWBB was boring. Overhyped Oscar Winner as usual.

And Radio did get 2.5 from you? Cool ! Or are you just being nice?

all the best achchi nahi hai? Some ppl said it was good.

We dont get southie movies here. Hame sad remakes dekhne ko milte hain. I miss thos early days of doordarshan that showed one regional film every sunday. Good ones they were.

LD ka soundtrack bhej dalo

Blue - I felt it was a one time watch. Its complete nonsense and illogical. for a change, those kinda stunts looked good on screen.and yes, the music rocked :D

havnt seen the other two diwali. I might end up watching All the best 'cuz people around me have been telling its a laugh riot especially J.Lever !

Pithamagan is an awesome movie. watched it sometime in 2003 soon after my college. The last scene especially was wonderfully shot. I hope Satish Kaushik doesnt remake it, wouldnt be able to sit through if Sanjay dutt in doing vikrams role. Remaking Sethu into Tere Naam was a blunder by Satish !

Havnt watched Arundhati. missed it when it was in theatres here.


Ajab is just average for me. my fav is By God.

Kurbaan is a good album, my fav is Shukran Allah

London dreams is awesome, Barson yaaron is tooo good a song.

Radio...i liked only jaaneman...

Tum mile is also a wonderful album. I would give 3.5 / 5...All the versions of Dil ibaadat and the title track grows on you.

Blue - 2/5..you read my review..i was being very generous.

all the best - haven't watched and i don't bother to watch either..not even on a pirated dvd.

mr. & mrs. khanna - it's a sin to call this a movie..zero!

i really want to watch tamil and telegu films, but not possible in this part of the world. i've seen only one till now and that's the fantabulous IRUVAR. it blew me away! (specially the performances)

of the soundtracks, london dreams is the best. amazing lyrics and very well composed songs. my fav is khwab jo..i get senti whenever i listen to it :D

That was so cool....Can happily plan movie for the weekend dun have to brood over now....But u knw wat I was considering blue....lets see if I change my mind :P

@Smita, I know. I was amazed to discover that. ;);)

@Bhupesh, Tu Jaane ka starting mast hai. By God is good too.

LD, Whole album works for me. I guess I should listen to Tum Mile more.

The MAHA post is happening..for sure.

@Rakesh Bhai, Toh aap Diwali Ke Dhamaake se bach gaye Babu!!!

I haven't seen TWBB, other 2 r nice.. esp Pulp Fiction. Thats one hell of a movie... grows on u... Dhan Te Nan ka music thoda Pulp Fiction se hi chori kiya hai na Vishal Babu ne.

Well, Radio ko dhyaan se suna jaaye toh not bad...;)

@Ava, Yaar wahi sade huye jokes, aur wo Johnny Lever toh ab bardaasht nahi hota. and ye ek grp ban gaya hai. Ajay, Sanjay, Fardeen, Ritesh, and Co... bas adla badli karte rehte hain aur aisi sadhandh picture banate hain.

U shud see South ki movies. This year I can was quite good for all of them put together. Hindi ones doesn't stand this year.

@Vimmuuu Boy, I am tired of Blue's songs now. First time its happening with me for Rehman's songs.

All The Best.. laugh riot? Hahaha... good one.. this was more fun. and that Lever sucks... high time he stopped trying to make us laugh.

I am sure Satish and Sanjay will goof up big time.

Oh, come on Ajab is not just average. Pls Pls it is not. It is quite good. hehehe..

and yeah LD is the bestest of all. I haven't heard Tum Mile much. I mean I do once daily.. thats all, unlike others which are not repeat most of the times. Aap kehte ho toh 3.5 hoga TM... bade log.. music ka zada gyaan hai...

@Bhargav, U were way too generous with Blue. I wanted to give 0 to all 3 but then gave 1 for their whatever effort.

Lol @ Khanna being sin.

u shud try to get south movies somewhere somehow.

and yeah, Khwab jo is lovely song. Zada senti mat hua kar. hehe.

@Valerine, Glad I was of some help. Well,there are people who somewhat liked Blue.. So you might. But then this weekend anyways London Dreams is getting released. So go for that.

have you seen "veyyil"? that's one movie which u have to watch for Pasupathy's acting. please review it also.:)
as for the above listed, except pithamagan haven't watched any others. managing one line reviews is harder than elaborating, i tell you!ur an ace at it.

@BB, Howdy? Long Time.

'Veyyil' not yet. Goes in the list and hunt begins. :)

Pls do recco me some more Tamil ones..

U r way too generous in your words for me. Thanks.

If anything happens to my eye sight, i will blame you and the format of your blog :).

I saw Pithamagan abou a month back and since then fall in love with Vikram.
Now watching his other good works, I too bet that its hindi version is surely not going to work.
Looking forward to Arundhati now.

Long time no see?

@Rohit Oye,

Hahahaha....Format toh mai cange nahi karunga. U better be prepared for glasses... Muhahahhaa.

Oye, recco some good Tamil ones na!!!
Hindi one is gone for toss for sure.

ya long time.. See u in Nov last week. :) Me The Comings..

Tired of Blue songs??? Oh no, I cant get Rehnuma out of my head ! :D :D :D I guess Rahmans instant hits have this issue, we get used to them soon. If you notice, the ones that stay in our mind are those slow poison numbers of his (I think so :) )

Ok, so not even going to watch A.T.B ! I never liked J.Lever, but I thought I should take a chance with this movie.

We thought 2008 was bad during the MM awards; this year is even worse! Only a few good releases this year na? Luck by chance, Dev D, Gulaal, Kaminey and Firaaq are all I can remember of!

LOL, Ok, music of Ajab is great. Music for absolute fun !

and grrr...for that last sentence

I loved this review- Short, simple and unique.

Bravo! I am eagerly waiting to watch "wake up sid" and "ajab prem ki gazab kahani" appears very interesting-a la Kundan shah types!

I wanted to download those songs but damn my office IT, it has disabled the right on my lappie:(

PS: Incase u ve forgotten- http://ektakhetan.blogspot.com


I have seen none of these, but loved how some with fake piercings and rainbow colours from Blue continued shooting for 'All the best' Ha ha :) And then those who were left out of Diwali celebrations...

Enjoyed reading these Quickie Reviews :)

@Vimmuuu Boy, I agree to an extent (1st part... instant hits - addiction) but not to the 2nd... yes those slow poisons are damn interesting, but I am still hooked to his fast drugs... Give me Humma/Rukmani any day... Ringa Ringa still gets me grooving...

yes, agree totally.. 2009 is sucking big time and if you notice all those movies you mentioned came early this year (by March and before) except Kaminey. After the strike got over, whatever was released was hit badly. Wanted is one of the biggest grossers but won't be reaping awards for sure...

@Ekta, Thank you Girl!!!

Kundan Shah style??? He was good. Wake Up I did not like... I wrote review as well. Ajab seems Santoshi back to his early 90s days.. Let's see.

Songs nahi hai? That's crime. I am known for sending it to people.

Bas Ek ID Chahiye Bhejane Ke Liye [sing it in Aashiqui's Bas Ek Sanam tone....;)]...

@IHM, You are too generous like others here. But what the heck... let me fly...hehe...Glad u liked

More like a quick reference guide!! I like it!

I am working on many a Tamil movies...next on the list are Hindi ones :)

haan i liked the LD soundtrack. fundoo hai. Mayb I shd move to south. Ab 2 much punjabi ho gaya

Lol. Great reviews I must say
I agree with all the movies there except All the best. Call me stupid aam local janta but I liked the movie a lot. I don't like to watch movies that tax my brain too much Hehe. And yes, Vikram is just too good an actor. I certainly don't want to see anyone else in his role. And don't tell me Amitabh is doing sonu sood s role . Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I can't stand even imagining that.
About the songs, I like the title song of tum mile. And even radio isn't too bad. Not heard all songs of london dreams but I find them average :(

@Angel, Is that you? Oh, that's real you. Glad to see you here.

@Ava, do that. Aa jao yahan. Khatirdaari ke liye hum hai na. LD is fundoo. Trust me it grows on you.. literally.

WIAN, Arrey, When did I say ki I will like a movie only if its taxing my brain.. Did not I like Wanted...:) hehe.

Wahi toh... Sanjay Dutt doing Vikram's and Amitabh in Sonu's... Why can't they just retain the originals?

And for songs, Yes Tum Mile is nice. But seriously can't beat LD... Songs are just too good. Ava kokal bheja tha and now she is grooving on LD songs only.. Hehe

@Reema, Alrighty.

Not seen Blue & All The Best not planning to either :D

From APKGK I love Main Tera Dhadkan Teri and the one which u recommended is yet to grow upon me!!!

Kurbaan - Hmmm Like Shukrana & even Rasiya!

London Dreams!!! Ah!!! I am in love with Barson Yaaron & totally absolutely in Love with Mann Ko ati bhaaye :-) I dunno why u feel that the sound track is similar to Rock On!!! Nah! Rock on was very contemporary and this has more of an earthy feel!!!

Radio!!! Just Jaaneman nothing else!!! That too I wish someone else had sung!!!

Tum Mile not heard!!!

Now waiting for ur tall claims to come true ;-)

Ms. Busy Bee, Chuck them, no need to see them.

Arrey, do listen aaraam se Atif's songs from Ajab.... not while running or catching train...Muhahahaha...

I am not comparing the compositions of LD with Rock on technicalities. I am just saying the look and the feel and the idea behind to an extent.

Arrey, Radio ka 'Rafa Dafa' is also good.

My Tall Claims Will Come True.. Dekh Lena.

Good decision to stay away from the Diwali dhamakas....it seems both were quite bad!

What do you think of London Dreams? It seems to be the old triangle...


Quirky Indian

@QI, Yes, seems Old Love Triangle, But I am quite upbeat about the music that anything else ...

since u asked..hv u seen "paruthiveeran"? if ur a true movie buff DO see it.

other than that "Kadhal"-for the direction and acting

"Mozhi" and "Azhagiya Theeye".

"Vettayadu Vilayadu"-Kamal movie which I'd say has been directed close to Hollywood stds.

these are not recent ones.. but surely not to be missed ones.

@BB, Well, well, Haven't seen any of them... Thank you so much... I am absolutely loving this venture of mine to watch good southie movies..

Thanks Vee for the suggestion...London Dreams hmmmm...not a bad idea :)

Dude, your short reviews are so very useful. Do them more often. :)

And you just saved me lot of money. Thank you! :)

@Valerine, I saw and wrote review on LD as well.. :)

@Poonam, Chal de de jo paise bacha diye maine tere. Muhahhahaa...

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