The Winners of The MovieManiax Awards '08  

Posted by Vee

The moment you all have been waiting for is here. You have decided the winners of The MovieManiax Awards’08.

Before declaring the winners, some interesting ins and outs of the awards:

Category that received Highest votes: Best Film – 394

Category that received Lowest votes: Best Child Artiste – 301

Individual who received Highest votes: Manjot Singh (Best Child Artiste for Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye – 204 out of 301)

Individual who received Lowest votes: Adhvik Mahajan (Best Debut for Contract – 7 out of 311) and song Aae Paapi (Song of the Year – 7 out of 307)

Maximum margin to the 2nd; (Absolute No Competition): Manjot Singh got 204 votes in total of 301 votes in Best Child Artiste category. Purav Bhandare for Tahaan who came second received 43 votes.

Minimum margin to the 2nd; (Cut-Throat Competition): Abhay Deol lost to Naseeruddin Shah in the Best Actor (Male) category. Abhay received 113 to Naseer’s 114 in total of 360.

The winners are listed on The MovieManiax Blog.

Now, coming to the Guessing The Winner Contest.

NO ONE got all 6 guesses correct. As promised, we must declare 5 winners. So, those who got 5 guesses correct will compete for the first three spots and people with 4 correct guesses will fight for the fourth and fifth position. We will soon come up with a way to decide the deserving winners. Here are the results:

Fenil – 5
Rakesh – 5
MystiqueDew – 5

Sahaja – 4
AlphabetWorld – 4
Bhargav – 4
Vikas – 4
Perx – 4
Amit – 4

007(V) – 3
Praveen - 3
Shayari – 3
Kanagu – 3
Oorja – 3

UH – 2
Kanupriya – 2

Finally, I thank all of you for the support.

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31 Pointless but Viscous Comments. got only three..

anyways 3 is my lucky number.

Congrats to the winners :D


YAYAYYYYYYY! Finally I win something :)

Btw, Since you're going to give me a gift, I'm giving you a return gift...

Have you seen this:

Now you have the chance to turn your dreams into reality..


And regarding the prize, I wish, I get one among the first two. I don't need the Happionaire book... puhleasseeee. If either Fenil or Mystiquedew need the book then let them take it and then the other two of us can get the DVDs...

Yay how do we fight for 4th and 5th post :P

i loveeed this event :) great effort and loads of fun!!

and patha hai? except 3 all categories I voted for won!! :)

Woohoo! Waiting for the next round! :D

atlast an award which does justice to the good films that released last year...

and nice to see my name amongst there :P

Yay! It was a pleasure being a part of this initiative. Will hop on to the other blog now.

hehe.. i think you will guess why i am laughing my guts out.


Wow !
Manjot was a sureshot winner.
Nasir over Abhay was a pleasant surrpise, that also by one vote :)

Good show.


@007(V), Hehe, yeah.

@Rakesh, Lol. I know of that already, but have no intention of applying for the job. I see myself as a Rakhi-Bhakt only. If I marry her, I will lose interest in her.

Regarding prize, Ah, very interesting... But let's keep it fair. And I am hopeful you will be in top two.

@Sahaja, We will do something. Meanwhile, you too can suggest some way. Thanks!!! You must be a happy lot to know your choices won. Great.. Thanks again for voting and participating in the contest.

@Bhargav, If you have any suggestions, do let know. A movie quiz, what you say?

@Praveen, Thanks buddy. Appreciate your participation.

@Smita, Thanks to you along with other members. I feel satisfied at the end of it.

@Ava, Of course. Koi shaq...???:):)

@UH, U bet. Just one vote man. Guess what? In the Guessing Contest, almost half guessed it is Abhay. And yes, Manjot was a winner from beginning. Thanks!!!

Congrats to the winners!!! I am swamped..hopefully will be there for the next round!



Yey!!!! :D

Great event! Feel so good; Priyanka n abhishek and wednesday won. I'm happy! :D

@Angel, Yeah right, like I believe that...;);)

@Alphabet, :) Thanks.

Cool...5 of my guesses were right..that's gr88 man! :) And congrats to all other winners!!


@Shayari, Yes, it is.

@Fenil, you did good. Congrats.

Yeah, a movie quiz is a good idea. It has to be 'tough' though, otherwise you'll need a tie-breaker again! I would suggest making a quiz based on the winners of the Awards. If I get any more ideas, I'll let you know.

PS: 2/5 for Firaaq!? :( That's a little too harsh :D

@Bhargav, Movie quiz based on the winners is a good idea.

I have written about my Firaaq experience on your post. I was expecting Nandita to create a storm. I had read a lot about it before the release especially in Naseer's review. But, I wasn't impressed with the outcome.

Lol, my being liberal days are gone I guess.

So many ties make a complicated knot! Happy unraveling :P

almost forgot..... Congrats to all the winners!

@Einstein, Hehe, I know.. Will do something..

That didn't help, borther. My catches sure don't win mathces. Lol. Thanx for trying though. That's the the bottle.

Hey, when's ur next post hitting the free world??

Anand. :-)

I didn't win :( . I'll be back :)

Heyyy.. Jus noticed. I'm on ur blog roll. How kool is that? Thank u.
U like my work??

@Andy, Haha.. then leave it.. I won't explain much. But trust me, it's darn simple, not that complicated.

And yes, I wait for your horror stories as I think that I do not get horrified easily.. so some day I want to get really shit-scared.. hehe

@Chirag, U didn't try so how will u win? Next time buddy.

Congratulations on successfully finishing the Awards ceremony!
And good that I got 4 right! I am very bad at guessing.

@Amit, Buck up for the next round which would be coming soon.

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