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The MovieManiax Awards'08 is coming to a close.

We thank everyone who has helped us make this endeavor a success. To give back to our readers, we have come up with another contest. All you have to do is to guess who will be the winner in the following six categories. Only one guess per category is allowed :-)

The Categories

1. Best Film

2. Best Director

3. Best Actor (Male)

4. Best Actor (Female)

5. Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Male)

6. Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Female)

You can CLICK HERE to see the nominees.

The first two winners will get DVDs of a Hollywood Classic along with a classic from Hindi Cinema. The 3rd prize is a signed copy of the recently launched – “Happionaire's Cash The Crash” by Yogesh Chabria.

The goodies don't end here. We have 4th & 5th prizes as well yay!!!. These winners will gets copies of Invest The Happionaire Way (ITHW). If requested the Hindi version of ITHW is also available.
A few rules:

1. Members of MM team can not participate.

2. In case, no one gets all guesses right, the prize belongs to the one who gets most of the guesses correct.

3. In case of a tie, a tie- breaker will be arranged as per the discretion of MM team :-)

4. The contest is open till 8th April midnight.

The results for The MovieManiax Awards '08 initially were to be be declared on 7th April but it has been postponed to 9th April, giving you two more days to loot the prizes. :)

Go on guess the winner and take away your prize.

P.S. A very Special thanks to Yogesh Chabria for sponsoring the books. The DVDs will be sponsored by me.

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15 Pointless but Viscous Comments.


1. Best Film- Rock On!!!
2. Best Director-Abhishek Kapoor (Rock On!!!)
3. Best Actor (Male)-Abhay Deol (Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye)
4. Best Actor (Female)-Priyanka Chopra (Fashion)
5. Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Male)- Paresh Rawal (Mumbai Meri Jaan)
6. Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Female)-Ratna Pathak Shah (Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na)

Though, I must confess these were not my choices ( or votes)!


will try to get max right...

waiting for the happy hour :D


1. A Wednesday

2. Neeraj Pandey

3. Naseeruddin Shah

4. Priyanka Chopra

5. Paresh Rawal

6. Shahana Goswami

Is this your way of judging who voted for whom? Well if it is, sorry to disappoint you, my votes were different but this I think might be public opinion.



lol... Yeah Reema and not even a poster of Abhay Deol :P

here are my guesses

Best film - A Wednesday

Best Director - Neeraj Pandey

Best Actor (male) - Rajeev Khandelwal

Best Actor (Female) - Priyanka Chopra

Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Male) - Anupam Kher

Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Female) - Kangana Raunat

FIngers crossed :)

R and R,

Now why would anyone give away things that they love, eh!?

1) Best Film:A Wednesday

2) Best Director:Dibakar Banerjee (Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye)

3) Best Actor (Male):Abhay Deol (Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye)

4) Best Actor (Female):Priyanka Chopra (Fashion)

5) Best Actor in a Supporting Role
(Male):Jimmy Shergill (A Wednesday)

6) Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Female):
Kangana Ranaut( Fashion)


so, do we just guess in our mind and keep quiet!? :D
Where do we put our 'guesses' in writing?

in yur comments section?

hey did i not post my guesses here :O waaa

@V-Bhai, Another day to go. Got ur guesses.

@Reema, My Wish.. :)

@Rakesh, Lol, if you are the winner, I will make sure poster reaches you and yeah, of course Abhay's ;)

@Einstein, Hmm, jus like that

@Alphabet, yes, in comments section.

@Sahaja, I got your guesses already, the comments are in moderation that's why you are not able to see your comment.

Done Done Done! On Smita's blog! :)

Best Film-ROCK ON!!
Best Director-NEERAJ PANDEY ('A Wednesday!')
Best Actor (Male)-NASEERUDDIN SHAH ('A Wednesday!')
Best Actor (Female)-PRIYANKA CHOPRA (Fashion)
Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Male)-Paresh Rawal (Mumbai Meri Jaan)
Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Female)-Kangna Ranaut (Fashion)


The Contest is Closed. No More Guesses allowed. The results will be declared soon.

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