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Shah Rukh Khan (Hypocrite Hyena), Aamir Khan (Cunning Chutiya). Salman is the only KHAN who rocks. ALWAYS. Rest all shud shove their ass up each other including Dutts, Roshans, Akshay Kumars, Imrans n Shahids. Salman is the BEST. Matter Over. Khallas. Period.

Though I loved SRK all my life, his attitude SUCKS now. Though I loved Aamir all my life, he sucks as whole now. Though I loved Akshay Kumar last 7 years, he is a confused asshole sandwiched in his thinking between SRK n Aamir all of sudden which I cannot fathom. Though I loved Sanjay Dutt more than any other actor, I strongly believe, he wasn't worth it. Though I loved Hrithik and Shahid last few years, I firmly feel they do not deserve it. I mentioned Ranbir n Imran for others as they seem to be popular. I personally never liked them an iota.

P.S. I am extremely busy at work front so wrote this random article. However, I am writing an Iconic Series on Bollywood which is surely gonna be covered in at least 10 posts. Meanwhile, I thought of reminding my leftover (bachhe khuche) readers that I am alive and I shall be soon reading you all.

I will surely write a short one like this on Female-Actors soon.

Yada (the title of this post) is the word used by my friend when nothing substantial is being conversed. So chosen. Was it Emotional Atyachaar at its best?

P.P.S. And the Bachchans... I won't even consider them in this post. They in whole deserve a separate post.

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33 Pointless but Viscous Comments.

Ha ha ha ha the most honest post i have read in recent times. No ifs no buts no reason here n there. He is the best because he is the best. Vee as is you were my very very very good friend but you've now made me very very very proud too. Though i usually don't do this but for you *hugs* ;) which show of Wanted? Me tomorrow 9 pm show :D

anyhow, its no use idolising an actor. Just see how good he is per movie.. PERIOD.

Even Al Pacino declines..

an award from me to you on my rotteneggs wala blog


I would consider Aamir a lil more sensible amongst the lot... err... am not a big fan of Salman (now you are not gonna hit my nose off right? :D )

Waiting for the series...


Salman fan..? Look look Smita's already flying :D

Never a SRK fan, though liked him in some movies.
Hmmm.. waiting for the upcoming posts on Bachchans n more..

I agree to Ava... I was going to ramble, but then I read her comment and i choose to second her statement instead of my own ramblings!

satak gayi ....change fail ho gaya kya ??

Gawd I hate SRK too...so overrated!! *angry face*


yeah this is the true you!


I like Salman too. My brother thinks I'm crazy :P

But Aamir, I think he's in a different league altogether. I think he's beyond comparison.

Well all the actors at the end of day are there because of their loyal fans...Of course talent matters...but they are not worth being discussed after a point of time!

LOL, did you write this post at gun point ??? :D :D :D Im sure Smita is capable of that !! OR she must have blackmailed you with some of your MMS (ahem ! ahem ! types) !!! :D :D :D

Oye Vimal! I have enough ammunitions against to easily blackmail you. So think before you speak. I won't even need a gun against you! :p he has written what he feels from heart. At least he is honest to accept his liking you to aren't even coming out with your love for sallu. :D :D pyaar kiya hai to nibhao sab ke saamne maano!

Smita, kya baat vee par bada pyar baras raha hai??? bolo bolo, tell tell !

ekdum mard style ka post hai bhayee aashirwachan tapak rahein hain her jagah per waah waah ....ek dum dhaansu ....dhaayein dhaayein dhishum amitabh ki zanzeer yaad aa gayee bhai ...angry young man :D

Hmmm Hmmm... vee is spewing venom but quite honestly. I do agree with you but not much on Salman khan's case. I guess all of 'em are loud, over smart and aaaaaaaaaargggggggghhhhhhhhhh!

BTW you did not mentioned saif or did you? :)

Lolz wait for the take 2!

@Smita, Is it? I wasn't vocal about it as I did not think it important but Last few months made me sick of those 2 like never before.

You might promote me in friends category but that was not my intention, I told what I had to.

"Vee Hugs Back" and I am seeing 1st day 1st show, irrespective of the fact it's Salman's, 90% of the movies I watch 1st day 1st show; U know it.

@Ava, Bang On. But I am not idolizing. I am just comparing him with his crops along with contemporaries. And contrary to my belief, I am doing this comparison just for the heck of it. Of course I loved SRK and Aamir in many and will do so in future too if they come up with something really striking.

Al Pacino? Eessshhhh.. Kya bol daala. I Love that guy in the same breath as RoObert De Niro. I understand but I want you to understand what I am saying too.

Thanks for the award.

Sujeevitham, Sensible? Ah, that hurts? I mean, not hurts in true sense, but what sensibility has got to do with a person's choice; whom he/she likes or not. If that was the case, Rakhi Sawant would not have fans flocking her and Himesh would not have any listeners (or viewers as the scene is now). So, do not judge the sensibility part of a performer. Check the EQ. Entertainment Quotient. Got it?

@Sujee, and yeah, Why would I hit off your nose if it's not my worth? I need to find if it is, if yes; I wouldn't think twice bro...:) Hehe

@Vinz, Haha. Will do.

@Shayari, Yes, Salman fan; proudly.

Yeah, saw that. Mere mention of Salman(+ve or -ve) makes her fly so this of course would have.

Bachchans one is my last priority but will be done for sure.

@Spike, And for your reply I direct you to my reply to Ava. I am all game for rambling but then I thought directing to what I already said would be easier and time-effective. :)

@Vishwam, Satak? What that has got to do with work? I do not handle changes no more; if you did not know you should not assume.

@Lavender, I do not hate SRK. I like(d) him at few places. I salute his off screen histrionics.

@Rakesh-Bhai, Yo Bro. So, u like him too. If ur bro thinks that let him. He could be(not) right. Everyone's right(wrong) in such matters. Isn't it? Why take it dil se. If some one wishes to screw my happiness and bash Salman here, he/she is welcome to do so. How would that affect me as his fan? Moreover, why should it? Let everyone has opinion. Ke nahi?

@Valerine, U r right, but when u say loyalty then of course there would be discussions. Correct?

@Vimmuuu, MMS? How did u know? Lol.. Hehe. Jokes apart, If some one has my MMS and blackmails, I would tell that person to go ahead with it. won't affect me a bit. I always loved Salman, was never so vocal like now...that's it.

@Alok, iasa kya? Like that? Oh-ho. fir toh aur thoda masala daalna tha Agneepath maafik. Mai Vee K B (like Vijaya Deena-Nath-Chauhan) and all that. Koi na, agali baar ke liye. ke nahi?

Btw, aapka blog abhi pata chala. Jald hi check karunga. Abhi thoda tight hun. HeeHaw HeeHaw

@Numero, Is it? Venom? Naa re. Dil se bola. Straight from heart.

U give me courage to post part 2 honestly. Thanks. Hehe. Will do so.

Hey, this post though declared your love for Salma, it was more about bashing other actors.

I am no fan of any of these actors including Salman, but I have liked each one of them at least once and in some of the movies. So, you could say I am neutral when it comes to these issues.

But I love Jack Nicholsan, Tim Robbins and Gerald Butler (I didn't like him in The Ugly Truth though).

Shah Rukh Khan (Hypocrite Hyena), Aamir Khan (Cunning Chutiya)

O my Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome one man
Will surely wait for ur MAHAPOST



well salman sucks!!

srk rocks!!!

kya ukhadega bol. :P


glad to know u r well

@Poonam, Take it whichever way you want to, I said what I wanted to.

@Bhupesh, Bahut Jald...

@Abhishek, Maine kab kaha ki mai kisi ki ukhadane waala hun. Mere ko jo kehna tha maine keh diya. If Salman sucks for you, then be it. If SRK rocks for you, then good for your health. What I said has fucking nothing to do with 'kisi ka ukhadana ya kiai ki sulgana'.
@Reema, Glad that u r glad of me being well.

Vee: from a person who consider acting about the looks, a performance above stardom .. i am bit surprised to c the praise for salman ... samajha abhi

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