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Vishal Bhardwaj who shot to fame as a composer of Maachis in 1996 has come a long way. Since then he has established himself as a composer, lyricist, singer, director, and writer. Kaminey is his 6th movie as director nevertheless he has composed music for more than 30 movies so far. He composed the music of all the movies he directed except Blood Brothers which was one of the four short films for Mira Nair’s AIDS Jaago Films.

Review of OST – Kaminey:

Dhan Te Nan:

Singer(s): Sukhwinder Singh, Vishal Dadlani and Robert Bob Omulo – Ranting and Raving already all over. It is the promotional song of Kaminey. The song was out on youtube with still pictures of Shahid and Priyanka to compensate for but listening in to OST is another experience altogether. Sukhwinder and Vishal in duet (first time I guess) harmonize perfectly. Throw RAP by Robert and you have song of the album. 5 on 5.

Pehli Baar Mohabbat:

Singer: Mohit Chauhan – He is every composer’s choice for the soft number post Khoon Chala (RDB) and Tum Se Hi (Jab We Met). If these two gave him recognition, Kuchh Khaas (Fashion) gave him absolute credibility. The guy doesn’t go wrong. This song is not in league of his earlier ones mentioned above including my absolute favorite of his Gunchaa Koi (Main, Meri Patni aur Woh) and Gulon Mein (Sikandar); he is perfect though for the beautiful lyrics of Pehli Baar Mohabbat penned by eminent Gulzar. 3.5 on 5.


Singer(s): Sukhwinder Singh and Kailash Kher – This song will remind you of the title track of Omkara. The commencement with the repeated use of word Fatak is direct musing of Omkara. Only when Kailash joins the song starts to find its own holding, although unsuccessfully. Sorry, Omkara’s title is too strong a remembrance; still. 2.5 on 5.


Singer: Vishal Bhardwaj – The next best track after Dhan Te Nan is the title which Vishal kept for himself. After singing in Omkara, No Smoking and U, Me Aur Hum, he is once again at his best with title song. He never fails to impress. 5 on 5.

Go Charlie Go:

Singer: None - It’s the theme music of the movie on the lines of Dhan Te Nan. On first hear you can visualize it as a dark night/a chase/a con in progress/anything. 4 on 5.

Raat Ke Dhai Baje:

Singer(s): Rekha Bhardwaj, Suresh Wadkar, Sunidhi Chauhan, Kunal Ganjawala – Vishal’s wife Rekha [last heard in Genda Phool (Dilli-6) and Ranaji (Gulaal)] along with missing in action for sometime Kunal and Suresh render a different version of Pehli Baar Mohabbat. This will strike a chord of Beedi Jalaile (Omkara) but only if you mull over the lyrics. The composition is singular. 4 on 5.

The next two tracks are remixes of Dhan Te Nan and Raat Ke Dhai Baje.
Vishal is known for incorporating some distinctive Hindi words while working with Gulzar and Kaminey is no different. Not much proficient with Hindi might find it difficult to comprehend few words. Overall, the album is creative and worth a collection. On the whole 4 on 5.

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Havent heard any of these songs. For me the absolute best songs lately were Gulal and DevD and Ollo. Will this beat it?

I downloaded it yesterday and have been hooked on to it ever since...

Must have heard the entire album for about 10 times now...

Dhan Te Nan... Tana Nana :D

Forgot to add that it is now my caller tune too :)


Where have I been? I haven't heard a single track yet... I'll check this out soon. But I agree, Vishal Bhardwaj does something new everytime. I loved the title track of U, Me and Hum as well.

Well haven't heard of any these songs...But yes second you on his songs and music....I loved his movie, 'The blue Umbrella"..it was indeed a beautiful movie..

Mere bhai what is 'OST'? Hehehe loved the few songs that i've heard. But as i said i didn't like the picturisation of Dhan tana! Too much. Shahid ki shakl hi nahin dikhti :-(

I have heard only one song of this movie as yet and it has already got me impressed- Dhan Tana!
Its so so jazzy that you cant help tapping your toes !
let me get the album right away. btw i saw the trailer too and i think it will be a hilarious treat

@ Smita : OST is Original Sound Track. (what was that hehehe after that? oh, maybe you already know it!! )

@ Oxy Boyyy :

Awesome album, na? We were waiting for this album ever since the first promo came out;sometime during our MM awards.

My ratings would be :

1) Dhan Te Nan - 6/5 :D Tooo good. Even the remix is brilliant and also the theme music that is based out of the original song. This song would be like an anthem !

2) Pehli Baar - 3.5/5. But somehow I feel this song is going to get unnoticed. (Btw, you missed Masakali of Mohits)

3) Fatak - 4 /5. Loved this one too. You will need multiple listenings for this; more like a typical ARR song. It grows on you the more you listen to it.

4) Kaminey - 3.5 /5. According to me, it started off well, but somewhere it lost track for me. It could also be because of the fact that this song resembles Vishals earlier title songs. The melody goes all unpredictable in all such songs and that trait was quite predictable.

5) Raat Ki - 4 / 5. Another superb song. Im waiting for the picturisation of this one.

A must buy !

@Ava, Nopes, cant beat Dev.D. Equals Gulaal and better than OLLO.

@Varun, Yay!!! Dhan Te Nan...

It's my caller tune as well. Won't make it Hello Tune though.

@Rakesh Bhai, It was released Y'day (6th July) so not that u have been missing on it for long. UMAH had just one good thing about it and that's Vishal's song.

@Valerine, Absolutely right. He is genius.

@Smita, Original Sound Track, aur agar hindi me bole toh 'Album'... ;)

U sure that is the actual video of 'Dhan Te Nan'...? Anyways, uski shakal baaki puri film me dekh lena..

@WIAN, U r right. So far, it is the most awaited movie of this year. Get the album. It's loverly.

Brilliant! I haven't had a chance to get hold of the CD..am out of station right now. Will get back to your post in the weekend. My review will be up too. Anyway, I'm glad that the songs lived up to the expectations.

Oye vimal thanks! That hehe was because everybody else knew it and i got stuck with the title itself :D otherwise humain nahin pata tha. And vee thanks for that hindi translation ;)

@Vimmuuu Boy, U r better than me in judging a song on its technicality. :)

Yes the promo did come around MM awards but then was stopped cuz of strike.

I too feel 'Pehli Baar' will go un-noticed more so after popularity of Dhan Te Nan,..

Damn yes, I forgot Masakalli...

As for title track, u r judging based on ur in-depth knowledge. For me, it is a lovely number and more so cuz of lyrics. I do give lot of emphasis to lyrics. Thanks boy.

@Bhargav, Do write. This is my first attempt of reviewing OST. So, not sure how it was. Anyways, I am waiting for your take.

@Smita, u r swagat.

must listen to them now after a rating of 4/5!

nice review by you (as always)! Am sure the songs would be playing already on the radio stations. Speaking of stations, OST is not to be confused with CST :D [Its a PJ day today]

@Reema, Ok.

@Einstein, Thanks. Ok, tell one more PJ if its PJ day today..

If ur not close to CST, just listen to the radio in a BEST!

there... happy now :-D

Heard only dan te nan…some lyrics it was- aaja aaja dil nichode, raat ki matki fode…koi gullak nikale aur phir uss gullak ko tode…Liked the publicity effect in tailor though…

@Einstein, yeah nuff for the day. Thnx.

@Ekta, Just replace 'fode' n 'tode' with each other n u got the lyrics right. :)

tan tana was fundoo.. a good soul sent me the songs.. hehe..

anyways i am slow to catch on to the songs..

Haven't hear any song from this film except for Dhan Te Nan - and that song rocks. :-)


Quirky Indian


Heard this one today - Dhen te nen...

Fundoo song!

@Ava, some good soul, eh!!! indeed a good soul.

Masoom sa Kabootar, Nacha toh Mor nikla.
Kabhi hum Kaminey nikale, kabhi dusare Kaminey... :)

@Quirky,Rakesh-Bhai, Yay!!!

I really don't know which songs are popular now a days in India. :(
Need to listen to some online FM. :)
Vishal is good, undoubtedly, but I like his movies more than his songs. He is a true artist.

hey !! stumbled upon ur post!

Ur reviews are just what i observed and felt when i heard the songs for the first time. I had just thought i will write a review on the soundtrack, but looks like i dont need. I can simply redirect ppl to ur review! I am sure i had to write i would write just what you had written!!

I'm hooked to the tracks ever since i've downloaded them. especially "pehli baar mohabbat ki hai" and the "Dhan Te Nan" .. my comp and Mp3 players are bugged with same music every day!!!

well written buddy!


@Amit, Do that at once... Find them.. Good Music in long time.. i can count only Dev.D, Dilli-6 and Gulaal in good so far this year and now Kaminey.

@Rammy, Hey, thanks. I like all the numbers. Dhan Te Na no doubt is the best of lot and its not just about the great music, lyrics are fundoo too. :)

Amazing soundtrack. At par with Delhi6. Fatak is just too good..amazing energy! My review will be up on Saturday. Cheers!

Thanks Vee for the review. I've not been in front of the TV for the past couple of weeks, so haven't heard any of the said songs. But after reading this post, I'm now gonna download the album.

By the way, to answer your question, I'm heading to Mumbai. Many thought I was referring Bangalore. :P

I didnt get fatak and kaminey. Baki songs I am liking more and more. Dhan tana is just so catchy. Do you remember that Anurag Kashyap article I sent you which was titled Dhan Tana?

@Bhargav, Saturday came n went. Where is the review buddy? :)

@Sam, You should check them out soon.
Oh, so Mumbai it is. I love that city. :) Well, for a moment I too thought it is B'lore ;)

@Ava, Got them now? I remember that articlel but not title. I wil check it out again.


Songs were awesome.....
Specially Dhan-te-nan:- Initially i thought its going to be a JB intro music but when it changed it just rocked....

And Yeah Go-Charlie-Go:- reminded me of climax music of amitabh movies of 70s and 80s full of shrieking, run and chase...

Fatak: is a bit low in comparison to Omkara but if not compared its a mster piece in itself...

How about Pehli baar mohabbat ki hai??? where he combined voices of two singer to complete one line....

Nice write up there

Waise did you tried Jashnn
:) Listen it once, its better than KI and NY...

@Bhupesh, Thanks. You are quite right. After long a good album to hear. Yes, I have heard Jashn. I liked that but like all previous works of music which comes from Bhatt productions and co, I get bored after a week or so...:)

One of my friends has worked in Kaminey So I knew most of the things as and when it happened.

Kool list. Very Informative. ROck on.

@Anand, Niceness. Thanks.

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