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Aamir is flaunting it too now. At least he doesn’t remind you of dying-lizard SRK looked like with his six-packs. Ghajini, a remake of Tamil Ghajini which in turn is the copy of Memento would be hitting the screen in the last week of December. The first look was out couple of weeks back and didn’t everyone just praise his bloated look. I found the pictures repealing. No way it passed for an ultra hot few claimed it to be. And then the promos came. Thank god, he looked better than the stills. However I am annoyed with ‘Oh!, Look at me, I am so perfect’ attitude of his. Alright, you are good, you have a knack of getting into all aspects of film-making (many call that ‘interfering’), you sweat and burn yourself out, and you do whatever you do with conviction but for heaven’s sake do not shove that on our face. We want to watch a good movie. Yes, indeed you presented us with many such gems, but how can you forget you have done Mela, Mann, Raja Hindustani too and there are many more.

We are not interested in knowing how deep you go into a project to make it work. We all know what transpired between you and Amol Gupte; the poor guy had to walk out of TZP as director so that you can soothe your ego. I do not have any vendetta against you. I like your work, I like seeing you act but all I expect is a little humility; in accepting that Ghajini is a copy of cult film Memento and accessibility; not only when you have a movie up your neck to promote, be it your or nephew’s. I feel you are no more the same Aamir after Lagaan. Of course you gave many hits after that but Aamir of pre-Lagaan days was some one else.

Btw, the current song from the movie reminds me of your Fanna look, those drapes, those close-ups are just that. So much for perfection.

So, tomorrow Dostana is getting released along with Dasvidaniya. I am watching Dostana in the morning and Dasvidaniya later in the night. Oh, I am tired of Priyanka Chopra. Dostana would be her sixth release this year; Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi would see her in a cameo and not to forget her countless advertisements on TV. Apart from fashion, she sucked in all the movies. Dostana will have her Chamku star Bobby Deol paired (supposedly) against her and trust me they make for an awful couple on screen. For that matter I do not see her making a great pair with any one particular actor. She gelled with Abhishek and Hrithik in Bluffmaster and Krrish respectively but those were one off incidence.

This would be after so long that all the three Khans will have their respective releases in the same year and in same month. Now, that Salman’s Yuvvraaj is postponed to December, the alternate weeks in December would see Yuvvraaj, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and Ghajini hitting the screens. Ghajini would be a hit for sure but I am not so sure of other two. I feel Subhash Ghai has lost it after Taal. Yaadein, Kisna, Black & White; all failed miserably and people are expecting a lot from Yuvvraaj. Rab Ne.. is Aditya Chopra’s third movie as director after DDLJ and Mohabbatein. Rab Ne.. is that of an underdog who rises like a phoenix and wins his wife’s heart and mind. If the screenplay and editing is taut, the movie should work for sure.

Let’s hope for a good year end. I am eagerly waiting for Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye.

I end with the tag Vimmuuu had asked me to do some eons ago. I am supposed to put up my snap which should be taken 10 or more years ago. Haha, I have truck loads of hard copies of my snaps but I am too lazy to scan and put it up so I am just going with one which I managed to fish out from somewhere. The photo was taken when I was in Second Class (KV Gurgaon). I am the first person from left in the second row. And yes, my twin bro is somewhere there too in the photo. Vimmuuu, I will keep digging for more and will put up as and when I get them.

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Very true! Aamir always goes overboard in promoting his films.
Dostana - Priyanka Chopra. Naheee.. Not again...
Dasvidaniya - Should be a good movie.
I'll wait for your reviews.

Yuvvraaj ka to pata nahi but Rab Ne Banadi jodi and Ghajni will be runaway hits.


Last week I was reading an article on Amir Khan as a brand. Analysts there were saying that Amir Khan as brand is diluting. Over exposure is slowly killing the newness he used to carry. His ads now are just run of the mill unlike older times.

As far as Ghajni is concerned, after watching the trailer my immediate reaction was, 'why is he doing this kind of movie?" I mean I have now started associating him with movies which make a difference. May be I have become prejudiced but Amir doesn't look like amir in Ghajni.

I so much agree with you as far as PC is concerned.

Yuvraaj has been postponed? Aaj hi I saw a full page ad saying releasing on 21st Nov...are u sure??? Am somehow sure this movie wud be a dud. Showman has lost his touch from the day he started making movies for NRI crowd....

BTW Have u seen the 1st look of "Veer" looks like a dud from start. Abhi to because of recession the shooting has been stopped.

And that's you??? hehehe u look soooo different....

Psssttt are you ok? 2 posts in 2 days??

Varun: Aamir goes overboard in so many aspects.. and now his ADs are so damn irritating especially the Tata Sky ones.. YUCK!!!

Everyone wants break from PC... :)

I feel same, Yuvvraaj ka kuchh nahi keh sakte.

Smita: Aamir as brand is surely gone for toss now and more so after his Tata Sky and Samsung ADs. He comes across as a lunatic on loose in Samsung ones.

PC should not show her face for another 2 years at least.

I think it is postponed as per yesterday news. There is some problem with distributor. But I do not know the current stand. And I feel its a dud too. I havent seen 'Veer' yet... Btw, Salman wrote the script himself.. interesting..

Yes, thats me.. And I am absolutely fine.. I am just catching up with you.

I had read somewhere that Veer is an adaption of "Suryavanshi" this script too was written by Salman :D

Sometimes I feel that one look of the making is enough for a lay man like me to decide the movie will be a dud then why can't these so called professionals see it???

Oh yes, now I remember 'Suryavanshi' was written by him, hahaha.. kya movie thi by god...

I agree to that.. I mean, how can they not realize that what they made is a crap once they preview it..

Aamir has got too big for his shoes. Priyanka is really everywhere! I liked Bheja Fry and so I'm waiting for Dasvidaniya.

Looking cute! Tell na where is your brother standing? I'm still waiting for a post on you and your twin brother!

hey how can you forget the greatest movie ever made which is also releasing tomorrow deshdrohi it is about how migrants from north india are treated or mistreated in my city (mumbai) this is a movie with a message you have to see it and also the actor kamaal khan has one thing common with aamir khan he is the actor as well as the producer of the movie this movie has the potential to win an oscar pity the movie is banned in maharashtra

Reema: Aamir surely needs to re-think of his strategy.

Cute?? Hehe.. I think I look silly... my bro had glasses that time..

Shankar: Welcome here boy. And my mistake I forgot Deshdrohi.. and isn't it coincidence all three movies start with letter 'D'.. i hoe that doesn't spell 'DISASTER' haha barring one as Deshdrohi for sure is one....

And Kamal Khan spells his name as KRK (like SRK)... haha.. too funny.. I will surely watch it and bore you with my take on it.

U r right, Aamirs in the limelight a lot these days. I am sure people would get used to seeing him so often that they would look for others. Didnt this happen to Amitabh and then SRK?

Priyanka looks good with Akki, right? Oh wait, and Amrish Puri too :D

Thanks for doing the tag buddy. You look sooooo different. couldnt find your twin though !

glad that someone hates raja hidustani..i didn't even watched that and mela...shit movies.

yeah momento could be a hit...
i was feeling the same about his look..so like fanaa..

this pic of yours hehe
bhai mast lag rahe ho kone mein :D

PC was never my type - didnt like her ever - I think I've seen 2 of her movies ever! And it was a coincidence that she was in them.

Frankly speaking, I'm kinda tired of the Khans now! Like Kumble n Ganguly, they shd also retire and make way for others... If they really do it, they shd also take Abhishek, Sunny and Govinda with them. Not to forget, PC too ... lol

Btw, just for kicks, was the title of ur post meant for this pic that u've put up... eh!

I agree with you completly on this, had written something on similar lines a month back at PFC.

Vimmuuu: Yes, it happened to Big B and SRK, and it will happen to Aamir as well.

For PC, I would say hmm Amrish Puri (May his soul rest in peace).

My twin n me aren't identical so it wud be surely tough to guess. He used to wear specs then.

V: Yea man, Raja Hindustani was horrible and Aamir has done many such horrible ones.

Memento could be a hit.. haha got it.. U don even wan to say its Ghajini as it is straight rip-off of Memento...

Haan ek dum gol-matol tha mai bachpan me...:)

E-I-S-I I too never liked PC, never. Not even when she won Miss World. She is not what you call hot and beautiful. She can be good for a vamp though. :)

Yea and they should also take Tusshar, Zayed, Fardeen too along with them..

Title of the post applies to both 'the pic' and 'Aamir' though as a fact for former and sarcastically for the later.. :):)

Tanul: Oh, is it? I missed it at the PFC I guess. I will check now. "title sounds very interesting" LOL

hmmmm you are right about Aamir. I guess success does that to people. Havent we seen a great actor like Kamal Hasan doing Dasavatharam! Really sad, na!
Priyanka was good in BluffMaster but I too never liked her much. Not seen Fashion yet. I want to see Dostana. I wanted to stay away from Karan Johar movies but I am hearing good things about this.
About KRK, ROFL! I did want to see Deshdrohi. It would have made a nice comedy but alas its banned here :(((

BTW The snap is absolutely cute lol
and I never knew you had a twin!!!! Really?


dying lizard? SRK? LOL!
I like Srk, but a portion of my mind accepts your description as most befitting! ;)
Anyway, Srk hasnt got mental probs like Amir(to say the least! :P)

WIAN: Yes, Yes..it happened to Hassan and Big B too and so many others.

Watch Dostana, it's a good fun. Can be watched at least once and pls stay away from K-Jo's direction (this one is not).

For Deshdrohi, u wan me to write the dvd n sent over.. Btw, KRK is so cool.. isn't he...lol...

I have a twin, yes...:)

Ayushi: To be honest I just hate SRK on screen , the SRK off screen is such a nice n witty person.

Nice pic dude.. kids always look cute, hai na.

Fashion was good, am not crazy about PC either.

Aamir ka kya bolen.. I dislike that haircut.. hehe.. but as you say his six packs are way better than SRK's. those were super ew..


How can Memento have songs!!!!!!
I am still shocked that the movie has songs!
And I am watching Dostana today. Hope it is worth all the money. I think RNBDJ will work too but i am not so sure about Yuvraj.


I agree with the flaunting part of Aamir's looks and whatevers. But don't say anything about Porky Chops. She is my personal favorite. :D

Avdi: Kids are cute.. haan ji but I know of some horrible looking ones too... hehe

PC's best till now is 'Dostana'...and the day she surpasses that I would stop loving 'Kareena' (whom I love from the day one and will always till she dies)

Amit: Memento and for that matter not any Holly movie can get away with songs unless classified as 'Musical' which 'Memento' is not for sure.

Yuvvraaj is now getting released on Nov 21 (unlike what I wrote as per some reports) but trust me I guess Yuvvraaj will fail. RNBDJ is a winner from the word go (unlike what I feel).

Anniyan: Nothing against if you like PC... Each to his own... :) But read my reply to Avdi where I told something about her.

You love kareena???????????? my eyebrows just hit the roof..

rakhi sawant ka kya hoga?

i rack and rack my brains .. but cant think of a single heroine i love.. proves i aint a les hehehe

Of course I love Kareena, Rakhi too I love but that's more sympathy-wala love.

Well yes that proves..but I do love few male actors here n there.. so does that mean.. ahem ahem..

ahem ahem.. it would sure make things interesting. as a wise man says - being bisexual immediately ups your chance of a date on saturday night by 50%

Yes Indeed, and I do not see anything wrong in that. In fact, I feel more the merrier. :):)

this is my first time here, and i loved the template and the content. Cant agree more with ur opinion of AK and the rest of the films. the photo, tho is my fave part of the post.

How-Do-We-Know: Welcome and Thank You. :)

New post on PFC! :)


Oh look at him - he's so pathetic! :D
First of all, they can't make original movies. Then, they try to build bodies and flaunt them! Disgusting!

damn big b.. i miss this place..

Tanul: Thanks. I checked.

Nikhil: Yeah, disgusting. Nothing wrong in getting inspired from, but what matters is accept it.

V: Oh-ho. Koi nahi, abhi padhai khatam kar, fir aa, masti karenge

hi after a long time!
really, I couldn't understand the necessity of 6 pack abs for this role in gajini.. and doesn't Asin look HUGE vis a vis Aamir??

Bouncing-Bubble Hey, hows u? Long time seriously.. hows everything ?

Exactly... Asin looks maha-huge for Aamir. And the need for 6 pack was that Aamir has to somehow prove he is the best. somehow.. He wants to sail in all boats.. nonsense though. I am tired of him now.


The saddest part is - that even that body and abs are fake. The abs are painted on. Shah Rukh actually admitted it, though most people missed it (in fact youtube has videos where they have Shah Rukh joking about it while the make up is being applied to his body). Indian movie going audience is the most gullible in the world. You can ripoff anything, fake anything, and they will lap it up.. Why bother being original or actually being creative - if cheap knockoffs, some paint can rake in billions of rupees as well?

Kishore: Oh yes absolutely. It's all fake..

Ah, that's interesting... u cud have given the link as well buddy, now I have to search on youtube.. ;)

And I would completely agree to the gullible factor.. Look what they have done to Memento in the name of 'being inspired'.. utter trash..

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