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Ain’t you guys tired of reading numerous posts on this tag? I am. If you too are, then stop reading right away and visit when I write my next. :) No offenses.

I remember, (few of you might too) I (along with my twin brother) was pulled in many times to play ghar-ghar by my sister. Sister’s saheli and my brother were always first selection for Maa-Papa; I was their child and Sister played teacher and I was to do all the tasks every time whilst they all sat and just ordered. Anyways, that was long time ago. After some gazillion years I feel the same. Vimmuuu and Anniyan sat and just ordered. I acted ignorant but I wasn’t to be spared. So here I go and play tag-tag this time.

1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
Well, I almost killed one in past (last minute savior popped up from nowhere). Next time, I will be a lot faster.

2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
I wish to appear on any famous magazine along with Uma Thurman (of course, semi-nude).

3. Whose butt would you like to kick?
Raj Thackeray.

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
I will give a part to Rakhi Sawant so that this time at least she goes under the blade entirely and gets her assets and assortments in proportion. I don’t know what I will do with the rest.

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?
Yeah, it happened once. And now, no. I will never. I can for sure say it’s good to fall in love and then become good friends (in my case at least).

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
???? If you ask the same question to my partner and suppose we both reply ‘loving someone’ then what would you call it? How would you reach any conclusion?

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
A week or two. Ok, 3 weeks max.

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
Ah, lovely situation. Well, no issues. Let her be attached. I will attach myself too.

9. If you like to act with someone, who will it be? Your gf/bf or an actress/actor?
Oh, I always act. I mean at least half of the times in the beginning of dating. Don’t we all? Oh, you mean in theater/movies and all that jazz. Well, anyone except Rakhi Sawant. I adore her too much to be seen in the same frame. She is my idol.

10. What takes you down the fastest?
Wrong mix in my Rum/Whiskey.

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?
I had no answer to this when I was filling the slam books of my friends in school exactly ten years ago to this year and I do not have it now. Or may be I would be responding to this question somewhere once again ten years from now as the trend seems to suggest.

12. What’s your fear?
Rakhi Sawant proposing me. I mean who in right sense would say no to something as raunchy as her. Come on, she is my idol and let me be like Meera and do idol worship.

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
God only knows. Or maybe God too doesn’t. :)

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
Single and ANYTHING (poor or rich doesn’t matter)

15. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
I thank my stars that I did not wake up next to my idol.

16. Would you give all in a relationship?
I would give just what is needed.

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
Ah, another lovely situation. I like such situations. I would pick both if they are ready to live in harmony. We all can live like a nice family a la those in K serials or K-Jo movies.

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing that special someone has done?

I will try to strangle them once. If I fail, I would forgive and forget..

19. Your favorite pick up line (Original Question: What are your three most important expectations in love?)
Nice dress, how about a fuck?

20. List 6 people to tag:
I guess by now almost everyone is either tagged or got bored of reading it. So I tag none in particular.

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43 Pointless but Viscous Comments.

Pointless and Viscous Comment No 1

wow!!!! Oxy you are too good. I simmmmmmply loved the way u answered it.

Rakhi Sawant is your idol??? wow!!!!!! Am speechless...
The day u meet her do call me I know what to do with her...

- I'll make her a permanent Idol :D
- I'll murder her
- I'll seal her mouth permanently

Rakhi Sawant an ideal match for still speechless....hmmmmmmmmm no wonder you are still hunting *devilish grin*

Smita: Well, Yes, Rakhi actually is much more than just an idol. Please give us your blessings. We are in dire need of the blessings. This Zailm Jamaana will never understand us.

The day I meet her I myself don't know what will I do. I guess I would be totally in awe of her persona.

Pointless and Viscous Comment No 2

In Awe with her persona???

Vari jaaon main to...

Jao I won't give my blessing to you. Koi aur nahin mili tumhain....Who wants such kind of bahu in their family (speaking on behalf of your mom)

Zamana Zaalim nahin hai...zamana aklmand hai...there is still time hope you come to ur sense

-Your well wisher.

well written Oxy...

especially the Uma Thurman one...
i just loved it...
and N.14 has still got me laughing...

good one. and im so glad that you've not tagged anyone...!!!

Oxy :

Boy, Your obsessed with Rakhi. Never thought anyone would be. But I heard she was a 'he' before !!! Try Sherlyn/ Mona instead.

Ans #14 was too good. It doesnt matter if you are rich or poor when you are single; you are happy eitherwise !!!

Smita :

Lets bring Oxy boy to his senses.

Smita: U were one hope and u say this. No frets though.
What do you mean by 'such bahu'. She is human too. Please respect your bahu (on my mother's behalf:))

I know I have chosen a thorny path when I chose Rakhi but our love will prevail all these bakwaas u and this society blabber. Some day for sure.

And do not coax me to open my mouth about certain shirtless Khan. You better be ready to accept her or chuck me from your life.

Preeti: Isn't Uma the hottest? No, No, No I do not take you other wise. Any one can comment on any one's hotness!!! Like I say, If I were a girl I would not have settled for any one other than Al Pacino.

Single rules. I better be single and flirt around than getting married and hooked to just one. Just one life and how can I possibly leave out on so many opportunities?

Vimmuuu:Ram Ram Ram, do not say such things about her. Those are all rumors. Well, Sherlyn is not bad either. She is in pipeline but who is Mona? Mona Jassi Singh????

Pointless and Viscous Comment No 3


With a heavy heart...

Remember that dialog of MPK?
Aisi ladki badon ki respect, choton ko pyaar thode na degi, matar bhi nahin cheelegi

Am so sad that you have chosen this path. This reminds me of the drama she did in 10 Ka Dum.

Remember how pretty (!!!) she looked with that crooked & flowing nose. She is for sure melodramatic and a nightmare for all MIL's

Imagine what hue n cry she will create if your mom asks her to wash some bartan.
Aapko pata nahin main item girl hoon?? Aur aap mere ko bartan dhone ko bol rahe ho?? Kya item girl insaan nahin hote??? You are also treating me like a bai. Item girl ki koi value hi nahin hai.

She'll walk off and when you go to manaao her

She slaps you and says, you don't have guts

*I shudder*

Still time hai maan jaao....will find a lovely girl for you..I swear..

@ Vimmu
Am with you :)

Wow! Your answers gave me such a turn-on!! :P

Smita: This is going haywire. Ok, Let me bring this on track. I said she is my idol. And I have no wish to marry her. You played so Iplayed along regarding marrying her n all. Let me just keep worshiping her.

And anyways let me defend her (whomever she wishes to marry).

Aajkal chheele chheelaye matar bazaar me uplabdh hain toh wo kyun chheele matar.

Pyaar toh usme umad umad ke aata hai. Puri ki puri pyaar ki putali hai meri Rakhi.

I wish whomever she marries she gets all the love n respect.

Sam: Careful boy!!! Run, Run fast to the loo before it.....

Wah! Wah!

Kya pyaar chalak raha hai :D

Thank God you have come to your senses....

Brilliant answers. And Rakhi Sawant, really, she merits a temple at least.

Smita: Well, Pyaar hai bhara hua oth chhalkaayen kyun nahi.

Avionic: Thank you. Will you help me with finances pls?? :):)


Smita *faints*


1. You almost killed ur ex.hehe…I just loved it..!!
2. Uma Thurman, man shez hot..let ur dream come true sometime..!!
3. Raj Thackeray..i wish I could kick his groin..F@cker...!!
4. Yuck..!! Rakhi…I would have paid her for stitching her mouth..!!
5. Hmm..Sometimes it proves right to love your best friend..!!
6. that was funny..these questions are silly, actually…
7. hehe..
8. hehe..again..
9. hehe..again man..
10. wonderful..!! but I think ur fav is something else..


Meanwhile, have the pick up line worked


I have a brilliant title for this comment section...

Saas Bahu Aur Rakhi Sawant & beech main aya temple ;-)

No, Mona is another name of Sherlyn.

Temple for Rakhi ????? and I thought the LHC was going to end this world !!!

About living with 2 loves...pssstttt... you know even in this age, I know someone who has 2 wives and all living under one roof! And this guy happens to be a colleague of mine! Imagine that!

i fell in love with my best friend and now we are not even friends.. :(

rakhi sawant --she must be so happy to have a follower like you :D

number 10 ..hehe so true.

19..u say that??? :o

Al Pacino...ooohhh...
And Uma is the hottest...maybe the fact that a pure blonde sporting a traditional Indian name adds to the heat quotient...

single rules...?

well...what do i say...haaa opportunities are more, options increase...but then...tch...wo koi ek hona chahiye na...?

Loved your answer for Q17 :)

Lets do one thing. Lets trade Rakhi Sawant for Kashmir. What say?

We'll solve two problems in one shot.

Ek teer do nishaana ;)

Dekho maine aaj ek Item girl ki value kitni bada di

Smita: Why not? If women can drool over few shirtless male actors then why can't men build temple for their idol? Women!!! Huh!!!

And for temple thing, Lets bring Avionic to task. He started all this temple thingy. And actually I am game for it provided I get finances from other Rakhi-Bhakts as well.

Vinz: Yups, My fav is something else and I take that as dessert after gulping Rum/Whiskey.. :)

Well, yes it worked just once so far and haven't tried it of late.

Thanks :)

Vimmuuu: Boy, Rakhi is no less than a LHC. Watch out for her.

If Khushboo and others can have temple on their name, what 'gunaah' Rakhi has done?

WIAN: Ah, interesting!!! So, few years down the line you will talk of me that way to others, "Oh, I have a online friend and he is with 2 or 3 lovers and they all staying happily".

Say 'AMEN' now to that. :)

Vicky: Happened to me tooonce and decided no lovey-dovey stuff with those who are friends already.

for No. 19, I said that once and it worked. Haven't used that after that, though still its my fav.

Preeti: I meant being single rules. :) Haan, wo ek hona chahiye ka funda mujhe aaj tak samajh nahi aaya. I mean why can it stop at 'wo ek' why cant it be more than one or may be none. But why 'just that one' is so over used and abused.

Varun: No trading of Rakhi please. Trade any one else, spare Rakhi.

And what do ya mean by Item girl ki value. Kya wo ek insaan nahi hai? Kya uske seene me dil nahi hai? Kya uske andar emotions nahi hai?


nice done dude...
u want to kick raj thakrey's butt..i would kick his fathers too :P
Rakhi sawanth .. :P
yeah she is sexy ..but idol :O ..

actually yeah , i am kind of bored of reading these tags..
guess what i need to do 2 tags :(

Arvind: Yes, Let's kick everyone's butt from that family...

Rakhi is every inch worth being an idol. Trust me.

Get down to task and finish your tags buddy..

Haha! Don't worry, it's well-trained to behave. :P

Sam: Very well then.. Obedient young bro u got in there.. :)


Rakhi Sawant? your idol? really?!? Oh boy!!
Has your pick up line ever worked?! :)


*7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
A week or two. Ok, 3 weeks max.*
ROFL !!!


Adding yu tu my blogroll :D

Have gifted you a brillianto weblog award which you need to display here pronto.

maza aa gaya... tag ka mincemeat ban gaya.. chalo tadka laga ke khayen.

yeah..never fall in love with a friend again...but don't u think love starts with friendship??

My Head Trip: Yups, Rakhi it is along with many 'such'. Yups, my pick up line has worked. Tried once, worked. Never tried after that. Though it's still my fav.

Alphabet World: Hye there, welcome to my space. Thanks for the add. Will check out you later if you do not mind. In a hurry.

Avdi: Oh yea? Hmm, I will surely but in some time. Thodi jaldi me hun...

mazaa aaya na... hehe, mujhe bhi, likhate wakt..

Vicky: Nopes, Love in most case doesn't start with friendship. What you might be referring here could be a school/college crush or infatuation. And at the same time I do not deny that Love doesn't start with friendship (but in few cases). It does, but I better say it should not start with friendship.

yaa it shouldn't ..

pata nai..i am a bit confused here...

Vicky: Mere Bhai, There is nothing to get upset or confused about. Life is too short to think n ponder over things for long. Just take things the way they come and then act accordingly..

Hugs Back

Have fun and take care. Big bro is watching you... :):)


This is not exactly what I would call a "decent" tag. But then, I laughed quite a bit reading it. :)

Anniyan: And what was so indecent here..? Who decides the line b/w decent n indecent.. U call my love for Rakhi an indecent.. I m hurt.. :(:( or was it some other line which u felt were not appropriate..

OMG! I m late!!
Rakhi is ur idol??? :O :O how? why?
"Let her be attached. I will attach myself too."
To her or someone else?
"Nice dress, how about a fuck?"
And thats why u got the honest blogger award from me.

Reema: Rakhi indeed is my idol.. how? why? Pata nahi Reema. Pata hi nahi chala kab ho gaya. Sachi.

Attached? Hmm, now that depends.. Hehe.. :):)

Thanks and that reminds me I need to flaunt that award... :):)


Oxy...Ans8 had me in splits...

cutest :)

MD: I know I know.. Isn't it? Ain't me too...:)

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