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A Quickie is a Quickie is a Quickie.

Last ten days and I watched some of the best movies. Here's some Quickie Recommendations in Movies you should definitely watch: My list is in order of my recommendations (from highly recommended to somewhat highly recommended, there is nothing in this list which is least recommended).

From Hollywood:

1)Breakfast at Tiffany's: (1961)
Protagonists: Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard. Based on the novel of same name written by Truman Capote (Oh, he is so good), the movie also was written by him (Oh, he is so good). Audrey as Holly Golightly is now my all time fav character (amongst actresses) on screen. The story revolves around her and her histrionics in this 1961 Drama movie which won an Oscar for Audrey (undoubtedly) and another for the beautiful song '
Moon River'.
Rating – 5 Stars

2)How Green was My Valley: (1941)
Protagonists: Roddy McDowall and Maureen O'Hara. Based on the novel of same name written by Richard Llewellyn, the movie is about the Morgan family: the story narrated by Huw Morgan, youngest of all amongst six brothers and one sister. Huw is the black sheep of the family (possessing academic inclination in the family of miners). However, he too becomes a miner like them and narrates this story when he is leaving the city he grew up in.

Rating – 4 Stars

3)JFK: (1991)
Protagonists: Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones. This controversial movie directed by Oliver Stone is not about JF Kennedy but the follow-up to the murder of President. Kevin Costner as Jim Garrison re-opens the JFK’s assassination case, trying to prove that The President was not killed by Lee Oswald but was a victim of conspiracy plotted by the secret services, FBI, CIA, Vice-President and a Businessman Clay Shaw.
Rating – 31/2 Stars

4)A Streetcar named Desire: (1951)
Protagonists: Marlon Brando and Vivien Leigh. Blanche (Vivien) takes refuge at her sister’s place. Her brother-in-law Stanley (Marlon) labels her as a melodramatic and tortures her (both mentally and eventually physically) in hope that she speaks the truth about her past. The major highlight of this flick is the dialogues.

Rating – 31/2 Stars

From Across the Globe:

5)The Lives of Others: German (2006)
Protagonists: Ulrich Muhe, Ulrich Tukur, Sebastian Koch and Martina Gedeck. Winner of Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, movie is of time when
Germany was divided into East and West. Before the fall of Berlin Wall, East Germany secret police Stasi bugged the homes of all those whom they suspected are with the west part of Germany. And in this film, famous playwright and his actress lover became the victim. How this political drama and thriller unfolds is something to watch out for. A superb storyline with an awesome climax makes this film a classic in times to come.
Rating – 5 Stars

6)Lust, Caution: Chinese (2007)

Protagonists: Tony Wai and Wei Tang. Remember Ang Lee, famous director of Crouching Tiger and Brokeback Mountain. Ang comes with a spying thriller set during World War-II. A young woman (Wei) befriends a political figure (Tony) on behest of her revolutionary friends. The movie has multi-layer themes running parallel to the plot of assassinating the political figure. There is love, lust, sex, romance, drama, and suspense. This can be related closely to our own RDB including the climax where the revolutionaries die but unlike RDB, here they fail in their attempt to kill the politician and are shot and thrown from the cliff. A gut-wrenching film.
Rating – 4 Stars

7)Caramel: Lebanese (2007)
Protagonists: Nadine Labaki (also, the director of this film). Layale (Nadine) runs a beauty parlor and is supposedly seeing a very much married, a high profile figure. The story revolves around her and four other women (3 of them work with her) and one who visits their parlor. The basic plot is that of romantic comedy. All ladies are going to love this as they would be able to relate to the parlor talks. They share their married life, sex life, mid-life crisis and in turn support each other. All men would love seeing this film where each one of the girl is more gorgeous than the other. A light-hearted film which will make you realize the importance of being content with less.

Rating – 31/2 Stars

Please do share your opinion, If you have seen any of these?

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14 Pointless but Viscous Comments.

BC, Rad page Dude..

Out of all these :( :( I have seen only How Green Was my Valley - Man whatta movie. It was AweFUCKINGsome.

I really should do some serious movie viewing.. some serious reading .. so much to do.. so little time.

you know my view on this :D


BC bows in acknowledgment.

Yes you should. Like people do daily exercise, Yoga, Gym et al. i do daily one movie viewing...:) You should too.

I just cant believe this!

I write a very similar article called Small is Beautiful. I started it in april and I have plans to come up with it every month :



@Oxy - I do not like to watch very old movies. Like 1975 onwards is fine.Anything before that, I would ignore. Out of the whole list, I have seen 'JFK' and I liked it. Rest - I have no idea but thanks for the quickie :)


Thnx for the link. I checked them and left comment...

And yea, KBK...:):)Lol..

@RJ Boy, what are you saying? Man, there are some real gems made in 40s, 50s, and 60s.... How can you miss them if you love good cinema.. I tell you start watching them dost...

I don't know yaar! I cant sit through black n white or east man color films.

I can watch it on one condition though :) You watch Jaane Tu with me (*not gayish*) & I watch the old movies...wat ya say? :D :P

@ RJ Boy, Tu saala maanega nahi na... I will watch JTYJN on one condition. I need to get completely drunk plus need to take anesthesia so that I cam sleep off while watching it. hehehe, manzoor hai?

@Oxy - Ok! Done! dekhta hain tu kaisa soyegaa karke...:D

@ RJ, Ekdum... fulltoo, barobar kaminaas

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