I can write a poem too  

Posted by Vee

S tagged me to write a poem, haha. That was enough to laugh. I warned her but she was ready to bear the onslaught. What I had to loose, but I hope RJ doesn't lose his senses after this. Go on, get murdered.

Jack and Jill,
Came up to Me,
Said Jill, "Give me a Pill",
Else I'll be a Mommy.

The Other day I met RGV,
And we discussed his 'Aag',
So rotten felt He,
But I told, Please don't Nag.

Harman came crying, "Why Me"?,
You make faces as if u have to Pee,
He continued, "But we tried so hard,
Wonder where the surgery went wrong",
I said, cuz your dad is not bald,
And you should clear your bowels before you break into song.

PS The poet has tried his best to rhyme. Isn't poetry all about that?

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terrible poem!

give up!
take up counting crows :P

It was me who tagged u??? AM I cursing myself??? Errrr No comments on that but trust me u r giving me competition :D


hahaha!!! please don't continue even though you rhyme.. how do you tag people?

@Oxy - Okie if Jaane tu was thrash acc to you, this is yuck! :D :P

Frankly, it had the cuteness in it and I kinda liked it :)

Dosti ke naate ek promise karegaa?? aage se aise harkat mat karna...plzzz :)

haha.. nice one..
jill and pill rhymed well :D


I think you should leave poetry to the masters... You're so good at this that they'll have a complex, thats why! :D

@ Mystique Dew,
I counted crows too, They covered me with their shit..

@ S, U bet... Btw, wasn't it damn nice?

@ Varun, I will continue. I am going to be next T.S. Eliot, just wait and watch.. tagging is simple.. Just mention "I tag all people who are reading this". Simple.

@ RJ, Yucky poems are the in-thing these days. Oh cute, is it? I knwo it is.. :):)

@ Sandeep, Thnx so much. Cuz I need encouragement to write more stuff like this.

@ Nikhil, Bows in acknowledgment. Thank you. Will write more soon.. haha


Good job dude... many tend to write poems on a serious note and this is the first poem in ages that has made me ROFL... if u stop writing publicly for others' sake, then mail ur works to me...


Wow, finally some real taker of my poems...I will surely write more...)

P.S. Welcome to my blog, added u in roll..:)

Oh good god, I cant believe you actually did this. and i thought u were supposed to write a love poem !!! and JTYJN still sucks when compared to your poem.But Imust admit, I laughed reading, or rather reciting it.

Vimmuuu Boy,

Its a love poem.. read it with eyes of love... hehehe...

Glad u liked it.. now i will write more... wot say?

damn man..u suck big time..lol..
but it made me laugh..hehe

haha....hahahaha.... :D
They say when you can't say something good..don't say anything at all.. :D..Its time I follow that saying..!! :p :P

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