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From Hollywood:

Rain Man: (1988)

Protagonists: Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. Tom Cruise is self-centered man dealing with automobiles and is at loggerheads with his father. When his father dies, he gets just a car in will whereas 3 Million Dollars goes to some guy called Raymond. Tom gets into this matter only to realize that this Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) is his own brother. Raymond is autistic who lives in his own world and has no idea what money means? Tom is not willing to let go 3 Million Dollars to some autistic person (so what if the guy is his brother) and kidnaps him. They start a road trip and the rest of the movie is how Tom has change of heart. This Oscar winner (4 in total) movie is a light watch. Watch it on a lazy afternoon.

Rating – 4

From Here To Eternity: (1953)

Protagonists: Montgomery Clift, Frank Sinatra, Burt Lancaster, Donna Reed and Deborah Kerr. Director of movies like ‘The Day Of The Jackal’ and ‘Julia’, Fred Zinnemann who has personally won many Oscars hit the maximum with FHTE (8 Oscars). The movie is about Army man ‘Prewitt’ who is been transferred to Hawaii. An ex-boxing champion refuses to Box anymore (citing the reason he injured his friend badly in eye when last he boxed). However, his Captain makes no stone unturned in convincing him and in turns makes his life living hell. Meanwhile, Sergeant Warden is seeing Captain’s lonely wife and Prewitt’s friend Maggio (Frank Sinatra) gets into trouble with another sergeant. The movie has some interesting dialogues and cinematography.

Rating – 4

The Seven Year Itch: (1955)

Protagonists: Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell. Tom after sending his wife and son for vacation gets into conversing/flirting with his upstairs neighbor Marilyn. He is a professional proof reader and is currently reading a book which talks of ‘The Seven Year Itch’ (that most married men get into extra-marital affair after seven years of marriage). He is highly imaginative and sometimes over imagines things. It’s funny and it’s refreshing. Watch out for famous skirt raising sequence of Marilyn’s.

Rating – 3

From Bollywood:

Love Story 2050: (2008)

Protagonists: Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra. My brain was r@ped brutally. The movie is utter trash since ‘Hindustan Ki Kasam’ in late 90s. There were many that came and went but HKK stood its ground. Watch it if you want to have the best laugh. And now shaking the ground firmly held till now by HKK is LS 2050. I have nothing to say about the movie. Please do not watch.

Rating – ZERO

My Predictions:

3 Hindi movies are releasing tomorrow simultaneously.

Mission Istanbul – Flop to Average

Money Hai Toh Honey Hai – Flop, no doubt about that

Ugly Aur Pagli – A sleeper hit.

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22 Pointless but Viscous Comments.

*yawn* What kind of movies do u watch :P

I wanna see U n' P hope it doesn't disappoint two are to sure shot flops!!!!!

BTW i read somewhere that KK is doing well :D

Those are the kinds of movies I watch. Don't you dare talk of taste now... Liking Shahid anyways says all about the taste buds..

U n P se mujhe bhi hopes hain...

BTW I too read something related to KK somewhere and that was just opposite to what U read... interesting

heheheh.. love ur take on LS2050..hehehhehe

er..wots a sleeper hit?

Mystique Dew,

U should watch LS 2050 to see how can some one screw every aspect of film-making... And I know you did not read the take of other movies I mentioned...:):)

Sleeper hit are those movies which do not create unnecessary hype n hoopla before the release.. those movies which many do not consider to be worth going for in theater... those movies which do not have big star cast but once released they become one of the highest grosser. for example these are some of the sleeper hits (don know how many u know outta these) : Bheja Fry, Pyaar Ke Side Effects, Khosla Ka Ghosla et al.

Mystique Dew,

And amongs Hollywood movies would be 'Little Miss Sunshine, American Pie etc..


I see...Yup I know Bheja fry its a rip off from another english movie..

grins @ not reading the other reviews....most of the glossy, goody goody stuff washes over me.

Bheja fry was rip off from french movie, not english....

and girl these are not some sob dramas I am talking of. read carefully, they are awesome ones.. I watch only meaningful cinema.. :):)

Ranvir n Mallika.. yumm.. i hope they are as good as rahul bose n mallika..

I have seen bits of RainMan and its fascinating.. Dustin Hoffman was SUPERIOR. I saw this after I read The Curious Incident of the Dog In the i knew wht was on in Dustin's mind.


Mallika n Ranvir are gonna rock, trust me.. even if the movies sinks, they will come out winner. Do you also see that this Maliika girl is really doing some sensible stuff now. She is surely going places. Watch out for her.

Dustin was OUTSTANDING. He was awesome. I never liked Tom but I kinda liked him in this..

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll! U have got a very unique and nice theme.

P.S. I use this id to comment on blogspot but u know where to find me.


Though I added without asing you. Thanks for praising.

P.S. Really? Interesting. Though I wonder of Hows, Whats and Whens?

Oxy boy : I felt the same watching LS 2050. The worst part was that I booked the tickets for this about 3days prior to the release , for me and my non hindi speaking friends. The last time they came out with me was for Race and they almost killed me. I am hiding from then since LS 2050.


Welcome back.. whr were u hiding all these days...??? u have the habit of showing the wrong hindi movies to ur non hindi speaking friends. Next time ask me before u take them...:)

Have heard a lot about Rain Man. Will surely watch it on DVD next weekend.


U must watch that movie man,. Do it soon.

lol at LS2050!
What do you predict about Gajini?


That I will predict a week before the release. ;) Lol.. Kidding.

Well, I feel Ghajini has the potential to become one of the top 5 hits of 2008 and not to forget Aamir getting nomination for Best Actor in all possible awards functions which he will happily not attend, and he will go onto get nominated for National awards which he will attend for sure (cant say about him winning that)...

Overall, Its a hit from the word go.

P.S. Vannakam to my space. :) Added u


Wow!!! What a unique website. I really liked the background.
About the movies, I have seen Rainman and really liked it. And, yes, LS 2050 too. Although I didn't like it but it was kind of timepass. I gave it a 2/5. :) I know, you are really shocked. :P


Thank you and Welcome.

Yups, Rain Man is a good watch. Abt LS 2050, I recovered finally thanks to another set of good flicks I watched recently.

@Oxy - Rainman is nice, other flicks you have mentioned are too old for me :)

About the bollywood flicks - haven't watched any - too busy working :(


too old???? Dude, do watch them if you like good cinema.. thats all I say to u...

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