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Shelling out at least 200 bucks for a movie left with me no choice but to catch one on DVD and other in theater of the two releases this Friday. I wasn’t even half confused about which one to watch in theater. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na was in my mind and JTYJN was the one I went for, though I wasn’t keen on catching this on first day. Anyways, saw it and here it is what I have to say.

Jay and Aditi (Imran and Genelia) are friends for five years surrounded with four other friends. Jay is basically a fattoo (rats) whereas Aditi is fearless one (meow) and then others are referred bounce, roltu and what not. Jay and Aditi are just friends (according to them), friends and parents think they are in love. Jay and Aditi deny that with an eeeww-eeeww-how-can-you-possibly-think-that act and set onto look for a marriageable partner for each other only to realize they indeed are in love with each other whilst Jay proposing to her at done-to-death-clichéd -airport climax.

Jay and Aditi are friends for five years and never realize or get attracted to each other (of course sexually I mean).

Now, how could that be possible? Have we forgotten the golden lines of Maine Pyaar Kiya “Ladka ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte” which I modified to “unless one of them is gay/lesbian” and which our leads are not (at least that’s what it is shown). Before you jump guns, let me tell you a guy and girl are bound to feel something if thrown together for so long. Period.

Just passed out college students are keener on looking for marriageable partners than looking for a job.

Those rich kids I tell you have their priorities set already. Or is it that the makers have high Yash Raj films and K-Jo films hangover where all that matters is how good you look and how soon you get into lust-love-sex-dump-next act.

Supporting casts are some strange weirdos I tell you.

Aditi’s parents are super cool to start with. All they do is leave the place for their kids to arrange parties and they themselves are also interested in getting their kids married as soon as they passed out.

Jay’s mom (Ratna Shah) is twenty-first century mom whose dead husband, Jay’s dad (Naseer) speaks from the huge painting. How silly!!!

Meghna’s (Jay’s catch) folks are of twisted minds and Meghna herself believes in living in illusion and what is strange is she herself knows she lives in illusion. I mean, how silly. How can you possibly be in illusion intentionally when you know you are in illusion? Sushant (Aditi’s catch) is MCP. Well, you might say what’s so weird about that? I tell you, yes nothing weird about that, but then nothing weird in showing a real-life situation either.

Amit (Aditi’s bro) who in real life is known as Prateik Babbar (Raj Babbar’s son) is another item. He doesn’t work, never goes out. All he does is paints, read books and gives gyaan on life. Dude, if you know so much, get your life on track first and don’t be such a loser just cuz your only friend (your sis) has got another friends (ain’t we supposed to have friends out of family?) and all you are left with is a white mice as friend. It really got to my nerve him ranting to his sis, “Why did you go away from me sis? You were the only friend I ever had”? Come on, you not doing bad after all. You got white mice. Now, that’s rare catch I tell you dude. Not many people get to have white mice as friend.

Finally, the four common friends. Like U, Me aur Hum, they interfere in lead’s life but unlike UMAH, I loved them. Yes, each of them. They were cute and adorable. But then what’s weird in that? Well, nothing weird. Maybe the weird is why ain’t they leads?

Arbaaz and Sohail Khan: duo brought in for some comedy irritated with their typical Khandaan style dance, acting and expressions.

Original song “Jaane tu ya jaane na”, yes that one too is a supporting cast. Almost throughout you are forced with this song. “Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi, yun hi nahi dil lubhaata koi” is like the anthem of the movie. Everyone seems to have a thing going for them with this song including the airport inspector in the end who sings this to his superior over phone. Eeeww. No, that wasn’t cute AT ALL. You know why? Cuz despite having some good numbers thrown in by AR Rehman, all you end up doing after coming out is hum the original JTYJN song. WHY? Cuz you do not seem to register any other song of the film (yes, including Kabhi Kabhi Aditi one) at the end of the film. Why don’t I buy the CD of original and play it then? AR Rehman did some good work which gets waste.

Script and the climax. Now get real. Why should I be told before watching any Bolly flick that it ain’t Einstein movie so watch it with a pinch of salt. I ask, why it isn’t Einstein then? When will it be for us? U ask, why should it be? I ask, why shouldn’t it be? Many say I seem to run down all Bolly flicks, I say, No, I did like Black Friday, Socha Na Tha, Jab We Met, Dil Dosti Etc and No Smoking of late. JTYJN is a bad take on Socha Na Tha. There can’t be another Socha Na Tha. The writer-director (yeah, both are same) Abbas Tyrewala has punctured his inflated ego himself after writing gems like Maqbool and Munna Bhai.

And why that airport-climax once again? You know why JWM was hit cuz they shown the train and platform and not airport and planes cuz huge Indian middle class survives, I mean depends on trains. Is that a bad analogy? Oh, I guess it is. Why can’t I give such bad analogies when the makers can give much weirder ones?

Is there any silver-lining after all this mess? Surprise!!! Yes, there is. Genelia it is. She is the sole-savior of this sinking ship. She is the STAR of this. Whenever she is on screen, she puts in her best acting. Her dialogues, acting, haav-bhaav, ada-style are just too good. She should be seen more. Imran, well I won’t run him down now (poor boy’s first movie), so let’s give him another chance. But hey, I think I should run him down (cuz I just remembered Refugee). Wasn’t Abhishek written off after that debut? Ok, here I go. Imran can’t dance/act/emote saala. That’s it.

Go for Genelia.

P.S. I am still not repenting for choosing this over LS 2050 for a big screen watch. Cuz I know LS 2050 is not even worth half watch. I will watch it though and bug you all with my take on that. Ciao.

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65 Pointless but Viscous Comments.

I like it and you know it :) Though nice review for a person who doesn't like the movie :)

Nice blog you got here and I am adding you to my blogroll without your permission that is! :D

P.S. I like Jaane tu :)

Yea, the movie had 'Sucks' written all over it. Genalia has spawned fan clubs already. Guys are drooling over her.

But I have heard LS2050 is like the hugest dud- who wants a hritik wannabe??? poor priyanka ! I hope she doesnt go down with the ship.


Yes I know it. Thanks for liking my take despite you liking the movie.

RJ again,

Thanks for adding into your roll. You are already there (not showing as roll, but in 'Bookmarks')


U bet!!! Genelia is much more than just a drooling factor. She is an awesome artist.

LS 2050 is a disaster but u know I guess I will have field day reviewing that. Haha.. I look for such suckers...


Disclaimer: Eac to its own

When we don't have perfect characters (personalities) in real life then why do we expect that in a movie??

If the girl is living in an illusion then whats so weird about it? I mean that kind of ppl do exist.

Sure somethings in the movie like an early mrrg were strange but overall I found the movie quite real as far as charactersiatons were concerned...

Do i need to add I loved the movie?? :D

Stop analysing so much, sometimes watch a movie to enjoy buddy.



Why can't I analyze it? I am entitled to analyze considering I am shelling out so much for it. And even if I leave out the money part, I guess I still am right in analyzing it from every angle. Of course I look for enjoyment factor cuz I am not getting paid to write a review, so that means I watch movie for enjoyment and if that is missing for me I do say it the way I feel.

Oh Yes I know u loved it..:):) Good for you..



The "eeeww-eeeww-how-can-you-possibly-think-that act " is even more cliched than "the airport climax"

The only good thing that can come outta these cliches are these rip-roaring reviews :D

Excellent piece.

Keep Writing:)

Mystique Dew,

Oxy bows in acknowledgment. :)

Now I am eager to watch LS 2050 for obvious reasons...:)

P.S. Did ya see JTYJN btw?

me liked Jaane Tu! :D

so dont wanna arugue on merits!! it aint supposed to be a bloody classic!

and i had funw atching it! paisa vasool!! :)



This comment has been removed by the author.


S above said 'Each to his own' , I would say it ain't supposed to be bloody tomfooling either. Glad u liked it. I did not.

@Oxy - So all in all its a ood movie :D :P


Lol man... U, S and few others are hell bent on making me say its a good movie... I have already echoed my views aur ab kya meri jaan leke rahoge kya tum log..:):)

At last, theres some one in this world (apart from critics) who didnt like the movie. Phew ! I was starting to think that I was getting too serious in life ! JTYJN worked only here and there for me. But as a whole, the movie was such a disappointment. I really dont know why aamir agreed to produce this; only for his nephews launch I guess. Those characters in the movie did nothing except partying and worrying about love. I mean, get a life !

and I am with you on the songs part. All of them were forced in the movie. they cudve come up with a better reason for that Kabhi Kabhi song. on top of it, the movie doesnt feature two songs.

you were right about Imran.Y does he make wierd expressions with his face, especially with his lip ? Abbas, in one of his interviews, mentioned that Imran was made to act very naturally. So is that his natural self??

Glad to find someone sharing the same opinion abt JTYJN. Lemme go ahead and read the rest of ur posts.

btw, please stay from Love story 2050.I had plans to kill myself after watching it!

@Oxy - Tereko maana padegaa ki achi movie hain...jab tak nahi manegaa jaan khayegen tera :D :P

Tere baad vimmuuu ka turn aayega :D


And finally there is someone who agreed wholly to my views. I am grinning finally. I was about to have another go at this movie considering everyone told I was being too analytical on this.. Thanks for my rescue. I don't need to watch it again..:)

And glad that u agreed to points I brought out.

Well, for LS 2050, I think I would go for it as such bad ones I enjoy so that I can ave field day writing on them.. U know wot I mean...:)


Ab toh bilkul nahi manunga, now I have a support in form of Vimmuuu... heehaw heehaw


U dont sound dat happy wid d movie tohugh i simply loved it (and it wasnt ONLY coz of Imraan!)..And ofcourse the music by A R Rehman was notches above Anu Malik's. I throughly enjoyed the movie and its music.Sign up on Planet Radio City to get all the latest info about ur fav music and singer/composer. Also get lyrics and meet others who like your kinda music. Spread the word about your favourite music.


First of all are you promoting 'Planet Radio City' here?

Second of all, I did mention ARR's music was good which got completely wasted.

Third of all, I did not mention anything about Anu Malik. Why did his name pop up?

Last of all, I do not want lyrics of any songs. I guess I am Indian enough to understand the Hindi Lyrics of songs.

@ RJ : Are u related to any of JTYJN makers??? :)

@ Oxymoronic : Me too. There were a lot of my friends who were asking whats wrong with me.
I am so glad.

And all the best for Love Story 2050.Watch out for an annoying butterfly! and it would be interesting to see your take on the movie.

Btw, did you see my comment on your "quickie" ?


That was good one.. I guess RJ has some profit coming out of JTYJN..

@RJ, What do you have to say to that.. :)


Oh I had missed the comment on quickie one.. I will check now... thnx for reminding

And yes, I will watch out for the butterfly scene in LS 2050..hehe.. No w I m more curious abt this flick..

@Oxy, Vimmuuu - No yaar log! Nothing like that! I seriously liked the movie to the extent that you guys should like it :D :P

Let Peace Prevail...


Ok. U liked it. And We did not. Over.

If RJ liked it, it's ok. Each to his own should be the case. Let him like it. Bottomline is we did not. Over.

Peace guys Peace.

This comment has been removed by the author.

LOL. who was fighting in the first place? Poor RJ jonly wanted us to like the movie.

Anyway, now theres something wrong somewhere. I came in here at this time to inform you that I have added you in my blog roll and voila! I find mine here.

@Oxy - I liked it. You are my friend. You liked it but don't want to admit it. I liked it, you are my friend so youshould also like it. Over. :D :P

@vimal - So, do you like Jaane tu? :D


Alright. He liked and we did not. And we are not going to also. No Matter What!!!

Oh Yes I did add you w/o ur permission. I guess thats ok...:)

@RJ, I did not like it. You are my friend. You did not like it but don't want to admit it. I did not like it, you are my friend so you should also not like it. Over. :D :P

Hahahaha.. that was easy...

@Oxy - Why don't you, me and Vimal watch the movie together? Maybe I will be able to convince you guys then :) *tht sounds gayish* But I will do whatever it takes to convince you guys about the movie :D :P whatever it is! :D :P

@ RJ : I dont think I will survive if I watch it once more. Cant watch all those mushy mushy things all over again. I seriously doubt now about ur link up with the movie. Y on gods green earth do you have to convince us about the movie ? We are already convinced, its not a good movie ! LOL.

@ Oxy : Dont tell me that you are going to watch the movie again 'to get convinced' !!!


I am not going to watch this again even if Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie invite me to watch this with them, so no point convincing my friend.


No I Will Not. Do Not You Worry.



Lets jus say if this movie had been released two weeks after Dil Chahta Hain, it would have sunk without a trace. No would I have had bought tickets in black to watch it. (or any other colour for that matter) As Abha mentioned - ain't supposed to be a classic. And really it was after a long time that I actually saw people of all ages walking out of the hall smiling and chatting, instead of being in an embarassed stupor of realization that they just wasted 3 hours of their life. But hey... silly lies in the eye of the beholder... :)

P.S.: You write well...and your selection of movies is awesome. "Lust, Caution..." I got goose pimples watching it...


...and as a fellow blogger could you please be so kind and delete my previous comment on the basis of unreadable english? My fingers and brain seem disconnected this morning... :(

@Oxy/Vimal - Ok. I pay. Ab toh will be fun :) I will get ticket between two beautiful girls for ya..ok?


This movie was released on July 4th, 2008. Why should I think 'If' it was released in 2001?

You watch movies to see the reaction on other's faces I guess. I watch for my personal entertainment. I do not care what others have to say/feel about any movie whatsoever? I did not like this. Simple. It is not supposed to be classic. And It should not be too considering the loopholes (too many) I have brought out to the reader's notice.

I gave my opinion and am not hell bent on changing other's reaction if they liked it.

Thanks for the mention. Oh Yes,I too got those gooses whilst watching 'Lust, Caution.." especially the end.

@ Grimescene again.

Why should I delete that yaar? Leave it as it is.


Too much. What makes u think even that would make us watch this again.. And for those beautiful girls, send them over so that I can go and watch some other movie and u go watch JTYJN all alone once more.

@ Oxy : Finally RJ has given up. His 'kaminaas' had it all.LOL.
and thats a very good idea that you have given :

@ RJ : Oxy is right.Send them over and we will make sure we go for a 'good' movie. Btw, I am in chennai and I dont know how this whole idea of you taking me to JTYJN will work.

awesome movie.

awesome review.

now that is kind of Oxy moronic!!!

@ Vimmuuu,

I guess he has not yet given up, cuz check out the comment of my 'quickie' one, there he still has not given up, I replied there too.:)


I know it is kinda Oxy Moronic... Oxy is 'Awesome Review' and Moronic is 'Awesome Movie' !!!

@Oxy/Vimal - So, I believe you guys game for a second watch? Thanks! I will book the tickets :)

@ RJ : Now, how did u come up with that?? Please check your kundali if you would die in the hands of a fellow blogger or not !! :D

@Vimal - LOL! You are a killer man! :D :P I checked my kundali and it said, "You will take Oxy and Vimal for a movie which would be called Jaane Tu" :D :P Now what?

@RJ, Second Watch?? Boy, What on earth makes you even say that? Me and Vimmuuu are not even in two minds about "NOT WATCHING IT AGAIN" cuz we are so so so so clear that we are "NOT GOING TO SEE IT AGAIN"

Hi !!!
I too don't get the fuss over this movie.. My friends were like- this is the best movie they ever saw, its AWESOME, they can see it again n again all their lives and what not !!
I too found it superficial..
Its a light, timepass movie, but wouldn't wanna watch it again !!


Glad to know another one like me who is not going all gaga over this. :) In hurry. will check out ur blog later.. And yes, thnx for the visit and comment...:)

Hi - thanks for posting this - like a couple of the previous commentators and yourself - I too did not like the movie at all- except for the random bits here and there.

My additional reasons for not liking the movie - what was the whole deal about ranjore ke rathod and mard wala deal????? or when he rides a ghoda to the airport or he goes through the baggage xray or where he goes through check in baggage - and why o why was Asiatic Library/Flora Fountain the background for every scene???? And where and who in mumbai stays in quaint little cottages (I do remember some in bandra - but then where is Asiatic Library anywhere close to it??)

can i go on and on and on:-)

In short - lots of people liked the movie - they had their reasons. some of us did not like it - we have our reasons. Simple, right?

@ SM, You can go and on and on.. how much ever you want to go.. :):) Yes, you are right about those sequences and there are few more which I have mentioned.

We did not like it. Simple. Over.

@Oxy - :(

@Anu - Dhokebaaz! Dhagabaaz!! Party badal diya naa!! HUH :)

i loved genelia in JTYJN :)


well , i guess , the only reason y u dint like the movie was that u have taken it from a very realistic perspective ...
ofcourse ,talking husband's painting is silly and even pratiek's character ... but then every movie has its pros and cons.. do u think a hero fighting for his girl with 20 guy's isnt silly ...
dude ..i believe in going to theater and enjoying 3 hours of movie without seeing the logic ..... After jab we met i guess this was the only movie i enjoyed ..
I guess we cant argue cuz everyone has his own choices... I loved ur review anyway.. ;)

Arvind, I was about to start the argument till I reached the last line where u mentioned 'every one has their own choices' , so peace now. Thnx for liking the review.


dude..i try to be diplomatic when i post my first comment..may be we can argue from the next time :D

....All this while I thought I am getting old and thats why I did not like the movie much, but I am surprised that even youngsters agree with me :))
Good, good! I feel young now ;)

Calling RJ; Calling RJ; where are you ?

Hope he reads all these comments against JTYJN !!! LOL.


Join the club... and feel young. The movie was not that great. But one thing I am happy about is Aamir did not interfere in the direction else it wud not have had so many flaws or is it that I am too confident of Aamir's skills.. Whatever, bottom line is it wasn't good and getting unnecessary mileage

@ Vimmuuu,

He is hiding now. He is not able to take all this bashings..hehe

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