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I was in Pune last weekend. I had been to this city many number of times, but my stint were always confined to my night outs with friends and I usually stayed put for couple of days (at the max 3) and roamed around in nights, late nights and early mornings (whilst slept whole day). However, this time I did step out as my ears pained to hear from people around asking me to check out the babes of Pune (supposedly "too good", a fren had said once drooling, another one added, "yo man, just check them out, better than your B'lore ones"). So, there the night vampire stepped out of his coffin and ventured out to explore the city and its dames in broad daylight risking his life. And what I saw was beyond my comprehension. If I go by the statistics (I did calculate in mind), 8 out of every 10 girl had covered her face FULLY. Just two eyes were visible. How was I then supposed to do that "yo-man-checking-out" thing?

The new police commissioner of Pune called Pune girls "Terrorist". Wondering why? Because Pune girls of all sorts and assortments wear their duppatta, shawl or any blah blah stuff around their face showing just the eyes, a look a Muslim women can identify with. (See the pic of one such girl). But are all these girls muslim? Not possible. The reason they are clad in such attire is to protect them from the pollution. Haha. Can you beat that? And I was thinking protection of your head is more important than the skin. They attribute the covering of their face to the pollution of Pune city. I say 'Haha' again. Ok, I agree your skin, face is very important to you, but then that sounds irrational enough to me. Going by that, you mean other city girls are not pretty or they are not concerned of their skin or is it your city highly polluted or whatever.

Whatever be the reason, I agree with the commissioner totally. The guy was stationed in Nagpur first and seemed he faced the similar situation there, upon which he banned girls from covering their faces which definitely used to give them terrorist look. After initial hungama and protest over it, the rule indeed is in practice and helmets have replaced the mask. Now, isn't that a novel idea? To use helmet instead of cloth mask.

My two days in Pune and I heard/read hue n cry everywhere from these girls. They are on a protest against this new police guy and they are calling him 'intruder in their private lives'. And who is supporting them? Raj Thackeray. 'Haha' again. Of all people, him. :) Hello? Excuse me? Intruder? The guy is trying to bring in the helmet rule. He is trying to save your head and you call him intruder in your private lives. You are taking resort of 'India is democracy and every one has right to blah blah blah' stuff but just think rationally for once. B'lore faced similar protest when it came to bring in the helmet rule and it took 3 years for the rule to be operational in its totality. But now we know it was for good. Helmet rule can never be for wrong reasons.

Moreover, if you girls are so well known around the country for your beauty, why the eff you need to hide it? Beauty is to flaunt. Show it. Get rid of those masks. And for that police guy I would say, "All the best".

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My dear fren Oxy...

When I was in Ahemdabad I too used to redicule at this practice. I used to drive my scooty but never used to wear this clothing around me.

Then when my office shifted to a far flung place I started facing dhoop-pollution-dust etc etc and then I too started wearing the same thing and trust me was relieved.

Then Mr Modi too enforced the Helmet is Compulsory rule & u know what i did? I used to wear the duppatta and then the helmet.

What I wanna say is that the duppatta is mine & the face is mine and if I wanna cover it what is the problem???

Obviously I don't want to take in pollution & trust me not everything is about good skin or trying to hide our face from hedious looks that guys give :D

I dunno why the Commissoner is trying to ban this. Seriously are we in a democracy or what....


.. kinda funny,

wonder how the Commissioner would like it if he were in one of the strict Arab countries..

Oh Dear S,

Look you yourself told that you used to wear only when you had to travel to far flung place. But believe it or not, Girls in pune wear it while going for a walk. Yes I saw that. A girl who has to walk for a mere 100 meters to buy some stuff steps with scarves all around her face.

Wear duppatta then helmet.. Fine, no probs with that.. U know these girls have taken out morcha against the helmet rule. Yes, I read Pune Mirror and there I read the girls are against the ban on scarves (chalo, even if i agree to that), but at the same time they are against the helmet (now, does that make sense?) they should go ur way of putting duppatta n then helmet.

Oh yaar, we are taking our democracy a tad too literally.. for every damn thing why we have to say, my this my that, why others have problem? Now, come on.. The police guy there I think is talking sense.. U can not roam around looking like a terrorist... there is a possibility of a child seeing that and getting scared.. who knows a child can go in coma too, might suffer breakdown.. if 'Shinjini' can suffer attacks in a song competition why cant a normal human get scared of those scarves clad females..??

Ok, I agree its not about skin, then why not put the plastic mask which comes for the very same purpose... U know what girls replied to that... they said, "oh no, those masks which cover nose n mouth look so tacky".. now whats that? And they think wearing those clothes look hep? Give me a break.

@ Mystique Dew,

Exactly, The commissioner is not in those countries...why 'if' then? He is here and we are not portrayed as that...


LOL ... well , who ever goes to pune talks about the girls in one way or the other ... gotto check out once at least ..whats so special about pune girls ?? :P

Arvind, Yea I guess so... Pune girls surely know how to be in news...:):)
Well there is nothing extraordinary about the,.. They humans too, I just pointed out one aspect of them...

P.S. Welcome to my blog. Added u in roll.

My Dear Oxy...

Did u read ur comment after posting it? I mean the portion about terrorrist and people getting scared....did u not lol afte reading that???

I mean I have seen guys in a worst condition w/o mask and they look scary.

My point is very simple, we always worry about issues which are trivial, why don't we use are energies into things which can actually make a difference socially...


Dear S,

Yes I did lol but not at what I wrote but at my super-imagination. Isn't that cool??? I think so..

Yaar, I know many just go on n on on trivial stuff but then that doesn't mean many of us ignore the other realities. It was something I observed and I felt the commissioner is right in banning the mask. Thats it.

as long as they wear helmet, they are free to wear their scarves too!

simple! :)

helmet is a must, period!

and the girl you saw walking 100 metres from bike must have got off the bile to just buy something!

i have been in pune long enough to know that they dont wear it when going for a walk! :)




Exactly.. U cared to read the comment which talks of that 100 meter incidence but alas If u care to read my second reply as well to S, you would see that these girls are dead against the helmets. After some discussion with the fellow bloggers here, I accept that if u want to put dupatta then give way to helmet as well. But these girls indeed took out some protest against helmet rule as well. Now, that questions the sensibilities of these terrorists girls..??

@ Oxy boy : U were in Pune and u never got a chance to take a normal girls snap ???? Next time, you leave, count me in!!!


Ok SIr.. u carry on.. I am not interested in those terrorists now..

HaHaHa... I was in Pune for 2 months and i didn't notice even a single girl without duppatta. That duppatta they wear is ridiculous. Tumne meri muh ki baat cheen li :)

Varun boy,

chalo koi toh mere post se agree hua.. U bet man, they not only look ridiculous, they look scary too..:)

:)) I have seen it too... and find it ridiculous.
Some customs over the years become more of a fad. People start following it blindly without any rhyme or reason.
As for helmet being made compulsory, I am all for it. Its always safety first. Beauty comes next, what say? :))


Ridiculous right? Even I feel thats ridiculous, but not many think so.

Exactly...They just following the footsteps of their elder didis, most of the younger lots not even knowing why they putting it across the face...

And for helmet rule also they created much bawaal which is still going on.

@Oxy - Hiee buddy! Long time eh?

Helmet is a must. Period. I had been to Pune for 2 weeks and I noticed the wraps too. I was upset coz' I couldn't check out pretty faces. But other than that, I dont care what they wear or not wear for their protection from pollution :D


Yups, long time.. I know U missed me all this while..hahaha..

I swear man, I can not fathom why the fish they need to wear that...

Agree 100% .. I am surrounded by women here who seem to think that those flimsy scarves are gonna save their lives .. they look exceedingly silly in that headgear

and nice blog template u have there

@ Avionic,

U bet man.. though few Mommas n god-send did not agree...

yea like u missed saying it in first comment of urs, i too missed replying.. Thnx:)


As far as my memory takes me, the practice came in with the Osho Ashram Inhabitants, the foreign females, who was scared of being tanned....
Since then it has been picked up by Pune females too...
Great way to keep the eve teasers away too ;)

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