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The Quirky Indian summed up the review of Dil Bole Hadippa in just three awesome words. READ HERE. I am summing up with a chat I had with Vimmuuu on the same along with some random movie talks. The title which I had in my mind for the review of DBH is somewhere there in the chat.

me: are u hiding like always?

Vimmuuu: lol..
i jus logged in..

me: hehe, me too hiding

Vimmuuu: lol..u call him hormone baweja..
thats gud..
btw what do u think...will Whats Your Rashee click ?

me: hardly....

Vimmuuu: hmm.....utv is the only good name wid it...i dont have faith in ashutosh anyway..

me: but if it does i wudnt be surprised either... cuz many will write it off for obvious reasons but many will praise it for being different..

Vimmuuu: hmmm
the first user review in indiafm is not great..

me: yes u r correct.. UTV is d only credibility they got n then priyanka (not even Ashu)

Vimmuuu: oh ya...but again, y hurman!
thats what i dont get..

me: give him a chance.. even Rakhi comes on big screen once a while so why cant hormone?

Vimmuuu: lol..
did u watch DBH ?

me: YES

Vimmuuu: one of the worst things that can happen to mankind!

me: I was ROFLing

Vimmuuu: lol
i know..
me too..

me: I lovvvveeeeeee such movies

Vimmuuu: the whole movie i kept commenting..

me: they make u laugh so much that u feel like puking

Vimmuuu: its a combination of chak de and rab ne bana
crap of a movie..
at the end, the pakistan team gets enlightened by her speech...
cant believe i sat thru all that.

me: I wanted to fucking go hold that sherlyn, give one tight slap to Rani n say
shuudddup u fucking ugly girl.. u n bikini?

Vimmuuu: lol

me: Speech ka toh mat puchhh... I mean STILL???? still that works...??? how how how

Vimmuuu: rani looks idiotic in the movie...she shud stop doing such movies...act her own age or somethng..

me: They took Rani cuz they jus had to put mustache.. baaki voice n all tho mard ka hi hai uska

Vimmuuu: but think...if this was supposed to release like 5 years ago, it wudve been a SRK movie...for sure IMO
it had SRK written all over it..
NRI returning to india..
father anupam..
rani heroine..
i missed kiron kher as a punjabi mother though :D :D :D

me: It had SRK sucking Yash Raj written all over

Vimmuuu: lol

me: Adi opened his fucking zip, asked SRK to come n suck.. he went sucking but got throat cancer so they postponed the release n asked shahid to fill in .. thass it..

Vimmuuu: lol
that was toooo good

me: Mother fuckers I don know when they will come to their senses

Vimmuuu: i know..same shit over and over again..
im sick of watching punjabis on screen

me: lemme write this in my blog..

Vimmuuu:u shud..

me: I can be very abusive u know.. like u can guess by the chat.. i stop myself in blog
i was like thinking.. Dil Bole Gaand Mara

Vimmuuu: lol
good one..

me: but... shucks I have some children reading me... and they don wanna see papa writing such stuff.....

Vimmuuu: ya...u cant write all those stuffs there

me: Children like U, Chintu, and others... hahahahhaah... all goody goody souls

Vimal: lol
i dont mind reading a post of urs that way..
but there are 'others'...like ur girl friend...does she read ur blog?

me: hardly
she gives a hoot to blogs...

Vimmuuu: lol..
but u shud..and another thing i dont understand is...he came to train..and looks like he trained only the sardar kid...the rest of the team played as usual...

me: this goes in the review as well

Vimmuuu: lol..
did u finish it?

me: yups... like it was meant to be written

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Must read


She's the Man. They cant even replicate a kiddie movie !

Dil Bole - Paise bacha !

Faltu ka popcorn mat kha !

Paise hain kum

Jeb me nahi dum

Dumb logon ko kehne de, Dil bole Hadippa !

Thanks for the link, dude.

Loved your review. Especially the title. Very true. Bahut buree tarah mara. :-)

I agree with you and Vimmuuu....Rashee seems to be a disaster. Ashu should stop thinking he's god and just try to make a good movie.


Quirky Indian


a different genre of review, hanh..??



I am still laughing man
Thanks god!!!!

I missed this one and Wanted too
WUR is going to suck cos of HORMONE (without Hormone) so am happy with my compu

BTW tried London Dreams???

Hmmm I dunno what made u watch this one at the 1st place!!!!

Rani & Shahid as couple was enuff put off for me and add to it girl becomes ladka and still no body besides audience can guess it!!! huh!!! Who the hell wanna spend money on such a sinking ship!!!

WUR!!! am staying away from it...

BTW what is it with both of u always hiding and doing the coochikoo!!! :D

Cant believe I watched this movie !

Cant believe I had a chat with you on this at 3 IN THE MORNING !!

Cant believe you actually thought of spending some more time on the movie !!

Cant believe you would use our chat script as a review !!!

Brilliant Vee. This is the most innovative review ever !! Usually reviews have only a single point of view, here we have two !!! :D :D :D

R u guys like planning to date each other someday or r already in it ;)
Btw m gonna watch this movie this weekend :) Btw @ last I did wat Kaminey and must say 'Mast movie'

you know inspite of you and QI, I still think i'll watch it... coz. my wife wants to and secondly, i might just find some humour as you were rofling :D

btw, how long is Rashee? :)

I mean it!!

I finished this mind fucking movie in 3 sittings and trust me - mona is yet to finish it.
its so damn bad man.
YRF have gone to dogs now.

I loved it
Keep posting.

@Anonymous, I won't read that for sure, whatever gem it might or might not be. I stopped reading PFC long ago. But more than that reading a piece on DBH is like a loose motion. Kitni baar???

@Smita, Sorry for the language but that's how I speak in real. Can't help it. No wonder Ava calls me Gaali-wala.

@Ava, Wah Wah. Paise ke saath saath, Jaan bhi Bachao.

@Quirky, U r most welcome Sir. I still believe ur 3 words rocked and conveyed more.

@Vinz, No patience to dissect this like usual. The chat helped a lot.

@Bhupesh, Let me go and see how the reviews of WUR are?

Well, Yeah I tried London Dreams. Trust me it's just about ok and what I could feel is situational. Matlab, movie dekhate wakt pasand aur samajh aayenge.

A slight hangover of London Dreams I say.

@Smita, I do not care about pairing. I freaking watch movies for different reasons and this was like a piece of dried shit.

Oh yeah, Me and Vimmuuuu do a lot more than coochikoo in hiding. Ahem Ahem.

@Vimmuuu, Darling, can't believe you had to come and comment. This was excused for u. Hehe.

@Valerine, well, we are on n off on it. Let's see.

So, finally Kaminey had ur esteemed viewing. Awesome.

@Rakesh Bhai, Who is stopping you? I never take reviews of anyone as recco or avoid it. And you should not too.

By long u mean, release? Today it got released.

@Rohit, Mona Bhabhi and Naina ko keep miles away from this. I know u r distorted already, why distort and torture their kind minds.

This was a fab review! Loved it... Felt like that shot the whole movie in 1 day.. in the Punjab! Deserves such strong language! Rani tries too hard to please... Shahid was wasted... I didnt even know till the end credits that Sherlyn and Rakhi were two different women in the movie! I kept wondering how come Sherlyn looks different in this scene.... :D (Perhaps I should make it double :DD)

Cricket ki to maa-behen kar dii is movie ne! "All the Best" is giving me the same sinking feeling! Wahan kya maraa hoga pata nahi!

Did you watch District 9??

@ Smita,

Yaar, ladke aise hi baat karte hain.... Dunno why are u shocked!

@ Valerine,

After watching Kaminey, some people even thought that Charlie and "Tope bhau" were also dating! :P Guys speak like this only...

long I meant how many hours :P Knowing Ashutosh Gowarikar...

Total crap. I'm losing faith in Hindi films. Can I bang my head somewhere?

Even What's Your Raashee was terrible. God save our films.

PS I was 'offline' for a few days..life's terrible without the net.

I like Quirky Indian's review. Sums up Hadippa perfectly. :D

@Spike, Lol @ Sherlyn-Rakhi one. I guess they had once smooched on camera also. Or was it someone else Rakhi smooched but yes she did at a party and was aired.

Yes, All The Best bhi aisa lag raha hai but U never know wid Comedies. Let's see.

Yes, i saw District-9. Loved it as well.

@Rakesh-Bhai, its 3 hours 20 mins something (excluding intermission).. Yes Ashu is know for that... Pheeew... Did u watch yet?

@Bhargav, Hahaa. Don't lose hope buddy. But at least last year movies were better. This year was good in the beginning but uske baad.. uff.

PS Yes, sometimes u do feel incomplete without net

Nope not yet... 3 hours 20 minutes is full value for money innit? I mean we pay the same money for a 80 to 90 minute English film so this is more for less :)

Yes Vee I watched Kaminey n loved it..

Spikie r u also in the circuit ;)

@Rakesh Bhai, Whatta an Idea Sirji!!! All D Best...;)

@Valerine, Awesome. :)

baap re! movie itni bekaar hai?

Unfortunately my dolly naina loved this one :)
She is a big time fan of Shahid and she is watching this movie once a day for sure.

@Reema, ek baar dekhana zarur, to feel what crap movie YRF have made.

@Rohit, Naina is excused... She is still not required to make any judgments. If she likes to watch Shahid let her...;)


I was also planning to write a review on dbh last month to murder it,but thn i realised it doesnt even deserve to be reviewed!!

It was a horrible movie like u guys said.!

the best part was the ending 'High Intense emosion se bhara' sequence where u get to see tht oscar winning performance by the pakistan captain!

me n my friends were literally on the floor laughing like hooligans crying out"Arrey dekh pattan roa raha hai!saala! hahaha"

and cmon SRK aint tht bad!His swades,hey ram n dil se was gud right?

@Rakesh Bhai,

Hahaha... Wasn't it hilarious... :)

Lol@Oscar winning performance by Paki.

Well, I know SRK ain't that bad.. Even I liked him in Swades n few others.. bas ainvayee kabhi kabhi when it comes to Chopras, I take a dig on him.. nothing personal...;)

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