Wanted - Dead or Alive (A)  

Posted by Vee

An ‘A’ rated movie because of lot of gore and blood with Salman in lead was a good watch.

As Taran in his review said, it’s an absolute treat for Salman’s hard core fans and a factor of jealousy for his foes as this movie is surely a hit for Salman after a long time. I give a hoot to Taran and many reviewers like him who are biased; but I also acknowledge and appreciate few sane things they utter.

It doesn’t work only because of Salman but because of many powerful actors who are part of this movie about whom later in the post.

Now people will call me biased too if they read my last post. Let me for once clarify I am Salman’s fan and I love him to the heart but when it comes to judging him in a movie or reviewing a movie of his, I (like always was) am unbiased and put forth all the aspects. Why? If you remember I thrashed ‘Wanted’ songs sometime back stating not worth one listen except one. I am fair when I got to judge a product as whole.

Wanted per story is nothing new, no rocket science and no path breaking. Clichéd to the guesses by promo and pretentious at places. Especially at the places when our Salman boy is shown way too much than necessary. He is all-pervading, with different attire, different hair, different expressions. Probably too much Vodka flowed whilst the shoot (nothing new, pun intended). You see him all debonair in one scene and the very next one shows his swollen face and unkempt hair; the attire being same. But did that stop the pageant? Nopes. None at all. He was everywhere, entertaining at his best. I remembered his Judwaa and Hello Brother days whenever I found him spooky, unreasonable but lovable; a lot more sobered in histrionics though than Judwaa and Hello Brother days.

I have not seen the earlier two versions of it (Pokiri-Telugu with Mahesh Babu and Pokiri-Tamil with Vijay), but I had been fed with all the details of those two when they were released. I am a follower of all language cinema; I might not watch all other language movies but I do follow them someway. When Pokiri was released in Telugu, it ran for 365 days (1 year) in 200 theaters and Mahesh Babu (who married our effervescent Namrata Shirodkar) became an established star. When Vijay in Tamil donned the same role he was booed even by his fans I hear. Tamil Cinema has much more presence and audience than a Telugu one so people in conclusion called Tamil one a dud.

But, those Tamilians who had not watched Telugu version loved Vijay and Pokiri-Tamil. And the same goes for me. I haven’t seen either and I loved ‘Wanted’. There might be people who hated/loved both the earlier versions and either of them in vice versa ways; the point I am making is ‘Wanted’ is unashamedly a reprieve from craps churning out last few months (post the strike especially).

Original (Telugu) was directed by Jagannath. Prabhudeva directed Tamil version which was a disaster in unison contrary to the box-office (Why? Eevn Kambakht Ishq, RNBDJ and for god sake GHAJINI are called hits) results. Raja Sen, reviewer on rediff (who for last one year seem to be transformed from a biased bhenchod to now not-mincing) accepted the fact that ‘Wanted’ is a much better watch than ‘Ghajini’.

It also works because of Prakash Raj (Winner of this year’s National Award for Best Actor) as a hate-to-love Villain (yeah, not love-to-hate). HE IS AWESOME. He played the villain in all the 3 versions and is one of the best things that happened to Pokiri and Wanted. Govind Namdeo as honest Commissioner is like always; restrained and giving. Mahesh Manjrekar (who nowadays believes in showcasing his acting skills than his direction) as a corrupt cop is what you call love-to-hate types. His one of the best. Manoj Pahwa who enthralled in his ‘Aaloo Chaat’ movie brought us few laughs (if not more than Aaloo Chaat) in this as well. Vinod Khanaa was visible from the beginning but hardly with any feel till I realized his importance in the end and his ultimate dialogue towards the climax. Cameos by Anil Kapoor, Govinda and director Prabhudeva himself make this one an eventful.

I kept Ayesha Takia for the last as I have been reading some really bad reviews on her. Come on, this is not done. As far as I remember, I do not remember even a single bad performance of hers since her debut in Socha Na Tha. Officially crowned as the most natural one after Kajol, Ayesha was like always. Is that a problem she is beautiful unlike Kajol; in the sense a beautiful one cannot act? Huh! And if the grouse is on the lead and the director for showing her as nothing but caricature; then let me say once for all even if that was a caricaturist she came out flying.

I wish to say more but I will stop it now. I have given my reasoning and I am done. I might prefer someone than other but his/her product will be put on the same pedestal. Do watch it if you feel like and enjoy if your mind agrees to.

P.S. And like my earlier reviews I have not spoken of the story at all. That kills any review. I talk of instances and performances and the entertainment and I spoke the same.

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Sigh of relief...

Will watch it for Salman, Prakash Rajn Ayesha...


Am still trance because of Salman Khan. Sigh! How can he look so good. What attitude man! He looks so so good towards the end and though i don't like him shirtless but i couldn't help gushing. As far as movie is concerned i felt first half could have been trimmed but the second half is mindblowing. Full entertainment, paisa vasool kya action hai kya maara hai. A must watch! Want to see again and would love to go with a seeti this time.

Ahem .. no story, thank god. I remember the DevD where you gave us a blow by blow storyline. N you wonder on my blog why i called you galliwali .. hehehe

Unlike Smita, I like Salman only Shirtless, because his face seems a bit too botoxed to me. I will say the same for Aamir. I had watched a few scenes of Ghajini and the poor fellow was not able to use any facial muscles because he was so frozen by botox.

And he even danced like dream instead of sleep walking. He was so so cool! Sigh! Can't get over!

Oxy Boyyyy.....me loved the movie too !!!!

But like you mentioned, since I had already seen the Tamil version, I found the first half a little dull, but still enjoyed the parts that had Salman. The second half is tooo good, especially the climax scene and the way the movie ends !!! Salman is back !!! and with a bang!!!

But Oxy Boyyy, Pokiri in Tamil was a huge hit. Infact, the last hit of the actor Vijay; poor guy hasnt had a hit in 3 years. LOL. But it was a blockbuster, and would definitely feature as one of the biggest box office grossers of all times (in the tamil industry of course)

Again, Ayesha Takia made her debut with Tarzan-the wonder car, right? Socha Na Tha was a debut for Imtiaz and Abhay, na ?

No vimmuuu Ayesha's debut movie was Socha Na Tha and as you said so was Imtiaz & Abhai's as well. And Vee you are right. She is yet to give a bad performance. Though she can do with losing some weight but then so can Salman & all of us hehehe.

Gosh! Vimmuuu is correct. I googled. Socha was her debut film but was delayed and tarzan released before that.


Seriously - Raja Sen called this better than Ghajini??? Wow, he's finally getting some sense man. Otherwise, I complete agree with the stellar language you use for him :)

I liked the movie as well. But as you said, it isn't for all.

And Ayesha got bad reviews? I haven't read any reviews yet since I just finished writing mine and yours is the first I'm reading. Man she is so pretty plus hot. I loved her in this movie as well as in all her movies. If someone doubts her acting, please see Dor.

@Vinz, Finally u heaved sigh of relief... Hehehe.

@Smita, I knew you will be. In fact, I did remember you when watching the 1st day 1st show. Lol. Yups. 1st half could have been shorter, I agree. I saw it today again. Thanks to some other fans of Salman I know who booked ticket for me as well.

@Ava, Taana maar rahe ho na? I did but only for Dev.D, I could not stop myself. Else, I do not reveal much.

Like him only Shirtless? Aah, nahi yaar. He is good at times other wise as well. Seriously.

Coming to botoxed., Aamir n Saif I agree.. always.. SRK looks old n sick as if jaundiced but Salman looks fine. He drinks to the core n he doesn't hide that.

@Smita, I AGREE. He has a charm and his dancing was far improved.

@Vimmuuu, Meri Jaan, I wrote this...

But, those Tamilians who had not watched Telugu version loved Vijay and Pokiri-Tamil. Samjha? It was a hit. No Doubt, What I meant is that Tamilians who know Telugu and had already seen Mahesh's Pokiri preferred Telugu. My team and my floor is filled with Tamilians and 80-85% accepted this. I did the check baba.

And then I wrote this:
Prabhudeva directed Tamil version which was a disaster in unison contrary to the box-office. I used the word contrary, meaning that box-office results were of course in favor of the movie... It was a hit as u mentioned, but the general belief amongst Tamilians who saw Telugu is what I said. At the same time, those Tamilians who had seen Vijay's Pokiri first Loved it to the core.... Like I did Wanted. Samjha?

@Vimmuuu and Smita, Ayesha's Tarzan released before than Socha Na Tha... but technically SNT would be called debut as she signed that first... This is all on make-belief because if you consider Juhi Chawla, what would call her debut as? QSQT usually? But Her Sultanat came before that and even before that came a movie in Kannada. And same with our Salman boy. Biwi Ho Toh Aisi came much before than MPK, but MPK is known as his debut. So, Whichever makes the presence felt is generally called the debut.

@rakesh-Bhai, That's why I called Raja as not-mincing nowadays na.....:)

Yes she did get blasted at few places. I toh read like some 20-25 reviews na, so few of them did say bad about her and they need to be treated. Seriously. I have not seen even a single bad performance from her till now. Forget the fate of the movie;hit or flop I am talking of just the performance and she is one of the best we got.

and yes, technically, she also won the Filmfare Award for Best Debut for Tarzan :D :D :D

Lol! I am with Vimmuuu on this. Technically or non technically tarzan is her first movie so it has to be considered as her debut :p. Btw know what guys? Girls from my office who were hesitant to watch Wanted have seen it and loved it. And you know I think you two should come to Mumbai and we three should see this one together :D :D :D :D what say?

Well liked ur unbiased review on the movie :)
Well if its a good action thriller I shall give it a thought..Though Ayesha Takia is a major turn off!

@Vimmuuu and Smita, Ok Ok. I stand corrected. Ab Jaan loge kya?

Smita, why do not you send us to-fro flight tickets to us... Wahan ka kharcha (movies, pop corn, cold drinks) mai utha lunga..

@Valerine, Thanks the yous. Yes, it is a good action thriller. Ayesha, a put off? Aaila... Chubha mere ko...

Smita : watching wanted again is nothing ! but watching with you is a torture !!! I dont like punishing myself ! sorry ! :D :D :D

Ya Vee of course its ouch for you if some1 says Ayesha is a turn off.......All the bollywood babes r an eye candy to guys lyk the dudes r for gals :)....Well I would obviously go watch the movie for Salman coz I do admire him :)

u dint talk about Prabhu deva as a director.. was looking forward for that

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Quirky Indian

While all the public went and saw Wanted on Eid, i went and saw District 9... Now if u wanna watch an action movie thats out of this world, you should go n watch that movie! Sorry, but no salman fan here... And i saw the promos and those were revolting enough! All those 4 stars reviews in the papers - thoroughly biased I say... The only reason to watch it would be for Ayesha Takia! Not coz she is eye candy, but bcoz I have watched her perform in Dor! What mindblowing acting! It was rightly written in one review - This is a masala movir for the masses!

However, I do urge you to go and watch District 9!!! Its awesome! Very different and touching... With lots of action, but action with purpose...!

Vimmuuu All I'll say is that you don't even know what torture is all about!!!

And Vee I knew mere bulane se thode na aaoge :D :D

Dekhi teri dosti!!!

@Valerine, Well, she is eye candy but I firmly believe she is a natural actor and I like her for that more than her cuteness or her being eye candy. Honestly.

@Vishwam, I did not? Well, Bhul gaya rahunga. When it comes to Prabhu, he is being touted as a very fine director. He is good director but not at the par of some others. Should not compare as he has diff style. All in all, not bad.

@Bijoy, what? come again?

@Quirky, Zarur dekhana.

@Spike, Look, each to his own. I am a big fan of Hollywood and even more of World Cinema. But, I will not run down an Indian one just for some flimsy reason. Given the fact, District-9 and Wanted released same day, I will def choose Wanted then I will see other. Be it any movie (not just wanted).

Now, when it comes to ratings, I guess its arguable. For me it doesn't matter. I see movies much before the rating comes. And if you are talking of what reviewers did with this one, I care a hoot. I personally know people who are not so much fan of Salman or movie wid typical South Indian flavor have gone and enjoyed the movie. District-9 I am sure would be nice too, but once again I say bhai that I won't compare it with Wanted.

@Smita, Ek baar pyaar se bula ke toh dekho.

I saw wanted last week and watched the original Pokiri (Telugu).
Guess what?
The telugu version is at least 2 notch above the hindi one.
but still Sallu is Sallu - no two thoughts on that.
It was a great entertainer and a laugh riot of sorts for me.

@Rohit, I can never agree to you more than this. I saw Pokiri (Telugu) 2 days after watching Wanted and I would say the same. In fact, I told Chintu Ji that Telugu one rocked more than Wanted. What class actors, Vidyarthi, Shinde and Lead Mahesh was a treat to watch too and not to forget Ileana.

And once again, I would agree saying, 'Sallu, Sallu hai yaar. Kuchh bhi ho, mazaa aa jaata hai'.

East or West Salman is the bestest!!!!

I went to watch Wanted with a friend excitedly after seeing 4 stars in various reviews.

Ok, Salman was alright, but then I was never particularly fond or averse to him, I am neutral. and I once defended him against whole class, thats another story.

But Wanted is typic BOllywood masala movie, short of logic at several places, with forced, cliched comedy. But it was tolerable, if you concede that. Me and my friend, bewildered, would ask each other every 20 mints, why 4 stars??

As for Ayesha Takia, she's cute and that's what I will say about her. In this movie, she was beautiful in a nice mature way and frankly there was little for her to do like any other Masala action movie.

My rating: 2.5 stars out of which 0.5 is grace points due to spirit of the movie. Period. :)

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