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Ava tagged me in this, some gazillion years ago. Here it goes:

8 TV shows I like

- The Big Bang Theory
- That 70’s Show
- F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
- So you think you can dance
- Roadies
- Bigg Boss
- Cut
- The Big Fat Indian Wedding

8 Favorite Places to Eat

Not a big fan of food but one has to eat to survive. Any place will do, Still:

- Coconut Grove (Bangalore)
- MTR (Bangalore)
- 13th Floor (Bangalore)
- TGIF (Bangalore)
- Molly Malones (Goa)
- Vie Lounge (Mumbai)
- Bengali Market (Delhi)
- Forgot name, a very fine restaurant in Jaipur.

8 Things That Happened Yesterday

- Got up early, which rarely happens (10:10 AM)
- Had breakfast (once again something which rarely happens)
- Had work like ‘there’s no tomorrow’ in office, so skipped lunch
- Also, did not smoke whole day
- Had a pint at home after work with cousin
- Played agony aunt to a friend
- Saw 2 movies: ‘The Murder of Princess Diana’ and ‘The Purple Rose of Cairo’
- Slept at 5 in morning

8 Things I Look Forward To

- A day off from work. As it is quarter end, I am asked to work 12 days at stretch. Its been 11 days now, 1 more day to go. My next off is 3rd October
- Trip to a resort on outskirts of Bangalore in 1st week (a much needed)
- My Brother’s return from US in 2nd week of October
- Start of Klueless during Diwali. It’s an online game organized by students of IIM every year since 2005. It’s open to whoever has access to net. Last year me and mystiquedew were in Hall of Fame.
- Trip to Alleepey in 4th week of October
- Trip to Mumbai and Indore in 3rd week of November
- My niece’s 1st b’day in 2nd week of December
- Trip to Bangkok in last week of December

8 Things I Love About Winter

- X’mas holidays
- New year’s eve
- No sweat
- Long rides on bike
- Jackets
- Sweaters (like wearing sweaters)
- A walk (anywhere)
- An outing for sure

8 Things on My Wish List

- Longines or Audemars Piguet Watch
- Car for myself
- Brown/Blue contact lenses (current ones are damn plain)
- Home Gym
- Treadmill
- Write a Book
- Make a Movie
- Fly a Plane

8 Things I am Passionate About

- Cinema
- Travel (alone, all by myself)
- Good reads (Books, Mags, anything)
- Cricket
- Conversation on Cinema/Politics/Cricket
- Watching people (can spend hours just watching)
- Writing
- Partying/Clubbing/Socializing

8 Words or Phrases I use Often

- Fuck
- Ainvayee
- Yeah, right!
- Seriously
- Kuchh bhi haan?
- Shucks
- Shuru Tera? (When someone starts bragging, I say ‘Shuru Tera?’ or ‘Started?’)
- Hows the yous, takes the cares

8 Things I have Learnt From My Past

- Fuck, learnt from past? Seriously? Kuchh bhi haan?

8 Places I would Love to Go or See or Visit

- Istanbul
- Jerusalem
- Bhutan
- Moscow
- Rishikesh
- Kashmir
- Amsterdam
- Mecca

8 Things I currently Need or Want

- Same as Wish list above

8 People to Tag

None in particular, Pick it up if you want to.

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11 Pointless but Viscous Comments.

Looks like the blogging world is on chutti. Long weekend hai aam admiyon ki.

Good replies, but no surprises, which means I really know you now :)

8 of all numbers?
why why?

btw trip to mumbai in nov :)
Dekhta hoon beta, dekhta hoon tujhe.

At last we have something in common...I too like FRIENDS and That 70's show.

Tv Shows:

Only Friends, otherwise I hate TV.

Same here for eat outs :D I dont even have a specific place to mention :D

You smoke?? Didnt know that !! :(

You are looking forward to sooo many trips !

What is winter ? ;)

you dont use a hi or a hello ?? :D

Kashmir is in my list too ! But then its there in everyone list :D :D :D

nice 1.... will comment in detail l8r...

Nice list Vee! So 'J' that you are getting to travel so much! and yeah ur list of places to see....some of my choices in there too :)


Write a buk..




Man enough to admit you like Bigg Boss :) I like it as well :P

And where's the trip to Dubai?

Write a book! Make a Movie!!!

Work towards it Vee.

Well something in common TGIF...yeah I do love 13th floor as well :)

Mayb someday v'l bump into each other lol

Overall good 1 :)

Am waiting for you to land in Mumbai with you know what!!! Can u hear the whipping sound there? In fact I feel like gabbar!!! :D

And u have so many trips lined out!!! wow!!!!

Yay! I've been thinking of doing one of these for myself too for a very long time..Place in Jaipur - Choki Dhani?

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