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So Namastey London is long gone and Vipul Shah throws up another one at us. I didn’t care much about Namastey London, and there he comes up with another one based on/in London; London Dreams. London Dreams is a story of two best friends. While one (Ajay Devgn) is passionate about music but has no support from his father and uncle owing to the fact music devastated their family; the other (Salman Khan) has talent and support but gives a hoot about it despite his father chasing him to learn music. Circumstances take Ajay to London and he gets on the job to live his dream some day (that of performing in packed Wembley Stadium). While Salman remains in Punjab (chases girls, sleeps with married women, and whiles away his time on ISD with his best bud), and who in the name of music is running a Raja-Rani Band for local marriages. He is happy and wishes all the luck and success for his friend overseas.

On a trip to Punjab, Ajay discovers that Salman is a good singer too and makes him join his band. Salman starts off as a chorus singer in the band moving onto complete the song as solo when out of the blue Ajay goes through an unfortunate accident that renders him voiceless on stage. The song was Barson Yaaron. The song is huge success and Salman is a sudden star. Hence starts the jealousy, betrayal, sacrifice, backstabbing and blackmailing. The movie takes a turn and gets interesting during the second half but ends on a very disappointing note. The climax is a huge let down.

Music is the real hero of the movie followed by Salman and Ajay. Asin is totally wasted in the movie (as I had earlier predicted without seeing the movie; damn, I was bang on). The other two band members (who hail from Pakistan) are playing reel brothers Rannvijay (of MTV Roadies fame) and Aditya Roy Kapoor (Channel [V] VJ) who hail from Pakistan.

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s terrific composition with soulful lyrics by Prasoon Joshi makes it
one of the best albums this year. Only Prasoon can come up with ‘Chehron pe dhoop malo’ , ‘Saagaron pe jhoom chalo’, ‘Gham ko peeslo, Khushi chaat lo’ subsequent to Gulzar Saheb. And supporting his words is Shankar Mahadevan’s poignant vocals. Superb. All songs are well composed/sung/filmed. Couples of them do go off track nevertheless.

Ajay has donned the role of intense and brooding one in past as well and quite good always I must say including this time. But the problem I found in his portrayal this was that there wasn’t a bit of struggle shown, there was desperation in his eyes to reach the pinnacle of music but only in words. Just words. There weren’t any fight back in literal sense. All the fight back he ever showed was to keep Salman away from achieving it, by hook or crook.

Salman’s one of the finest work. Nothing like this he has ever portrayed. His charm is same but the andaaz is different. Watch him and you will make out what is the deal about all those reviews on net which talk lowly of the movie but end up recommending it just for him. A good at heart soul who prays for his friend’s success, keeps no evil and gets manipulated eventually whilst mouthing witty one liners complimented with straight from the heart talk will win many hearts for sure. After Wanted, another good work from him. This will enlighten the world who is the real Baadshah, Ace or King of Bollywood. SRK and Aamir can continue their ‘I-am-the-best’ fuck off-screen but it’s Salman who is ruling now and he is back in circuit with bang. No denying. Salman haters can go bite dust; the reality is on your face.

Asin is just wasted as I earlier mentioned. I am not going to say someone else could have done this role because there was nothing to do. Asin for sure accepted it just for the names associated and nothing else. There was no need for a female lead in this. Poor Asin.

The two supporting characters Rannvijay and Aditya are just about ok. This is Rannvijay’s second movie after forgettable Toss and Aditya’s first. Rann and Adi have lot of screen ‘being-there’ sans much to say. Aditya however will go places in assured track if he chooses his projects sensibly. Btw, his next is Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzaaarish wherein he plays Aishwarya Rai’s husband.

Barring the prolonged penultimate and ultimate scenes which somewhat killed the spirit, the movie is a definitely a good watch especially if you like the music and wan to see Salman doing evitable.

Ithought of 3/5, but an extra 0.5 for music and Salman combined; 3.5/5

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I will come back after I watch the movie. :)

:D :D just read another review which says watch it for the wonderful chemistry of the leading stars :D but you know why am really going for this. Am basking in the glory of sallu's praise. So will be back with a proper comment after i see the movie ;) but yes i second you. Music is awesome & i wonder how can people say it is the weakest link of the movie.

the so-called critics of our country have thrashed SEL's music in their reviews. how pathetic yaar. i'm watching LD tonight. will be back here..will also post my review later.

while i liked the post and agree with most of what you say, one thing that pissed me off royally was: why the hell fawk did u need to drag SRK into this. what also worries me is that this sorry excuse of a film will eat up aladin's audience. anyways, may the best film work.

Yes. The better film will work. and it's definitely 'London Dreams'. Salman fans are going to love it. And anybody looking for a decent entertainment is going to enjoy it.

Haven't seen it so will come back after seeing it :) But I dunno when will that be !

I second each line in this Oxy boyy !!! The initial scenes of Ajay wasnt convincing enough for a struggler. But then Salmans character was well etched. and the climax is a major let down. The music is indeed out of the world and I dont understand how the so called critics can term it as a weak point. My fav scenes (spoilers ahead) :

1) Salmans flight and airport scenes, hilarious !!
2) Ajay remaining helpless in Barson Yaaron song.
3) Salmans instant compositions and Ajays reaction at the moment (Wonder why they didnt include that in the album, all awesome tracks)
4) Ajay asking Salman to forgive him in advance when the latter is all drunk. Salman is too good in this scene.
5) The scene before the climax song where Salman admits his mistake to Ajay.

oh, a lot more. The dislike of Ajays family towards music is again, not convincing enough. They could have come up with some other reason that could have culminated to his struggle to learn music, na?

I could not watch Ghajini due to Asin!! So cant watch this also.


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Saw & liked it!!!

Salman is freaking awesome!!! I couldn't stop laughing in the whole plane scene!!! 'Ek utarti nahin doosra yeh utarne dete nahin' :D :D

As far as critics are concerned, trust me I have interacted with so many ppl who have seen the movie and only 1% have said that they disliked it! And for me user review counts more than anything!!!

I specially loved the cinematography in that night scene in Punjab! It was awesome!!!

As far as Music is concerned I have been living on Barson Yaaro & Man ko Ati bhaave....

Ppl who are looking out for another Rock On will surely not like the movie but those who see it as a new movie will like it :)

hmm aajkal me dekh sakti hoon.

me saw it on 31st... i liked the movie a lot.
All i have to say it changed my mood. :)

good review. everyone's saying sallu bhai has done a fab job. maybe i should catch it for that.

@Poonam, Wokay.

@Smita, He is getting genuine reviews and yes for his acting and his charm. Well deserved.

For me own experience matters than some one else's take. And yes, Music is so freaking well composed and not just those 2.. all of them... Khwaab one reminds me of SEL's MAA from TZP... Wonder why they are comparing with Rock On. I said in my earlier music review, the feel is that of Rock On but its not Rock On. It's more of Pop. Anyways, let people be ignorant if they wish to be.

@Bhargav, Seriously pathetic. And guess what, many many out there do believe in each word of those so-called critics. Looking forward for your take.

@Magik Meri Jaan, Bas Ainvayee. Load Mat Le. I loves SRKs Too. Just that I love him off-screen. ;)

@Fangirl, Yups. Rightly said.

@Rakesh Bhai, Wokay Dokay. Let it be whenever. I am sure you will be back. I know for sure.

@Vimmuuu Boy, We all are wondering why critics are thrashing music. I mean, if one or two had objected, wud have made sense.. here it looks everyone has joined to thrash it. Looks like a manipulative thingy.

All those scenes were good. He was given good one liners, and when he does it in his own style, nothing would go wrong. He was neither overboard nor restrained. Kudos to Vipul for showing Salman in different avtar.

@Reema, that's wronmg judgment (for any movie or product), being judgmental without experiencing anything is something I find ridiculous. I agree to Asin being supremely idiotic in Ghajini but any two movies (if not remake/dubbed) are not same.

@Neeraj/Anamika, I have sent you my mail details.

@Ava, Kitthe yaar? Long time.... Thik hai, dekho n Dasso.

@Vicky, I know. It does change mood except the bakwaas climax.

@AJai, Salman fan or not, whoever saw has praised Salman and this I am saying from first hand experience. Do catch it.

I've already posted my thoughts on London Dreams. Watched it before Aladin.

Thank you Bhargav, I had missed it.. Checked...:)

Guess I should try and see the film after this review.

Quirky Indian

Good review.....But then the movie doesnt sound that g8...its like 'jst another movie in the bollywood kitty'...
Well Asin has not much choice so has to grab watever she get I suppose :)

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