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This is almost a review. Definitely not elaborate and spoiler-full like my earlier ones but a quick one as I do not have much time on hand.

Rakeysh ‘RDB’ Om Prakash Mehra. What an ensemble cast. Delhi. Chandni Chowk. Mysterious script. Sonam Kapoor (Oooohh). A.R. Rehman. 20th Feb. First Day First Show. Intermission. Bantadhaar. End. Sab Satyanaash.

ROPM is back to (aks)quare one. IMDB says Genre is Comedy/Drama. They couldn’t have said it better. It’s a comedy. Almost whole junta was laughing by the end. The last time was when Junta hooted for poor Drona, his ghodi, his dushman (KayKay), his angrakshak (Priyanka). Trust me, even CC2C was saved of hooting. Probably no one was expecting anything out of it unlike D-6.

Not going deep inside the story and plot because till end I could not find a single rational storyline, not even parallel one, not eve an askew one. NRI returns to Chandni Chowk from Amrika with his ailing grand-ma (her last wish). The boy definitely like any firang desi is amused at everything. The traffic jams, cows giving birth in middle of the road, padosi behaving, interfering and yak-yakking like family members, the narrow lanes adorned with gazillion shops. Almost everything. His NRI mind is looking for an identity in the chaotic assembly. He is confused soul. So much so that by the middle of the movie he imagines one whole song where Amrika and Delhi are mixed. Watch it to believe how grossly that was shot.

The infamous ‘Monkey-Man’ that created a menace in Delhi few years back is the central character. Others are just supporting cast. Great performers but sadly irritating after some point of time. There are so many characters that director is busy introducing them right till the end. Zoya recently showed truck loads of them but you can identify them and remember them in LBC. In this case, you get assaulted. There is nothing that you carry when you walk out. Music? Yes, to an extent. The music no doubt is outstanding one, this truth is already established. But, the songs are placed so absurdly you almost feel sorry for A.R. Rehman. ‘Rehna tu’ in particular (which is a soft romantic number) will disappoint you the most.

ROPM tried to preach us the lesson of unity in diversity but he failed. Abhishek and Sonam’s much talked of chemistry is invisible. Bilkul thanda, barf jaisa. It is sad to watch artists like Sheeba, Supriya, Om Puri, Pavan Malhotra, Rishi Kapoor being wasted. Mass assassination. And the preaching that every human has monkey inside along with the god doesn’t go down well. I did not feel for any character or situation. Waheeda’s stubbornness of not returning to Amrika gets a jolt when her grand-son yells at her and she gets teary-eyed. I did not feel sympathetic towards her. Abhishek gets shot. I did not care whether he lives or die. Sonam who looks gorgeous in any outfit is totally wasted. She gets to howl again like Saawariya in the end and this time it’s for real yet I did not feel anything for her. Few scenes here and there brings in some moments but then that’s long forgotten by the time you try to finally listen to Mr. Director and look for monkey inside you. But it’s too late by then and the show is over.

I have nothing more to add to this. I will probably discuss or say more if someone writes a review. This was just ‘almost-a-review.’ I give Delhi-6 1.5/5.

I am done with my nom de plume ‘Oxy’ and back with my actual one, ‘Vee.’ Those who wish to call me Oxy are welcome to do so. However, I prefer Vee.

Btw, Baba Sehgal is back to what he does best. ‘Oh, Sexy Mama’ a hip hop number by him for Madhavan starred ‘13B’ is my current fav. Listen to it. Awesome. Sushmita’s ‘Karma Aur Holi’ is ready for release. Click her to watch the song ‘Holi Aayee’. And click here for Gulaal's Rana Ji song. Funny lyrics. “Jaise Durr Desh Me Tower Me Ghuss Jaye Re Aero Plane, Jaise Har Ek Baat Pe Democracy Mein Lagne Lag Gayo Ban, Jaise Sare-Aam Iraq Me Jaake Jam Gaye Uncle Sam, Jaise Bina Baat Afghansistan Ka Baj Gaya Bhaiya Band." Haha.. too good.. Mahie Gill doing mujra after Paro act.

Lastly, watch my space for the upcoming ‘Bloggers Awards to the Best in Hindi Cinema – 2008’

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I feel Vee is way cooler than Oxy.

I haven't seen Delhi-6 but it's sad (and not surprising) that it couldn't give what it promised. I had already guessed how the first half could be treated - an nri guy getting amused with everything that is desi. But those who are fond of Abhishek's acting style would find it entertaining, I believe.

Sigh!! my fate is sealed.

amazing post. ur angst comes right through... khoda pahaad nikla imli ka beej! wudever that means. all hope lies with gulaal! anxiosuly waiting!

@Sam, Thanks... Yea even I feel so.

Ohyes, there were few who were whistling/clapping whenever he happen to make a profound statement or did his typical nautanki.

@Reema, All Da Bhery Bhesht.

@Magik, Bhai..Dhanya Bhaag hamare, jo aap padhare. Trust me for that. Yea, wudever that means..

Right... Gulaal it is.. 13th March..

Vee?? I prefer Oxy boyy while writing!

Anyway, I have been listening to mixed reviews about the movie and that too extremes. So should I watch it in the theatres or wait for the DVD??? I wanted to watch it for ARR songs, but now I am having second thoughts ! Is it that bad? Sigh !!! Personally, I liked Aks, it had terrible performances, but somehow I liked the concept. But then again, the concept went haywire towards the end of the movie too.

The following is out of context :

Aamir worked with Ashutosh after the latter had two disasters to his credit. Ashutosh turned over night celebrity with Lagaan. The following movies of Ashutosh,according to me, were too preachy and soapy.

Aamir worked with debutante Farhan and made a path breaking movie. The following movies directed by Farhan never created an impact.

Aamirs association with John Mathew Mathan gave us all Sarfarosh. The more said, the lesser. But Johns Shikhar was torture!

...Kunal, Dharmesh, even Mansoor and now Rakesh? Do you think a lot of these directors have tasted success just because of the perfectionist?
(Im sure there are more examples, I could recollect only these now!)

I'm going to watch it on Tuesday but now I'm not so thrilled about it... :( Lets see how it goes...I love the songs so far...but....dekhte hai...

Nice review again :)

Just the words "Sab Satyanaash" defined this for me :) lolz

Anycase I hardly have time to see any movies now :(....darn it!

Thanks for the review!

..and what's in a name?! (a la Shakespeare!)

No more an Oxymoron? Vell, vee it is then.. you always were vee for me...

D6, sigh.. what a heartbreak

Hmm... that was not completely unexpected, now was it?

But then, maybe I would watch this one at home and try make some sense of it in peace...

Yours is the first review of D-6 that I have read. Now I am a bit less enthused about reading more...

1.5/5...?? But your review looks tempting. So, should I go to watch or no?

Keep Blogging!


Call me Oxy while writing then!!!

Boy, you know the songs are somewhat the saving grace but not in its entirety. They are not placed properly. Better you wait for the DVD.

Reply to out of context:

Are you trying to say Aamir ghost-directed all of them??? Lol. I do not rule out the possibility. Anything to work with the India's Ace Actor, eh?


Ashutosh made Swades and Jodhaa Akbar and I personally feel that though preachy both the movies had apt star cast who delivered minus Aamir.

John's I agree. Not Kunal's. Why? Because Kunal's Fanaa was as bad as his Mujhse Dosti Karoge. So you cannot put his name here. Maybe you are taking his name because Fanaa was commercially hit. Do not go by figures my boy.

Dharmesh had hits without him. Mansoor was not given chance or probably he was used by Aamir. Aamir might have told, your name will appear as director as I am not yet ready for the tag. And he honed his skills. Could be.

And now Rakeysh. Keep Aamir out of it because Rakeysh made all his three movies with different leads. I do not wish to discuss him because he is not the best. I too personally prefer his Aks more than RDB and D-6.

No matter what, whether they tasted success because of him or not, but please do not call Aamir a perfectionist. He is not. Period.

@Smriti, All The Best Girl. May God Be With You.

@Shalini, Even if you are asked to please remember me and shoo the person away.

@Vikas, U r welcome. Yups, u r right.

@Ava, I am your Vee, always.
A much bitter heartbreak than the real ones. Trust me.

@Intense, Nopes, not completely. There was 50-50 bet going on before the releae. Alas, it fell in the wrong half.

Well, watch it at home or theater/ amongst crowd or on a marooned island, I doubt any sense can be made out of it. If you happen to make, any, then Please do share.

@Biju, 1.5 and still tempting!!! Ah, I get it.. U mean the ones where you can laugh your heart out at the idiotic happenings. Yes, then it's a must watch. Like Drona, RGV Ki Aag and Karzz were.

Wow! that bad? I have read mixed reviews so far but heard from most that it gets way too preachy. People don't want a patriotism lesson. The same can be shown in a subtle way.

How is the girl Sonam Kapoor? Abhishek Bachchan always needs a Mani Ratnam to bail him out.

Anyways, I need to watch it too.

@Solilo, Yups, that bad!! It is preachy. And Do we need that? Nopes I say.

U bet. Mani is the one and only who can bail poor Abhi out. But it ain't Abhi's fault in this. All the artists are good but they are wasted in this self-pleasure trip of Rakeysh. Sonam is good and has good screen presence. Wish Rakeysh had used her more.

Do watch and let me know what you felt.

@ Vee

Vee and V hehe
kya bhai hain

btw i am not going to watch delli-6 now
thanks for saving my 160 bucks


@V-Bhai, Kya jodi hai wah wah!!

Please do not watch as of now. CD ya DVD pe mann kare toh dekh lena in future, varna no big deal if u miss it.


Some expectations never meet..!!


Oxy / Vee, Hugely disappointed! Not of the movie but your review. I absolutely loved the movie (and so did everyone I was with, 7 ppl) Plus everyone coming out of the theatre was talking bout how nice it was. So honestly, I wonder what were you thinking.

I mean, its fine, everyone has his preference but not 1.5??? and in the league of RGV ki Aag and Drona, sadly, Vee, no offence, but bring Back Oxy Please!!! My review is in progress :)

so u like Sonam.
Bollywood is done with Abhishek, eh?

Comments reserved till 2moro...i.e. when am watching the movie...

I saw it today.
1. I didn’t get the relations till the end of the movie!! Brother Sister seriously???

2. Music was really nice and the movie was endurable till intermission. After that I just waited for it to end.

3. I am fed up with AB making an appearance in his kid’s movies. I seriously think its buy one get one free offer in Bachchan family.

4. The ending was ridiculous. It reminded me of Harry Potter talking to Dumbledore in the 7th part while he is dead apparently. [If U have read it u will know what I am talking about :) ]
The miraculous resuscitation was actually ridiculous.

5. I loved the song Genda Phool :)

@Vinz Aka Vinu, Some, only some!! or it most of them?

@Rakesh, is it? Sorry, can't help it. I said what I felt.

7 people with you loved it, then what you say about the 70-odd people in the balcony seat of the theater who hooted and howled whenever some idiotic or nonsensical thing popped up.

I stand by 1.5 and breaking it 1 was for ARR's music and .5 for the performances. Brilliant I say. Deepak, Supriya, Pavan, Sheeba and Divya were awesome. But mind my friend that performances alone cannot make a movie likable.

I am waiting for your take.

@BB, I am not Sonam fan but she was looking gorgeous in the trailers and she indeed looked good in the movie, sad that she was just a walking piece. No substance.

@Smita, I will wait.


1. I didn't get anything till the end. Except of course the brilliant music of ARR.

2. As I said, brilliant music not used properly unlike Dev.D where music was used in such an awesome way that it was mind-blowing.

3. I am fed up with Bachchans for long now.

4. Haha, yes I remember. Gosh, I didn't think it that way. awesome.

5. I loved all the songs. Combining them with the movie was horrendous.


(I hated to say that, sigh!!!)


Glad that you are back to ur 'original' name as I knew it. Referring to you as Oxy feli a wee bit odd as I felt like talking to someone else. But as one id in the blogging world says "Whats in a name" :D

The monkey man bit was ridiculous, but I found the 'criminal' bit (tv show) ridiculously funny. How the media plays a sinister role in sensationalising mundane things with everything being an "exclusive".

The bit where AB jumps over buildings to catch a monkey-man kite was totally unnecessary. Any thoughts as to why that was put in?

@Smita, u wan to see told-u-so look of mine..

@Einstein, haha... yea.. what's in a name..

That indeed was ridiculous. When we saw AB doing that jumping and all my bro instantly, "Ab isko kya ho gaya. Koi bhoot ghuss gaya kya andar"? And I felt same, so I have no clue why was that put like many other things as why those were put..

Vee, completely agree with your review. Thought Delhi 6 just didn't have a plot.

Gulal seems interesting, and I will watch it. But I have to admit it looks dated. And have you seen the 13B video? The most badly shot piece I have seen in a while. Very 1980s.


Quirky Indian



Gulaal will be awesome.. and as for dated yes it does cuz its been in making for 7 years now.. at last it is seeing the daylight.

For 13B, no I did not see the video.. I just heard the songs.. and I like Baba's O Sexy Mama.


you know! For once, I wanted to see the movie and then discuss it intelligently here but I am back to my usual very-good-review-i-dont-think-i-will-see-it routine hehe
Read too many bad reviews about this one. Poor AB and Sonam! Their bad luck just does not seem to go

lol einstein and vee! Whats in a name indeed ;-)

@WIAN, haha... discuss intelligently!!! watch Dev D, LBC.. any or wait for Gulaal.. I am sure you will love Gulaal.. I just know..

I feel sorry for Sonam, not for AB zara sa bhi.. saala.

lol, we know.. btw, what's in it actually....? now tell it finally...

@ what in a name - haan haan ... bolo bolo tell tell! Our curiousity (as well as others') is aroused!

Del 6 is a travesty of the class of RDB!

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