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It’s in the blood. That ‘creative bug’ with which we are often arranged a meeting in all promising ways gives the impression to belong only to the Akhtars and just them. Father kept us amused all these years; Son led the way with his ingenious intelligence and now daughter rounding it off ‘The Three Musketeers’ with her brave, brutally honest and matter-of-fact cinema. Zoya Akhtar, who was being cast as 'Extra' in few movies before including Kama Sutra (cuz she chose that), writer of 'Migration', a 20-Minutes movie based on AIDS awareness produced and directed by Mira Nair, and elder sister of producer-director-actor-singer-anchor Farhan Akhtar captures the quintessence and obscurity of Hindi Film Industry (HFI) like never before. There were many pieces which imprisoned the good old HFI and there will be many more (Inshallah); nonetheless Zoya’s mental picture will be the one to surmise for. The two recent illustrations ‘Om Shanti Om’ and ‘Fashion’ gave the broad feel of industry to the lay viewer whilst ‘Luck By Chance’ (LBC) not only gives the imminent sense to it but also portrays it in the most unapologetic mode.

The beginning credits of ‘Oye Lucky Lucky Oye’ with yesteryears ‘Pyaar Pyaar Pyaar, Chahiye Thoda Pyaar’ giving out the details of people involved with the film was my current favorite till I saw LBC’s ‘Ye Zindagi Bhi’ doing the same. Oh, I fell in love with the movie that very moment. Seeing the straight, dismal faces of all those unnamed and unaccredited people; chai-wala, khaana-wala, security guys, spots, extras, poster-wala et al along with getting notified with the cast and crew was just the right element to set the temper up for close to three hours of beautiful cinema awaiting ahead. Farah Khan did something like that in the end credits of ‘Main Hoon Na’ but I was so disappointed by the end already that I did not care.

But of course the story was already few minutes in presenting struggling female protagonist Sona (Konkona Sensharma) sucking up to Chaudhary, producer of Pinki Productions (Alyy Khan; ex of Pooja Bhatt in real life for the uninitiated) when the beginning credits started to sway me. Credits end and you see Aamir Khan in first frame and some 20-odd other biggies (playing themselves) of industry all the way till the end when same struggling female protagonist now fairly better off and unambiguous of the goings around sums up one of the elating endings ever.

Another struggling actor Vikram Jai Singh (Farhan Akhtar) befriends Sona, sleeps with her, and gets ‘lucky’ by chance to get the lead role opposite Niki Walia (Isha Sharvani), daughter of former time’s superstar Neena Walia (Dimple Kapadia) in Romy’s (Rishi Kapoor) home production ‘Dil Ki Aag’ directed by younger brother Ranjit (Sanjay Kapoor). The said lead role refused by the iconic Zaffar Khan (Hrithik Roshan) lands up in Vikram’s lap after Zaffar gets ‘lucky’ by chance to bag the two-hero role in Karan Johar’s movie despite having shot song (Baawre) and few scenes for ‘Dil Ki Aag’. And not to forget the altercation between Sona and Chaudhary which inadvertently turns blessed for Vikram.

Vikram’s egocentricity, Zaffar’s bashfulness, Sona’s fate of ‘being deprived of’, Neena’s manipulations, Nikki’s murkiness confrontations with mother, Romy’s overriding craze, Ranjit’s inane filmmaking and equally cynical approach of many others form the basis of this star-studded film. Be it the opportunist attitude of Maasi or struggling friends of Vikram, or the writer friend of Sona, everyone is doing whatever they are doing for a price. ‘Nothing comes free’ is conveyed or rather shouted from the rooftop.

Each and every character here can be put on pedestal and dissected. Zoya’s story and screenplay is of top class and hardly is she seen making a gaffe of the status the characters are in. On one side you have Saurabh Shukla’s ramblings on how to act complimented with visiting actor Mac Mohan’s deliverance of his famous ‘poore pachchas hazaar’ dialogue from Sholay and Vikram’s shaking the hips on ‘Bachna aae Haseeno’ that keeps your mood radiant about all that coming ahead, and on the other you see Karan Johar’s proverbial observation on ‘how-an-outsider-becomes-a-star’, SRK’s profound advice on ‘not-to-forget-those-who-remembered-you-when-you-were-no-one’ to Vikram after latter embracing stardom, Neena comparing her initial days to that of her daughter’s & subsequent outburst to the editor flooded with colorful language will smack you on your face.

But the one who steals the show on screen (outside of it, it’s Zoya) is the man who should be seen more and more as long as he can be. That’s Rishi Kapoor. The only word I can think of for his performance is ‘divine’. The man is in complete control of what he is delivering. Forget his ‘Hum Tum’ and ‘Fanaa’. LBC is the one he will be remembered for years to come. I somewhat felt uncomfortable seeing Farhan in emotional scenes. I mean the guy has an image (more so after his ‘Oye, It’s Friday’) of someone who is naughty, cool and at-ease. And seeing him act out gloomy ones makes me sore. It’s futile to say how Konkona was as she has gone beyond scrutiny of her performance long time back. Her close-up shot of walk on the busy street with hair flowing before catching a taxi in the end reminded me that of Natalie’s in ‘Closer’ though a lot superior closing. Yet, Rishi Kapoor was the best thing that could happen to LBC by god.

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Im not reading it ! Im not reading it ! Ohh godd ! I HAVE TO watch this over the weekend !

@Vimmuuu Boy, U r doing this second time now. So, U mean if you read my review, it will affect ur viewing? It's just a review, like u read those on Rediff and PFC..Don't u..;);) ????

This movie, I will watch! I am a fan of KSS :-)

hey oxy boy :-)
i have heard really really good things about the movie! And your review has added more charm to it! Have you published it in PFC? Its worth it. btw i also love that song sapnon se bhare naina

No. I havnt read any reviews on LBC. I mean, I read the last line to check if its positive or not. Thats all. I want to watch the movie and then judge it. Btw, yours is one review that I long for.Ok ok, your welcome boy !

PS : the tattoo looks awesome !

the movies begning is awesome .. the song goes well.. i think wat we forget while watching this movie is ... it is not gr8 acting .. not performance.. but a lot has been shouldered by the director ..
the music goes so well in the back ground too ... a good one


Another piece of genious from Farhan Akhtar but surprisingly, this time, its her sister who excels. I loved the movie, most of all the downright honest portrayl of characters where its pretty clear that you can't classify anyone into good or bad. Every one is a shade of grey which is what real people are all about. And the subtle humour which was actually hilarious (remember the scene where all superstars are refusing the movie - that was too good).

As you rightly said, right from the beginning credits to the end, the movie was engrossing, sweet and real.

But I have to say, Farhan as Vikram Jaisingh was not really upto it. I mean, I'm a great fan of Farhan but there is something about him which says he's not a mainstream commercial hero, but that's exactly what he strives to be in the movie. That's why I found him a little... understated as the New Star.

The first half was an amusing roller coaster with loads of fun and surprises. But I thought the second half could've been a little more interesting. No complains however.

Zoya got it spot on - this is an excellent piece of film making, with the maker's heart at the right place.

Heard a lot of positive reviews! Thanks to this one as well:)Will have to catch up soon..

@E-I-S-I, Oh yes, she is a treat to watch. Remember Michael Clayton (George)... She reminded me of him..

@WIAN, Yes, all those good things you have heard are true, not biased claims. No, not on PFC but it did get in Mid-Day here.. A shortened version of what I have here. That's why I took it long to post here despite watching it FDFS. Thanks!!!

@Vimmuuu, Hmm, wokay wokay.. accepted.. I am honored.

P.S. Thanks Boy!!!

@Vishwam, I agree but I would also would like to credit the actors. Of course, Konkona, Farhan and Rishi are good actors but it was Sanjay and Isha that surprised me. The credit for that goes to Director for making them act but I would surely say this movie was one in long time where everyone will be celebrated for the performances.

@Rakesh, Bang on!!! More than Farhan, it's Badi Behen who gets all the applause. People say, oh that's the way it is in 'Bollywood'. But that's they way people are elsewhere too. Talking of subtle humor, I remember one classic one where Farhan goes to meet a director and finds Konkona sitting in the reception. He says, "Sitting room me hain aur sitting chal rahi hai". Classic. !!!

Well, as I said I too was quite uncomfortable with Farhan.

I found both the halves equally entertaining bro. However, no complains u rightly said when the end product is an excellent piece.

@Shayari, Do that. Thanks!!!

Nice review but full of spoilers. Maybe u should put a spoiler alert in the beginning.

Comments from me only after I watch this bhi tabhi readoongi...

@Reema, Trust you to catch that but not to say it so late. Late in the sense I have always been doing that without putting any disclaimer. I never believed in them so far. I feel by doing so I am.. chuck it.. it's my personal believe.. Why should I rant?


This movie has received mostly fantastic reviews....I agree with WITN...u should publish this review on a larger forum!

@Angel, Yups babes, everywhere cuz it's really worth it. And for larger forum... hmm it was in Mid-Day edition of B'lore.


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I want to watch this very badly because I know that I am going to like it.

@Indiasmash, Thanks for the info.

@Amit, Then what are ya waiting for?

Watched it at last. and I agree with your views. But somehow I feel I have heard such stories and even seen movies with similar storyline. The presentation, dialogues, performance and music takes the cake here. Sapnon se bhare naina was toooo good a picturisation ! and yeah, as usual, wonderful review. You should start publishing these Oxy boy, make us feel honored!

@Vimmuuu, Well yes the story is told before as it is about Bollywood.. but it's the treatment of the subject that is exceptional. Haha, publishing them.. Hmm, I can boi but u know na they take quite sometime to publish and I get impatient waiting for it and put here.. :) anyways will do so as u say..

and thanks for the nice words like always..


Your patience to write such detailed review is worth appluading. :)

Uh..what did ya say...onkana was sucking upto.....well, Zoya handled that more subtley than you.. :P

You are right Konkana is past critique now, though I wished several times that if she were slimmer it woulld be better.

Yup, I agree it ws strange to see Farhan are very observant..and seem to have a very good memory (unlike me)...or do you take notes? If you cut out can get out your reviews professionally. :P

@Poonam, Lol... I guess yea. Zoya handled it quite subtly.

I agree to it. I am known for that. People watching is my hobby. :) and for memory as well.. well, when it comes to watching movies I get immersed even in the crappiest ones. I take notes mentally.

I have tried doing it professionally for tabloids now and then and online columns as well. But nothing like writing what u feel on ur personal blog. There, u have lot of restrictions.


i am glad i saw the movie first ;) Waise dont forget Honey Irani, Farhan's mom. She was a sweetheart and an extremely popular child star. Later she scripted a few movies too -- Lamhe I think and one or too another.


True. Honey is family too. Yes, she was part of Lamhe and later directed as well.. Remember Armaan (Preity, Anil, Big B)..

Btw, that way Farha and Sajid Khan would be family too.. hehe...:) And so will be Honey's sis Daisy Irani.. another terrific child actor..

now watch Dev.D

Watched it and thoroughly enjoyed it unlike Billu(read Bad movie!)which too happened to me this weekend.Waiting to get more luckier watching more of Akhtars' movies...

Loved most of the characters but fell for Dimple,Juhi and FA all over again:)

@Shayari, Awww!!! Glad u liked it.. And whats with Farhan.. Every Girl, Women and even toddlers are crazy about him!!! Me not bad either, eh... hehe

I haven't watched this movie yet :(
You are far better than most of the movie critics who write in so many websites.

@Varun, Thanks Boy!!! I am just being balanced and I say the way it is... no bias

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