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Posted by Vee

One day I was reading Chammak Challo and she had uploaded an image and asked the readers to guess what it is. I cracked it and as per the rule I am supposed to post something that others have to guess.

Here is the Riddle:

You have to find something stranger than strange and, post it on their blog within the next two weeks.

The quiz remains open for at least 1 day and at the most 2 days.

The person who guesses it correctly gets the torch and is the next host for Riddle Me This.

If the person who guesses correctly is the previous host, then that person will get to pick someone to pass the buck to from all those who made a guess.

And so on.

Please use the fabulous logo, also designed by Manisha, and link back to the host who passed the baton on to you.

Please do your best to keep this alive. Just think of how much fun it will be!

Here is the image for you guys:

Tell me what it is. Now don't just say flower :). Photograph Courtesy: Dev and Dev, No, you cannot participate.

The countdown begins.

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41 Pointless but Viscous Comments.

Very Smart Reema, Good try!!!

This whole riddle us darn wrong..

You should have put the name of the flower and asked us to bring the picture...how will we google this u bugger!!!!

Lol, Smita.. ROFL.. LMAO... Hahaha... Lage Raho..

Reema, I knew that someone would go in that territory. So, I had renamed the image and I renamed it again so that people do not get confused.

Hehehe..How do u think I cracked that Riddle by Chammak Challo.. That image was more weirder than mine..

Its flower of a guava tree :)

And prove me wrong if u can!!!

Reema and Smita, Ur answers are registered.


It appears to be a flower of some cactus variety that I cannot name.


do u need the name of the flower?

Is it of the hibiscus family?


btw that was quite smart of you on that blog - you cheated Oxy!!! And did she realise? he he

I guess thats why out of the 400 chess grandmasters in the world, only 11 are women :P

@Vikas, Bravo!!! Proud of u!!!

@Rakesh, I won't be giving any clues or hints. It's all upto the participants.

And for that blog..thnx...but I did not cheat yaar. If people forgot to rename the image, then not my fault.. right?? Hehehe.. wot say?

Flowers trying to..u kno...u kno...reproduce/intercourse ! :D

(sheeesh, dont ban me from your blog roll !!)

@Biju, ur answer is registered.

@Vimmuuu, Oye Boy.. I think U will win... Lol.... No kidding!!!

No ways, why would I? U bring humor.

Its fake flowers...used in the bouquet for Brides or in croisage :)

@Angel, Awesome ... Abso'freaking'lutely!!! Trust u to say that...:):)

@V-Bhai, Wah! Wah! Kya Kaha Hai!!!

mirror image
or twin flowers

@Vishwam and Ashish, answers registered.

Looks like a fake flower...the kinds mortals like us use indoors to bring that "cozy yet mosquito free look" into our living rooms :P

LOL, thanks boyy !

Btw, are multiple answers allowed?
My second answer : Two couples making out in the background, and the flowers are symbolically used like how we see in those old movies!

Yeah, Im one hell of a pervert and I can think only on those lines. Happy Valentines Day !!! :D


Ok, even if fake then which one???


Too much.... whaatttaa answer!!! Boy, u r going in ur own chosen direction and m happy for that... what else can a 'true filmy' possibly think beyond that... M with u TOTALLY!!! if anyone else wud have posted this, I wud have answered what u answered. U Rawwwkkk.... of course like me, another filmy...;););)

A virgin's veil.. unpopped cherry is white you know ;)

well,,,this is taken from 60's movies in which two flower together depicts the love making,something like that,,hehheheh,,,,,,



copulating flowers on Valentine's day??

so am I right ??? Bolo Bolo tell tell

very very interesting replies ... Let me know when the contest ends ... so I can make that pic public again ... hehe ...

@Ava, Crapshredder, Amit,

Answers registered and results to be announced in few minutes.

@ Angel, What? U still think u r right!!!

@Dev, Haha, I know. People have gone bonkers in their answers. Ending in few minutes from now darling. Will SMS u so that u can make ur photo public.

After lot of googling, here i am

Queen of the Night cactus flower


I dunno if the contest have ended, but i still will give my guess.

Either, its a decoration on a dress, probably something like a samba dress, and the flower comes in the bust.
The flowers are on top of two hats of a lesbian couple kissing, shot from top (.....hee haw)

Eager to know the right answer.


huh...how could i miss the first post which was the result....guava flower...brrrrr...please delete my comment, i need some sleep, am thinking too radical, man

@UH, HeeHaw HeeHaw.. .ROFL.. anyways ur answers were awesome.. I would have said on same line had someone else asked.

Btw, why lesbian only? Could be....hehe

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