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Posted by Vee

I became single all over again, thanks to me and thanks to the stars shining down. So, now please do not come to conclusion and start hurting my self-less inner something by saying “Huh, so what if he wrote on Impressing fairer sex”.

So, I was saying I am single all over again and I am on a hunt. And my hormones are driving me up the wall and ceiling, everything unworthy of climbing upon. And needless to say, I have been ruthless in my quest so far. They say it is easy to impress a man than to the fairer sex, I beg to differ. They say all men need is an opening and all women need is a huge long list with TDH factor on top of the list plus clean-shaven, witty, humorous, should love her dog & bitches and her folks (the order depends on her) and blah blah. I beg to differ once again. Few of us are looking for more than an opening

So, now I am going to say what went wrong this time. She was so gloomy that even cheerful Sunday afternoon got depressing within 3 minutes of her silent presence (absence for me). As if I care much, but something as sexy as her was glum worried me. What about the evening and night after the gloomy noon lemonade my inner something said. So, I took her hand which was toying the front hair and tried to be unadulterated in sounding what-happened-to-my-lovey-dovey-baby. I succeeded nonetheless. What I got to know was that her ex from whom she had separated some 3 months back had sanctimoniously mentioned to her 3 months back while breaking up that his obvious interest in her was nothing more than a physical draw. I promptly withdrew my hand from her and folded it between my legs underneath table. That helped. And at the same time appreciated her ex’s interest. The guy had taste like me. And the next thing which popped up in my mind was why something which happened 3 months back is spoiling her mood which now by that time had assured me would definitely spoil the eventful evening and night.

She was witty and nice and that is why I was seeing her. I find it absurd that a woman can actually have this sight of how sexy she is and held that against her. I found it even more absurd when during the night while lounging in a night club, two healthy heterosexual people sitting over nicely made alcoholic concoction, in a favorable environment of a dark corner had something else in their minds. Me: why is she thinking of what that ex jerk said something which was actually true and she: still pondering over did he mean that? Guffaw. The very idea of going out for a drink opens exciting possibilities for me. Will she be coy? Will she be a bashful repartee to my overtures? Or will she let her loose so that I can take a good care of her? Will she mind my ogling which gets piercing potential couple of drinks down? But there was nothing of that sort happening. Now how much can you give in yourself without getting anything out of it. I still maintain I am self-less but this self-less, excuse me. Get hold of someone else then.

So, in that moment of bizarre histrionics I said the same her ex had once supposedly said. I said the same. All hell broke loose. And I surprised myself by saying if she wants to get out of it she can (my inner something scolded me one last time), but that was that. All I remember next was she walked out on me but that is not to be remembered as her walk itself was one to die for, it was that VBS thing which flashed like a lightening to my drunken eyes. Whoa!!!

Was that intentional? Till that time I had not noticed that thing coming out. For that matter I had not noticed VBS in our history of 7 dates so far. Anyways how does that matter now. That moment I saw that VBS and I was for the first time happy. VBS can be a big put off for us, u bet me. For uninitiated, Visual Bra Strip (VBS) is fashionable, but then please make an effort in choosing a bra color. Do we men or any of your more sensible women friends have to point out that a dark colored bra under light colored clothing is a crime?

Not that I dropped her for this faux pas or something like that, she chose to. And I happily respect that now. Thank you, nice to meet you. I value my sanity too much to be with you. And there is good in the world. Go smell some flowers, get spiritual but do not come back to me and for heaven’s sake do not talk of me to your next beau.

I wonder why? Why women talk of her past to their present? So I am done with it but I am still hunting. Now all I am waiting for is a real her? Will the real she please stand up or lie down? I am already.

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30 Pointless but Viscous Comments.

omigod, i need to go shopping for some lingerie

ugh ugh, sorry for your plight dear boy.. happy hunting


Oxy is on a look out for a girl...

He is planning to get married...

Very soon he will be having a baby...

Finally, he will be putting the practics of baby sitting to proper use...

I am happy...

I will distribute Ulti perks to myself....



Oh!!! I know how you feel. Girls have this habit of dwelling in the past for too long. It irritates me to no ends at times.

Oh!! Don't worry... You'll find a better(real) girl soon. All the best... Let us all know if you find one... :)

It's probably mean to initiate humor here but still, would you like me to start pimping for you too?


do not u forget to send the pic in it beforehand.:):)


U need reasons for shopping I did not know... come to the point...:)


U bet. but some boys do too..


I am not worrying at all.. Hunting can be a big fun compared to real date.


Humor is always welcome. Yes start ur pimping service for me 'too' but remember no 'Sundar', 'Susheel' n all that jazz type pls...

@ Oxy :

Welcome to the land of frustrated singles !!! Buddy, take it from me, theres nothing like being single.

According to me, women(no offence meant to any of that species here) are a big torture for most of us in different phases of our life. I mean, till the age of 18, ur moms gonna have control on u, and if u have a sis, then she is also going to be a part of that torture. Then from 19 - 25 ur girl friend and after 26, theres a lifetime torture in the form of wife. Why go thru all this? Live single. Be happy.

@ Kris Bass :

"pimping for you too?"...i need ur contact info.LOL

@ Vimmuuu,

Exactly man. And that is why I just date nowadays and make that clear in beginning itself and still some go overboard.

Happily Singling..:)

Maybe she had VBS all along, but u were focusing on *ahem* better things.

Enjoy the single life, pal

Ah, caught me.. Yes Indeed Avionic.

Thank god that I was tuned to stay away from women. But I get put off (and scared too) by guys who carry their emotional baggage and try to dump it on me.

Ahem very very frank post. happy hunting and I hope u get what u r looking for.


sorry to hear that ..
may be life has got a better girl for u :P
till then happy hunting and enjoy being a single .. :)
there are somethings u cant do while u are committed :D

@ Sam,

Women or Men, you'll find such species any which ways... Good for you anyways as I guess it's not that mind fucking boggling in your case.. is it? If it's not I envy you.

@ Reema,

Should be na. If it's real life we talking here.

@ Arvind,

Hell why should you be sorry if I am not myself. And that 'life-has-got-better-in-store' is so cliched....

Though that seemed to hv been an inopportune moment, u've spoken ur mind to her.. That's bold of you and far better than a white lie (that most guys/gals resort to, for time-being-fun)

err...out of context..i just read ur comment in reemas. and Man, do we think alike or not!!! Even I feel eating and sleeping is just a waste of time(it doesnt even appear in my priority list) and I do it more like a duty; u know somethng like brushing ur teeth!!! Infact, I just said the same thng to one of my friend a couple of days back.

@ Bouncing-Bubble,

Mighty bold it might look but I have always been wary in past fearing the reaction. However, how long can not any one speak mind. So that is that. Thnx :)

@ Vimmuuu,

Is it? Ah!! another KBK... This is seriously getting crazier. :)

if i say more i will be accused of being chiclety

kya baaaaaaaaat hai .....


U r a nut! u stop being a peeping tom plus stop filling the classic mouth with the classic feet and then guess wottttttttt...u might actually be happy :p


U r a nut! u stop being a peeping tom plus stop filling the classic mouth with the classic feet and then guess wottttttttt...u might actually be happy :p

@ Avdi,

Lol... aap toh bura maan gaye..

@ Dev,

bas yahi baat hai.

@ MD,

A nut calling another nut a nut.. Ha ha ha..

And saying that twice makes u wot? think think..

U know what..I am Happy. In long time.


Welcome to the club, old fella! :)
Let us join hands in impressing the fairer sex! And yes, very ironic that you wrote that and then became single!! :D


What an irony man.. But good actually. Not feeling a pang of it for a change... :)

ah so ur single eh ! enjoy urself while it lasts. by the way what hapened to that ring that u sent to someone and also that proposal ?!

ah so ur single eh ! enjoy urself while it lasts. by the way what hapened to that ring that u sent to someone and also that proposal ?!


Yea, its surely gonna last for some time at least. And for that ring n proposal, well thats still going strong.. Its in diff domain but its fine..

am here for the first time and i liked the theme!!

and you are already what????

standing up or lying down?? :P


@ Sakhi, u r quite late here... and as of now m lying down...:)

welcome to my space.. I too kinda like this theme..

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