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Am I complex being with split personality? Coming to think of it I might be and might not be. Well, thats not the point is.

The point is I have spoil myself rotten watching movies of all types/genres in last one year. I am talking of world cinema here. Asian, Eurpoean, Latin American, movies from lesser known countries are few which I explored though I cannot say I am even 10% done with them. And I am enjoying them. But, thats not the point.

The point is whenever I gave a quick reviews of these firang movies, the comment which I always got from Smita was "*yawn* What kind of movies do u watch :P". So, I would like to tell her that I am not done with Bollywood. In fact, I can never be done with it and even if I have to, my family won't let me. Cuz we are all filmy, too Bollywoodish. We talk films given any chance. I was brought up in a family that knows more of Bollywood and its intriguing souls than their own relatives. And we don't just talk of Stars/Music/Directors, everything from editing to screenplay to script to cinematography goes under the scanner. We have huge stock of all possible magazines that remotely smells Bollywood since '92. However, thats not the point.

The point is writing on it comes easy to me and I kinda enjoying ranting about/on/of it. So, I came up with a separate blog as I see Bollywood. Hence, the name Oxys-Bolly-Eyes.

Check it out guys.

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13 Pointless but Viscous Comments.

Way to go Oxy boy. and the KBK is not limited to us, my family is also too filmy, but not bollywoodish though. We are more into Malayalam and Tamil.

I am yet to read the posts in the new space; probably tomorrow. But I would appreciate if you could change the theme. The theme for this blog is ultra cool and when we get into that from here, its a lill disappointing for the eyes. You would get good templates once you search them in the net. Dont go for the ones in blogger. Try getting one, and if you dont, I can help you. Take it as a suggestion, if you are very much ok with the current template, dont even listen to anyone :D

Valuable Junk is worth every penny :)

Great start to bolly eyes. Loved your post on AK. He is truly the No.1 hero in Hindi film industry. His latest movie Singh is King is beating all records which justifies his position.


*yawn* wot kinda magazines to do u read


oki noted, will add that to my blog roll:)

@ Vimmuuu,

Thnx!!! Yups, another KBK and now family included.. lolz..

Do read whenever you get time. Of course I would change. That was just a random pick boy, I will do search and editing but trust me I ain't very good at that.. lemme reach u if i wan ur help..

@ Varun,

Hehe.. AK is King of Bollywood in true sense. I hate his current offerings though...

@ MD,

Every kinda including ur kinda.. hehe...U better add :)


oh u a bollywood freak. hmm ..nice to know that..
i am not that much into bollywood..i appreciate good movies ..thats ut :)
i will check ur other blog soon ;)

My first time here and I liked it. I wish I had more time to browse through your other posts. Don't worry, that will be done soon though. Thanks for the comments on my blog! ;)

Wow!! u really are a movie freak! I checked out ur other side. u can use a better theme especially a stretched one for ur long posts. Most themes waste space on both sides.

Send me a truck load of Ulti Perks as it is me who inspired you to start a new blog :D :D :D

BTW you don't have a spli personality but u have MPD....Na na not Mentally Pagal it means Multiple Personality Disorder *evil grin*

BTW now I know why you don't eat much, because u survive on fillum's :D

@ Arvind,

Yes absolute freak. Of late, exploring cinema though. Thnx

@ Kris,

Welcome aboard. Don read., they are all crap, random ramblings. :)

Do not mention. That was good post.

@ Smita,

Yea yea whateva.. n why thnx , see few already started complaining why new blog n all? so no perks for u. Shoo, shoo

Look who is talking of MPD, of al u.. haha.. thanda suraj, deri se wakt par, ainvayee sane... aur bolun... If I have freaking MPD then you have freaking MPD-Cube

@ Reema,

Oh u bet girl.. I am.

Yes search for new template is already on as vimmuuu suggested it too. Will do so soon.. Thnx :)


Hehe! I haven't seen a bollywood movie in a long long time! :)
So i'll consider our new blog as stud material and i'll enlighten myself! :)

@ Nikhil,

Good.. please do that.. enlightenment guaranteed :):)

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