'Spanish Man', 'Fuck', 'Russia', 'Search Engine' and 'Slumdog'  

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Search Engines be it Google, Yahoo et al are like a Bible, Quran, Geeta, Guru Granth Sahib and so and such for us these days. Do not we type whatever pops up first in our mind whilst looking for a specific thing? Yes, we do. We all do. To cite a recent example, I in my half-asleep approach read the news of Spanish PM fucking up big time and when online, I had forgotten whether that Spanish guy who made a sexual gaffe was whether PM or President or whatever of that country so I typed Spanish Man+Prime Minister+President+Fuck+Russia (as Russia was another word apart from Spanish and Fuck that got registered noticeably in my mind) in Google search. The first search itself cleared things. See how Google bails us out.

So, this write-up is to make you acquaint with what kind of words/phrases people across the globe have used to search anything remotely connected to the movie Slumdog Millionaire and ultimately ended at my ‘Slumdog Milllionaire’ review, Thanks to FEEDJIT.

Sample my five favorites:

"does salim sleep with latika".

"asshole amitabh blog on slumdog"

"the man with the colt 45 says leave slumdog"

"slumdog jaya ho american review".

"slumdog's euphoria in india-- how much justified".

I am still ROFLing and LMAOing at the keywords used by people for Slumdog Millionaire. Jaya ho? Salim Sleep with Latika?? Justified? Asshole Amitabh?? hahahahaha

Ain’t those keywords funny!!!???

I found "asshole amitabh blog on Slumdog" one quite funny… Which one you think is the funniest?

Out of context, Nominations for the MovieManiax Awards – 2008 are out. Do check out. The voting will start next week.

To know more about the MovieManiax Awards, CLICK HERE.

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17 Pointless but Viscous Comments.

LOL! This is hilarious! I found the amitabh one too damn funny! hehehe

Infact for my blog (www.bhargavsaikia.com), some people have arrived on a post on DevD's X-Rated Emotional Atyachar video by searching for "hindi porn videos"!


lolz...people in general are nuts!

love the poster!

I think i will settle for :

the man with colt 45 says leave slumdog

it has such an aura about it


Yeah but did u answer his question? Did salim sleep with latika???

LOL. Good one. The Amitabh one takes the cake !!! :D

@Bhargav, Yes trust people to use funny keywords.

@Angel, haha.. yes. thnx.

@Ava, aura vaura chhaddo... Amitabh ki toh le li.

@Rakesh, Lol... What u say? Did he sleep with her or not?

@Vimmuuu, hehe,,, yes it does..

Ha Ha. Yeah, the Amitabh one is funny!! :-)

Keep Blogging!

yep...found the Big B one reall funny...

Saw the nominations... good work!! :)

I think Amitabh wala was the best.
And I don't know why but the keyword "lesbian" is making many people land up in my blog! :(

Offtopic, I think you are the person who just commented on my post on second language learning: I did some gravatar comparisons lol. Thank you. And you blog is lively and stimulating! Ciao

effing funny. dis cudnt be real. wudever, padh ke maza aaya. paisa wasool entertainment! jiyo. jai ho.

Big B's was the best. lol

and sorry Vee, I could only be a silent spectator to the voting goin on :( u know why..

bhai yeh kya ho raha hai ..hehe

@Biju, Thanks.

@Smita, Hmmmm.

@Smriti, Thanks. The voting lines are open. Do vote and spread the word.

@Amit, The word Lesbian? Hahaha... Sad though... My condolences.

@Man of Roma, I hope the confusion is cleared by now. Still, thanks for appreciating my blog.

@Magik, It is for real mere bhai. Kaise kaise log aur kaise kaise search words.. tauba.

@BB, Yes, I know why.. you are excused, but you can do one thing... you can spread the word amongst your friends to vote.

@V-Bhai, Hehehe.. mujhe bhi nahi pata..


the mitabh one was hilarious!

and "does salim sleep with latika?" LOL...

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