The MovieManiax Awards - 2008  

Posted by Vee

In continuation of my previous post which talked of upcoming awards, I hereby announce The MovieManiax Awards – 2008.

The MovieManiax Awards is an initiative to honor the best of Hindi Cinema. Being the first year of it’s running, the categories are limited and we have not ventured into the technical awards. The nominations under the categories have been discussed, scrutinized and finally arrived on conclusion by a team of Bloggers. The rationale behind the nominations was to bring in the best irrespective of Box-Office status. And now it’s up to you fellow Bloggers to have your voice counted to decide the deserving one. Please participate in this endeavor and spread the word amongst the fellow Bloggers and non-bloggers; basically anyone who has access to internet.

Endeavor by: Vee with able support from Poonam, Reema, Smita, Varun and Vimmuuu.

Creative Consultant: Magik

Awards Badge Designer: Dev

Publicist: Nikhil

Judges: You Bloggers, Aam-Junta

The Nominations are finalized and polls will be live shortly. Meanwhile, we are looking for support from all of you in making this a success. Do spread the word. And before you forget, please bookmark the Award Site, Click here.

P.S. Join 'The MovieManiax Awards' group on Facebook and pledge a vote. Click Here.

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10 Pointless but Viscous Comments.


Yay, Yay Yay!

Btw Vee, how about a badge or a poster to be put up on our blog's sidebar which asks ppl to caste their vote?

As of now, I've just put up the MovieManiax logo.

The poster stitched together with movie titles is really cool...

rakesh sahi bola.. we need a poster. i need 3 to put up on my three major blogs hehe ;)

Promotional badges are the need of the hour! My promotional post is ready and on my page :)

Whooopppiee...finally, its getting ready !

The bloggers are handling too many responsibilities. First we fight with goons, then government, terrorists and now the biased film fraternity! Phew!!!
Well, this is a good initiative. The awards this year were very disappointing!

@Rakesh, Avdi, Varun: Its a gud idea, we wud soon post such badges reminding people to vote.

Will put those up soon.

We DID put up more posters today on MM blog.

Pester Vee to email you more soon. :)

Thanks All... Do participate and spread the word...

@Rakesh, Ava, and Varun.. working on it..

For that I need their mail IDs.. I have Ava's and Varun's.. Oye Rakesh.. mail me on vbharti[at]gmail[dot]com.


I did get a mail from the publicist. Quite professional approach, i would say :)


@UH, Thanks! It's a sincere effort to bring in the best..

Btw, u sent the answers just in time.. poster delayed the results by 5 mins and there I saw ur replies.. results are announced now..

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