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I knew it and many like me knew it too that Taare Zameen Par was too feeble an entry for Oscars like Paheli (miserable), Eklavya (hopeless), RDB (many like that already made; we made it late), Devdas (Hazam nahi hua) in last few years. TZP was too long like Lagaan and very foreseeable like Lagaan; yet Lagaan was prevailing but TZP from beginning was no match to Majidi’s The Song of Sparrows (Iranian), Takita’s Departures (Japanese), Ari Folman’s Waltz with Bashir (Hebrew; Israel) and Garrone’s Gomorra (Italian); these which I have seen amongst the 67 entries and surprisingly Majidi’s movie is out of the nine selected so far for the third round and unsurprisingly Aamir’s TZP too doesn’t feature in top nine. Majidi who made 1998’s Best Foreign Language Film Children of Heaven about which I have talked in my earlier post might be disappointed as his was one of the best entries amongst the 67 this year for 81st Academy Awards.

I am not sad for Aamir, I am not. His was not enough to be recognized globally as a good cinema so it did not make. Fair enough. I am sad for Majidi though.

Slumdog Millionaire
has left me speechless. It’s a mind-boggling movie for which I hope Boyle, Beaufoy, Mantle and our own ARR win Oscars on 22nd Feb. I am yet fostering the aftereffects of watching a mind fucking movie which is Slumdog Millionaire currently for me. I feel like crying.

With all due respect to makers of Lagaan; I feel Jamal’s last question worth 2 Million Rupees overshadows Bhuvan’s last ball six. (A Premise to my review later; COPYRIGHTED)

Excerpts from review which I hope to write soon:

I wish Slumdog Millionaire had never ended. I felt 120 minutes passed too soon; I hoped for it to run forever. I never felt so elated even when Bhuvan in Lagaan hit the last ball six in the climax. I still remember the whole theater just erupted with a feat (one experiences when one achieves something akin himself) when Bhuvan hit that six. I found myself hugging a complete stranger standing on left to me that morning in theater. That was 2001…. 2009; Slumdog Millionaire; almost similar climax (penultimate?) but more euphoria than what Aamir & Co provided me with then.

P.S. Slumdog Millionaire is extremely different to Lagaan. The reference was only to the climax.

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I was wanting a post that compared the foreign language movies in a single post. I was thinking about it just a few hours back and here you oblige! So Thanks!!

I saw TZP long after everyone had praised it to no end. And I was disappointed. I felt the movie was shallow - in saying that, I mean; It relied too much on the audience feeling emotional - to the extent they start feeling uncomfortable in the cinema hall. Its not good cinema that will captivate you or make you pay attention.

Unlike TZP, Slumdog Millionaire is that kind of cinema. It has everything in it from a romantic angle, to viciousness and it showcases all these without losing touch with reality! This is why I liked COH so much - for showing the ACTUAL relationship between people as it entails in real life.
Am laughing at the entries like Eklavya and Lagaan... Do u think these movies actually ruined India's chances for next year's oscars as well.... Lol.

Just for a cheap thrill - The Italian movie notoriously sounds like a disease :D

So according to you which movie should have been sent as official Indian entry to oscars this year.

Correction - I meant Devdas instead of Lagaan in my earlier comment...!

E-I-S-I: U r welcome buddy!

I won't say TZP was bad cinema. But as you rightly said it relied too much on emotional stuff. I remember liking the movie but just for one watch, I won't watch it second time. And in no way it can fight for it's own space amongst World Movies. It at least was better than Paheli n Eklavya but Indian Jury is still not sure on what basis to choose a movie for Oscars.

Slumdog Millionaire in a way can be described as Bollywood Masala movie but it's the treatment of the script and story along with Cinematography which would blow your mind off. Oh, I love COH too. Sad that Majidi could not make it this time.

Oh, we all are laughing. In fact Dharma was a far better choice than Eklavya.

P.S. Correction noticed.

Smita: That's not the point I raised here dear. TZP has already gone as an our official entry and I am not talking of the process after that, that it could not make it. And When it was chosen as our entry I had mentioned that it was not upto the international standard. We liked the movie. Whole India cried in their seat but that's not a basis to choose an entry. That's irrationality. I do not wish to name which other movie should have gone if not TZP as there are many movies made in our country other than Hindi which I might not be aware of so it's the decision of Jury to choose the best movie possible. I wonder whether they watch entries of other countries to learn from the mistakes they make again and again, every damn year. And having followed the entries for last 4/5 years I can for sure say TZP was no where closer. It was a lost case from beginning.


Oxy, I've to disagree. I mean, of all the Oscar entries we've sent in the past (including Lagaan), I feel TZP and RDB have been our best.

You say "Whole India cried in their seat but that's not a basis to choose an entry." Then what is? If a movie, (which after all is a story being told) makes you relate so closely to the characters and what's happening on screen, then what other criteria do you need?

And with regards to SM, I've heard so much about it but can't do much coz. have to wait till the time it releases here in Dubai.

Till that time, won't read your review though (Tend to do that unless I've seen a movie)

Rakesh: That's absolutely fine if you disagree. However, let me repeat that that's not the basis. There are many movies like TZP which have been made in different parts of world over the years.

For many of us it was may be a first kind of experience but I feel it was a bit forced. The film definitely works but in bits n pieces. It gets too preachy at times.. Ishaan's role and his portrayal was awesome but then that's it. I am not talking of music (which was good too), the whole film as a package wasn't something incredible and spectacular. The movie works for us as we have not seen such movie and I too liked it but I am talking from world's perspective as such movie was nothing new for them.. If you see the entries of few countries they bring out something new n spectacular in their story. Aamir handled the movie quite well, Treatment was good but the script was mediocre. There I feel 'Dharma' was quite a good one to go the year Eklavya was chosen.

For SM, I still haven't written the review... and If I happen to write before the movie releases in Dubai then pls do read whenever u watch and share what u think of SM

Who decides which movie to send for Oscars? How can they even consider Paheli and Eklavya??? I havent seen those yet!

Reema: Some Self-claimed 'Pundits' of Cinema.

slumdog is enthralling, despite its predictability, you stayed glued to the film. Lagaan, well started watching it but never finished it, too long.

Tazeen: Predictable but not pretentious like Lagaan and TZP and that's why I loved it...

I still have to see slum Dog Millionaire.

I am looking forward to seeing it though...lots of good reviews


You actually think SDM was predictable? I thought its one of its USPs was that it was full of twists and turns and left you guessing whats going to happen next and how will it end. Just because it ended the way it did does not make it predictable (IMO).

TZP was never in the race! :)

It is no doubt a very good movie but it is definitely not worth the Oscars.

Parents who say they have improved or they have started to treat their kids better after watching this movie are a BIG failure!

Did you watch Slumdog Millionaire online?

you nailed it bro...love it! one of the best i seen in a long time!

Angel: Do watch it Babes.. It's a must one.

E-I-S-I: Well, it did end the way I had expected. But I do not call it predictable based on that. I say it predictable in pieces here n there. I could easily guess by looking at Salim's expression that he would surely somehow rescue Jamal from getting blinded; Latika turning up at VT was quite predictable and flawed as She being a gangsta's keep/wife would be always followed upon. They could have done away with the whole scene. And so on. Also, it has its own minor flaws which I am ready to ignore considering amazing screenplay, editing, cinematography and ultimately direction.

Varun: U too feel the same..Samhao Smita ko.. And I completely agree to ur 'failure' part.

I started watching online but could not complete so I asked a friend who had it downloaded.

V-Bhai: Thanks.. It indeed is one of the best of late.

The good small films that could work at oscars are never sent because the makers lack the backing. Waise bhi what are oscars? there own rewards are not given to the deserving.

Avdi: Their own deserving ones don't get... I agree totally..

We might just rub it off but when it comes knocking we do sit up and hope to win.. as ARR himself says, "more than me it matters to people of India so I hope I win"

Contrary, for that matter all awards are fucked up...(ours toh rock in being fucked n biased). Interesting would be to know how USA (after UK now) acknowledges this movie and bestows with nominations (eventually awards hopefully) which has Muslim as a protagonist.

Not only TZP, there was no other movie of calibre that we had made to be worthy of a fight in Oscars. People are more focused on making money (I dont blame them really for we all want it) by making masalas like OSO.

TZP was definitely better than Eklavya, Devdas, Paheli though. I would still wait for a quality movie to be made in India.

Poonam: Exactly! TZP was definitely better off than those but yet not better enough to get into top 5 or 9 for that matter.


Dying tu see SlumDog Milionaire!

I believe that Bollywood movies are too melodramatic to win an Oscar. Period! The "reality" factor is missing.
And, yes, Lagaan was a good movie, but I can't take out the thought from my mind that it won because of the presence of Foreign actors in it. I might be wrong though...

AlphabetWorld: Lol, I have already seen it thrice.. Do watch

Amit: It's not about being melodramatic but yea I would agree about the 'reality' factor..

And for Lagaan I would say it was a genuine effort and no it did not win because of presence of 'firang actors' in it, It indeed was good cinema but too long and too obvious and predictable.

Me too. I knew TZP wasnt going to make it. The second half of the movie lost focus completely and the intro song of Aamir was totally unwanted, thats when,according to me, the movie stumbled.

The sad part is that our jury doesnt even consider movies from other industries for Oscars. and imagine, Jeans was sent to the Oscars in 98 !!!!

Yet to watch Slumdog, its available online and also in my DVD store. waiting for the theatrical release !

Vimmuuu: So u agree too.. :)

That's the point Boi... There are many movies made in gazillion languages and they aren't even considered I guess, no wonder west mostly thinks Indian Film Industry as Hindi Film Industry.,...

Ok,wait for theatrical release and guess what.. I will watch it again in theater.

Yes, Oxy. I fully agree with your views on Paheli and Eklavya. I was flabbergasted when the movies were nominated as India's entries.

Regarding TZP, the movie was something. I dont think it is a movie that can be dismissed. Maybe, you have a point when you say it was too feeble and focussed on emotions, both of which do not last in the mind or soul for long. Because, it is our miseries that we want to run away from the most.

Hence, TZP fails to fight out that feebleness. But the movie had a message that if understood with the purest of hearts and a back-to-basics-about-Life thinking, would do wonders. :-)

It was NOT just another movie....

can't wait to watch blingdog, have already downloaded a divx version for later as I have a bloody exam in 3 days!

Trailblazer: Yes as I said TZP was a good movie but not something spectacular and by your statement 'it wasn't just another movie' I know what you are hinting at... :)

Vaudevillian: Ah, and the movie is having it's theatrical release in 3 days.. So u better watch the downloaded stuff b4 exam begins. Btw, what exams???

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