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So, I had a very interesting fortnight.

So, I watched A Wednesday and The Last Lear. And I was disappointed with the later. ‘A Wednesday’ was a good attempt for a debutante, so I would ignore couple of flaws but ‘The Last Lear’ was a lot disappointing. Btw, an interesting article about ‘A Wednesday’ here.

Now coming to TLL, Why do our actors fake their accent whenever they act in an English language movie? By accent I don’t mean they put on Brit or Yankee or any other accent. It looks our actors are speaking forced English. They are very good at the language but there is something insanely foolish about the way they mouth the dialogues, it is a big put off. Watch Divya Dutta to know what I mean. And critics are going gaga over her. Shefali Shah suddenly takes a spin in her mind when she is asked to do an English film. She becomes a totally different person. Her whole body language suggests ‘I am the Queen’. Watch any of her English movies (including 15 Park Avenue) and you will know what I mean. She is a good actor but I prefer Shefali of Satya any day. Preity, Amitabh and Arjun were just about ok. There was nothing amazingly awesome about them and same goes for the script. Ghosh and Arindham created much hype and hoopla which Neeraj ‘Wednesday’ Pandey did not and ultimately grabbed all accolades and also got his movie short listed in top 5 contenders to be sent for Oscars. So, that made TZP a winner. Would Aamir nail it this time? I wonder. I doubt actually.

I do not fathom why but TZP always reminds me of ‘Bacheha-Ye-Aseman’ (Iranian) film which I saw once again this week. From BYA (later dubbed in English as ‘Children of Heaven’) which won the Best Foreign Language Film at Oscars in 1998 till ‘Leben Der Anderen, Das’ (German; dubbed in English as ‘The Lives of Others’) which won Best Foreign Language Film in 2007 each and every movie was class apart in their own way and TZP is no where closer to any of those. So, I question what likelihood TZP has got now?

So, I bumped into both current and previous ex-lovers (were we??) of mine. How interesting (of course, at different locations and occasions). Ok, before that, a suggestion. Unless you are sure of how things are going in relation, never ever take your date to you favorite hang-outs. NEVER. Once you guys have things talked and all going smooth, take wherever you want. But, before that strictly no. So, what was she (current ex) doing there with a random guy? I am not too uncomfortable in such situations to be honest and can handle it quite well. However, what pinched me was ‘I brought you here once and that was your first time here and it's my favorite you are aware. Go, somewhere else please'. But, It’s not my baap-ka-place in first place. Anyway, so I massaged my ego thinking, ‘Ah, probably she had inkling I would visit the place so she was just dying to have a look at me’. Whoo!!! Whoo!!! Worked.

The previous ex crossed my path at Multiplex. I was going for ‘Rock On!!' and she was coming out after watching it. “What’s with the hair”? She exclaimed. What right she has to make a cry of it? “Well nothing, it’s my new style and punk coloring I went for this time, something other than burgundy”. I said remembering she had always suggested burgundy for my hair in our togetherness days. “Eeewww, It’s not done”. She always reminded me of Janice of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and it had taken me some time to forget her ‘Eeewwws’. “And what’s that goatee thingy without mush”? She continued. “Its Ramadan days so I thought this would be appropriate look”. What was I thinking when I said that? She asked, “What”? "Nothing, catch you later. Tata. Ciao".

So, she was the one I referred in the tag when I said I was trying to kill but she escaped.

So, nowadays I don’t like crowds, I prefer to stay away. There were times when my presence was felt in a crowd. It’s the same now, just that more than speaking much, I am speaking sense now. And when I don’t think I can contribute, I prefer keeping my trap shut. They feel I am depressed these days. I feel I am beginning to realize things. Don’t take anything at face value anymore.

Then when someone asked me about the number of friends I had, I would quote a 3 digit figure! Now the number doesn’t go beyond 3 fingers. It’s not that I've lost them; I’ve realized what 'Being Friends' is all about. Though the people who matter have come down, the extent to which I can go for them has increased by infinite times.

They feel I've become more serious. I feel I've grown. Finally, I have started mattering to me. I am slip sliding on the continuum.

So, three wonderful ladies presented me with some random awards on blogger. Preeti gave me ‘Thoughtful Blog Reader’ award. Reema presented me with ‘Certified Honest Blogger’ award. And lastly, Avdi honored me with ‘Brillante Weblog’ award here and wrote some nice words for me. I am eternally appreciative to all three of you. And before I forget I need to pass on these.

So, here I go:

Thoughtful Blog Reader to Vimmuuu, Preeti and Reema.

Certified Honest Blogger to Mystique Dew and Avdi

Brillante Weblog to Vicky and Smita.

So, I rambled big time here. I cannot write daily so whenever I get time I prefer saying the most. And yes, I rambled on Bollywood here. So, that means I won’t be using my other blog for Bolly rant. Guess I am too lazy to maintain more than one. Peace.

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24 Pointless but Viscous Comments.

Pointless & Viscious Comment No 1

Just good for Wed???? It was damn good. And stop analysing all faults...go make u own fautless movie :P

TLL Hmmmm over hyped was priety??? tell tell

Likeliness of TZP??? Hmm I guess very high...

U n ur ex's euurgghh!!!!!

loved th alast part the most.

Sometimes being alone (by choice or by force) changes you and gives u a new perspective. And trust me no company is better than company of self :)

So just chill n enjoy!!! Play your age and stop being Paul.

Wednesday was better than Mumbai meri jaan,i yet to watch last lear..!!

and then coming across your exes...that was funny..but from your post its understood that you managed it pretty well..didnt see any mention about your current date's reaction after that...!!

and yeah, congrats for the awards..!! reason for another round of drinks..



I dont even wanna watch TLL. I just cant bear AB's mumblings anymore...the more arty the movie is the more he mumbles. I just cant hear!!
If TZP wins then Aamir's head would be too big for his own shoulders and India in general!
LOL @ Janice!! OH MY GOD! *nasal tone*
But dude two exs in one fortnight? U live in Bangalore right? Looks like Blr is really a small place! :P
Congrats and Thanks for the award!


I was very enthusiastic about watching TLL but when the reviews came, it was all thanda. :(
You almost confused me because of the two exs. :)
And yes, as you grow up, your number of friends will go down but those still there with you are the ones to cherish forever.

Smita: 'A Wednesday' was good. Just good. And yea, some day inshallah I will make my own flawless movie and I won't call you for the premiere show.

Preity was ok. Just ok. :):)

TZP's likeliness. Hmm, Very low I say. Mark my words.

I am playing my age and I am not being Paul.. Please do not even compare me to him.. Eewwwww as my ex would have said now..

Vinz: Oh yes, If you compare then 'A Wednesday' was better than 'MMJ'.

I wasn't with any date that night. I was out with my friends.

Yo!!! Bring Tequila please.. Cheers!!!

Reema: Ah, there we have same view of Bachchans I guess. I feel they are the fake people of first order.

TZP won't. Trust me. It won't.

Oh, Janice was so irritating (like my ex) yet so adorable (unlike my ex).

Yes, B'lore it is and Yes it indeed is a small place.. very small.

You are welcome honey!!!

Amit: Skip TLL. What was confusing?

I just loved Wednesday.Yet to watch TLL.

Sigh! I wish I had atleast some ex-s to bump this way. Throughout my college life, I have made all those good looking girls, either my rakhi sis or my chris mom and by the time I wanted someone, they were all someone elses'. Now, how sad a life is that ???

Thank you for the Award Oxy boy.

Life is like that dude.. one grows .. whether one wants to or not. I really like where I am now.. Firmly in the middle of my tenure on earth (hopefully - there are as many years before me as behind)

Thanks for that award.

watched children of heaven yesterday..thank you for telling me about it ;D

funny situation when i bump into ex's but i like they way u thought hehe..she was surely there to look at you ;D

like ..your ears must have suffered a lot ;)

what u realize about friends i realized it last year.

Congrats for so many awards and thanx a ton mate.. :D:D

Guess I hyped TLL too :D

I have heard and read a lot of great reviews on 'A Wednesday'. Is it that great? Planning to watch Rock On this weekend? Howz it?

TZP - I felt the boy is Tahaan has better than this boy in TZP. I am with you. It will not feature in the 5 nominations as well.

Meeting with two Ex's - Ex-citing :D

Mujhe award kab milega!!? Mera number kab aayega :D

I forgot to congratulate you for all the awards you've got. Congratulations mate...

Vimmuuu: I guess U can skip TLL.

Actually, that's not sad.. U stayed away from many worries. Good for you. Nopes, u did not miss anything if you do not have any ex..

U are welcome boy.

Avdi: I really envy where you are now. Seriously. I wish to be that way. Hopefully I will be.

Vicky: So, u saw it. Isn't it awesome? I have seen it more than 5 times, n every time I see it's like watching it for the first time,

Janice was irritating like hell... but she was cute n adorable to an extent unlike my ex-s.

Good you had realized it earlier. Life gets simpler after that. Isn't it?

U deserved the award Chhote.

Varun: I guess u did hype it, hehe..

A Wednesday is a good movie. Do watch it.

I too feel same about TZP. It wont get in top 5.

Aapko awards zaroor milega.. Sabr rakho.

MD: U r welcome. Always. :)

are bhaai bilkul bhokaal thi re...

tu saale "REvolver" dekh aur review de usak..
uske dialogues sun zara ..phat leGi

The Ramadan conversation sequence was good :) .. Generally, if I know I have made a smart-ass comment, the rest of the day goes off with a contented smile

THHHHHHAAAAANNNNKKK YOU for the award...sweetie...

and what is this...bumping into exes all over town...? ha...?
and that too reacting to them...? arrey raat gayi baat gayi, bhai...!!! and new hairdo, new looks ... feel new, man!!!

i loved a wednesday...amazing movie. jimmy just stole my heart...totally. have not yet seen TLL but loved Priety Zinta's look. those earthy coloured sarees and kajal and red bindis...amazing.

loved the 'massaging ego' part, gullible we human beings are...dont you think oxy...?
hee hee

Vicky: Ah, bhokaal!!! sahi hai.. jald hi dekhta hun...

Avionic: Hehe. I feel the same too. But that wasn't that day. :)

Preeti: U r welcome sweetheart. Yea, that was some fortnight. And anyways I am not keeping any grudges with them yaar. It's just that one of them is sweetly irritating.

Guess it was Jimmy's second best after Yahaan. Have you seen 'Yahaan'?

Oh yes we are. We all are in some way or the other.

Congrats for the awards!!

It would be awkward for me if I met any of my exes, the count of which is thankfully zero.

I loved TZP, but I do have my doubt that whether it is Oscar-worthy. Anyways I care a hoot whether it goes for Oscar or not.

I have so many great movies pending to be seen. A Wednesday, Tahaan, Rock On, and also a movie based on Mumbai train blasts.

And I absolutely adore guys who have goatee thingy without mush! *wink* :P

Sam: U do not have exes is a proud thing buddy. Way to go.

TZP is surely outta race.

That movie is Mumbai Meri Jaan. And Yes, even I have Tahaan pending. Go for Rock On Dude. What are ya waiting for?

Lol at that. Hmm, so I got an admirer now. Finally. Hehe.

sweetly irritating, i like that...


you know now when i think about it i liked your idea of blissful singleness...



‘Ah, probably she had inkling I would visit the place so she was just dying to have a look at me’. Whoo!!! Whoo!!! Worked.

Nice one. I agree with you. It ACTUALLY helps. :D

Preeti: Maan hi gaye aakhir aap. :)

Pavan: It indeed does. Thanks

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