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Today after a long absence from it, I am at it. There are times when you just should not write. I am not talking of the block, chunk or the equivalent of it; I mean you just should not. Because what you write in state of experiential anguish termed Emosanal Attyachaar these days could be hurtful to anyone; the way every TDH of our country gets hurt at the drop of hat, ‘Our sentiments are hurt’ they shout from the top of their lungs. It pisses me beyond means to fathom what sentiments in first place they brag of? Political/Religious/Physical/Biological? What kind of sentiments they carry that they get hurt so effortlessly. Nonetheless, one thing I am possibly sure of is that when called upon these same TDHs will turn out to be pansies pissing from their pants and petticoats.

By the way my sentiments are hurt too. They are not political, religious or biological and may be not even worth for those who inflicted them on me to ponder and respond but they are mine and they are immensely hurt. And more than once in last few weeks. It all started with RNBDJ. My sentiments were hurt when heroine mentions parathe waali gali to the hero. Wasn’t it Amritsar? I know of Delhi one though. How can she blatantly lie? My heart went through a series of moans every time heroine failed to recognize her own hubby in new avtaar. As a human my sentiments are hurt. I have become laughing stock for aliens and animals; because they can distinguish their partners from rest despite all of them looking same but our heroine cannot. Sigh!

Shobhaa De did not help either. I spent last week of last year in Mumbai and hoped of bumping into her somewhere, anywhere blowing kisses in air or tasting wine on the pretext of raising money, conscience for whatever reasons. Alas, she was in Goa. And I find her as livid this year as last in her writings for the same reasons. She is still holding onto the same schema, same positions have been revisited. She is tired of the analysts, politicians, tired of India showing evidence and Pakistan rejecting it out-and-out. She doesn’t realize she is doing the same through her articles.

Madam De talks of how the New Year has brought a New Beginning in the lives of the people of Mumbai. I was there for a good one week and I do not see much difference in the attitude of people this time compared to my visits before the attack, before the blasts and after that. Wonder what upbeat thing she is referring to? The only disparity (amongst few) was when few of my friends unlike me refused to celebrate and decided to spend the eve at home. Apart from that nothing visibly singular or buoyant about this whole upbeat business. Or possibly the rich ones are flashing it on their sleeves or the wrists which holds the champagne glass. Or may be she is so happy about the whole damn getting together of ultra rich Ambani brothers to celebrate sister’s wedding anniversary in Goa that she mistook it for the new beginning and sane attitude.

I wonder in what way that conveys the message of solidarity and of new beginning. These industry stalwarts, actors and celebs like her passed comments, wrote articles and more articles and welcomed the New Year in the safe cocoon of their plush abode by stating ‘It’s a new beginning as we are almost burying our differences’. Like heck I care if Ambanis come together. A commoner like me who traveled through the locals still feel unsafe; moreover I was appalled to find not even a single scanning machine at the major stations (Andheri, Kurla, Bandra et al) for I was carrying two huge bags. The other day TV actor Nikhil Arya entered the station with rifle and no one questioned him. Is that a new beginning?

How good these actors and industrialists have turned out politically? We do not have to be rocket scientist to know what transpires between the trios of Big B-Anil-Amar. We know how Govinda almost had to forego his seat when he was caught in a video footage along with Dawood. Amitabh’s exit from politics when the heat rose and Dharmendra’s discomfort as he found himself incompetent is no secret either. However now I wonder how Madam De is going to respond to the Comments by Big B in response to the comments initially made by her considering he is chaddi-buddy with the same Ambani she has been singing praises of. I hope you remember how she had lambasted everyone from SRK to Hrithik to Aamir to Big B after the attacks as these stars chose to keep quiet unlike her. SRK responded to her by calling her a ‘Cynic in designer Saree’ which I feel was quite an apt description of her but only second to the ultimate one by Sonam Kapoor who called De a ‘Porn Writer’. All said and done, isn’t that an Emosanal Attyachaar on all of us? We can blissfully ignore all this and move on but someone has to show you guys how trifling it all sounds and looks to us. You guys always fail to get the bigger picture, general understanding of us commoner.

If these were not enough, Aamir did his part of Attyachaar by doing what Mithun, Sunny and Akshay have done gazillion times in past. Unlike Attyachaar of De and gang, his Attyachaar deeply hurt my sentiments too. My sentiments for Aamir always have been that of a great thinker, a creative brain and a one stop dukaan of cinema. By Ghajini he has hurt my sentiments a great deal and my faith in him is defunct now.

The only good Emosanal Attyachaar is the one composed by Amit Trivedi (of Aamir fame) for Dev.D. The song is too good for the words and the rock version by Bony Chakravarthy indeed rocks. In fact all 18 songs of the movie rock. Not many know that Abhay Deol is also a good writer and it was his idea to make a modern Devdas which Anurag wrote and directed. It’s going to be one mind-fucking movie for sure. Critic Joginder Tuteja said, "Chuck the very thought around whether this album will do well commercially or not; it is an exemplary piece of work and that's what that matters most". Yes, that’s what matters most and for me as a fan of Abhay, Amit and Anurag that’s what matters most. What else a fan needs if his favorites act, compose, and direct top class stuff. So what if it’s Emosanal Attyachaar of multiple kinds listening to the songs continuously, in-loop the whole fucking time I am awake. I let the songs grew inside me and trust me it gets even better after 3 pegs down. Three cheers to Emosanal Attyachaar. The link to the Video

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24 Pointless but Viscous Comments.

wish u a 2009 of less emosanal attyachaar. :)

You & Shobha De....

But yes the responses you have linked are too good...Specially Sonam's. I mean Miss De has been writing Indianised versions of Mills n Boon's and these people feel that they have the writ to comment on any & everyone...

BTW Amritsar main parathe waali galli kyun nahin ho sakti???? But yes there are for sure bigger factual errors in the movie which can not be ignored :D

bhaya kya chaape ho...mast maza aa gaya

Reema: Hope so.. :)

Smita: Yeah, that's some bond we share... De is an arrogant, obstinate, 60-something porn writer as Sonam rightly said..

Amritsar me ho sakti hai, par nahi hai isliye my sentiments r hurt for that. And other errors.. oh there are loads of them... can't seem to keep count of it..

Btw did ya do fast reading like always.. oh why m I asking u.. u surely did... cuz nothing abt Ghajini u said.. *winks winks*

V-Bhai: Mazzaa aaya na... As long as Madam De is writing crap bas aise hi maze deta rahunga.. ;)

You love Madam De. Don't you :)

One of my friend is also hooked on to songs from Dev-D and was asking me to listen to them. Now that you have also recommended it, I am definitely going to download them today :)

It is sad to see Aamir Khan and SRK minting money with their "Emosanal Attyachaar". :)

Varun: Oh yes, absolutely. No doubt about that.

Give it a shot dude. I am sure you will like them.

Chuck SRK n Aamir. I am sick of these SRKs, Aamirs, Akshays, Johns n Hrithiks of Bollywood.. Vinay, Abhay, Irrfan are far better and enjoyable.

Iam with Varun. You are in love with that Cynic in Saree , right? LOL. But I felt she is right about Deepika P, she does look ugly at times!!!

Dev.D's songs are simply awesome; Amit Trivedi is here to stay. He blew my mind with Aamirs soundtrack and now with Dev.D. I just hope he doesnt get into all those commercial pressures.

and Aamir ko jaane do yaar, once in a while a masala is ok from him. Unlike Akshay and SRK, theres something different in his masalas , na?

Wish you the happiest year ahead oxy boyyy!

Vimmuuu: U r with Varun? where? at his home in b'lore??? Hahahaha bad joke.. Hmmm Yeah man, I am totally obsessed with that cynic in designer saree...

I hope so too boy that Amit doesn't go Anu n SEL way... Dev.D songs in simple word are just awesome. It just takes you in a different world altogether..

Aamir ko kyu jaane dun yaar.. I had so much respect for him.. anyways let's see what he does next... but I am seriously sick of SRK n Akshay now.. Give me Abhay Deol any day..

Thnx boy and I wish u very great year ahead :):) Keep rocking..

Oh Boy!

Anycase I enjoyed the song for sure...the rick version was ok too! send me some more!

And here is to less to nil of Emosanal Attyachar

I disagree with Sonam, De cant even write decent porn. she is merely a crap writer. If anyone has read a porny novel by Shobha, please recommend it to me.

The very phrase 'emosional atayachar' is amazing. Gana mene suna nahi. I hope the movie is wacky.

No fast reading kiddo, was in no mood to type :P

BTW Ambani brothers getting together will help us a lot, trust me on that...

Angel: Ah I knew u wud like it. I will send nice ones. Amen to that

Ava: Actually now I feel Sonam should have said soft pron writer. Wo toh thik baithata shayad Shobhaa pe... what say?

Gaana maine bhej diya hai.. Suno aur Enjoy karo.. .Btw.. Billoo Barber me ek gaana hai Billoo Bhayankar haha its nice.. its on the lines of Raj Kapoor's Pinjare Waali Muniya. In fact BB ke gaane Luck by chance se better hai.

Smita: Haha, vapis aa gaye.. wokay wokay I believe that...

Yes aap logo ko fayda ho sakta hai if Ambani bros come together.. But Shobhaa interpreted that whole episode in completely diff context which pissed me..

Soft Porn? now i am really interested. lekin i read one, sultry nights, n it was NOTHING, just a borrrring story about a girl who obsesses about a guy - ew....

lagta hai i need to follow shobha aunty too.

Ava: College days me I had read some 3-4 of her writings... and all were obsessed with sex sex and more sex so probably that's why we all refer to her as porn or soft porn writer, she did not write openly on intercourse and stuff like that but the idea and build-up was such that Shobhaa ko ye tag lag gaya hai...

No need to follow her books, uska blog hi kaafi hai...

nice - for a while there, you had me worried with the title - good to know you have all ur nuts in place (no puns intended) :D

Ghajini started out well and then went down! Hype Hype Hype - nothing more! Sad, really!


Phew... My condolences Oxy... May God give us strength to bear this torture.

E-I-S-I: Lol, yes buddy, all tight and intact (even if there was no pun)

Ghajini was just like OSO.. all marketing no substance..

Rakesh: Thanks buddy! Amen.

It seems that you are smitten by Shobha De. :)
And you also did not like Ghajini!! Phew!! Someone agreed with me!
And I have just seen a promo of Dev. Another hit in the making!

Amit: Absolutely, totally smitten...

Ghajini was crap, a rubbish take on Memento.

Total Emosanal athyachar!

Love that song.

Glad to know there are other people who disliked Ghajini. It sucked. And so did Rab Ne.


Quirky Indian

Quirky: Absolutely Rocking Stuff Dev.D got..

Oh yea, Ghajini was trash and so was Rab Ne and so will be CC2C... :D

man that song made my day. totally can't wait for Dev D, looks brilliant from the trailers!

Vaudevillian: Glad ur day was made... It's making my day everyday since I heard it.... and now Masakalli from Delhi-6 is making the day along with Dev.D songs..

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