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I am often told that my posts are by and large very long read. I am not going to ask which any writer rarely dares to ask, “Did you read it till the end?” or “Did you yawn while reading it?” Alright I asked already. Anyway, do not worry this time as this post is just to show off.

Vimmuuu and Smita presented me with Butterfly Award and a Trophy.

Vimmuuu and WIAN presented me with ‘Este Blog Investe e Acredita Na… PROXIMIDADE!’ (Portuguese) award which made no sense till I read the translation in English.

This award is given to a blog that invests and believes in PROXIMITY – nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

Thereby I present this to the following bloggers: (I am not presenting it to those who already received it.)

- V (Small B)
- Gokul (The most honest one)
- Sam (He is crazy..:))
- Avionic (Missing since 2 months)
- E-I-S-I (Should write often)
- Mystique Dew (Missing since 1 month)
- Vinz aka Vinu (Missing since 5 weeks) And lastly
- Shobhaa De (Oh, I love her!)

Moving on, Poonam announced the results of ‘Avante Garde Bloggies Awards’ couple of days back. I was nominated in two categories and I won both i.e. Best Movie Review and Best Blog Design. I thank each and everyone who voted for me.

Well, I fooled you in beginning when I said this post is just to show off. I also wanted to say that:

2008 is one of the worst years for our Film Industry. Probably I will write a different post on that. Hopefully 2009 would be a better one as I am going to present you with the trailer of three upcoming movies which look very promising.

Dev.D (Pronounced Dev [dot] D)

What’s common between Bimal Roy, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Anurag Kashyap. Devdas: brooding and alcoholic loser. However, Kashyap will present Devdas in totally bizarre form. In his own words the characters in his new flick Dev.D are not based on Sarat Chandra’s classic book Devdas. Yea, the hero is called Dev, there is girl named Paro and there is a prostitute Chanda, but that’s where the similarity ends. Ah, that says all. I have a feeling this is a work of mockery. I cannot wait to watch the new age Devdas played by Abhay Deol. I love Abhay Deol. The first five movies of his short career have been well appreciated. Call it coincidence or his innate impulse that all five have been made by debutant directors. His sixth and seventh (OLLO and Dev.D) are the only ones not made by debutant directors. I am dying to see Abhay in the role of cocaine-snuffing alcoholic.

Check the trailer and poster here:


Slumdog Millionaire

Now this is the movie which looks very very promising if trailers are to be believed. If the trailer can blow up your mind imagine what would movie do? ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ is directed by Danny Boyle whose earlier works include Trainspotting and Sunshine. The movie has already won many awards at various film festivals and will be released in India next year. The movie is based on the book Q & A written by Vikas Swarup and runs on the line of famous reality show ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’.

Check the trailer and poster here:


Luck By Chance

The third in list is Zoya Akhtar directed ‘Luck By Chance’ and has her brother Farhan in the lead along with Konkona. The star cast gets alluring with Rishi, Dimple and Juhi. Apart from them Zoya has roped in half of the Bollywood for cameo but the one that every one is excited about is that of Hrithik Roshan.

Check the trailer and poster here:


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39 Pointless but Viscous Comments.

Vee.... Thanks!

There is a diskonnect b/w my hands and the keyboard for the moment.

eh eye-in-sty-in? diskonnect?

Congrats Vee.

These three movies do sound so tempting. didya see ollo?

Oxy aka Vee...

Dude...thanks a lot for the award...yeah..i am totally out of blog world these days...will be active soon...hope everything is fine with u...will be around ur blog very soon...

thanks once again...!!


Awards celebrate kahan karna hai!? :)

Congratulations!! Did you watch RNBDJ?


Congratulations on the awards....


Quirky Indian

Liar!!! Liar!!! Liar!!!

Am also waiting for Luck By Chance....

Congarts for all the awards...where's my party?


Congratulations for all the awards!
And I was not aware of "Luck by chance". Seems interesting.
DevD's promo I saw. Abhay Deol is heading offbeat movies now with Vinay Pathak it seems.

Interesting and thnx for the award ...Well I still stick on to the point that the blogs are looong .But yes , given the fact that I know you a bit its surprising to see that you maintain the blog well :P

Congratss Oxy boy, u really deserved those awards, especially the movie review (though I was one of your competitor!)

Dev D would be different, but more than the movie, im waiting for the pseudo-critics opinion on the movie. Luck by chance looks promising and Slumdog isnt a movie from our industry. Its treated like a Hollywood movie, and I heard the Hindi dubber version is going to release here; Iam not sure. Im eagerly waiting for CC2C now !


Check this out...ur tagged...one more notch on ur belt


E-I-S-I: Thanks. Diskonnect u said.. Haha.. U r around at least, he is missing..

Ava: Yea, I saw OLLO (twice) and also other offbeat ones which got released in the last three weeks like Oh, my God!, Maharathi, Dil Kabaddi, Dasvidaniya, Sorry Bhai. All good excpet Sorry Bhai. But the best of all is OLLO. Tooo Goood.

Vinz aka Vinu: All is fine, hope you doing good too.. Come back with a super duper story dude... Missing them to be honest...

Varun: Aap batao kahan karna hai? Hum toh ready hain..

No, I haven't seen RNBDJ yet. I will be watching for sure but these so-called superstars (SRK, Salman, Aamir, Akshay etc etc ) are pissing me off these days. I prefer watching movies of Vinay Pathak, Abhay Deol, Irrfan on first day of release.. Superstars ki movies ko mai preference nahi dunga and will watch them in theater after 3 or 4 days of release (if review is good) and on DVD if review sucks. Kinda my protest.

Quirky: Thanks Buddy!!!

Smita: Liar kayko bola re.. Samjha nahi.

Party will be soon in Mumbai.

Amit: Thank you. Luck By Chance will be good I feel. And Abhay is the real superstar currently along with Irrfan, Vinay and their likes and not SRK, Salman, Aamir, Hrithik, Akshay and their kinds.

Zcorpi: A bit? Dude, if we go by the blogs you know more than else here...:)

I know da that blogs are long and like you even I am surprised that I am so regular here... I still can't believe it.

Vimmuuu: Thanks Yaar. Yea I was ur competitor and it's a great feeling to beat you. Haha.....

Dev.D will face lot of brickbats like 'No Smoking' did trust me.. Luck By Chance I am sure would be a rocking one.. for Slumdog... u sure they dubbed in Hindi? Cuz in trailers they speak in English.. and there are plenty of articles on PFC about this.. do check..

Angel: Thank you so much sweety!!!

Woh isliye kyunki u said it will b a short post but it isn't :P


CONGRATULATIONS!!! :) Your posts are a little long and I admit that I looked away from the screen for a few moments while reading your posts. That is just because of the paragraph spacing. Make that proper and I wouldn't turn away even for a second. :) Otherwise it looks like an ocean of words. :) Just a suggestion though. :)


Congrats dude! You deserved all the awards and more! :)

Oxy..u know exactly why I am missing...hopefully I will come back some time :)

Pavan: Thanks!!! Ah, so thats the reason.,. Hmm surely will have a look at it and will be careful from next time onwards.

Nikhil: Thank U Buddy!!! Though I am not sure of 'deserved' part... as I personally felt Smita and Sam had better chance of winning in 'Design' category as I find theirs better than mine... But at the end of day I won, so u see.,..hehe..:)

Mystique: Oh yes, but better u come back soon..

congo chachu :)) This seems to be happening month isnt it?

BTW, good show off and yeah I am waiting for LUCK BY CHANCE(in all sense :D)


Congrats Oxy..
Really you have a cool design..
And I am also expecting Slumdog Millionarie and it has got some great reviews :)

WIAN: Oh u bet this indeed is the happening month as my house construction started on the next day of the birth of baby and same day I got these awards... I mean I was those who never too cared about the coincidences but this sound just too good to be true... all luck I would say which has come.. and thats why hum bhi Luck By Chance ka wait kar rahe hain [in all senses.. :)]

Kanagu: Thanks and welcome to my space. Oh u bet.. Slumdog has received good reviews plus few brickbats as well and that makes it all the more worth waiting for..

ohh bro thanks a ton.. hugs Big B.

i am so sorry i am late in replying ..my net was down for 4 days.

hugs again Big B.

can't wait for these exams to get over bro..then the trip.. yipeeee

i am so waiting for the Slumdog and DEVD

V Bhai: Koi nahi. It's ok. I knew ki tu kabhi na kabhi toh aayega.. :) *Hugs*

Exam acchhe se kar fir toh aish hi aish hai aur sush bhi.. haha.. bad joke.. .

I too can't wait for Feb now..

P.S. M waiting for Dev.D the most and then other two.. :)

nice one..hehe

all's fun after exams...
take care bro..

Yea all fun... U too take care and all the best for exams.. :)

Thanks a lot dude! *hugs*
And congrats for the Avante Garde Bloggies awards, a really huge achievement.
I'm also waiting for the release of Slumdog Millionaire.

Sam: *Welcome* *Hugs*

Oh yea, Me too... :)


Thanks for the award, pal. Maybe I'll put it to good use .. like gain proximity to a Portuguese chick or something :)

Congrats on winning all those awards. Am not surprised you won both categories


Check it out.....u r tagged here




Poda MAIRE! Avante oru onakka upadesham! Nayinte mon!

belated Happy new year bro :D

3 gone 3 left..soon i will a free birD

Happy new year and congrats!!
I m looking forward to a good laugh while watching Chandni Chowk to China!!

Avionic: Thanks Buddy!!!

So, any success yet...;);)??

Angel: I shall do that sometime. Just back from vacation.

Ninte Achan: Why don't u do favor on mankind and learn English so that U can convey ur message a lot better...?

V-007: Wow, thats nice. Happy New Year..

Reema: Happy New Year Girl. :)CC2C is gonna give such a good laugh trust me.. jus like SiK, Karzzz n Drona.. ;)

Hey Congratulations for the well-deserved awards. And you didnt not only get nominated in Avant Garde Bloggies awards, you won them, your post just talks about being nominated.

Abhay Deol is most underrated actor so far, he still has to get recognition that is due to him.

Do watch slumdog, it is highly recommended

Poonam: I did mention that I won as well along with being nominated dear.

Abhay Deol is the only real actor/star we have currently.

Tazeen: Oh yes absolutely. No two thoughts I won't be. :)

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