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It’s the time of year when vacation, parties, celebrations, and many such activities take precedence. This is also the time of year when almost 30% of all the movies get released. Here in Bangalore its winter already and the evenings are enjoyable and nights call out for a warm squeeze from the lover. This is the best time to write as the creativity and imagination are at its best. But, the sad thing is I am suffering from all possible blocks. I do not feel like writing, I gave up on reading after having started 4 books, I do not feel like socializing and least partying after last Saturday’s heaviness. There is no lover to squeeze the coldness out and the final nail is I am not watching any movies. A movie a day person in me, a movie a day person like me who would any time prefer a good movie over the best possible fuck available is shying away and yes from both.

I called few friends to check if it’s just me. Affirmative responses made me call for a Sunday night brunch with these three SOS friends I got. A high class super-fucking rich and reasonably handsome guy of 26. I call him Ridgeet. He was skeptical after our high drama scene at the recent outing wherein I refused to lend him my spare boots. The asshole always forgot to bring something or the other on our bike trips. It wasn’t tough to convince him though as I agreed to lend him my latest DVDs. The other two godforsaken loonies are actually a couple. I had to check with Ridgeet first of their relationship status before calling on them as in last one year they broke-up and patched up more than Ridgeet had sex in his whole 7 years of active sex life. Thank god I fare better than Ridgeet at least in this case else the guy is always a mark ahead of me. So, these two loonies turned up too. Call them boy-loony and girl-loony.

Dressed in our best, we assembled at this newly opened suburb lounge suggested of course by the girl-loony. So there we were eating food which was priced exorbitantly.

“So, what’s up guys? Long time, eh?” I started as others did not show much interest in starting the conversation. Ridgeet was busy checking out the others, while the other two loonies were busy checking out each other; literally. Ridgeet looked at me, gave a firm look as he answered, “Yeah, well, fine. What’s with Ya?” and tuned away to continue his checking out.

This was not working. I had to say something else. So I slightly turned and faced the two loonies and asked them, “You guys going good? All well in relationship?” The girl loony picked up a slice of fish finger, popped it in her mouth and spoke, “We like each other. The sex is great. But I do not think either of us wants to be exclusive about sex. I mean, I like fish finger but I can not eat this daily. You see what I mean. It’s like the same daal-roti story being told over and over again. Many, I mean almost all aren’t vocal about it, but we both decided to give it a go.” I nodded my head, “You mean you guys want to go in for an open relation.” They both were quiet for sometime. “Only for two weeks” the boy-loony finally opened his mouth.

turned towards us, who wouldn’t get interested by now. He offered his two cents, “I guess that’s perfect. Go for it both of you. Open relations are the ultimate expression of truth, honesty and loyalty.”

I made incoherent question mark noises. “How is it truthful, loyal or honest to sleep with people when you are in love with somebody? I mean I ain’t saying this is wrong but when you are in love, a relation it’s wrong. Ok, if you want to sleep with another person, break off with the current and then go and sleep with other; not whilst claiming to be in love with the current.”

Boy-loony opened his mouth to say something but Ridgeet interrupted him, “Oh, look who is talking of it? Mister got lucky than any of us always and he talks like a puritan.”

I gasped and said, “I ain’t talking like a puritan and I ain’t preaching. I just want to understand how you can claim to be in love with someone and still go screw someone else. I had never been in love of late so you cannot count my endeavors.”

Ridgeet had to have a last say so he continued, "No, seriously. Think over it. We are not meant to be monogamous. We might love one person but we always fantasize over so many others. We always cruise. A pair of breasts, a nice ass, a huge bulge and no matter how good our intentions are, we secretly picture ourselves with them and go home and screw partners. Every relationship that ends because ‘one of the partners slept with somebody else’ always has the tag line attached with it: ‘Honey, it was just sex. Nothing more.’ I think it is high time we made ‘just sex’ a part of our relationship. That way we will all be as fucked as we want to be and less fucked in our heads." Ridgeet had apparently given this a whole lot of thought. The last time he had so passionately defended something was when we had questioned him dating three women at the same time – one for the conversation, one for what she did to him, and one for what he could do to her.

This happened two weeks ago. After that I had a small vacation in Goa. I am back. I am still suffering from few blocks as I overcame the movie-watching one and have watched some 10 good ones in last one week. I somehow managed to write this piece and I am still thinking about open relationships.


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before falling in love i always favored open relationships..now i am on the same grounds as you..confused ..

tc broi

V: Saala from one nocturnal to another... lagta hai koi ilaaj nahi hum dono ka..

I need to ponder over it more to give it a favor... :)

btw why are u up so early???

i was watching Russell peters on utube....having the fun all over again :D

Up so early??? Haha I haven't gone to bed yet my boy... I was reading this new book 'The White Tiger'.. then thought of writing...

Russell Peters.. Naam se hi hasi aa jaati hai.. The guy is mind blowing.. Its been very very long I saw his performance..

same here...haven't slept ..
the white tiger..i am planning to get it soon..
these days it's ATLAS SHRUGGED by Ayn Rand that i am reading.

Russell is so good man...he has made my mood so good today...

chalo ab time to hit the bed..
take care big B

There are no rules anywhere, we just suit ourselves. Being out of the 'relationships' thing, even I feel if love is true there should be no need to look around.

But most married people want to have fun on the side and dont want to upset their 'steady' thing either. With so many people feeling that way there is surely some basic instinct at work here.


ur friends love each other but they are not in love with each other...

which is the case wid 95% people in the world... wen ye are "in love" the thot of infidelity won't arise..

quick question: are ye that jobless to analyse a bunch o' loonies?

even quicker question: and ye gonna follow it up with part 2 as well?
..go watch karz all over again thass a whole lot better..

Aha!!! SO finally u wake up...

Open relationship is a sham!!! May be people want the best of both the worlds....

V: Atlas Shrugged I read long back.. Have u red Ayn's 'Fountainhead'? read that if u have not....

Avdi: Haha, Surely it is at work.. all the time, at all the places, always in mind of everyone..

MD: Watch Karzzz again?? No.. My loonies are much more entertaining than Uncle Himesh...

And jobless....?? I don't know I am KLUELESS... ;)

Smita: It's sham if you love someone not otherwise...

nope man,..

but i will read it..
when i don't know..

take care

These kinda posts make me jealous :D

Im open to any relationship, but the relationships remain closed all the time. Sighhhh !!!!

You shouldve asked the girl if she was ready for a relationship wid u, na? wonder what wudve been the reply from her guy !!!

V: Ah, Then u shud.. pls do read.. M not saying immediately though.. :)

Vimmuuu: Oh so u alive.. U know what I mean???

Well, I did not risk asking that I could be the first victim of their experiment and I am sure I sure would have lost both of them as a friend.. Friends should be just friends... nothing more or less than that.. what say??


I think both your friends have lost it .. And going for an open relationship because one is likely to get tempted anyway is a convenient way to justify weakness.

Avionic: I have been thinking same about them and this damn thing but as MD rightly said they ain't in love with each other I guess it's alright for them to do whateva they wish to ..


People in open relationships always drift away at the end. Its the first step towards moving away from each other.
And, so how was Goa? Anything interesting happened? ;)

Amit: Yes, U r quite right.. that's the first and last fucking step.....

GOA was fun buddy... It always was and it always will be. I guess I should start calling it my second home after being there for more than 10 times in last 7 years...:):)

I guess your friends are having the cake and eating it too! The word open relationship is an oxymoron! :D

Reema: Haha, the catch is that... u ain't holding me(my pseudo-name) responsible for that I suppose, eh?? :):)

Open - Closed relationship...whatever!!!

All that matters is honesty....

and yeah also another person who shares ur version of honesty!!!

Ridgeet actually made sense to me.

Its better to be open n honest than to live a lie. Who does not like to experiment? Who does not like to have a taste of something else every once a while?

I think boy-loony and girl-loony have achieved whaty I'd call the
"zen-state" in their relationship. Atleast the girl appears to have... if the boy is the one who put a time line to the experiment, he's just tagging along - this will only make him more convoluted in the head and it'll be time for you to certify him as a loony.. lol

One good thing that came out of all this is - you seem to have got over ur writer's block!

cheers bro!

Angel: Yups, If they are honest about it, shouldn't be a problem.. I have understood it all now.

E-I-S-I Ridgeet made sense to all of us after that.

Zen-State...Lol, I guess not as they are pretty much aware of what they are getting into and are clear about it.

Oh well yes, I am outta block now..


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