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Sneha Khanwalkar nailed it this time. The lady who gave not-at-all impressive music for RGV’s Go last year has done a commendable job with the compositions of upcoming movie, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye(OLLO). Dibakar Khosla ka Ghosla Banerjee is all set with his second movie (looks promising if I go by the promos). Title song is already a chartbuster a la KKG’s Chak-De-Phatte but the two other songs which hold your attention are Superchor and Tu Raja Ki Raj Dulari. Tu Raja Ki Raj Dulari has a touch of Rajasthani folk. This is the one I am particularly hooked to since couple of days. This is the kind of song either will make you a slave of it or would repel you and you won’t hear it again. If later be the case, please give it a shot again and listen. The song in high-flying words is superlative, awesome, and mind-blowing. And beware of few raised eyebrows whilst you listen to it. Trust me there would be few people who would say, ‘what the heck are you listening to?’ The song is such.

‘Superchor’ is a Punjabi number which can be termed rap as well. But, it’s unlike those high-pitched, loud; ear shattering ones which aam-junta usually associates the Punjabi songs with (remember Bhootni Ke). Sample this:

‘Jugni Rehti Sheeshe Paar’
‘Odi Kothi Sector Chaar’

‘Jugni Kehdi English Bol’
‘Hello How You Do You Bol’

Lyrics are penned by director himself along with Amitosh Nagpal and Mange Ram and few words here and there are difficult to understand but the music is so damn impressive that you can hardly call that a flaw.

So, that’s the music I am currently listening in to. A lot better than Tandoori Nights and Tu Saala Kaam Se Gaya of recent times.

Also good are these:

Muskura from Dasvidaniya sung by Sonu Nigam. I rate Sonu a lot higher than any other singer of last decade. I was disappointed with his Makhna from the movie Heroes. But with Muskura he made it up. Another singer whom I put high up there is Mohit Chauhan (of Silk Route). Mohit who has Khoon Chala, Guncha Koi, Tum Se Hi to his credit is back with two beautiful ones this year. Kuchh Khaas from Fashion and Aankhon hi aankhon me from EMI. Sukhwinder sings once again for SRK after last year’s Dard-E-Disco, a song that had constipated written all over it, be it Sukhwinder’s voice or SRK’s dance. This year he sings Haule Haule for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, a pretty decent number.


Coming to books, I finished four of them (that I had got in the beginning of this year) in last two months. Local and Vertigo (recommended by Smita) are by Indian authors; Jaideep Varma and Ashok Banker respectively. Both have backdrop of Mumbai and both are told from point of view of young man. Protagonist in Local works in ad-agency and describes the Local trains of Mumbai as his home while that of Vertigo is caught between an alcoholic mother, demanding girlfriend, and not-so-good-paying job. Both the books are very readable. Btw, Jaideep Varma has now turned director with Hulla which was released in September this year.

Third book was Orhan Pamuk’s My Name Is Red, a story of multi-layered plot told from various POVs like the murderer, the dead, the dog, the satan, the red (color) and high chances reader will get confused and irritated to the point of leaving it in midst. However, it is a great piece and almost faultless. The last in the list of finished ones is Memoirs of my Melancholy Whores written by Nobel Prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The book is 100-odd pages that can be finished at one go of 2 hours or so. I had heard of Marquez and his Love in the time of Cholera is on my to-read list for over three years now and I haven’t bought it yet. Nonetheless when a friend strongly recommended MMMW, I bought the book and enjoyed reading the story of a journalist who decides to sleep with a young virgin girl on his ninetieth birthday; on the pretext of treating himself and eventually falls in love with the young virgin girl who was set up for him by his old friend; a lady who ran a brothel. The book is rich in literature and now I am eager to read his other books.

I have picked booker winner The White Tiger now and if not extremely enjoyable so far (as I have read just 50 pages), the book is at least readable considering the other booker winner (2006) ‘The Inheritance of Loss’ never saw the daylight after I packed it in a carton which consists of ‘started-reading-left-and-will-never-read-again’ books. TIOL was remarkably a gloomy book from the first page.


Fashion was a decent watch but Madhur is now getting repetitive. Half the reels of fashion are influenced by his previous works. His next one Jail sounds interesting but I wonder what he will showcase. Sodomy? Probably. Golmaal Returns was an awfully sad movie. Quantum of Solace put me to sleep and so did Righteous Kill. I was expecting a lot from Righteous Kill especially. Nevertheless after watching it I decided to pick 3 random movies each of De Niro and Pacino from their young days. Taxi Driver, The Deer Hunter and Raging Bull it was for De Niro; Dog Day Afternoon, Donnie Brasco and Scent of a Woman it was for Pacino. I love watching these movies again and again. Paul Newman’s Hud was another one which I caught in between. Hud is a great movie laced with one of the finest dialogues ever written.

World Cinema:

Irreversible (French) is a thriller/mystery that lasts over a night. The story is told in a reverse order. The movie has lot of violence, gore and sexual assaults. It can be disturbing for few. Rating – 4 Stars

400 Blows (French) is a powerful story of a young boy at the threshold of becoming an adolescent. The boy is neglected by all and is seen as troublemaker. Starting from trivial crimes to eventually getting into stealing things he finds himself arrested. He is sent to juvenile detention but soon sent to work camp. The film deals with sensitive issue of adolescent criminals and how they are dealt. Rating – 4 Stars

Grimm (Dutch) is a story of two adults; brother-sister duo who are left on their own in the forest by their father. The pair goes to Spain to their Uncle who now turns out is dead. They meet a Surgeon who falls for the sister, takes them to his mansion and marries the sister. Their lives turn upside down when they get to know the Surgeon in actual steals the Kidneys when brother one day wakes up to find himself in a dessert while Sister is confided in a cellar. Rating – 3 Stars

Happy Together (Mandarin) is a Hong Kong movie about two gay men who go to Argentina for work. One of them (Ho) is promiscuous and leaves the other (Lai) as he cannot keep a monogamous relation. Once when beaten up Ho returns only to find Lai is not so approachable intimately. Ho begs to Lai to give him another chance. Lai agrees and they are back together as couple. Once stable, Ho goes his usual promiscuous way and leaves Lai again. Rating – 4 Stars

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I've seen Irreversible and its a beautiful, sad piece of cinema that left a lasting impression on me. The French know how to tell a tale for sure.

Good to see that ur a 100% back.

Wow! Music, Books, Hindi Cinema and World Cinema. Cool.

Your quickie has a lot to offer :)
I was in two minds when I read the name of the movie 'Oye Lucky Oye Lucky' yesterday when I was downloading the Rab Ne Banadi Jodi Songs. Now that you have recommended, I'll go home and download them today.

Fashion was too slow and 007 Bond was missing from Quantum of Solace.

E-I-S-I: Isn't that an awesome movie... The first scene itself where his friend smashes the head of the guy in pub gives u the goose and you say to yourself 'wow, whatta beginning!!!

Varun: I do not know whether you would like the songs of OLLO or not but do tell me if you like them.

haha, bingo!!! there was nothing bond in this bond movie...

You lazy bum...3 in 1????

Will listen to them soon and tell you


You aren't liking White Tiger :( Melancholy I have with me will pick it soon. Red was recommended by someone else also...will try getting it nd am glad you liked those books :)


I liked Fashion and all the performance therein....

And good to see you back, I only wish you had divided the post into few parts nahin to it becomes quite a heavy read...

Smita: I did not say I am not liking 'The White Tiger', I said it's extremely readable but not enjoyable like you do not want to put it down.. I am reading at leisure.

And Lazy.. yes.. 3 weeks ka kaam khatam kar diya ek hi baar me.. hehe

thats one big bunch of things to follow up!!whew! I am gonna catch up on all the mentioned movies.

Scribblers Inc.

wow along post bro..after such along time...

i am reading Atlas shrugged these days..just finished the motorcycle diaries the second time.

baaki achhe acche naam pat ahain but paise nahin hain ehehee

jab i will earn then will study
in my town their is not even a library saala.

chalo yaar ab koi vadiya movie dasso woh bhi italian.

Wow! u watch movies of other languages too! U r a true movie buff :)

Omg...u Busy bee...impressive...

i feel like such a bum :(

Vinz aka Vinu: And you shall revert back stating you liked them or not.

V: Motorcycle Diaries movie dekhi hai ya nahi YA sirf book hi padha hai? Watch it if you haven't seen yet.

Earn n read..? Kitna wait karna padega.. Come to B'lore n I will sponsor everything...Movies n Books and all..

Italian.. ah, Just see any movie of Fellini mere bhai... if you are looking for any specific recco then go for Fellini's Eight and a Half.

Reema: Yes, I am.

Angel: Why O Why!!! Do not think so.

bhia movie dabbe pe hai but vekhi nai hai.. hehe

bhai i will try..hope i land up there..kahin aisa na ho tumhari shadi ho jaye aur tum mereko room se kata do.. :D

okay i will download eight and a half.

Oye V aisa nahi hoga... FYI I am not getting married (my family is aware of it n they are ok about it n my frenz here too know that), So ekdum bindaas reh.. Tu aa aur aish kar bas.

till when bro??? till when..??

i also think the same..but i dunno till when i can keep walking this path.
hope i get a job in banglore ..:D
all time fun bhai then.

take care

V: Soon, very soon. Thou shall not worry much. You will be fine and you would do good. Amen

aaah, the quickies ! Kinda missed them and this time with way too many information.

I havnt listened to OLLO and RBDJ yet. I know, its soo not like me. Getting too held up these days. I didnt like the songs of Dasvidaniya, probably I should listen to it again.

Fashion was ok for me, but then again, toooo long. I have been a fan of Bond movies, but I had to watch this one for my friend. Did I miss it or is it that they havent included that infectious Bond dialogue in the movie - " My name is Bond, James Bond."

Vimmuuu: Do listen to OLLO ones and let me know if u liked them. And Dasvidaniya has just one good song; Sonu's 'Muskura'.

U did not miss it. They haven't included the dialogue in the movie. Can you believe that... It's a crime.


I have never heard of this OLLO movie! Guess I am watching very less tv now a days.
I finished "My name is Red" a few days back and I liked it too, although I felt that it was a little stretched at places.
And I am downloading Irreversible now! :)

Amit: You need not watch TV to know of any upcoming movies.. There are umpteen sites which shout out that and if movie is like OLLO the what better than PFC...

'My Name Is Red' was a tiring but worth read..

So, did you download 'irreversible' and watched it?

try Gabriel's "One hundred years of solitude" and "Chronicles of a death foretold." whimsical pieces, both.

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