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This is a Quickie on Musics, TV Shows and Movies I have been engaged into.


I have been listening to songs of Daddy Cool, Fox, Quick Gun Murugun, Toss, Wake Up Sid and Wanted since Monday and have come to conclusion that only Quick Gun Murugun (QGM) is worth investing time and money.

The QGM album is mischievous, slapstick, hilarious and hummable. Composed by Sagar, Raghu Dixit and Vijay Prakash, the album has 13 songs. Lyrics are by Ankur Tewari and Shellee. The music has huge doses of Tamil, Telugu and Kannada songs with unusual lyrics affixed. Sample this: “Kyon Keeda Hai Aapko”, “Naam Mera Mango Dolly”, “Chat Mangni Lover”, “Kuchi Kuchi Twist” et al. The whole album is a laughter bomb to say the least. 4 On 5 easily. Go for it.

Daddy Cool is utter crap and borrows lot from earlier Bollywood movies. I cannot even make out from which movies these songs have been copied, but copied for sure. 0 On 5.

Toss and Fox are ignorable too. Wake Up Sid is fresh and simple. With 6 songs, the album can easily be forgotten though. 3 On 5 for Wake Up Sid. Wanted is a typical Masala album. With 7 Original tracks and 5 of them remixed, it is just about ok. Nothing to rave about. 2 On 5.

As I started writing this, played songs of Whats Your Rashee. Album seems to be ok so with title song stealing the show. Sohail Sen (do not know if he has any earlier songs to his credit) has a catchy voice. 12 Original tracks with just one repeated is a great deal.


I have been quite busy last 3 weeks and have been missing out on reality shows I spoke about in my earlier post. However, I am catching India’s Got Talent on its website http://www.indias-got-talent.com/ and enjoying the show. The finalists have been chosen and now everyone is waiting for the finals to begin. If you still have not watched it, please do start now. The show which is based on Britain’s Got Talent has brought out the talent in open from unknown/unheard parts of our country. It has lived to its name so far. Yes, I have my own favorites but I believe in let best talent win.


Saw Kaminey and was bowled. Something of this stature from India is definitely commendable. I have been reading at many places that what’s the fuss? Let me explain the fuss. Many people liked it and many did not. Those who liked probably can be put into two categories. There are those who judge performances, dialogues, setting and the whole treat given to the film (I fall in this category). They just do not look for entertainment. They do not have any favorites per se. They weigh the film in its totality and pass judgment. And then there are those who want a good entertainer (be it coming out of their favs or not). They are not interested in knowing what all bars movie has outshined. They believe in good returns of their money invested.

Those who did not like can be classified in 2 categories too. The first ones are just plain cynical. "If world liked, let me say I did not like." (Shobhaa De comes here). They have no valid reason for not liking. Shobhaa in her review says “How can a Marathi girl be called Sweety. I haven’t met any Maharashtrian girl who is called Sweety?” Can you believe, that is one of the reasons she cited for not liking the movie. I always knew she was cynic but this cynic. Wow. Isn’t she the one who praised New York to heavens and adorned it with 4 stars? Poor she, can’t even understand a knowledgeable cinema. The second types in this category are those who are honest to themselves and people around. If they do not like any movie, they have their own valid reasons for that.

What I feel about Kaminey is that you might not agree with it at few places or it might exasperate you but no way can you say it is bad cinema. Those who say so are lying from their teeth.

Kaminey has been touted as the one on the lines of Tarantino work. And I agree completely. The movie is heavily influenced by Tarantino’s line of work. Those who have seen Pulp Fiction will understand what I am saying. Even the enormously famous Dhan Te Nan song has a Pulp Fiction touch in it. Yes, Vishal is inspired. He has always been honest about it. This is his tribute to Indian Audiences and I personally feel owed about it. I never thought I will ever see such a cinema made in our country in my lifetime. This is not the end. I might say something akin to something new altogether. It’s just a beginning. Bravo Vishal and Team.

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30 Pointless but Viscous Comments.

I skipped the Kaminey part because you are notorious about spoilers. But I have QGM and will listen to it.... thanks !

I rarely watch talent shows on TV. I liked Superstars of dance mainly for the competant Amrapali Ambegaokar.


Music and TV, not aware what's going on. But Kaminey, I agree. I like the way you've classified people into categories :) And Shobha Dee exactly falls into the category you've mentioned.

Kaminey is definitely not bad cinema. There are a few people who just go to movies for brainless light hearted fun, for movies like Partner, etc. And they may find this heavy and boring.

But I guess, most of the people will agree that it is brilliant cinema.

QGM murugun is simply superb...
Specially kyun keeda hai aapko, Chat Mangni Lover and Dialogue Mix. I am now eagerly waiting for the movie :) Gonna watch this one for sure.

Just posted Music Review of Wake up SiD, its refreshing and you know initially i didnt liked it but slowly slowly it grew on me and Iktara is superb. now i am waiting to listen more from Amit trivedi.

Started Whats ur Raashee but some how skipped it. But now planning to listen it with Interest.

And I am totally with u on Kaminey

Lemme listen whats your rashee.

P.S: By the way only 2 stars to Wanted?? Smita will kill you

Thanks for the inputs on Kaminey! I'll be sure to watch it over the weekend!

Please tell me that 'that's' not real reason for which Ms. De hated the movie. I mean thats the height of illogicity (this word is my intention :D). I hope all the maharashtrians have read her view & they keep in mind that they CAN NOT call there daughters sweety & they should also remember to take an approval from ms de before naming their kids :D You know why i loved the movie? Becaufe it waf intelligent, it had fahid and it rocked in totality. Period. QGM songs? Lol! I dunno if am gonna take that kind of risk. But am liking the snippets of Wake up sid.

@Bhupesh...Why would i kill him for an honest rating? Wanted songs suck and though i wouldn't publically agree so does sallu's red pants :D but am waiting for the movie even then. You know why? Because salman is the best and he is rocking in the action scenes ;-) and am sure this movie will be low on logic and high on entertainment bole typically sallu kind of flick :D

I watched Kaminey twice already! I loved the movie! Read Ms. De's review and thought she was more interested in her pop corn rather than watching the movie

Have to catch up on all the music you've listed.

There's that Farah Khan show starting this Sunday I guess. That will be quite entertaining I feel.

I havent seen Kaminey yet..have to see what is the fuss about!

saw kaminey twice.. it is good cinema, but no pulp fiction!
Pulp fiction I saw it thrice and it bowled me over!
Kaminey was like about as entertaining as an Amitabh movie in his hey days.... (lawaris, Amar akbar anthony, etc)
Sure, the last fight scene was mind blowing... the movie was very nicely done, and the loose ends were tied up nicely... wait, its apt to say, no loose ends were left in the movie!
but to say "the movie made u think" (paper reviews) means one's brain has been kept idle OR one didn't watch good movies...

PS: this comment will be used in my review! :D

hey...read your comment on shobhaa dey's blog...

I think most of the girls/women didn't like kaminey. They say too much violence. That's precisely the reason they don't like tarantino. Kaminey was sort of a crime caper on the lines of 'snatch' or 'lock,stock...' don't you think? anyway i enjoyed it immensely.

Farah's show bahut hi bakwaas tha... Smita would have loved it due to obvious reasons...Sallu

Bhej do mujhe Quick Gun Murugan.

And I blessed you reading your posr since you hadn't revealed anything of story. And really Shobha De gave a stupid reason. Why the hell do you bother to read her? I think I know. ;)

I liked only Dil Leke from Wanted, rest arent good. The title song of WUS is great too. But the album is kinda mediocre when compared to normal SEL albums.

QGM is one of the best album to have released this year ! It is definitely not for people who go for serious music. Im just waiting for this movie to release. Mango Dolly song is bad, but the lyrics are hilarious, isnt it?? :D :D :D

Yet to listen to Whats your Rashee! Have to download them soon !

and Kaminey! Its one of the best things that has ever happened to Bollywood !! No two thoughts on that !

@Ava, I did not spoil it this time.

India's Got Talent is one of the best shows that happened to TV.

@Rakesh, Brilliant cinema indeed. And Shobhaa is not just cynic, she is a psycho too.

Bhupesh, QGM ke gaane toh hilarious hai hi, movie bhi dhansoo hogi. Btw, I think it was released in Some other language (Telugu in most probability) last year as IMDB says 2008 and rating of 8.7.

WUS is nice.. Yes I agree, it grows and Amit ke kya kehne...

WUR bhi thik thak hai. Title song is mast.

Why will she? Huh... It doesn't deserve 2 also to be honest...Hehe..:D

@Rakesh, U r welcome.

@Smita, One of the reasons was that, so its real. She is getting more cynic day by day.

Kaminey was well crafted, no doubt.

@Varun, Mera bhi ho gaya 2 baar. Just one more time. I see all good ones 3 times in theater at least.

Hahaha, u r right.. I missed mentioning that in my post. She was bothered abt her Pop Corn than anything else.

I see ur comment below too abt how it was. Lemme check on Utube.

@Reema, Dekha ya nahi abhi tak, to find out the fuss..

@Einstein, Me too twice done. The movie does seem like the old flicks as u mentioned, the chase, mafia, cops, drugs or diamonds (like earlier movies).

Aah, interesting. Lemme see if u have written already or not.

@Abhishek, Hmm, I wont generalize, but yeah I knw few who did not like, but few who liked n loved it.

@Abhishek, Yay, yes, definitely on Lock, Stock n Snatch lines. Heard Guy is making another one with Brad. Lemme google.

@Varun, Let me ask her this first thing tomorrow.

@Poonam, Sent the songs. Enjoy.

Hehe, I know you know that why I keep reading her. What to do. I am addicted to her.;)

@Vimmuuu, WUS is mediocre. Wanted is waste. One song in WUS is composed by Amit and I guess thats nicely done. Rest all ok.

U r bang on abt QGM. I forwarded to 2 ladies.. Ava n Poonam. Lemme wait for their feedback. I have a feeling, they will both say "it's just ok".

Whats ur take on WUR songs? U must have heard by now.

3 cheers for Kaminey. :)

I think I am the only one who has not seen Kaminey yet.
Sad. Waiting for husband to come back from Tel Aviv.

@Aparna, why wait for hubby? Go with your girl friends... and have fun..:)

Btw, Tel Aviv.. wow... I know so much about that place.. one of my destinations some day.

Completely agree to your take on Kaminey. I read Shobha De's views too and that was before watching the movie. So, was all confused whether to watch it or not. Her views of Love Aaj Kal is similar to mine ( I hated it too).
Anyways, I heard a lot about QGM. Mujhe bhi bhejo na please :)
and he he I am not so keen on Wanted too ( sorry Smita!) :)

@WIAN, Shobhaa De did not like Love Aaj Kal.. Strange.. I thot she has knack of liking bullshit...Lol.

QGM has good tracks. Movie releasing tomorrow.

Okay Vee, I've just watched Kaminey and it completely blew me away. The movie shines in every aspect of filmmaking. Outstanding in every sense. Loved it!

haven't seen the movie yet Big B...maybe this tuesday...

but from what i am hearing that movie is exceptional

@Bhargav, :):) Lovely.

@Vicky, It is Munna. It is. Jaldi dekh.

Well dint get to watch Kaminey yet...But all the review that I have read including yours are drawing me to watch it v soon...
About Shobha De...Hate her way of criticizing things under the pretext of intellectual and unbiased presentation of thoughts...I just think @ times it is a concoction of random thoughts running @ the back of her mind...

Somehow, I still preferred Omkara and Maqbool (in that order) to Kaminey.


Quirky Indian

why are you so anti-Shobhaa De mate ? having said that, i liked Kaminay, to the core, India has arrived finally Tarantino isshtyle !

@Valerine, replying after 15 days, hope u have seen Kaminey by now.

As for Shobhaa De, I have love-hate relation with her.

@Quirky, I respect your choices.

@Manohar, Me and anti-Shobhaa? No, No. Just few posts of her I pick which pisses me off. Actually, almost all her posts pisses me off but the thing is in few she is bang-on in justifying the content then I keep my Mouth Shut, but when she is not rational, I pull her. She doesn't mind that as she reads me.

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