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Thanks for the little mercies, I have something to post. Ava presented me with this award. I have 6-7 topics at any point of time running through my mind which goes up to 12-13 when I am high under influence of alcohol; but I am super duper lazy to put them in words. I always have something to say. If I talk of last couple of weeks or so, I had so many things to write on. I wanted to write on decriminalization of Homosexuality and the reverse of it that followed; the ongoing Ashes Test Series; Rakhi ka Swayamvar; Rita-Maya feud; and more such blahs. Sometimes I have started but stopped after 2 or 3 sentences and that has prepared the posts in my draft to 43 as of today (almost close to the number of posts I wrote in last one year). Also, I have realized that nothing gives me more pleasure than watching World Cinema and writing on Cinema which constitutes 95% of my posts.

Anyways, here I go and flaunt my award which Ava gave me. This also comes with few rules and set ups:

The rules that follow are as follows:

* Link the person who tagged you
* The display of award on your blog with these rules
* Reply to the questions
* Tag 7 people deserving the award according to you
* Come back to BLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNeR (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK) at and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List

My Answers to the questions:

* The Person who tagged you : Ava
* His/her site’s url
* Date when you were tagged: 18th July 09
* My top 7 fav blogs….in alphabetical order

Ava – She has three (or may be 4) blogs but I like ‘The Pink Bee’ the best. She changed the template recently making it more apposite to the name given to the blog. Never to mince words, she has been inspiration to me as a writer since Mouth Shut days for saying things the way they are without being impolite (impolite part I am still trying to overcome)

Bhargav – A fellow movie enthusiast whose reviews are unbiased and succinct. He is quite young to be that knowledgeable about the yesteryears of Hindi Cinema. I sometimes see my adolescent days in his writings.

Garbles (Mystique Dew) – When it comes to being funny and sardonic, she is the best. She writes once in a blue moon but the wait is absolutely worth it.

Rakesh – The versatile writer. A fellow movie fanatic as well. He can write on anything and everything. Of late we have started sharing our bachpan ke days of watching movies on DD National/VCR/Theater. Now, he can say he saw his adolescent in mine.

Sam – Straight friendly gay blogger. A very honest, down to earth and talented blogger. He has got the nicest template and amazing header done for his blog. And whether he shares his unhappiness for movie ‘Dostana’ or talks of 377, he comes out thoroughly genuine.

Smita – Be it Books/Life in general/Movies/Music or Salman, words come easily to her and her posts are utterly engaging. Also, she is the one who pulled me into Blogosphere with her constant nagging which actually was nothing but harassment.

Vimmuuu – When we started interacting on each other’s posts, we realized we for sure are twins on Blogosphere. We now have stopped sharing the likes and dislikes as almost everything came out alike; yes including our love for certain Rakhi Sawant.

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27 Pointless but Viscous Comments.


This is such a sweet post & so typically you :P

I harassed you??? OK I did so what?? At least that ways this lovely blog came up na :) and am sure it was worth it. But Yes I just hope that u r more regular in posting!!!

@ Vimal, you also like Rakhi Sawant???

Nahin!!! yeh sun ne se pehle tum gayab kyun nahin hoge mere saamne se!!!

Lolz u accused Smita of ur in for it!

Btw congrats on the award!!


Thanks a ton man :-) Made my day!

Congrats for the award!

I have a request. Please please write about Rakhi Ka Swayamvar! I had no idea that you're a Rakhi Sawant fan. She's one irresistible woman! :D

btw, your 5/5 rating for Colour Purple is very apt. I loved the movie. I've read the novel and I must say, the adaption is mind-blowing. Spielberg can never go wrong!


"sardonic" ??
Now that a derivative of the sardines?

a fish?

Oh well..Am prize catch ne-ways! *wink*

Thanks for the lovely lines, You are one of the best-est writers I know as well :)

Oxy Boyyy :

Thanks a lot Boyy. Not for the awards, but for those words !!!

Yeah, we do share a special bond; the Kismet Blog Konnection !!

Like what Smita said, I just hope you keep writing more. You are one blogger who writes directly from heart and that makes your posts so genuine. I love all your posts, especially the ones on movies!

@ Smita :

He mentioned 'certain Rakhi Sawant'. I guess he meant you; the drama queen !!!! :D :D :D :D

@Smita, Sweet...??? Whatever..

@Angel, I have always been/in for it from the day one. Thnx.

@Bhargav, I wish I could write now on Swayamvar. I was enthusiastic about it first day. Now, I am too bored to say anything. Irresistible.... u bet

Oh, The Color Purple is one of my favorites. ups, Spielberg cannot go wrong for sure. Rightly said.

@Mystique Dew, Its also derivative of 'chalcedony' .. ;)

yeah and I caught it.. Ain't I *wink* ...Me best-est? Whatever.

@Vimmuuu, Yups, KBK...;)I need someone to type when I can dictate then else I am too lazy I said to write. Thnx.

@Vimmuu count your days you bugger! You called Rakhi Sawant a drama queen? You called a lonely independent self made girl a drama queen? And to top it all you called me a drama queen? Man now i'll show you what drama really is. You just wait n watch!

Yeah, and not not to forget the girl who is so beautiful and irresistible who made name and fame on her own without any compromises a drama queen? I am with Smita...take back your words Vimmuuu,

And not to forget she has fame, money and has survived all odds. How can Vimmuuu get away by saying such things! Yeh badtameezi nahin chalegi nahin chalegi!!!

Say something...I mean write something about you too!!

BTW that draft thing is so true..happens with me too!!!


Definitely, keep writing about World Cinema, though it is almost impossible to watch the certain foreign movies you recommend but I try and find whatever I can...

And Rakhi Ka Swayamvar - Pleaseeeeeeeee... put that post in publish mode :)

I seriously think you should've given it a try... and Vimmu as well! That would've been some fun :)

And Thanks, Featuring in your fav. list is something to be happy about surely :)


hehe Big B... i want to read a post on rakhi ka whatever...lolz

jaldi jaldi bhai ...

tc n hugs

Arrey you cheated ! You took mystiquedew and Smita from my post. Chalo koi na.

I am glad I got some new blogs to read off your post ! I will check them all out.

@Ekta, About me? Lol, I doubt.

@Rakesh Bhai, Lol, I guess I should write on that now. I almost gave it a try when few friends swore they wont talk to me ever. Hehe.

@Rabbit Ji, Ok, Lemme write.

@Ava, Lol. Do check out others.

@Ekta, About me? Lol, I doubt.

@Rakesh Bhai, Lol, I guess I should write on that now. I almost gave it a try when few friends swore they wont talk to me ever. Hehe.

@Rabbit Ji, Ok, Lemme write.

@Ava, Lol. Do check out others.


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Vee, I saw this as soon as you posted and I was not getting any words to express my gratitude. But thank you so much for that touching description.

By the way, it was really fun to read the comments from your friends. Felt like I was watching a group of friends in real, who are having a great time teasing each other, making those petty fights and enjoying being together.

And yes, I'm with the popular opinion. You have to put the Rakhi Ka Swayamvar post in publish-mode!

@ Smita :

You are in favor of Rakhi now???? Dont go by Vee's words. He is upset with me only because I compared YOU with his fav icon - Rakhi. Hai na Vee???

43 drafts? lol! You beat me there. I think I have somewhere in 20s; you see i am so lazy I dont even draft them ;-)
But please do write more often. Your writings are a pleasure to read. As all others here I want a post on RKS please

@ Oye Vimal!!

Leave Vee out of this, he is a sweet person & shouldn't be dragged in to this.

You tell me whether you 'love' Rakhi Sawant or not!!!!

Hey Vee! Congrats for the award... Love reading ur blog :-)

@Paavan, Thanks.

@Sam, You deserved it boy. :)
U talking of Smita n Vimal.. they keep doing so.

Well, I am thinking of publishing it but knowing myself, Let's see. Hehe.

@Reema, Yups.

@WIAN, Lol.. yeah I do draft with a line or two at least so that I remember what was in mind. Thanks.

@Einstein, Thanks.

Vee - many congratulations on the award! Do continue posts on world cinema!



@R, Sure thing buddy. That I cannot stop even if I wish to. :)

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