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Pakistan defeated Sri Lanka to win the ICC Twenty20 World Cup Trophy in it’s second season. Pakistan who lost the inaugural final to India in 2007 demonstrated how good they are the team in a match which they almost lost at the end of 15th Over. Cricbuzz reporters after that over wrote: Only Pakistan is capable of losing at this point and only Sri Lanka is capable of not winning from this point. What an ironical statement but I guessed that summed up how Asian teams ultimately choke at the Nth moment. India leads at that is my theory and I stand by it. However, at the end of 17th over it could have been anyone’s game. Many lost faith in Afridi, who by now had just managed to gather 1 or 2 runs if not notorious boundaries and high-flying ones for which he is better known as.

I have been Pakistan Cricket fan since they were defeated by India in 1996 World Cup quarter finals at Chinnaswamy in Bangalore. It was the first ever live match I had seen, despite the fact I was in mid of my Class X board exams and ‘Science’ was 2 days after that unforgettable match. I was over the moon for India’s triumph but I had my heartfelt sympathy for the losing team. I was just 15 then to settle on a favorite. Back then, I had always gone by the fact I am Indian and I need to show my hold up for them. How naïve that was I sense now. As I grew up, I prepared myself for the predictable; wherein, I will be questioned for my beliefs. However, when I still see people holding up to any one for sheer emotional stance, I cringe if their reasoning is not strong enough but I have stopped confronting them.

When Pakistan reached the final of 1999 world cup and were brutally assaulted by the formidable Australian team I was disappointed as a fan. Nevertheless, I also knew they lost to the best side of that time. It was Lord’s and today at the same ground they defeated Sri Lanka and winning by the same number of wickets Australia had won against them 10 years ago, ghosts are finally laid to the rest after that ghastly loss.

Younis Khan
in his most emotional statement ever said before the finals that this win is very important for them and their trouble torn country. Winning is all that is in our mind, he said. And I second that. A momentary happiness but they have something to exult on. And the man who achieved this, of course with the helping hands of other team members is Shahid Afridi. He was the part of the loss in 1999 and he is part of the win in 2009. I cannot see any other sportsman at this moment more joyous than him. He was in his best form throughout and keeping his calm (which is unlikely of him) was appreciable in the close fought match at Lord’s today. The team owes it to him or maybe he was paying back. I remember watching India vs Pakistan Test Match at Chinnaswamy Stadium in 2005 and that’s the only one test match I ever saw live on all the five days. Once, Afridi was fielding at the boundary and I could see him very clearly. Indian crowd booed him endlessly and also threw mouthful of maa-behen ki gaalis at him. I was aghast. Why? Why were my countrymen doing that? Afridi reacted to it by raising his water bottle in the gesture that suggested “Shove it up”. Indians went berserk and gave another round of mouthful. Finally, he was moved to different position; much inside the boundary.

Indians were about to be defeated by then. I tried to reason my mind by thinking the inevitable loss which was about to happen could be the reason for people to behave in such contemptible manner. I was wrong. The public was not bothered about our defeat. I found out; We just love to hate Pakistan Cricket team. I did not like that idea. I was speaking to my classmates after the match and they did not find anything wrong with how few Indians had behaved that day. It was all unsettling for me. I kept my mouth shut. But today I won’t. I have always found them a better team than us. Why I emphasize on 'us' is because all this while I had supported them in mind but this is first time ever I supported them so blatantly and I went into countless arguments for this. For me, It doesn’t matter what Pakistan as a country comes across as to the world and India in particular. When I inadvertently blurted ‘Bhai Log Achha Khel Rahe Hain’ in Pakistan’s favor against their semi-final match against South Africa, a friend in point of fact got hurt by that statement of mine and asked me how could I use term ‘Bhai Log’ for Pakis. For me it was irrelevant, I said it as I would have said ‘buddy’ or ‘yaar’; but he by then had got really upset. I find that stupid. They are my favorites and I have followed their game enigmatically all these years. How can anyone take that away from me? Supporting Pakistan cricket team is not a crime for heaven’s sake. They deserved to win and they did win. End of Story.

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"If there were in the world today any large number of people who desired their own happiness more than they desired the unhappiness of others, we could have a paradise in a few years."
Bertrand Russell
I think, the quote sums it all. Each India Pakistan match is like an India Pakistan war.
Its all right if Pakistan is your favorite team. No one has a right to judge you based on that.
The poison which we have for each other just choke me sometimes.

A fact about about today's game is - no matter who would have won, the cup would have stayed in the Indian sub-continent! Imagine how strong the team would be if india-pak seperation had never occurred!

I am with EISI. That is the way I look too. If India plays, I root for India, else it can be one of our neighbours. I dont think rooting for Pakistan is unpatriotic at all.

Politics is different, sports are different never the twain should meet.

You already know my views on this.

I won't spit venom here :D

I can understand what you must have gone through these years supporting Pakistan. I went through similar crap and have been labelled 'unpatriotic' since I was 12 or 13 for supporting Australia. I even got told off by a shopkeeper in Bombay for buying an Australian cap and jersey.

Good on Pak for winning the T20 even though I don't consider it an important form of cricket.

You're right. Cricket (and any other sport) should be kept away from politics and the likes.

Pakistan play their best cricket in shorter formats and are truly the worthy winners. Afridi, Younis and team looked a very happy bunch.
I love to hate Pakistan and everything about it too but then cricket is in a different league altogether.

@Amit, I understand and I appreciate. Thanks.

@Einstein, Oh I have always imagined that. We would have been the champs in all formats all the time. Wishful thinking.

@Ava, Exactly, Sports should not know any boundaries or religion or blah blah from a fan's perspective.

@Smita, Yes, I know your view and it is same as that of my brother-in-law and few friends which I do not actually appreciate. But, no arguments.

@Psych, Whether T20 is the right format or not is a different discussion altogether. I too feel we are having less number of 50-Overs matches which I enjoy more.

That is heights of stupidity of shopkeeper to say so. Similar stuff; After the attack on Indian students, a colleague of mine stopped drinking 'Fosters' beer and advised us to do the same. Now, how idiotic is that.

@Bhargav, Rightly said. Thanks.

@Varun, Exactly and return of Razzaq made a huge difference too. Poor boy suffered a lot at ICL and here he came back with a bang.

Hey like the ironic statement :) Though I am not a cricket fan I think its a nice game if people don't manipulate it.....
But yes I am a fan of the Pakistani cricket team....I think they are amazing players.....

@Valerine, I agree, they are amazing players. It is one of the well balanced team. Thanks.

much ado about nothing.

@Reema, Oh is it? You think so? I pardon your ignorance on the subject.

You have written something after a very long time and I seriously want to comment. but I donno what to !!! how are you???

@Vimmuuu, Lol. I am fine, Thanks. I know you doing good too..;)

Good for you, Vee. Which team one supports should be a matter of personal preference....


Quirky Indian

@Quirky, Yups, Should Be. Thanks.


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