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The voting for the MovieManiax awards which we started in hope of recognizing the best of Hindi Cinema is nearing close. In 30 more hours the voting will be closed and results will be declared on April 7th 2009. If you have not voted yet, jump here to choose your favorites.

Upon closing, Smita will be coming up with a contest. The winners can win Books and DVDs sponsored by us. Keep an eye on her blog for the announcement of contest.

Meanwhile, please be informed of two other blogs I have become member of. The first one is a tribute to the movie Dev.D. Ava came with this idea and I was more than willing to be part of it. Ava has just written the introductory post. 007(V) is another member who would be contributing too. If any of you wish to be the part of this, you are more than welcome. We need total fanatics of Dev.D, the film. Check out the site.

The other blog is started by 007(V) and Mayz called ‘Emotional Atyachaar’. I was their third member, though I yet have to post something there. Do check out the site.

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23 Pointless but Viscous Comments.

Whole blog on DEV D???????? bhagwannn!

Yes, A whole damn blog on that absolutely mind-fucking movie. It deserves at least that much.. :)

A whole damn blog on that F!!!!ing movie???


Does it really deserve that much???

@Smita sach me yaar!! Kal ko kisi ko CC2C achha lagega to uska blog chalu kar de!! Ek bewde, drug addict ke ooper poora blog. Blogosphere ab mushkil me hai. we have to save it!

@Smita, It DOES. U tortured me with ur Sallu Posts, now u get tortured dear.

@Reema, Dev.D is not about the bewada-giri or drug addict. I am talking of the movie Dev.D as whole and not just Abhay (which you might have presumed). The movie has brilliance written all over it. You will get to know what we are talking of.

@ Reema

ROFL @ Bewda & drug addict!!!!

I swear kya zamana a gaya hai!!! Ab dekho main Sallu se kitna pyaar karti Thi but kabhi uske uppar blog to nahin banaya....

Yeh to lagta hai Blore ka asar hai pehle log mandir banate the contemporary fans blog banate hain :D :D :D

@Smita exactly!!!! and good comparison!! Imagine filling the internet with such junk. Dev D ke ooper blog bana sakte hai lekin khud ke dimag ki upaj - MM awards ko promote karne bolo to no response. Ek bhi blog me jaake promote nahi kiya isne, pata hai!!

What are u saying?????

Vaise even I have recieved no link for spamming in other blogs...

Seriously he n his Dev D...BTW U know what???

U can read Devd as Bevd as well ;-)

BevD bole to bevdi...:D

@Smita chal jaane dete hai bechare ko.

Contests,prizes,awards,dedicated blog on DevD!!.. Good hain!!:D

Good hai dost! Just make sure the ones I voted for win the awards :D

Oye Smita, Reema...

Hurrr Phurr

kuch kaam nahi hai kya tum logon ko!


he he, no more comments on Abhay Deol or Dev.D!!!

I could've understood if it was Mallika Sherawat you were talking bout :-D

But neways, haven't seen the movie yet.

hi bro!
thanx a ton for putting it up...
all the dev-d fanatics have to find about it... :D

that movie deserved an achievement award. :)

we need designers for dev-d ...anyone??


a whole blog???
Wow! and i havent even seen it yet...tho i love abhay's acting !

Looking forward to the results! I voted on the very first day :D

Nice blog on DevD. I'm watching it on DVD tonight. Will write up a review by Sunday.

You have my blessings! A DEVD blog is a great idea!! :)

Some ppl build temples, some build blogs. Both creations nevertheless take energy and soul. Kudos.
It really is a Paranoia.

Tell u something...I'll let the MAIN guy know about this personally. I mean that.

@Shayari, Thanks

@EISI, Haha...very funny

@Rakesh, DVD is out. I hope at least that is available in Dubai

@007(V), Thanks to you.. :) Yups, we need designers..

@Alphabet, now that DVD is out, catch it.

@Bhargav, how was the experience?

@Amit, thanks buddy!!!

@Anand, Thanks , that would be great... we need to put few more entries there so that MAIN guy reads it.

@Vimmuuu, Ohhhh Yeessss ;)

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